Model Ashley Graham Struts Through Augmented Reality via 3D Capture by the New York Times

Next Reality AR

Traditional media institution The New York Times continues to break new ground in its augmented reality news coverage, this time with a 3D volumetric capture of model Ashley Graham.

GeoCV Raises $1.8 Million For 3D Capture Tech


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Handheld Scanners By Artec 3D Scan And Capture The Real World In Seconds


Artec 3D bridges the gap between the Milky Way and the metaverse with instant 3D capture and machine learning algorithms. This is just one of the companies many portable 3D scanning products. Image Credit: Artec 3D. Image Credit: Artec 3D.

Hands-On: Facebook’s New 24 Lens Camera Turns Real Life Into High Quality VR


360 3D Capture Hardware facebook FLIR otoy

New VR Dev Kit From Occipital Turns iPhone Into Room-Scale VR


3D Capture Apple Development featured hardware VR Industry News iphone occipital positional tracking structure sensor

Facebook And OTOY’s Volumetric Camera System Will Deliver Six Degrees Of Freedom In 2017


3D Capture Hardware VR Cameras facebook otoy

Intel Acquiring Movidius To Bolster Mobile Position Tracking And Room Mapping


3D Capture hardware Intel mapping movidius project tango tracking

NVIDIA’s Pascal-Powered Laptop Stitches Ultra HD Video In Real-Time


3D Capture hardware 360 360 video 3D video nvidia p6000 pascal SIGGRAPH stitching VRWorks

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Project Alloy And Other Intel VR Prototypes Up Close


3D Capture Hand Tracking hardware Intel VR cameras VR Headsets alloy idf WiGig

Report: Snapchat Buys 3D Model Capture Company Seene


The post Report: Snapchat Buys 3D Model Capture Company Seene appeared first on UploadVR. 3D Capture hardware project tango seene Snapchat virtual reality

Report: Snapchat Aquires 3D Model Capture Company Seene


The post Report: Snapchat Aquires 3D Model Capture Company Seene appeared first on UploadVR. 3D Capture hardware 3d models ar Capture mobile project tango seene Snapchat virtual reality

William Shatner On Virtual Reality: ‘We’ve Got To Be Really Careful’


In the book he discusses getting himself captured digitally with “everything necessary to enable technicians to make my image move and speak realistically”. He also notes how VR capture technology can allow family members to essentially speak to loved ones from beyond the grave.

‘ZED’ Clip-On SLAM Camera Brings Positional Tracking To Gear VR


3D Capture hardware gear mobile positional tracking samsung slam stereolabs VR zedA new clip-on camera promises position tracking for the Gear VR.

Dacuda’s 3D Scanning Enables Room Scale Mobile VR Supporting SteamVR


This mobile scanning company has this week launched a new video (below) showcasing its SLAM Scan 3D engine technology being used to enable real world movement within smartphone-based VR experiences. 3D Capture hardware Dacuda mobile VR room scale Room scale VR

Aimfire’s Camarada Lets You Stack Two Smartphones Together and Record 3D Video


The Democratization of 3D VR Content Capturing. Today, 3D VR content can only be created with dedicated camera arrays such as the GoPro Odyssey and Nokia Ozo,” Aimfire founder Clement Ren said. Why can’t they form a camera array to capture VR content?”.

Avatar Technology From USC Captures Your Body In 20 Minutes


Easy 3D Avatars. The graphics lab at ICT captures high-quality digital faces for film with special (and expensive) scanning equipment. 3D Capture AR Development Motion Capture Research VR Industry News Institute for Creative Technologies

The Pro2 Adds 2D Print Images To Matterport’s Robust 3D Camera


Matterport has positioned itself as one of the most prominent VR companies, growing the company on a foundation of a large library of real places scanned into 3D that are being made available for VR as well. 360 3D Capture Hardware VR VR Cameras Matterport

CES 2018: NextVR Is Adding Full Movement Freedom To Its Broadcasts


Newport Beach-based NextVR will start using its cameras to capture reality in such a way that viewers in VR will be able to move around the scene in any way. NextVR was an early startup working to develop camera rigs and streaming tech to capture reality and deliver it to VR headsets live anywhere in the world. Over the last few years Facebook and Adobe started experimenting with approaches that would enable similar freedom to move around a captured reality in any direction.

Otus Tracker Uses Valve’s Lighthouse Tech For Drone Motion Capture


The fidelity of the motion capture is impressive, even if there there are a limited number of use cases for drones in such an enclosed space. 3D Capture Motion CaptureValve’s SteamVR motion tracking tech is getting a big upgrade in just a few months and developers are still finding new uses for it beyond VR. Take the Otus Tracker , the new device from RCBenchMark in Canada. It allows a user to track a drone’s position indoors with sub-millimeter accuracy.

Oculus co-founder Jack McCauley Joins Lucid VR


The industry incorrectly believed that 360-degree cameras were the way to go, but Lucid has simplified the user-generated content creation process with its VR180, a product that offers a revolutionary click-of-a-button system to capture content and its lightning quick processing time using a smartphone. LucidCam gives creators more time and greater freedom to create amazing 3D content.” 3D Capture Oculus Rift VR Cameras VR Industry News

A New Dimension in FilmmakingWhat is possible when filmmakers.


Breakthrough research in computation and photography is creating images and videos that are no longer flat, but truly 3D representations of reality. This screen recording of Apple Maps — a program that comes bundled on every Mac computer — zooms in to see a 3D view the Lower Manhattan. 3d capture vr virtual reality filmmakingA New Dimension in Filmmaking What is possible when filmmakers begin to engage with the bleeding edge of volumetric imaging technology.

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Assemble 3D Puzzles In VR With Puzzling Places On Oculus Quest


Volumetric 3D capture adds a whole new dimension to the classic jigsaw experience. Broken up into 98 individual pieces, players assemble a gorgeous 3D scan of the Tatev Monastery recorded on-location in Armenia. News 3D Puzzles Oculus Oculus Quest puzzling places

Watch Microsoft’s Windows VR Event With Halo, Samsung Odyssey And More


Impressively, the company also utilizes 3D captures of developers and guests to announce projects like Halo Recruit and the new Samsung Odyssey headset. Yesterday Microsoft held an event detailing the imminent launch of its new Windows 10 VR headsets.

Preserving Historical Landmarks In VR Should Be A Priority


In more recent years, companies like TARGO have begun using immersive technology to digitally capture our greatest landmarks, historical sites, and monuments and preserve them for future generations; a righteous crusade to immortalize the efforts of the human race.

Google Tango Brings Mobile 3D Photography to Life


If you look at the evolution of capturing the world around us, it started with painting, then photography, then film and video. But the world is three-dimensional, and so 3D capture is the next big frontier in reflecting our surroundings. Until recently, 3D scanning has been limited to professionals willing to buy expensive hardware and software, and work through intricate workflows. We believe 3D capture is going to be a major driver for VR adoption.

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GoPro Can Now Shoot In 3DCapturing 3D action footage could be.


GoPro Can Now Shoot In 3D Capturing 3D action footage could be about to get a whole lot easier thanks to Vitrima , a new low-cost accessory designed for GoPro cameras. gopro 3d vr virtual reality

Experience The Art Of Burning Man In VR


No Spectators captures the spirit of creativity and community, and has been digitized through hours of careful laser scanning and photogrammetry. 12,490 photos were used to generate the 3D models of these pieces.

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Sketchfab Passes 1 Billion Views Of Its 3D Models


3D model hosting website Sketchfab announced today that it’s passed one billion page views. Sketchfab consists of an online library of user-created 3D content, including a large portion of models and works made inside creative VR applications such as Tilt Brush and Oculus Quill. “On the creation side, anyone can now create 3D content with simple creation tools and 3D capture technologies.

Here Come The Holograms


It won’t be long before 3D holograms are part of everyday life. Screen capture of prototype Star Wars AR game for Disney’s Lucasfilm/Lenovo AR headset. Unlike 2D cinematography, the processes for capturing the environment and people in 3D for VR are separate.

Vuze Is A 360 3D Camera Designed To Bring Quality VR Video To Anyone, Now Shipping


Plenty of companies are making 360 degree cameras, but many of these are aimed at the professional market, especially those that also support 3D capture. It captures up to two hours of video on a single charge.

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Apple Hires Jaunt VR Founder And Multi-camera 3D Expert Arthur Van Hoff


Apple’s depth-sensing iPhone cameras have already enabled features such as Face ID and portrait mode photography — now the company has hired 3D camera expert Arthur van Hoff to serve as a senior architect for an unnamed project. As founder of VR video company Jaunt and inventor of its Jaunt One camera system, a rig designed to bring 360-degree 3D to virtual reality headset wearers, van Hoff has decades of experience in developing dual- and multi-camera photography products.

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Lucid & RED Partner to Build Next-Gen 3D Camera With Dual 4K Sensors

Road to VR

Lucid , maker of the stereoscopic point-and-shoot LucidCam camera, is partnering with RED , the professional-use camera company, to produce a 180-degree stereoscopic camera for 8K video and image capture. News 180 3d 180 3d camera 180 vr lucid lucid cam lucidcam red red and lucid

BinaryVR Begins Shipping First Dev Kit For Facial Tracking Solution


To do this, an infrared 3D capture camera hangs on the front of your headset (either the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or other devices) and dangles in front of the lower half of your face, reading your expressions.

Climax Reveals ‘Towers for Tango’ For Project Tango, ‘Hunters Gate’ For Daydream


The first of these is Towers for Tango , a new app for Google’s Project Tango 3D capture tech, currently seen in the just-launched Lenovo Phab Pro 2.

Light Field Lab Raises $7 Million To Build Prototype


The startup is headed up by former members of the Lytro team, which is an early developer of light field cameras and 3D capture systems. Light Field Lab announced today it raised $7 million for a technology its founders believe could one day create a convincing holodeck. The startup emerged last year with plans to deliver a new kind of display technology that could offer a glasses-free holodeck-like experience.

Microsoft’s $399 Azure Kinect Development Kit Now Available For Pre-Order


The company’s 3D capture studios, for example, produce detailed scans of real world performers. Unfortunately, these capture studios are only in major cities and require time and money to use. Could new depth-sensing systems like Azure Kinect one day be used to provide similar capture areas in many more places? Right now we don’t know what quality of capture might be possible with multiple Azure Kinects.

GDC 2017: OTOY Is Bringing Mixed Reality Light Field Streaming To Unity


Perhaps even more exciting is a demonstration of the company’s ORBX Media Player (OMP) running on Google’s Tango 3D capture system. Items captured could be turned into a Unity asset to be brought into VR or MR experiences.

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