AXIS Full-Body Controller Makes Motion Capture Easy


Singapore-based technology company Refract is working to bring motion capture to everyone, regardless of your experience with technology. Despite the high number of sensors, Refract promises a consumer-friendly experience, no prior experience with motion capture technology required.

Report: Apple Acquires Motion Capture Firm IKinema

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According to a MacRumor report and regulatory filings with the UK government, Apple may have quietly acquired UK-based motion capture firm IKinema. ” IKinema is known for its inverse kinematic (IK) technology and affordable motion capture for real-time 3D rendering. The post Report: Apple Acquires Motion Capture Firm IKinema appeared first on Road to VR. Apple Apple AR Apple VR News apple apple ar ikinema ikinema apple motion capture


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Real-Time Motion Capture Brings David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust Back To Life


Brought to life via a combination of motion capture technology and Unreal Engine, guests at both the party and the weekend event were able to view the digital model on a massive 8K Samsung monitor and interact with the character in real-time. The Dymnamixyz facial tracking system mounted near the actors face captured minute changes in the user’s expressions, adding an additional layer of detail and expression to the model. .

Apple’s ARKit 3 Introduces Human Occlusion, Body Tracking, And Motion Capture


Motion tracking also makes an appearance, allowing you to track a persons exact body position and movement down to their joints and bones. The demonstration shown at WWDC was rough, but its an exciting step towards the exciting future of AR-based motion capture. The post Apple’s ARKit 3 Introduces Human Occlusion, Body Tracking, And Motion Capture appeared first on VRScout. News AR ARKit 3 Body Tracking Human Occlusion Motion Capture

Rokoko’s New Motion Capture Suit Available For Pre-Order


Motion capture can find its roots in the art of rotoscoping, a technique developed in 1915 where animators trace over motion picture footage. Motion capture takes that to the next level by using different suits and tools to record the movement of subjects for use in various forms of media on 3D models. Optical motion capture systems (that today cover the vast majority of the market) have problems with occlusion.

MIT's baseball pitching coach can improve your game.with motion capture tech — Future Blink

Mashable VR

Todd Carroll, MIT's baseball pitching coach, uses motion capture tech to analyze and teach pitching techniques. More about Mashable Video , Baseball , Mit , Pitching , and Motion Capture. Mashable Video Baseball Mit Pitching Motion Capture

Using HoloLens to Visualise Motion Capture Performances in Realtime

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Motion capture techniques are used throughout the VFX industry, but a new project from Mo-cap specialist and developer Jasper Brekelmans aims to bring live, augmented reality previews for motion capture performance, unlocking the ability to preview dances in realtime overlaid onto reality. ” The post Using HoloLens to Visualise Motion Capture Performances in Realtime appeared first on Road to VR.

This new motion capture suit for dogs is ready to beam your mutt into the Matrix

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News motion captureWhy should this technology be reserved for those on two legs?

Marker-free motion capture tech will help athletes train for future Olympics

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News motion captureTech helps coaches know when athletes make even tiny mistakes.

Noitom Releases Perception Neuron 2.0 Motion Capture System

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Noitom , the Beijing-based company building affordable motion capture systems, announced the release of Perception Neuron 2.0, Motion Capture System appeared first on Road to VR. Motion Capture News VR Gloves VR Hardware noitom noitom perception neuron perception neuron perception neuron 2.0 a hardware refresh of the company’s original tracker which resulted from their 2014 Kickstarter campaign.

How Resident Evil Village used motion capture to create iconic monsters

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Resident Evil Village's Performance Director Masato Miyazaki breaks down the game's tricky motion-capture process. Gaming Capcom Resident Evil Village

The Rokoko Smartsuit Brings Motion Capture to the Masses


The $2,500 device makes motion capture as easy as suiting up. The post The Rokoko Smartsuit Brings Motion Capture to the Masses appeared first on WIRED. Gear motion capture virtual reality

Björk’s Teases New VR Album With Live Motion Capture Press Conference


Art & Science Experiences Björk motion capture music press conference

SIGGRAPH 2019: VR Headsets And Motion Capture Become Commodities


Human Activity Capture. Several SIGGRAPH exhibitors strapped flexible booth workers into tracked suits for demonstrations of more robust performance capture — the kind that’s so accurate the movements can be incorporated into movies, TV shows, video games, and virtual worlds. Their demo at SIGGRAPH shows how they can mount an iPhone to the suit for simultaneous facial capture.

Andy Serkis to Star as “orc-like” Motion Capture Character for Magic Leap One

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” The project is said to be the result of a partnership between Magic Leap and Serkis’ digital production and motion capture studio The Imaginarium , although it doesn’t have a consumer release date yet. However, as a director capturing a performance for Magic Leap content is fascinating because you are offering up the story and yet the end user has total freedom as to how they will experience it spatially.

ABBA Enters the Digital Realm With 3D ‘ABBAtars’


To create their digital variants, the band’s creative team turned to the same motion capture technology used in big Hollywood films like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. The process required Morris and his team to capture the group as they rehearsed and interacted with each other.

Otus Tracker Uses Valve’s Lighthouse Tech For Drone Motion Capture


Valve’s SteamVR motion tracking tech is getting a big upgrade in just a few months and developers are still finding new uses for it beyond VR. The fidelity of the motion capture is impressive, even if there there are a limited number of use cases for drones in such an enclosed space. Until now, the only solution has been to use camera-based motion trackers, which cost tens of thousands of dollars, to obtain the same tracking area provided by the Otus Tracker.”

Robotic Waitresses And Motion Capture DJs Make This E3 Party A Must See


The post Robotic Waitresses And Motion Capture DJs Make This E3 Party A Must See appeared first on UploadVR. Events dj e3 E3 2016 event morgan page motion capture music party robot waitressE3 2016 kicks off in just a few very short days. Soon, the world’s most rabid video game fans will be descending upon Los Angeles to check out what they will be playing in the upcoming year (or in some cases, in a few upcoming years).

Kite & Lightning Showcasing iPhone Motion Capture At SIGGRAPH


VR development studio Kite & Lightning is taking its impressive iPhone-based motion capture pipeline to SIGGRAPH. Strassburger uses a helmet-mounted iPhone X combined with an Xsens suit for completely wireless full body and facial motion capture. Strassburger’s iPhone-based capture pipeline relies on face-sensing capabilities to transform his expressions into one of these bebies in real-time.

Inside Magic Leap's Cinematic Partnership with Andy Serkis & The Imaginarium's Experimental Motion Capture Experience

Next Reality AR

By now, you've probably already seen Andy Serkis and his performance capture demo for Magic Leap. And sure, marrying motion capture acting and augmented reality sounds compelling, but how does it really work as an experience? A few days ago, I had a chance to find out, thanks to The Imaginarium Studio's set-up in Los Angeles during the L.E.A.P. conference. That's right, I met Grishneck, as well as a few of his friends.

How To Watch The 2020 Tokyo Olympics In VR


News 2021 Summer Olympics 360-degree Video 3D Athlete Tracking Augmented Reality How to watch Olympics in VR Intel Intel Corporation Intel TrueView Motion Capture NBC Olympics VR Oculus Quest Oculus Quest 2 Tokyo Olympics Tokyo Olympics VR VR Livestream

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Magic Leap Taps Andy Serkis For ‘Orc-Like’ Motion Capture Character


The Oscar nominated actors performance-capture studio partners with Magic Leap to bring fresh content to their MR platform. With credits including legendary franchises like The Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes, and Star Wars , Andy Serkis has proven himself a legend within the world of motion capture technology. It is entirely different to capturing for a movie, where you obviously have control over every aspect of the viewer’s experience.”.

Manus Pro Tracker Brings Professional Full-Body Tracking To SteamVR


” Manus VR, best known for its line of haptic VR gloves , today revealed the Manus Pro Tracker, a new tracking solution for the SteamVR platform aimed specifically at professional creators working in motion capture, virtual production, and VR.

Royal Shakespeare Company Staging Interactive Virtual Performances Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Theater and motion capture technology collide in this upcoming live performance series. News coronavirus COVID-19 Interactive Theater Motion Capture Royal Shakespeare Company Stuart Martin Virtual Live Performance Virtual Theater

Researchers Showcase Impressive New Bar for Real-time Digital Human Rendering in VR

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Advanced capture, rigging, and rendering techniques have resulted in an impressive new bar for the art of recreating the human likeness inside of a computer in real-time. The images of the face are tracked and solved with technology from Cubic Motion , and that data is relayed to a facial rig created by 3Lateral and based on a scan of Seymour created as part of the Wikihuman project at USC-ICT.

Multi-Sensory XR Experience ‘(un)Balanced’ Receives 2020 Lumen XR Award


Media artist Elyne Legarnisson has created a multi-sensory experience which merges XR technology with the power of physical motion that she calls (un)Balanced. Her work shows you that a simple motion can be beautiful and even provide a deeper non-linear response.

John Legend Performs Live In VR To Raise Awareness Towards Mass Incarceration


Legend conducted his performance live in-studio wearing an Xsens MVN Animate Motion Capture System. This means you can capture data without a computer and then upload the data later; and because it’s a wireless system, the user has total freedom to move how they want.

NEWVIEW Awards Announces Its 25 Finalists, Available Free In VR


The grand prize winner will walk away with $20,000 USD. Over the course of four months (August 3rd to November 9th), applicants from nine different countries submitted a total of 145 works (59 in AR and 86 in VR) to the 2020 NEWVIEW Awards.

Sundance: Immersive Theater Piece Scarecrow Had Me Hugging A Live Actor In VR


Described by its creator, Sngmoo Lee, as “location-based arts,” Scarecrow is a one-of-a-kind immersive theater experience that combines live actors, temperature effects, and motion capture technology to offer one of the most ambitious interactive VR experiences in recent memory.

‘OpenVR Recorder’ is a Powerful Tool for Capturing Tracking and Input Data

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Jasper Brekelmans, a Netherlands-based 3D tech artist, has recently released a motion capture tool offering an easy way to record OpenVR tracking data from headsets, motion controllers and Vive Trackers for both Vive and Rift setups. While it can also be used for effective human motion capture, this broader approach for multiple OpenVR devices means that the tool can be used to record camera tracking or indeed any objects with Vive Trackers attached.

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Real-Time Motion Capture Demo Hints At Future VR Communication Features


Development Events VR Industry News 3lateral cubic motion house of moves SIGGRAPH Unreal

Ninja Theory’s New Senua Studio Offers Real-Time Performance Capture For VR And More


hardware motion capture hellblade ninja theory performance capture Senua Studio

Oculus Research Devises High-accuracy Low-cost Stylus for Writing & Drawing in VR

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According to the paper published on the NTU’s website , the DodecaPen’s absolute accuracy of 0.4mm is comparable to an advanced OptiTrack motion capture setup using 10 cameras—a combined resolution of 17 megapixels. Also, the paper notes that their computer vision algorithm is ‘slow’ compared to 300-800Hz motion capture systems, as well as Lumitrack , another low-cost tracking technology.

‘Driver4VR’ Emulates Vive Trackers With Kinect for Cheap VR Body Tracking

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A new SteamVR mod from the developer behind WalkinVR now allows body tracking by emulating Vive Trackers via Kinect’s motion sensing data, enabling an inexpensive solution for full body motion tracking in VR. Since the launch of the Vive Tracker earlier this year, impressive full-body motion capture has been demonstrated through the use of three Tracker units , in combination with the two tracked controllers and headset.

Sony Confirms You Will Need PlayStation Move for Some PS VR Games


controllers gaming motion capture Alex Schwartz job simulator owlchemy labs

Emteq Aims to Humanize VR by Capturing Your Facial Expressions

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The post Emteq Aims to Humanize VR by Capturing Your Facial Expressions appeared first on Road to VR. Facial Motion Capture Motion Capture VR Hardware VR Headset electromyography electrooculography emteq Faceteq facial expressions in vr facial motion capture integrated facial tracking mo-cap social vr

Google is Exploring Ways to Let You Animate Your ‘Blocks’ Creations

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Once prepared, controlling the movement is where VR is at its most intuitive, as the motion-tracked hardware means that a simple form of motion capture is readily available, although it’s not always appropriate, depending upon what’s being animated. HTC Vive Games Motion Capture News Oculus Rift Games SteamVR Games Virtual Reality Software VR Games blocks vr Daydream Labs google blocks inverse kinematics motion capture performance capture vr animation