Watch: IKinema’s HTC Vive Powered Full Body Motion Capture System is Impressive

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Motion capture specialist IKinema has demonstrated its new in-development low-cost motion capture system which uses use 6 points of SteamVR tracking points to deliver a pretty accurate recreation of real world motion.

Noitom Releases Perception Neuron 2.0 Motion Capture System

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Noitom , the Beijing-based company building affordable motion capture systems, announced the release of Perception Neuron 2.0, Motion Capture System appeared first on Road to VR.

Using HoloLens to Visualise Motion Capture Performances in Realtime

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Motion capture techniques are used throughout the VFX industry, but a new project from Mo-cap specialist and developer Jasper Brekelmans aims to bring live, augmented reality previews for motion capture performance, unlocking the ability to preview dances in realtime overlaid onto reality.

Rokoko’s New Motion Capture Suit Available For Pre-Order


Motion capture can find its roots in the art of rotoscoping, a technique developed in 1915 where animators trace over motion picture footage. Optical motion capture systems (that today cover the vast majority of the market) have problems with occlusion.

Kite & Lightning Showcasing iPhone Motion Capture At SIGGRAPH


VR development studio Kite & Lightning is taking its impressive iPhone-based motion capture pipeline to SIGGRAPH. Strassburger uses a helmet-mounted iPhone X combined with an Xsens suit for completely wireless full body and facial motion capture.

The Rokoko Smartsuit Brings Motion Capture to the Masses


The $2,500 device makes motion capture as easy as suiting up. The post The Rokoko Smartsuit Brings Motion Capture to the Masses appeared first on WIRED. Gear motion capture virtual reality

Researchers Showcase Impressive New Bar for Real-time Digital Human Rendering in VR

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Advanced capture, rigging, and rendering techniques have resulted in an impressive new bar for the art of recreating the human likeness inside of a computer in real-time.

‘OpenVR Recorder’ is a Powerful Tool for Capturing Tracking and Input Data

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Jasper Brekelmans, a Netherlands-based 3D tech artist, has recently released a motion capture tool offering an easy way to record OpenVR tracking data from headsets, motion controllers and Vive Trackers for both Vive and Rift setups.

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Real-Time Motion Capture Demo Hints At Future VR Communication Features


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Oculus Research Devises High-accuracy Low-cost Stylus for Writing & Drawing in VR

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According to the paper published on the NTU’s website , the DodecaPen’s absolute accuracy of 0.4mm is comparable to an advanced OptiTrack motion capture setup using 10 cameras—a combined resolution of 17 megapixels.

‘Driver4VR’ Emulates Vive Trackers With Kinect for Cheap VR Body Tracking

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A new SteamVR mod from the developer behind WalkinVR now allows body tracking by emulating Vive Trackers via Kinect’s motion sensing data, enabling an inexpensive solution for full body motion tracking in VR.

Google is Exploring Ways to Let You Animate Your ‘Blocks’ Creations

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Once prepared, controlling the movement is where VR is at its most intuitive, as the motion-tracked hardware means that a simple form of motion capture is readily available, although it’s not always appropriate, depending upon what’s being animated.

Ninja Theory’s New Senua Studio Offers Real-Time Performance Capture For VR And More


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Emteq Aims to Humanize VR by Capturing Your Facial Expressions

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The post Emteq Aims to Humanize VR by Capturing Your Facial Expressions appeared first on Road to VR.

Sony Confirms You Will Need PlayStation Move for Some PS VR Games


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‘Ready Player One’ Actors Filmed OASIS Scenes In VR


This is often why directors will throw their talent into massive green screen sets while wearing motion capture suits and leave it entirely up to their imagination. News HTC Vive Motion Capture Movies Ready Player One Steven Spielberg VR filmmaking VR production

Watch: ANVIO VR is an Epic Looking Multiplayer ‘Full Body’ VR Experience

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Anvio VR is a new, motion capture tracked VR experience that throws you and a bunch of friends into a warehouse-scale VR arena to battle, well, pretty much everything. Anvio VR is a new, motion captured virtual reality platform developed by Vortex LLC in Moscow.

Interactive Lab to Make VR Trike Racing a Thing at VRLA This Week

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Interactive Lab brought their first untethered VR experience to the SVVR Expo in May, which utilised Optitrack motion capture systems and a Samsung Gear VR headset to give a user freedom to explore virtual, room-scale environments captured through photogrammetry.

IKinema Teases More Impressive Full Body Mocap with Vive Tracker

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Their expertise in inverse kinematics results in convincing, affordable motion capture using a small number of tracking points. In February, an earlier version of IKinema’s ‘Project Orion’ was shown using extra Vive motion controllers strapped to the feet and waist.

Discover The Latest In Immersive Entertainment At AT&T SHAPE


This includes everything from a full visual effects studio, and drone and filming technology, to full body/facial motion capture, advancements in 5G, and of course plenty of VR and AR. cinema robotic automation system on the current motion picture capture process.

HTC Vive Accessories Are On Sale and As Expensive As You’d Think


controllers hardware motion capture VR Headsets base station htc vive HTC Vive Accessories lighthouse vive controllerLast month we reported The post HTC Vive Accessories Are On Sale and As Expensive As You’d Think appeared first on UploadVR.

Oculus Is Offering A $250,000 Grant For Perception Research


Finally, Oculus is interested in “biological motion related to social signaling” Again, this relates to another part of Abrash’s talk, this time concerning virtual humans. Eye Tracking GPU Haptics motion capture breakthroughs Oculus Research VR research

CES 2018 Hands-On: VRfree Gloves Feature Great Hand And Finger Tracking


Right now, the most popular input method for most VR content is to use handheld motion controllers like the Oculus Touch, PS Move, or Vive wands. CES Hand Tracking Haptics Motion Capture CES 2018 gloves VRfree

Magic Leap CEO: ‘We have made something that is small, mobile, powerful, and we think pretty cool’

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” Magic Leap has only shown video capture of their technology, the most recent of which announcing a partnership with Lucas Films’ ILMxLab to create an AR experience. Magic Leap is a mystery.

Dance Tonite With LCD Soundsystem In New Google VR Experience


Room-scale VR device owners can dance to the song and capture the movements of their own heads and hands. Art & Science Google Motion CaptureGoogle VR announced they have teamed up with electronic rock band LCD Soundsystem to create a new WebVR-based experience.

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Valve Removes $3,000 SteamVR Tracking Hurdle, Will Offer Base Stations This Year


hardware motion capture Research Valve VR VR Headsets VR Industry News htc vive oculus rift Royalty Free SteamVR tracking valveBack in August of last year, Valve started to roll out of its innovative and royalty-free tracking technology.

Avatar Technology From USC Captures Your Body In 20 Minutes


The graphics lab at ICT captures high-quality digital faces for film with special (and expensive) scanning equipment. 3D Capture AR Development Motion Capture Research VR Industry News Institute for Creative Technologies

Optitrack’s New System Could Accelerate VR Theme Park And Arcade Roll-Outs


Lower-priced cameras from long-time motion tracking company Optitrack could slash as much as 40 percent off the cost to track VR headsets and accessories over very large areas. hardware motion capture Optitrack trackingThe price cut could accelerate the roll-out of out-of-home VR experiences like The Void. The Void covers very large regions with Optitrack cameras overhead to find the locations of people, controllers or other objects that are part of the overall story.

Wizard of Oz Narratives: Puppeting Virtual Characters with Improv Acting

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The ‘interactors’ driving the content of the experience are able to use a set of keyboard commands in order to drive pre-rendered gestures and animations, or they can also do more sophisticated motion capture and virtual embodiment.

The CaptoGlove Is A VR Hand Controller Already Funded On Kickstarter


Hand Tracking Hardware Motion Capture CaptoGloveWhether by haptic claws or well-designed VR controllers like the Oculus Touch, there’s a mission to bring an intricate level of control to VR involving natural interaction with our hands. Since kids, we’ve emulated different devices with our hands like making a gun for cops and robber with index finger and thumb extended from a fist.

Dreamscape Immersive launches multisensory VR “Alien Zoo”


To make this possible, Dreamscape Immersive partnered with Artanim , a Swiss research institute developing motion capture technology , which created a body-mapping software that tracks a person’s head, hands, and feet, using this information to compute how the rest of the body is positioned.

Making a VR Experience for Less Than $1000

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“ Lá Camilla is Disrupt’s next step towards capturing the imagination of viewers and creating positive virtual experiences for all ages. ” Made for under $1000, Lá Camilla is the first VR film to use HTC’s tracking pucks for all motion capture Click To Tweet.

Upload LA Event: Creating a Full-Body Interactive Game with Enflux Mocap Clothing


Join our evening workshop to explore an alternative to controller inputs in gaming, VR, and AR: Full Body Motion Capture Clothing. Full Body Motion Capture provides an intuitive method of interaction that complements immersive games, tools, and entertainment products. Who Should Sign Up: Intermediate level Unity developers interested in developing applications with full body motion. How to get started using a full body motion capture device (Enflux clothing).

‘Ready Player One’ Behind-the-scenes Shows How Spielberg Used VR in Production

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All we had to do was remember what it looked like when we were back in the motion capture volume.”. As an official partner of Ready Player One , HTC has been using the film to highlight its VR wares.

You Can Now Pilot A Drone Using VR And Your Torso


A group of scientist at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have come up with a technique that uses VR and a custom motion capture suit to allow users to precisely maneuver their drone using only their torso.

MIT Researchers Build VR Testing Ground to Safely Train Autonomous Drones

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meters per second (5 miles per hour), successfully flew through the virtual window 361 times, only “crashing” into the window three times, according to positioning information provided by the facility’s motion-capture cameras.

How Steven Spielberg Used VR to Shoot ‘Ready Player One’


Since much of Ready Player One ’s production included virtual sets, Spielberg needed a way to pre-visualize framing of shots and the placement of cast members wearing only motion capture suits in the studio. The HTC Vive was used to frame shots in VR.

Disney Animation Studios to Debut Its First VR Short Film Next Month

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Variety reports that the studio took an experimental storyboarding approach, using motion capture and VR artwork tools like Quill to pre-visualize the film before starting into production proper.

Leap Motion + iClone 7 for Professional Animation


Animate from fingers to forearms with @LeapMotion and Reallusion iClone 7 for professional motion capture animation. This week we’re excited to share a new engine integration with the professional animation community – Leap Motion and iClone 7 Motion LIVE.

MoCap Giant Vicon Announces Location-Based VR Tracking System Origin


Leading motion capture company Vicon is jumping deeper into VR with a new tracking system for location-based solutions.