Rokoko’s New Motion Capture Suit Available For Pre-Order


Motion capture can find its roots in the art of rotoscoping, a technique developed in 1915 where animators trace over motion picture footage. Optical motion capture systems (that today cover the vast majority of the market) have problems with occlusion.

Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline Now Supports VR


Unity version 2019.2 In 2018 Unity introduced Scriptable Render Pipelines, allowing developers to have greater control over the engine’s rendering. The post Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline Now Supports VR appeared first on UploadVR. unity ar unity vr

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Emteq Aims to Humanize VR by Capturing Your Facial Expressions

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What is important is that companies such as Emteq are able to garner enough support from developers and produce the required plugins for game engines such as Unity and Unreal to unlock its true potential.

Manus VR Introduces New Prime Series With Haptic Feedback


Finally, the Xsens Prime is a glove designed for integration into a Xsens motion capture suit, to complete the hand with finger data on their IMU suits. Controllers Hand Tracking Haptics Hardware Motion Capture gloves manus vr Manus VR Prime

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Epic Games buys UK facial mapping startup Cubic Motion

TechCrunch VR

Epic Games announced today that it’s buying Cubic Motion, a computer vision startup that’s been building out a platform for capturing more realistic facial animations with a complex camera rig and software platform.

Unity 2019.2 Arrives, Improves VR/AR Performance and Capabilities for Developers

Peter Graham

While you may not really pay attention (or care) about some of the logos at the start of titles, one that crops up quite a lot is Unity. As with any release of this kind Unity 2019.2 These include VR support for Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP).

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Upload LA Event: Creating a Full-Body Interactive Game with Enflux Mocap Clothing


Join our evening workshop to explore an alternative to controller inputs in gaming, VR, and AR: Full Body Motion Capture Clothing. Full Body Motion Capture provides an intuitive method of interaction that complements immersive games, tools, and entertainment products. At this workshop, we will do a deconstruction of our SIGGRAPH demo, showing Unity developers how to create really immersive interactive full-body experiences.

Facebook’s plan for our post-web future

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Jaron Lanier demo’d the first real VR headset and motion capture wearable, the EyePhone and DataGlove, more than thirty years ago. Opinion TC Andrew Bosworth brazil computing democrats digital media Facebook Facebook Reality Labs jaron lanier Magic Leap Mark Zuckerberg mobile advertising new media unity video gaming Virtual reality VR William GibsonLet us connect some dots. Five years ago, Facebook acquired VR pioneers Oculus for $2 billion.

Be a cute VR-tuber with Virtual Cast!

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Our Virtual Cast Enterprise package supports more professional tracking with motion capture system like MVN. Virtual Cast uses position and rotation information captured from VR headsets, controllers and trackers to puppeteer Unity humanoid models in VR space.

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‘Planet Whack’ is a Multi-user VR Demo Showcasing PhaseSpace Motion Tracking

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A short video (heading this article) of two people wildly hitting a giant ball with foam swords (captured by Super Ventures ) is an amusing showcase of PhaseSpace’s motion tracking technology.

VR Gets A Degree As London University Launches Specialized Course


A new classroom dedicated to VR is being opened for the course, including access to Oculus Rifts, the HTC Vive Pro, mobile VR headsets, motion capture suits, a green screen and PCs running the Unity engine. A new degree at the London College of Communication is set to teach students all about the wonderful world of VR. The MA Virtual Reality degree kicks off in the 2018 – 2019 academic year at the university and is the first of its kind in Europe let alone the wider UK.

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Apple Announces ARKit 3 with Body Tracking & Human Occlusion

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With ARKit 3, the system now supports motion capture and occlusion of people. Even with minor camera movement the avatar’s feet don’t remain particularly still while the rest of the body is moving, and small leg motions aren’t well tracked. When waving, the avatar can be seen to tip forward in response to the motion even though the user doesn’t. Motion capture.

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Manus Brings Your Entire Body Into VR With its Polygon System

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That’s lead to motion controllers, eye tracking and hand tracking but full-body tracking has stopped and started due to the complexities of this process. Compatible with HTC Vive and other SteamVR headsets, Manus Polygon will be compatible with Unity when it officially launches in June 2020. The company also plans to release an Unreal Engine 4 plugin later this year as well as expanding compatibility for more motion capture hardware.

HTC Releases Full Body Tracking Code for Use with Vive and Trackers

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HTC Vive Senior Engineer James Xiong has provided a Vive IK Demo on GitHub , which includes a reference source code and Unity demo. By tracking a headset and two motion controllers held in the hands, developers are able to achieve a reasonably accurate virtual representation of the upper body.

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Capturing humans to make a synthetic world: converting 2D videos of humans to 3D with RADiCAL

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It used to be that motion capture was so expensive that only big movie studios could afford to do it. They take a human captured on a standard 2D camera and turn that into a moving 3D skeleton that can be augmented in a digital world.

Full-Body VR Haptic HoloSuit Shipping This November


Kaaya says that embedded sensors do all of the body motion capture work necessary for world-scale tracking, and provide data wirelessly through either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth LE to a VR setup using Unity or a Wi-Fi SDK. If you’ve ever felt that your body would be a better controller in virtual reality than a joypad or wand, you’ll understand why Kaaya Tech’s HoloSuit just reached its funding goal on Kickstarter.

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Sensics Releases High Resolution VR Headset Built Specially for Arcades and Theme Parks

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Arcade and park owners can also opt to include embedded hand/finger trackers like Leap Motion, which sits flush inside the unit behind a window that’s transparent to IR. IR motion capture for VR, image courtesy OptiTrack.

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DragonFly: Glassbox Releases New VR Technology for 3D Video


This method is similar to the motion capture technology that has been used to create realistic computer generated video for years. However, the company is partnered with household names like nvidia, Unity, Unreal Engine, and HTC. Live Client is a tool for facial motion capture.

VRLA 2018 Returns; Keynote Lineup Announced


Additional expo highlights include Xtrematic’s extreme sports simulator, bHaptics’ full-body haptic suit, Bioflight’s VR medical training simulations and Phasespace’s large-scale motion capture system.

Inside Universal Orlando’s Haunted Repository


Mannarino said a motion capture grid system allows Universal Creative to track the players and the props inside the VR experience.

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Magic Leap’s John Gaeta talks about the future of cinema, storytelling and mixed reality

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At the same time I was living in Greenwich Village and I had some talented friends working in the advertising sector, making things like stop-motion animation for advertising… and these friends told me that a new studio was being built in Massachusetts by Douglas Trumbull.

Take an Infrared #Selfie, Sculpt Pottery in VR, and 15 More Art/Music Experiences


Hand Capture. A new motion capture and animation plugin for Autodesk MotionBuilder 2016, Hand Capture lets you “capture hand and finger movement in real time directly inside MotionBuilder.” Take an infrared selfie and post it @LeapMotion #3DJam.

VRLA’s John Root on AR, Privacy, & eSports in VR

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From location-based entertainment, motion simulators and VR arcades, to next-gen haptics, 360-degree cameras and the hottest product launches across virtual and augmented reality, this year’s expo will feature something for everyone to explore.

CAD Experiment: Disassemble a Spherical Robot in VR


Motion control opens up exciting possibilities for manipulating 3D designs , with VR adding a whole new dimension to the mix. I got my Leap Motion Controller at the start of 2014, and quickly went about making demos. What if you could disassemble a robot at a touch?

AR Experience Terminal 3 Puts You In The Boots Of A U.S. Customs Officer


Above: A behind-the-scenes look at how 1RIC motion-captured actors using Depthkit for Terminal 3. To further Terminal 3’s development, Malik received the Unity for Humanity grant, which is an annual award of $25,000 for projects that “[deal] with issues of humanitarian, social, environmental, educational, health care, science issues and themes.” It’s the first time Unity has offered the grant.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


To announce this European premiere, Björk held a press conference and beamed herself in (from Iceland) via a psychedelic motion-captured avatar churning with colors (because why not?).

Meet the Winners of 3D Jam 2.0


Based on community ratings and scores from the Leap Motion team, we’re excited to present the winners of the second annual 3D Jam. Prize: $10,000, Unity Suite, 2 OSVR HDKs, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Prize: $7,500, Unity Pro, OSVR HDK, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti. The votes are in!

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Zero Latency Shoots For Multiplayer VR Arcade Network With 24 Locations In 2017


A year later, the team had upgraded the platform to six players combating virtual reality zombies with assault rifles in the Unity-developed Outbreak game. Patent-pending technology using more than 100 cameras and motion capture devices track each player in real-time as they move.

All the most important AR and VR news from the GDC 2018

The Ghost Howls

The SDK offers native APIs, but also supports popular game engines like Unity and Unreal 4.

Art&&Code: Weird Reality


There was even a workshop on webVR for Unity lovers. Ken Perlin and his team showed a live demo their gearVR + motion tracking system for multi-user co-located immersive experiences. Last week we headed to Pittsburgh for Art&&Code: Weird Reality.