Singapore becomes worlds biggest AI hub


Singapore is attracting the world’s leading artificial intelligence talent because of its status as a cosmopolitan society and strong state backing for technology research, according to the head of the private equity firm building a mega hub in the city for start ups involved in the sector. The post Singapore becomes worlds biggest AI hub appeared first on VR World. Artificial Intelligence Business Companies News VR World AI Alibaba Joel Ko Hyun Sik Marvelstone Ventures Singapore

Can Mystical Magic Leap Lure Singapore’s Temasek into its Net?


investment arm of Singapore’s government. ” The post Can Mystical Magic Leap Lure Singapore’s Temasek into its Net? Magic Leap Inc. , a Florida-based startup that’s raised more than $1.3

Razer Acquires THX


11 years ago, Singapore-born Min-Liang Tan formed a company in Cayman Islands, Singapore and Encinitas (northern part of San Diego county). “The Force is with you, young Skywalker, but… you are not a Jedi yet!”

Razer 89

Magic Leap Raises $502 Billions Driven by Temasek


Magic Leap , the still-in-stealth-mode company developing an augmented-reality headset, announced that it has raised $502 million in Series D equity funding, led by Singapore investment firm Temasek Holdings.

Vocktail is now turning your water into wine


Researchers at the National University of Singapore have designed an intelligent cocktail glass which is capable of tricking your senses into thinking that the water you’re drinking is actually whatever you want to drink in the moment. Ranasinghe’s research work at the National University of Singapore includes experimenting with electrical signals and how they can affect the sense of taste.

Magic Leap Raises $461M in New Funding Led by Saudi Arabia’s Investment Arm

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Magic Leap started their Series D financing round back in October last year, taking on $502 million lead by Singapore-based finance firm Temasek Holdings.

Magic Leap Takes on Funding from Media Company Axel Springer

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Magic Leap most recently completed their Series D financing round October last year, taking on $502 million lead by Singapore-based finance firm Temasek Holdings. German media company Axel Springer today announced that it has taken part in a new round of financing of Magic Leap.

Periscape Brings VR Pop-up Installation to JFK International, Company in Talks with Over 200 Airports

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Rosenthal says the company already has exclusive partnerships with 229 airports, including Paris, Dubai, Shanghai, Singapore, and Atlanta. Traveling through Terminal 4 on your way to, or through JFK International?

The 2017 Virtual Reality Conference and Expo Schedule


Singapore. TECHSPO Singapore // September 20th – September 21st. Singapore. Unite Singapore // September. Singapore.

Microsoft Expands HoloLens Availability, Hard Hat Option Coming Soon

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Today the company has announced that they’re adding Singapore and the United Arab Emirates to the list of regions from which the device can be purchased, now totaling 41 countries.

HoloLens Units Can Now Be Rented Instead Of Bought


Elsewhere, HoloLens is also expanding to more countries, with Microsoft this week announcing that it will soon be selling the kit in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. At $3,000, Microsoft’s HoloLens is an expensive proposition, limiting the number of people that have been able to get their hands on one over the past two years. But a new scheme from Abcomrents is looking to make the device more accessible for all.

Audio-Based Stealth Thriller Stifled Gets PSVR Release Date


The game has been in development for some three years in Singapore, making it one of the first PSVR titles to stem of Sony’s efforts in the region. We’ve been hearing about intriguing stealth thriller title Stifled for some time, but soon we’ll finally get to play it.

‘Sairento Reborn’ Aims to Springboard off ‘Sairento’ Success, Support VR & PC

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Indie VR developer Mixed Realms, creators of badass VR ninja simulator, Sairento , announced this week plans for their next chapter, coming in the form of Sairento Reborn.

Vive Deluxe Audio Straps Back in Stock on Monday, Vive Pre Adapter Kit Available With Promo Code

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The strap is still available for purchase in Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan.

Holovis Uses Giant Robot Arms for Intense VR Motion Simulated Experiences

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First demonstrated to theme park executives at the Asian Attractions Expo in Singapore last month, Holovis ’ R3ex (Rideable Realtime Robot Experiences) project combines virtual reality with four/six-axis robot arm amusement rides.

Futuristic AR eSports Tournament Coming To USA


In a VR world, you basically put on the head-mounted display and you kill zombies,” stated Jasper Tan, founder of HADO Singapore. Your chance to go pro in energy dodgeball has finally arrived.

Sony Announces 4 Asia-Developed PSVR Titles Are Coming West

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Coming from Singapore-based Gattai Games is an interesting take on the horror genre that puts you, a sight-impaired character, at the forefront.

Asia 229

Samsung is Selling a Batman Gear VR and Galaxy S7


In collaboration with Warner Bros Interactive and DC Entertainment, the limited edition Galaxy S7 edge will be available in early June exclusively in select territories, including China, Singapore, Korea, Latin America, Russia and others to be announced soon. Ok, we seriously want one.

Feel Wind and Heat in VR With This Headset Add-On


The Ambiotherm brings a whole new level of immersion to virtual reality with realistic weather simulations.

Google’s AR/VR Team Just Keeps Growing

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Google is creating an infrastructure to coordinate AR and VR business operations in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Google first started its venture into virtual reality with Google Cardboard back in 2014.

Google 267

Scouted: Batman Samsung Galaxy S7 and Gear VR


At the time, Samsung announced that they would begin taking pre-orders for the Injustice Edition bundle if you lived in select countries like China, Singapore, Korea, Latin America, Malaysia and Russia. We really wish this was sold in the U.S.

Changi Airport Will Use AR Glasses To Speed Up Ground Handling


SATS, the chief ground-handling and in-flight catering service provider at Singapore Changi Airport, has equipped approximately 600 of its ramp handling employees with the glasses as part of a new initiative, according to Channel News Asia. Going to the airport is a hassle. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, which airline you’re using, or who you’re traveling with, there are always annoyances and issues along the way.

Magic Leap’s Total Funding Exceeds $2 Billion, With Saudi Arabia’s Help


500 million more was added last year in a Series D round led by a Singapore-based investment group. While little is known about Magic Leap’s technology, the startup’s funding story is a little more public. Google helped transform the Florida startup into a giant of the nascent AR industry in Oct. The tech giant was part of a funding round contributing more than $500 million to Magic Leap’s plan to build all parts of a society-changing AR headset.

Send HTC Your Idea for a Vive Accessory and Win a Free HTC Vive

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The Vive’s Lighthouse tracking system is an impressive piece of tech, considering it boasts sub-millimeter, 3D room-scale positional tracking for a VR headset and hand controllers using lasers.

HTC 226

Samsung announces limited edition Batman themed Galaxy S7 and GearVR.

Cats and VR

The limited edition Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition will be available in early June exclusively in select territories, including China, Singapore, Korea, Latin America, Russia and others to be announced soon.

Disney Puts Augmented Reality Star Destroyers over International Landmarks


Merlion Park | Singapore | 1.286,103.854. In a galaxy not so far from Central Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Eiffel Tower, Star Wars comes to life through augmented reality. Disney has been making major moves in Augmented Reality in 2017.

Hands-on: ‘Stifled’ Oozes Style With Its Terrifying Visual Re-imagination of Echolocation

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Stifled is an upcoming first-person horror game from Singapore-based studio Gattai Games.

Hands-On: Sandbox VR Delivers Fun And Adaptable Location-Based VR Gaming


The Sandbox VR website also lists locations in Los Angeles, New York, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. When I first tried The Void’s Star Wars installation at Disney World earlier this year, it totally blew me away.

WebVR: Taking The Path Of Least Resistance To Mainstream VR


As WebVR content creators and developers start to converge worldwide, in Singapore, the community assembled at an ‘Augmented City’ experiential xLab in July. WebVR content creators in Singapore. While we were distracted with VR hype cycles and the “when will VR go mainstream?”

PSVR Dating Sim ‘Summer Lesson’ to Get English Subtitles and Broader Release in April

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IGN reports that during the Bandai Namco Entertainment Product Conference in Singapore this week, the company announced a new version of Summer Lesson which will come bundled with two DLCs, include English subtitles, and launch in Southeast Asian markets.

Asia 228

Take an Immersive Drive Through the World’s Most Secretive Country

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Aram Pan is a Singapore based photographer who has specialised in what he describes as ‘panorama production’ since 2007.

When Can I Buy Samsung’s Gear 360 Camera?


On April 29th, I was surprised to see that Samsung began selling the Gear 360 in Korea and Singapore. Samsung begins selling the Gear 360 in New Zealand – who’s going to be next?

Samsung Gear 360 Now On Sale In UK For £349.00


Last month we reported that the Samsung’s Gear 360 camera became available in New Zealand, adding to the short list of countries, Korea and Singapore, where the Gear 360 was sold.

VR in Food Industry: Make Your Customers Food Connoisseurs Using 360° Virtual Tours


By the Learning Partnership French banquet: Nicholas Le Restaurant Nicolas Le Restaurant was founded in 2007 by Chef Nicolas Joanny on Keong Saik Street in the Bukit Pasoh Conservation Area in Singapore.

Improbable Raises Over $500 Million To Create The Tools That Will Build The Metaverse


These groups include the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz , Hong Kong’s Horizon Ventures , and Singapore’s Temasek Holdings.

Tools 207

Masterclass in Cinematic & Hybrid Virtual Reality Filmmaking.

RealVision VR

Real Vision has previously lent it’s expertise ranging from helping design and beta test software and hardware at PHILIP’S High Technology Campus Holland, to conducting in-depth workshops for Panasonic’s R&D Labs, Singapore and sessions at Sony MiddleEast. of Abudhabi, and conducted workshops at polytechnics and Media training institutions in Singapore.

Over 20 Use Cases of Smart Glasses, VR Headsets, and Smartwatches at Airports


Singapore Airlines, Eithad Airways and Finnair have also experimented with VR to show off their airplanes, cabin classes, and travel destinations. If going through airport security is a flyer’s biggest pain, then capacity is the airport manager’s living nightmare: Airports around the world today are hard-pressed to process more passengers and cargo than their terminals were originally designed to manage, and projected air traffic growth indicates no coming relief.

Tesla New Master Plan: 5 New Vehicles, Uber 2.0, Power 2.0


In the late afternoon California time, or early morning Singapore time, Elon Musk, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Tesla Motors, Inc. My landlord in Singapore only made 2.2%

Graffiti VR Experience Paints the Future of Art & Entertainment


In the exact opposite case of Singapore, where caning and jail sentence are a possibility, Croatia renamed the railway bridge into ‘Hendrix Bridge’ , based on the graffiti that enthusiasts drew on the middle of the bridge, some 25 maters / 60 feet above the river.

AI Chatbots are rapidly changing the ways of banking in the world


In Singapore, DBS already uses Kasisto’s Kai, the underlying technology of MyKai, to allow customers to conduct transactions such as transfers and bill paying. The biggest Hong Kong bank, HSBC Holdings , is starting the New Year with a new chatbot. Chatbots are computer programs that typically use text-based live chat as an interface to carry out tasks for customers on behalf of the business. Now they are emerging as an inexpensive way to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) in banking.