Futuristic AR eSports Tournament Coming To USA


The HADO eSports tournament first launched in 2016 exclusively in Japanese theme parks and malls, but has since managed to expand into countries including Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Your chance to go pro in energy dodgeball has finally arrived.

Believe the Hype: HypeVR’s Volumetric Video Capture is a Glimpse at the Future of VR Video

Road to VR

With an Oculus Rift headset, I stepped into that new scene: a 30 second loop of a picturesque valley in lush Vietnam. It made me feel like I was actually standing there, in Vietnam, not just that my eyes alone had been transported.

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Intel Says Project Alloy VR/AR Headsets Are Coming in Q4 2017

Road to VR

Intel revealed at their CES 2017 press conference that Project Alloy, their standalone mixed reality headset and reference platform, would be productized “by” Q4 2017 in partnership with major OEMs.

Expert View: 3 ways VR is transforming Learning & Development

Tech Trends VR

Throwback to 1966: The Beatles release “Revolver” , the Vietnam war rages on and Time Magazine reports on the effects of a strange new substance called LSD. . Immersive tech and training go back 50 years, but how has that relationship changed?

EON Reality Presents at Nordic VR Forum

EON Reality

At the 2018 edition of the Nordic VR Forum, EON Reality Norway didn’t just attend Hamar’s distinguished virtual reality conference but also presented the “ Jesper on Wheels ” project to an eager crowd. With hundreds of attendees from 10 different nations and even more viewers following along with the event’s livestreams online, the annual event proved successful in every way.

VR for Good: Holograms From Syria Uses HoloLens To Bring Images Of War To Everyday Life


“At the height of the Vietnam war, artist Martha Rosler put forward a body of work titled “House Beautiful: Bringing the war home”,” 1RIC tells me over email. “It was a series of collages that brought together images from the war in Vietnam and images of beautifully designed American homes. For many of us, the world’s problems are all too easy to forget, especially when we’re far removed from tragic disasters and global conflicts.

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Smart Nations Powered By Augmented Virtual Reality

EON Reality

Advances in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are reshaping the way we learn and interact with our world.

The AVR Platform and Classroom 3.0 Showcased at EduTECH Asia 2018

EON Reality

At EduTECH Asia 2018 this week in Singapore, EON Reality spent two full days speaking, promoting, and demonstrating the latest updates to the AVR Platform to the thousands of education and technology professionals in attendance.

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YouTuber Brings VR To Commodore 64


Oh man, I’m getting some serious Vietnam flashbacks of the Virtual Boy…. The VR64 retro virtual reality headset is as cool as it is totally unnecessary. Remember the Commodore 64 home computer? That makes sense.

PenPal Schools launches a VR field trip for students to promote Pakistan

Hypergrid Business

Students from around the world can now travel to Pakistan and learn more about the country — virtually.

Emma, the Robot is Giving Professional Massages to Singaporeans


Singapore is developing a robotics ecosystem with Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam in a bid to take the regional lead as businesses worldwide increasingly use such technology to transform their operations. We are already aware that AI does great benefits in schools and hospitals, but did you know that you can actually get a massage from the robot ?

Temple Run: CyArk Taps GPUs to Capture Visual Records of World Heritage Sites

NVidia VR

Among those it’s currently documenting or planning to hit soon are ancient temples in Vietnam and the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Virtual Reality is Here, and Events Will Never Be the Same


After landing on the desert floor, the flyers were quickly shuttled to Vietnam where they took in the sights of the Ban Gioc waterfall. In 2017, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich took 250 people on a wingsuit flight over Moab, Utah.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Design & Development Course at Oral Roberts University to Open January 2017

EON Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality are some of the fastest growing sectors of our economy. These technologies are spreading far beyond the gaming world and into business and education, where its being used to train employees and better educate students.

This Degree Will Actually Land You a Job and Prepare You for the Future

EON Reality

For some Entrepreneur School Alumni , after working an extensive eleven months to pursue a dream it’s time to relax. For others, it means it’s time to pursue their dreams by starting their career in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industry.

5 Killer Markets for Your Virtual Reality Startup


Among the 3D experiences they have produced is a walk through of Vietnam, a tour of the Carnival Breeze cruise liner, and tours of several leading universities. Virtual Reality is set to reach a market value of $30 billion by 2020, according to estimates from Digi-Capital. With the Big Three (Microsoft, Google, and Facebook) all throwing money, R&D, and marketing at both augmented reality and virtual reality project ideas, one can assume VR and AR are both here to stay.