Amazon Customer Support Apparently Did Not Know That Northern Ireland Was Part of the UK

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A member of the Amazon support team unfortunately learned this lesson in a very public way on Saturday when they stated that Northern Ireland was not a part of the United Kingdom. amazon northern ireland social media

Genome Analysis Points to Incest Among Ireland’s Prehistoric Rulers

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anthropology incest prehistoric ireland inbreeding science irelandEvidence of incest and inbreeding has been uncovered at an elite prehistoric Irish burial site, in a new paper that reads like a Game of Thrones subplot. Read more.


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Oculus Quest Is Back In Stock, Ships By Late May (Except UK & Ireland)


UK & Ireland based prospective VR users are still unable to order Quest, with the product simply showing as unavailable on the Oculus website. The post Oculus Quest Is Back In Stock, Ships By Late May (Except UK & Ireland) appeared first on UploadVR. Facebook’s Oculus Quest is back in stock in most regions, with a current shipping estimate of ‘by May 27’ for buyers in North America.

What 'The Crown' Season 4 gets wrong about the Troubles in Northern Ireland

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Well, when it comes to The Crown' s portrayal of The Troubles in Northern Ireland — three decades of violent sectarian conflict between unionists and nationalists from the late '60s to late '90s — in Season 4, episode 1, there's a number of pretty crucial historical errors.

How Jon Hamm, Emily Blunt, and the Cast of ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ fell in love with Ireland

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Wild Mountain Thyme is a love story set in Ireland, but in many ways it's a story about falling in love with Ireland itself. More about Mashable Video , Jon Hamm , Emily Blunt , Ireland , and Jamie Dornan. Mashable Video Jon Hamm Emily Blunt Ireland Jamie Dornan

Failte Ireland using VR to boost tourism

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Failte Ireland, Ireland’s tourism authority, is using virtual reality experiences to promote the region to tourists and will expand the project to trade and industry partners so they can promote their own tourist activities.... ... Features Ireland tourism virtual tourism

Virtual Reality Is New Way To View Ireland’s Atlantic Coast


Tourists visiting Ireland can now experience Virtual Reality experiences along the Wild Atlantic Way through apps on their phones or computers. Failte Ireland has unveiled its new 360-degree views of the Wild Atlantic Way and says that it will add an another level of immersion for the visitors researching the destination. Total: 0 Average: 0/5] The post Virtual Reality Is New Way To View Ireland’s Atlantic Coast appeared first on Infinityleap - Technology stops for no one.

One of the Most Timely Novels of the Year Is About Black Women in the 1880s Hunting Zombies

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But as I finished Deathless Divide , Justina Ireland’s stellar follow… Read more. zombies justina ireland deathless divide dystopia dread nation dread nation series books harpercollinsThe world can be utterly bleak nowadays.

Irish Supreme Court Says Subway Bread Can't Legally Be Called Bread Under Tax Law

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Ireland’s Supreme Court has ruled that bread from the international fast food chain Subway can’t legally be called bread under Irish tax law. food subway ireland almond joy pepsi naked juice

Star Wars: The High Republic Is as Refreshing as It Is Familiar

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star wars the high republic star wars del rey lucasfilm press marvel comics idw lucasfilm disney comics books marvel charles soule justina ireland claudia gray cavan scott daniel jose olderAdding something truly new to the canon of Star Wars media has to strike a delicate, daunting balance.

This spooky thriller from the creator of 'Derry Girls' is well worth your time

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The four part Channel 5 drama begins in Cambridge, but swiftly moves across the Irish sea to County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland. More about Tv , Uk , Ireland , Derry Girls , and Normal People. Tv Uk Ireland Derry Girls Normal People

Apple wins $15 billion court battle with EU over Irish tax

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billion) in back taxes to Ireland. The Court decided that the European Commission "did not succeed in showing to the requisite legal standard" that Apple had a tax advantage in Ireland. More about Apple , Ireland , Tech , and Big Tech Companies. Apple Ireland Tech Big Tech CompaniesAfter a long string of fines and legal setbacks in the EU, Apple can now chalk up one big win next to its name.

Umbrella Academy's Ellen Page on Giving Vanya Space to Open Up

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umbrella academy interview ellen page lgbtq netflix streaming marin ireland set visitThe first trailer for Umbrella Academy ’s second season made it abundantly clear that the Netflix series is pivoting into a markedly different direction than the Dark Horse comics series it’s based on.

Boston Students Are Turning Classic Novel Ulysses Into A VR.


james joyce literature vr experience classic novel ireland ulysses boston collegeBoston Students Are Turning Classic Novel Ulysses Into A VR Experience Winking Entertainment is trying its hand at retelling ancient Chinese story, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, inside the HTC Vive, and now a group from the Boston College is attempting to do the same for James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Regal owner confirms it may close all of its movie theaters again

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and Ireland due to the ongoing pandemic. Regal Cinemas owner Cineworld is considering the temporary closure of all of its movie theaters in the U.S., Movies & TV News breaking twitter cineworld movie theater regal Regal Cinemas

Facebook's Winding Down Its Irish Tax Havens

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After spending the past few years funneling billions of dollars through Ireland as a way to take advantage of the country’s relatively low taxes, it looks like Facebook is packing up its overseas operation.

Microsoft Hololens Available in More Countries


Starting on October 12, Microsoft added availability to the following countries: Australia, Ireland, France, Germany, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Microsoft Hololens (Developer version) has been available in the US and Canada since March for $3,000. However, this has left out many other parts of the world. You can pre-order your device now. Augmented Reality Microsoft HoloLens

What Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel Can Tell Us About the Future of the VR Documentary


It’s 1916 and I’m standing in the war torn streets of Dublin, Ireland. A thick cloud of misery clings to the greyish air, given form by lofty plumes of smoke that circle around. The post What Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel Can Tell Us About the Future of the VR Documentary appeared first on UploadVR. Art & Science Experiences BBC Crossover Easter Rising Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel Oscar Raby VRTOV

EU Court: On Second Thought, Apple Doesn't Have to Pay That $15 Billion Irish Tax Bill

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billion (€13 billion) in back taxes to Ireland. Apple is doing a victory dance today. The second-highest European Union court has overturned a decision that the Cupertino-based tech giant would have to pay $14.9 Read more. corporate greed eu taxes tax apple european union

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says AR Technology Is “The Next Big Thing”


With multiple reports indicating Apple’s ongoing development of an AR-dedicated headset, Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of the multinational technology company expressed the companies continued interest and dedication to the advancement and adoption of augmented reality technology while in Dubland, Ireland accepting an award celebrating the companies 40-year history in the country. . The business executive shared his excitement for AR while accepting an award in Dublin this week.

HoloLens sets its sights on Europe with huge expansion


Ever since the headset was first released back in 2016, it’s been available in only a few European regions, namely the UK, Ireland, Germany, and France. It’s been a long time coming, but Microsoft is finally ready to launch HoloLens across Europe. Those regions were four of only 10 to get the device, meaning that HoloLens was hard to find … Continue reading. Archive hololens Microsoft mixed reality virtual reality vr Windows 10

Google's Pixel Buds are now available in more countries including UK and Australia

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Google's Pixel Buds earbuds have finally made their way to more countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Spain, and the UK. Google #PixelBuds are now available in more countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Spain, and the UK. Also, the Buds will soon be available in more colors, Google said in a tweet.

The best online tools to trace your genealogy from home

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On a driving tour of Ireland, years earlier, we’d connected with one another and our Irish roots. When we spend so much of our time online, we’re bound to learn something while clicking and scrolling. Discover something new with Mashable’s series I Learned It On The Internet.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Expects AR: ‘Will Pervade our Entire Lives’

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Cook was in Dublin, Ireland this week to receive a Special Recognition Award for the company’s contributions to the country – 6,000 people work at its Cork office – and discussed the future of tech and AR’s role. During a session chaired by IDA Ireland CEO Martin Shanahan, he asked Cook about his expectations for the next five to ten years: “I’m excited about AR.

Here’s Every Country & Store Where Quest 2 is Officially Being Sold

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Jump to: Australia | Austria | Belgium | Canada | Denmark | Finland | France | Iceland | Ireland | Italy | Japan | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Poland | South Korea | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Taiwan | United Kingdom | United States. Where to Buy Oculus Quest 2 in Ireland.

This tool will help you wash your jewelry in the dishwasher

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TL;DR: Clean up your jewelry with the Kathy Ireland GemSpa , on sale for $46.74 You may also want to consider this Kathy Ireland GemSpa. as of Nov. You know all those sparkly rings you love? They're covered in germs.

AOC fact checks Kimberly Guilfoyle's immigrant status

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Guilfoyle's dad did emigrate from Ireland , but she explained that her mother is from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Today in "things I never thought I'd have to remind Americans ahead of the 2020 presidential election," we have this simple truth: Puerto Rico is absolutely part of the United States.

The whimsical world of Apple TV+'s 'Wolfwalkers' is a stunning piece of visual storytelling

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The film, which is a joint effort from Cartoon Saloon and Mélusine — studios most famous for producing the Academy Award-nominated Song of the Sea and The Breadwinner — follows a free-spirited girl named Robyn who has just moved from England to Ireland with her father in 1650.

Your Android device becomes a mini-Xbox on Sept. 15

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Project xCloud is almost here. Microsoft's long-hyped entry into the realm of cloud gaming is coming on Sept. 15, starting with Android devices. In practical terms, that means Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to play more than 100 games on their Android smartphones or tablets.

Emerging Tech in Emerging Markets

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He reveals he’s also in advanced discussions with various embassies from countries such as the UK,Canada,Australia,Ireland Israel about mutual exchange programs. As India’s first-ever Immersive Technology festival wraps up, it highlights how the market for making and consuming technologies such as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality goes well beyond Silicon Valley.

India 242

HoloLens 2 Sales Expanding to 15 More Countries, ‘Development Edition’ Launches in the US

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Microsoft says that the HoloLens 2 Development Edition will become available in 10 additional countries by the end of the year: Canada, Germany, France, UK, Ireland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Italy.

Sneaky Bears Creator WarDucks Nets €1.3 Million In Seed Funding


Venture capital fund Suir Valley Ventures led the round, joined by the state agency Enterprise Ireland as well as private investors. WarDucks , the team behind the Sneaky Bears franchise, has successfully raised €1.3 million (USD 1.5 million) in seed funding. Based in Dublin, WarDucks released Sneaky Bears for PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift last month. A lightweight version of the game was previously published on the GearVR and Google Play stores.

Twitter fined half a million dollars for late data breach reporting

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Twitter has been issued a big fine for late reporting of a data breach under GDPR rules.

Exploring The RMS Titanic In VR


The game was produced by Immersive VR Education (IVRE), a VR/AR studio based in Ireland which previously released the award-winning Apollo 11 VR moon landing experience back in 2016, and, more recently, an experience commissioned by the BBC commemorating the 100th anniversary of the RAF 1943: Berlin Blitz. Since then, their team has grown from 4 to 34 and have worked with prestigious clients such as the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, the BBC and Oxford University. “We

What is Shudder? Everything you need to know about the horror streaming platform.

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to Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, and recently passing the one million subscriber mark. When it comes to TV and movies, we are most definitely in the age of the streaming service.

Quest 2 Stock Starting to Slip Ahead of Black Friday

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Ireland. Though it has held fairly steady since its launch in October, the stock of Oculus Quest 2 is starting to dwindle heading into the Black Friday holiday shopping season.

The VR Job Hub: XR Games, VividQ, Immersive VR Education & More

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Waterford, Ireland. Waterford, Ireland. Whether you’re an experienced designer, programmer, engineer, or maybe you’ve just been inspired after reading VRFocus’ articles – either way, you have stumbled across the weekly VR Job Hub. The vacancies listed here are usually located worldwide (although not this week), from major companies to humble indie developers – the one thing they all have in common is that they are all looking for new staff. Location. Company. Leeds, UK.