Genome Analysis Points to Incest Among Ireland’s Prehistoric Rulers

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anthropology incest prehistoric ireland inbreeding science irelandEvidence of incest and inbreeding has been uncovered at an elite prehistoric Irish burial site, in a new paper that reads like a Game of Thrones subplot. Read more.

Amazon Customer Support Apparently Did Not Know That Northern Ireland Was Part of the UK

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A member of the Amazon support team unfortunately learned this lesson in a very public way on Saturday when they stated that Northern Ireland was not a part of the United Kingdom. amazon northern ireland social media


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Ireland Shuts Down Hospital Computer Systems Nationwide After Ransomware Attack

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Ireland’s public health care system, known as the Health Service Executive or HSE, shut down all of its computer systems nationwide Friday after hospital administrators became aware of a cyberattack late Thursday.

Data Centers Are Pushing Ireland’s Electric Grid to the Brink

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Behind every TikTok, Zoom call, and cat meme is a data center that stores, processes, or reroutes that data around the world. The more we do online, the bigger these data centers and their energy footprint get. Read more.

Failte Ireland using VR to boost tourism

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Failte Ireland, Ireland’s tourism authority, is using virtual reality experiences to promote the region to tourists and will expand the project to trade and industry partners so they can promote their own tourist activities.... ... Features Ireland tourism virtual tourism

FBI: Conti Ransomware Gang Behind Ireland Attack Also Hit 16 U.S. Health and Emergency Networks

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The same hackers that took down the Irish health system last week also hit at least 16 U.S. medical and first responder networks in the past year, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation alert made public Thursday by the American Hospital Association. Read more.

India Surpasses 300,000 Deaths from Covid-19, Third Highest in the World After U.S. and Brazil

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republic of ireland the hindustan times covid 19 pandemic in the republic of ireland health contemporary history social issues time responses to the covid 19 pandemic in june

Irish Supreme Court Says Subway Bread Can't Legally Be Called Bread Under Tax Law

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Ireland’s Supreme Court has ruled that bread from the international fast food chain Subway can’t legally be called bread under Irish tax law. food subway ireland almond joy pepsi naked juice

One of the Most Timely Novels of the Year Is About Black Women in the 1880s Hunting Zombies

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But as I finished Deathless Divide , Justina Ireland’s stellar follow… Read more. zombies justina ireland deathless divide dystopia dread nation dread nation series books harpercollinsThe world can be utterly bleak nowadays.

Impossible Sausage Links Gave Me Some Uncanny Valley Vibes

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sausage meat foods impossible foods kielbasa meat industry meat alternative hospitality recreation charcuterie food and drink cuisine of northern ireland hot dog smoked meatI am weird about eating meat.

Vegan Haggises of Glasgow, Ranked

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haggis fish chip vegan cuisine rutabaga scottish cuisine brian veganism foods hospitality recreation molly food and drink national dishes cuisine of northern ireland meat veggie burger offalGLASGOW, SCOTLAND — Covering United Nations climate talks requires walking. Lots of it.

Apple Employees Won’t Return to the Office Until at Least January Due to Covid-19 Concerns

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apple economy of the united states republic of ireland google facebook industry economics labor technology internet deirdre apple inc apple store companies

Apple 87

SpaceX Hit With Worst Covid-19 Outbreak of Any Business in Los Angeles

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spacex fedex in ireland covid 19 pandemic in south africa contemporary history covid 19 pandemic in the united states sars cov 2 omicron variant moderna covid 19 pandemic infectious diseases elon musk covid 19 pandemic in botswana time northrop grumman

Y: The Last Man Just Had Its Very Own Supervillain Origin Story

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films creative works nora marin ireland english language films mackenzie christopher nolan olivia thirlby roxanne sam elliot fletcher night missy pyleTakes a little energy out of our recap when you know the series wasn’t picked up for season two but, well, here we are. No Yorick? No 355?

Forget About What Star Wars Is, What Is The High Republic?

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star wars lucasfilm saga luke skywalker disney justina ireland quantic dream galactic republic nihil star wars video games jedi charles soule darth vader scott lina soh skywalker family lightsaber sith fictional characters daniel jose older fiction

Tour Eire in Immersive Virtual Reality! ? (360 Video clip)


No guidebook. All Eire. See the Aran Islands, stand on the docks of Galway or dance in the pubs of Dublin for a working day in the lifetime of … resource.

UK, Denmark, and Australia Report Highest Daily Covid-19 Cases of Pandemic

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The United Kingdom, Denmark, and Australia have all reported the highest daily covid-19 case counts of the entire pandemic on Wednesday, a troubling sign that the world’s global health emergency is far from over. Read more.

Star Wars: The High Republic Is as Refreshing as It Is Familiar

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star wars the high republic star wars del rey lucasfilm press marvel comics idw lucasfilm disney comics books marvel charles soule justina ireland claudia gray cavan scott daniel jose olderAdding something truly new to the canon of Star Wars media has to strike a delicate, daunting balance.

Star Wars Novel High Republic: The Rising Storm Excerpt Now Available

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charles soule claudia gray justina ireland kriss stellan elzar mann star wars comics lina soh galactic republic literature jedi star wars the high republic cavan scott avar human interest daniel jose older has given fans all types of goodies this week.

Y: The Last Man's Team Looked to Children of Men and I May Destroy You for Inspiration

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y the last man children of men you brian k vaughn television shows television series eliza clark juliana canfield covid 19 pandemic olivia thirlby single gender worlds ashley romans marin ireland fx ben schnetzer clarke amber tamblyn covid thelma louise sam creative works pia guerra

Star Wars: The High Republic Phase 2 Releases This October

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It’s a big day for Star Wars fans. Yes, a new episode of The Book of Boba Fett drops later this evening but there’s even more book news from a galaxy far, far away.

Facebook Sure Seems Desperate To Pass This Latest Data Breach Off As Old News For Some Reason

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facebook software social media twitter computing mike clark data breaches technology internet andy stone cambridge analytica general data protection regulation data protection commission of ireland instagram liz bourgeois operating systems internet privacy universal windows platform apps

Data 87

European Union Appeals Ruling Letting Apple Skip Out on $15.8 Billion in Taxes

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business_finance entertainment_culture environment health_medical_pharma politics technology_internet corporate tax avoidance economy international taxation taxation in the republic of ireland offshore magic circle corporate taxation in the united states apple inc tax haven margrethe vestager state aid taxation in the united states taxThe European Union wants the $15.8

Umbrella Academy's Ellen Page on Giving Vanya Space to Open Up

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umbrella academy interview ellen page lgbtq netflix streaming marin ireland set visitThe first trailer for Umbrella Academy ’s second season made it abundantly clear that the Netflix series is pivoting into a markedly different direction than the Dark Horse comics series it’s based on.

??Take A Tropical Break And Examine The Hawaiian Islands in Virtual Reality! (360 Online video)


Just about every working day in the Hawaiian Islands is magic. This distinctive location is loaded with amazing natural magnificence, thrilling adventure and individuals … resource.

Royal Websites Were Ready For Queen Elizabeth's Death

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Following the death of Queen Elizabeth, monarch of the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth realms, which includes England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, huge swathes of the internet have become a field of tributes.

Instagram Fined $400 Million in EU Over Teenager's Data

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Ireland is not f **g around with Meta. The Irish Data Protection Commission has fined the social media platform Instagram €405 million over its alleged mishandling of data from business accounts run by 13 to 17 year olds. Read more.

Boston Students Are Turning Classic Novel Ulysses Into A VR.


james joyce literature vr experience classic novel ireland ulysses boston collegeBoston Students Are Turning Classic Novel Ulysses Into A VR Experience Winking Entertainment is trying its hand at retelling ancient Chinese story, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, inside the HTC Vive, and now a group from the Boston College is attempting to do the same for James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Regal owner confirms it may close all of its movie theaters again

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and Ireland due to the ongoing pandemic. Regal Cinemas owner Cineworld is considering the temporary closure of all of its movie theaters in the U.S., Movies & TV News breaking twitter cineworld movie theater regal Regal Cinemas

U.S. Averaging 267,000 New Covid-19 Cases Per Day, Highest of Pandemic

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The U.S. seven-day average for new cases of covid-19 reached 267,738, the highest since the pandemic began in early 2020. But the U.S. isn’t alone. The UK, France, Greece, and Australia also hit all-time high case counts on Tuesday, a troubling sign that omicron is coming for just about everyone.

12 Indonesian Horror Movies to Feed Your New Obsession

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We’ve found recent favorites from Scandinavia , Asia , Ireland , Brazil , and Australia by way of Serbia. There’s no shortage of American horror, but venturing into the genre’s international waters is always recommended.

Facebook's Winding Down Its Irish Tax Havens

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After spending the past few years funneling billions of dollars through Ireland as a way to take advantage of the country’s relatively low taxes, it looks like Facebook is packing up its overseas operation.

Quest 2 Discounted for Limited Time, Includes Free Copy of ‘Resident Evil 4’ & ‘Beat Saber’

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If you’re in Europe, look out for a similar deal at your typical retailers in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

EU Court: On Second Thought, Apple Doesn't Have to Pay That $15 Billion Irish Tax Bill

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billion (€13 billion) in back taxes to Ireland. Apple is doing a victory dance today. The second-highest European Union court has overturned a decision that the Cupertino-based tech giant would have to pay $14.9 Read more. corporate greed eu taxes tax apple european union

WhatsApp Spanish-Language Moderators Allege Pay Discrimination

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A group of contractors from Austin, TX and Dublin, Ireland claim that, while Accenture hired… Read more.

Paramount+'s UK Launch Leaves Star Trek Fans in the Lurch for Months

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Paramount+ has finally been given a launch date in the UK and Ireland. Good news, Star Trek fans who are also fond of the letter u, the right kinds of tea , and other things! Bad news: it’s nowhere near in time for you to keep up with at least one of the brand new Star Trek shows on the way.

'Long Haul' Covid Patients See Some Relief in 4-Week Treatment Program

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The study found that long covid patients taking part in a rehabilitation program in Ireland, conducted online, experienced noticeable improvements in how their fatigue affected their… Read more.