Community Download: Is VR Exercise The Future Of Home Fitness?


For today’s Community Download, we want to know if you think VR exercise could be the future of home fitness workouts? Not only is it great to stay connected with others, but there are some truly great VR exercise apps out there too.

Best VR Exercise And Workout Apps To Keep Active On Oculus Quest


That means that the Quest is one of the best VR systems to use to keep active and take part in virtual workouts using VR exercise. We’ve put together a list of the best apps on Quest that keep you active and let you do some VR exercise and workout while wearing an HMD.

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VR Health & Exercise Institute Finds Many VR Games Are Better Exercise Than a Treadmill

Road to VR

According to Aaron Stanton, director of the newly-founded Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise , many of the popular VR games and applications are actually more effective at burning calories than a traditional treadmill exercise routine.

Boxing-Focused VR Exercise Game BoxVR Now On PSVR


BoxVR by FitXR has been around for nearly two years in the PC VR scene offering a dedicated VR exercise experience that’s focused on emulating the cardio benefits of boxing. Experiences Fitness BoxVR exercise VR fitness

VirZoom Quest Review: Your Exercise Bike Takes Off With The Oculus Quest


When we first reviewed VirZoom’s exercise-bike VR programs, they had just launched for Rift, Vive, and PSVR. The post VirZoom Quest Review: Your Exercise Bike Takes Off With The Oculus Quest appeared first on UploadVR.

One of the Biggest Names in Home Fitness is Making a VR Exercise Bike

Road to VR

Among the lot was the NordicTrack VR Bike, an upcoming exercise bike which includes a steerable yoke replete with standard controller input buttons, directional pad, triggers, etc. ” SEE ALSO VR Health & Exercise Institute Finds Many VR Games Are Better Exercise Than a Treadmill.

CES 2020: Samsung Casually Shows Off AR Glasses In Exercise Demo


Rather than actually being an announcement of AR glasses, it was a demo of a system called Gait Enhancing & Motivating System (GEMS), an exercise analytics and training platform. This contains sensors which report health and activity data while exercising.

Dreaming of a Peloton? These exercise bikes are just as good (and cheaper, too)

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Deals Health & Fitness Affiliate exercise bike Peloton Peloton BikeTechnology helps us stay fit and healthy. We found less expensive options for the popular but pricey Pelotons.

Déraciné Review – An Exercise in Boredom

Road to VR

The post Déraciné Review – An Exercise in Boredom appeared first on Road to VR. Déraciné comes from FromSoftware, the studio best known in the West for its work on the Dark Souls franchise, though it’s also behind a lengtiether list of works including the Armored Core series.

Exercising Becomes A Little Easier With This Augmented Climbing Wall


The post Exercising Becomes A Little Easier With This Augmented Climbing Wall appeared first on VRScout. From exciting multiplayer games to helpful climber training applications, this 21st Century rock wall could finally make the gym fun.

Virzoom’s VZFit in the News, as University Study Shows VR and Music Improves Exercise Retention

VR Fitness

Ordinarily, scientific publications and studies are associated with new discoveries and ideas that we didn’t yet know, but here it seems they are least two or three years behind our readership, who are already fully aware of the benefits virtual reality brings to exercise.

Does the VirZOOM Exercise Bike Solve the VR Locomotion Problem?

Road to VR

VR on exercise bikes like VirZOOM is going to be AMAZING… for some people, and I may not be one of those people. But overall, I think that VirZOOM is clearly going to be a popular incentive and motivator for some people to get more exercise.

The Spatial Computing Exercise

Robert Scoble

I just wrote a post on LinkedIn about an exercise I’m doing to rethink the future of augmented and virtual reality. Why don’t you do it too? Personal

Supernatural Takes Oculus Quest Fitness A Few Steps Further Than Beat Saber


It is easy to see the influence of those earlier VR games on the new exercise and fitness software from Within, but Supernatural is tuned in ways the others aren’t for both the wireless freedom of Oculus Quest and a home replacement for gym visits.

VRWorkout Is A Free, Hand-Tracking VR Fitness App On Oculus Quest


The way VRWorkout works is to change up the type of exercise it’s asking of you, then track your hands and head to make sure you’re actually doing them.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal Trilogy Review – A Splendid Early Exercise In Story-Living


It is an exercise in VR accessibility, an exploration of interactions that are as satisfying to execute as they are quick to grasp and, most importantly, a showcase of what can be done with character-driven narratives in VR.

Review: VirZoom, The Virtual Reality Exercise Bike That Works With Rift, Vive and PSVR


I once owned one of the greatest exercise machines ever made. The Kilowatt Pro was an exercise controller. Virtual Reality and Exercise. emerging that virtual reality can be one of the best pieces of exercise equipment you can own, not so much because it offers intense physical exercise in its current form, but because you can play room-scale VR for extended times without the motivational drain of boredom.

This Is What 50 Days Of Virtual Reality Exercise Can Do


featured 50 days donahey excercise plan reddit training Vive weight loss

Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay Is An Adorable Exercise In VR Fan Service


It’s a great exercise in VR scene-building, conjuring up a believably bustling environment that could have been taken straight out of the set of any of the movies.

VR Fitness App Supernatural Offers Daily Workouts With Expert Coaching On Oculus Quest


“Neither one of us was fond of or good at sticking with exercise. We wanted the benefits of exercising regularly, but we didn’t enjoy the short-term activity necessary to get those long-term results.” “We wanted to come out with a fully formed exercise platform.

The best NordicTrack home fitness and exercise equipment deals for June 2020

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Premium home fitness machines can last for years because of their quality and manufacturer support. Deals Health & Fitness Commerce 2020 evergreen NordicTrack

Playing ‘Beat Saber’ Could Burn the Same Number of Calories as Tennis

Road to VR

According to recent testing by the Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise , Beat Saber (2018) may be more than just a fun way to spend an evening in. Images courtesy Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise.

Gamescom 2018 Day 3: Icaros made me exercise with fun in VR, Cybershoes made me walk in VR while seated and much more

The Ghost Howls

Explaining while it is a fitness device is not easy if you don’t try it: basically, the position that you have to hold on the machine lets you exercise the lower part of your back and also the steering operations are all based on the balance of your body.

#702: The VR Exercise Revolution: Empirical Data from the VR Insitute for Health & Exercise

Voices of VR

Aaron Stanton says that VR is the most effective piece of exercise equipment he’s ever purchased. He’s spent over 100 hours playing an exercise mod. Podcast Archive

The ‘Vive Fitness Guy’ Is Launching His Own VR Content Studio


gaming VR Industry News atg studios donahey exercise fitness weight loss workout

First-Of-Its-Kind Mixed Reality Fitness Game Makes Its Way To Vive Focus Plus


HitMotion: Reloaded blends VR, MR, and exercise to create a truly unique fitness experience. Developed by New Technology Walkers , HitMotion: Reloaded is a new exercise game that’s half boxing, half dodging, and 100% cardio fun.

‘Supernatural’ Coming To Oculus Quest This Month For VR Workouts


It includes a mobile app for your phone and can pair with an Apple Watch to track heart rate during your exercises. VR exercise fitness Supernatural Within

Supernatural’s One-On-One Coaching Takes VR Fitness To The Next Level


News Beat Saber Companion App Oculus Oculus Quest Personal Trainer Supernatural Virtual Trainer VR Coaching VR Exercise VR Fitness VR Rhythm WithinThe all-in-one immersive fitness platform is available now via the Oculus Store.

Thrill Of The Fight Dev: Quest Hand Tracking Not ‘Capable Enough’ For Boxing


Gaming Hand Tracking Oculus Quest boxing boxing sim BoxVR Creed exercise hand tracking Knockout League Quest Quest hand-tracking thrill of the fight VR boxing vr exercise vr working out vr workout weight loss

Silicone Covers For Oculus Quest And Rift S Now Available From VR Cover


VR Cover just revealed this week that they’ve launched new products for Oculus headsets: silicone covers for both the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S. Personally I have the Foam Replacement Slim for my Oculus Quest and couldn’t be happier.

Oculus 226

VR Games Are Now Ranked By the Workout You Get


The VR Institute of Health and Exercise partnered with San Francisco State University in a groundbreaking study to prove it is, claiming VR can be a source of “strenuous exercise.” “We have a lot of information about what types of things in games lead to good exercise.”

VR Game Release Highlights July 2020

VR Game Critic

HTC Vive PlayStation VR PSVR Oculus Rift VR Fitness VR Workout VR Exercise Oculus Quest Valve IndexSummer is upon us and the hot weather is not really something that makes us want to spend a lot of time in VR.

Tips 116

These Are The Best HTC Vive Games For Burning Calories


Experiences aaron audioshield exercise fitness heart rate htc vive stanton thrill of the fight Vive weight loss

HTC 207

VirZOOM Partners With AMD to Bring VR Fitness Bikes to Locations Across the Globe

Road to VR

But thanks to virtual reality, there might be an exercise machine coming to your local gym or arcade that promises to gamify what many people not only find to be an existential commentary on their personal failings, but also a painfully boring experience.

Hands-On With BoxVR: Can VR Replace The Traditional Gym?


Despite alarming rises in global obesity, there has never been so few excuses to avoid exercise. Some high end gyms are investing heavily in experiences that break the boredom of repetitive exercise and improve results in shorter times. Experiences BoxVR exercise Gym

Arcade Boxer ‘Knockout League’ Coming to PSVR

Road to VR

It is currently rated on the Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise as equivalent exercise to rowing for burning calories. vr boxing vr exercise vr workoutPopular VR boxing title Knockout League is coming to PlayStation VR.

Turn Any Stationary Bike Into A VR Fitness Machine With This $100 Sensor


VirZOOM is back with a more affordable option for exercising in virtual reality. Well obviously going with just the sensor means you’ll have to provide your own exercise bike.