Report: Immersive Experiences in Education

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Humans are essentially programmed to learn best through experience, and that is just what immersive technologies enable: we’re not just learning it, we’re living it. Test scores among students using immersive technologies improved by as much as 22%.

#BuildTheFuture Immersive Collaborative Environments

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Igloo Vision designs and develops immersive 360° projection spaces, along with the enabling software and technology. Igloo Vision designs and develops immersive 360° projection spaces, along with the enabling software and technology Click To Tweet.

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Immersive Training for Retention

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We then discuss the neuroscience of learning with immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and show why their grounding in experience is advantageous for guarding against forgetting. Now consider an immersive approach to the same training.

Engaging Audiences With Immersive Technology

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“In what new ways might arts institutions engage audiences through immersive experiences?”. There is $750,000 in funding on offer by the Knight Foundation for ideas that demonstrate the ability of immersive technologies such as VR and AR to strengthen audience engagement Click To Tweet.

NFL Debuts Season 2 of ‘NFL Immersed’ Immersive Football Documentary

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Google and the NFL today announced season two of Immersed , the multi-episode docuseries following NFL players on and off the field. The second season of Immersed was shot with latest Jump camera, the YI HALO , a 3D 360 camera composed of a total of 17 individual Yi camera units.

Tribeca Immersive 2019: A VR Arcade In Review


With a steady stream of visitors making up the packed queue hours prior to opening and reports of tickets for every time-slot being sold out each of the nine days of Tribeca Immersive, the festival easily hit a high mark for attention on mixed reality and similar content.

Knight Foundation Offers $750K in Grants for Immersive Tech in the Arts

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The Knight Foundation, focused on journalism and the arts, is opening a call-for-ideas from creatives and organizations using immersive technology to bring art to their audiences. How can we use immersive tech to expand the reach of the arts beyond physical locations?

Hands-On With Warner Bros. Batman-Themed Backseat Immersive Experience


and Intel’s self-driving car featuring a Batman-themed backseat immersive experience. and Intel announced their collaboration on a Batman-themed immersive experience designed to entertain passengers sitting in the rear of a self-driving 2019 BMW X5.

My experience at the Immersive Architecture

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This weekend I’ve attended the Immersive Architecture in Venice. The location of the Immersive Architecture is fantastic. What Immersive Architecture does in a wonderful way is to let you grow your network. Header image by Immersive Architecture).

VR Film Places Entire Audience Into A Shared Immersive Experience


Parallux will unveil a captivating new shared XR technology at Tribeca Immersive. Offering audience members the chance to immerse themselves in their favorite worlds in a passive environment, together, could breathe new life into conventional movie theatre establishments.

TIME Immersive AR Experience Shines A Spotlight On The Rapidly Shrinking Amazon Rainforest


TIME Magazine is launching a new AR experience called Inside The Amazon: The Dying Forest , marking the second immserive experience to launch on their AR/VR app TIME Immersive , which was made available to all iOS and Android users this past July. Image Credit: TIME Immersive.

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Creating Immersive Learning Experiences

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The benefits of using immersive technologies as teaching tools have been widely documented and extensively discussed, specially in recent years with the rapid development of Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed reality hardware and applications.

Immersed Debuts Public VR Co-Working Space Designed For Remote Collaboration


Rather than setting up in a noisy coffee shop or paying for access to a co-working space, Renji Bijoy, the CEO of Immersed, is using VR technology to allow remote employees in multiple fields to work and collaborate entirely in a comfortable and productive VR space. Image Credit: Immersed. “We

Google Poly Editor Gives Brands More Control Over Their Immersive Ads


Immersive ads running on Google’s Swirl platform. For more information on how to get started creating 3D interactive promotional content on Swirl, check out Google’s official ‘Creating Immersive Content’ guide.

UK’s Central Bedfordshire College Launches New Immersive Training Institute

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A new immersive training facility and program, the Immersive Technology Institute (ITI), has been launched Luton, UK in a collaboration between Central Bedfordshire College (CBC) and AI and VR development firm AiSolve.

Dreamscape Immersive Begins Nationwide Expansion With Four New Venues


Location-based VR studio and retailer Dreamscape Immersive this week confirmed plans for four new state-of-the-art immersive venues across Los Angeles, CA; Dallas/Fort Worth, TX; Columbus, OH; and the New York/New Jersey metro area. Image Credit: Dreamscape Immersive.

Immersive Analytics & Embodied Cognition

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At the IEEE VR conference this year, there was a pre-conference workshop about Immersive Analytics, which talked about how to use VR & multi-sensory interfaces to support analytical reasoning, decision making, and real-world analytics tasks by immersing users in their data.

Immersing Yourself in the Beautiful Game

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Some of the biggest names in English football are partnering with Intel to make their matches more immersive. Intel True View will highlight the immersive experiences unique to the style and skill of football Click To Tweet.

Tribeca Immersive’s Cinema360 Gives Attendees a New Perspective On Social Causes


With VR and AR technology becoming increasingly popular, the festival’s organizers created Tribeca Immersive , a program which features not only the Virtual Arcade, but also includes Cinema360, a VR theatre that highlights groundbreaking storytelling told through 360-degree VR films.

TRIBECA: ‘The Key’ Wins Tribeca’s Storyscape Award For Best Immersive Media


The Key , which debuted at this years Tribeca Virtual Arcade , immerses you into a world where each challenge you face is filled with dangerous twists and unexpected turns. The experience combines a real actor with fantastical, immersive visuals and achieves a rarity in VR storytelling.

Magic Leap Wraps 2019 with Immersive Holiday Experience

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Now appearing in the Magic Leap "Concepts" section of the app store is an experience called Music Box that brings an immersive caroler to anyone using the augmented reality headset.

Immersive Social Platform ‘VRChat’ Raises $10 Million in Venture Capital

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VRChat announced today that it has closed a $10 million Series C investment to continue expanding its immersive social platform which is steeped in user-generated content.

‘War Remains’ to Immerse Tribeca Attendees in the Trenches of WW1, Trailer Here

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Image courtesy MWM Immersive. Created by Flight School and Skywalker Sound, and produced by MWM Immersive, War Remains is about “throwing audience directly into an immersive memory of the First World War,” Ethan Stearns, executive producer at MWM Immersive, told Variety.

Dreamscape Immersive Opening L.A. Flagship Location With New WEVR Experience


Startup Dreamscape Immersive is beginning its roll-out of location-based VR entertainment beginning with a premier location at Westfield Century City in Los Angeles followed by multiple locations in 2019 at AMC Theatres. One of the physical props used in the entry room to Alien Zoo from Dreamscape Immersive during its trial run early in 2018. ” Tagged with: Dreamscape Immersive Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Dreamscape Immersive Opening L.A.

Holoride Officially Launches Immersive In-Car VR Experience


By taking advantage of the physical effects caused by a moving vehicle, including sudden changes in speed, Holoride is able to enhance the immersion of VR games and experiences. The post Holoride Officially Launches Immersive In-Car VR Experience appeared first on VRScout.

Dreamscape Immersive & Nickelodeon Partner on Location-Based VR


The immersive free-roaming virtual experiences are the culmination of VR’s most current advanced technology, delivering arguably the most captivating and interactive adventures currently available to the public.

Dreamscape Immersive to Open 4 New Out-of-Home VR Venues

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Dreamscape Immersive , the location-based VR startup backed by some of the biggest companies in Hollywood, today announced it will be opening four US-based locations in addition to its flagship LA venue. News VR Arcade dreamscape dreamscape immersive

Immersive Technologies Helping Children and Older Patients

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Immersive technologies can also significantly increase retention by slowing the brain’s natural tendency to forget – something I recently wrote about here on Tech Trends. Critically, because the patient is fully immersed in the simulation, they have a feeling of presence in that experience.

Immersive Tech Transforming Learning

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Technologies that immerse you in various scenarios so that the experiences and actions within it feel naturally like your own will be a powerful vehicle for training skills and sharing knowledge Click To Tweet. There is a whole spectrum of immersive technologies out there Click To Tweet.

Exploring Immersive Technology in Training and Education

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The burgeoning growth of the immersive learning sector has already thrown up several key benefits Click To Tweet. How are education providers increasingly using immersive technologies and experiences to improve & accelerate learning?

Dreamscape Immersive Debuts Group VR Experience at Westfield Mall


Location-based VR is the culmination of everything we’ve grown to love and expect from immersive technology. Dreamscape Immersive has launched a location-based VR attraction right here in Los Angeles. Alien Zoo lets you walk, soar, and escape alien creatures with friends.

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How Immersive Technology Is Advancing Healthcare


As immersive technology has become more advanced with time, it has had an increasing role in medicine. Immersive technology has had an impact in mental healthcare and aged care as well as traditional fields of medicine.

Tribeca Immersive 2019 Awesome List

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The Tribeca Film Festival's Immersive Arcade delivers the best collection of VR experiences in the world

Eleven Eleven’s Breakthrough Approach to Immersive Storytelling


Eleven Eleven is poised to offer audiences a thrilling immersive story that takes place over an eleven minute and eleven second countdown to an extinction level event.

The Yang and the Yin of Immersive Storytelling with Oculus’ Yelena Rachitsky

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The future of VR storytelling will be immersive and interactive. The boundaries between what is a game and what is an immersive story will continue to be blurred, but Rachitsky looks at the center of gravity of an experience. It's a metaphor of a potential immersive future.

Shadow Legend Review: An Immersive VR RPG Overflowing With Interactivity


There are a few great VR RPGs available out there from the fantastically immersive The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR to the wonderfully puzzle-filled dungeon crawling of The Mage’s Tale and more. It’s extremely immersive and works great.

Today’s Guest On The VR Download Is Nonny de la Peña, Immersive Journalism Pioneer


Our Special Guest this week is Nonny de la Peña , a pioneer in Immersive journalism, founder and CEO of Emblematic Group. The post Today’s Guest On The VR Download Is Nonny de la Peña, Immersive Journalism Pioneer appeared first on UploadVR.