VR Hero Shooter ‘Larcenauts’ Update Is All About Immersion


The first major update to Impulse Gears’ team-based PvP shooter introduces new interactions like manual reloading and immersive sprinting. Today, we received our first batch of improvements in the form of the Immersion Overload update.

HTC Announces Vive Business Platform


HTC reveals a new platform designed specifically for major corporations and family-owned businesses. HTC is also launching the VIVE Business AppStore, a store catering specifically to VR business tools. Image Credit: HTC. Feature Image Credit: HTC.

HTC 388

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Tribeca Immersive Kicks Off Today With A Fresh Line-Up Of Groundbreaking XR


Those looking to check out Tribeca Immersive’s Virtual Arcade will need a VR headset as well as a VR-ready PC in order to access PCVR content. For more information regarding Tribeca Immersive, visit tribecafilm.com/festival/immersive.

HTC’s new Vive Wrist Tracker makes VR more immersive


HTC is ready to expand the arsenal of add-ons available for its Vive Focus 3, starting with the new Vive Wrist Tracker. HTC says that the tracker is also 85% smaller than the controller for the Vive Focus 3, … Continue reading. Archive HTC tracker Virtual reality VR Wearables

HTC VIVE Immersive Training for Public Speaking

XR Today - Virtual Reality

Last month, in a VIVE TALK session, HTC VIVE introduced a virtual reality (VR) behavioural training solution that helps individuals with public speaking by placing users in a virtual environment – like a stage – with digital humans.

Sword Art Online VR Event Immerses You In The Hit Anime


In the Underground Labyrinth, for example, you’ll find an exhibition area featuring an immersive audio-visual experience as well as a four-sided theater that’s been generating tons of buzz on social media. News Sponsored HTC Vive Oculus Rift S PC VR Sword Art Online VR Event VR Games

8 Inventive Examples Of Immersive Technology In Education


Moreover, immersive technology can improve students’ learning experience while teaching them to embrace technology. Students can be vividly immersed in arts and culture with VR museum tours created by Boulevard.

VR Rhythm Game Immerses You In A Violent Crime Drama


The post VR Rhythm Game Immerses You In A Violent Crime Drama appeared first on VRScout. Slice, stab, and shoot your way through the streets of 1930s NYC in this ultra-violent take on the VR rhythm game genre.

Hands-On With The New HTC Vive Flow VR Glasses


HTC’s lightweight VR device is designed primarily for lifestyle and light entertainment. HTC today unveiled the Vive Flow, a portable VR glasses device. With VIVE Flow, HTC is taking technology in a new direction, focusing not on what we do, but on how we feel.

HTC 381

HTC Vive Pro 2 Review


HTC’s latest high-end PC VR headset features an incredible display, fantastic tracking, and a hefty price tag. The HTC Vive Pro 2 is officially out in the wild, and wow is this one powerful VR headset. Here is our full review of the HTC Vive Pro 2. Image Credit: HTC.

HTC 215

HTC Vive Is Opening Its Own NFT Store


Image Credit: HTC Vive. Last week, HTC Vive announced that it will be jumping into the NFT market by expanding its VIVERSE to include a unique NFT store designed specifically for arts and culture. Image Credit: HTC Vive. Image Credit: HTC Vive.

HTC 321

HTC Vive Announces Viveverse, A Cross-Platform Metaverse


Viveverse is a metaverse inside a metaverse inside a… HTC Vive this week revealed Viveverse, an open-source VR metaverse composed of various interactive worlds, apps, and games. Image Credit: HTC Vive.

HTC 385

Venice Immersive 2022 Selection: Peaky Blinders VR, Space Explorers & More

Upload VR

The Venice International Film Festival unveiled this year’s selection for Venice Immersive (the newly-renamed XR division of the festival) this week, which includes the upcoming Peaky Blinders VR experience , alongside Space Explorers, The Soloist VR and more.

Larcenauts: Immersion Overload Update Adds Key Immersive Features

VR Fitness

Today’s Immersion Overload Update focuses on gameplay options that allow for an even more engaging, VR-specific experience such as two-handed pivot-aiming, manual reload, and immersive sprinting.

HTC Winter Sale Offers Major Discounts On VIVE Headsets And More


HTC Vive has a lot going on in 2022. Up next for HTC is the VIVE Winter Sale, during which the company is offering incredible discounts on three of their best VR products: the VIVE Cosmos, VIVE Cosmos Elite, and VIVE Pro Eye. Image Credit: HTC. Image Credit: HTC.

HTC 358

VR Idle Farmer ‘Portable Farm’ Lets You Tend Crops While Immersed In Other VR Games


The post VR Idle Farmer ‘Portable Farm’ Lets You Tend Crops While Immersed In Other VR Games appeared first on VRScout. Kill time in VR with this interactive 3D overlay. How many times have you found yourself patiently waiting for friends in the lobby of your favorite VR game?

HTC Announces Vive Flow Business Edition, Optional 3DOF Controller

Road to VR

Vive Flow, HTC’s compact VR headset, is targeted at travelers and consumers looking for casual VR experiences and media consumption. Vive Flow Controller | Image courtesy HTC. The post HTC Announces Vive Flow Business Edition, Optional 3DOF Controller appeared first on Road to VR.

5 VR Accessories You Need for the Next-Level Immersion


You need it for some blockchain games, metaverse, or simply if you want to shop at an immersive virtual store. This can make the experience less immersive and enjoyable. 5 VR Accessories for More Immersive VR Experiences. HTC Vive Tracker.

Upcoming Immersive Fashion Show ‘The Fabric Of Reality’ Promises The Future Of VR Exhibitions


Verizon Media’s Emmy award-winning immersive content house RYOT is partnering with Kaleidoscope , the Fashion Innovation Agency , and The Museum of Other Realities on a first-of-its-kind fashion exhibit taking place entirely from VR.

HTC Reveals Vive Focus Plus, Coming Q2 2019


Continuing their push towards enterprise VR technology, HTC has unveiled a new version of their HTC Vive Focus headset designed specifically for use by businesses and corporations. Image Credit: HTC. While the Vive Focus Plus does include the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC and single 2,880 × 1,600 AMOLED display as the original, the device has been equipped with improved Fresnel lenses that result in higher quality visuals while immersed. Image Credit: HTC.

HTC 227

Sundance: Immersive Theater Piece Scarecrow Had Me Hugging A Live Actor In VR


Described by its creator, Sngmoo Lee, as “location-based arts,” Scarecrow is a one-of-a-kind immersive theater experience that combines live actors, temperature effects, and motion capture technology to offer one of the most ambitious interactive VR experiences in recent memory.

Hands-on: HTC’s New Vive Tracker Makes VR More Immersive With Specialized Accessories

Road to VR

The Vive accessory market is about to get a huge boost thanks to the newly announced HTC Vive Tracker. Gaming, training, and more benefit from the enhanced immersion that comes from wielding “real” tools, weapons, and instruments. Thankfully, HTC’s new Vive Tracker is about to make specialized VR accessories way easier to use for both consumers and out-of-home VR businesses.

HTC 196

HTC Unveils VIVE Wrist Tracker For The Focus 3 Headset


During CES this week, HTC officially revealed the VIVE Wrist Tracker, a lightweight VR tracking device designed specifically for the VIVE Focus 3, the company’s latest all-in-one standalone VR headset. Image Credit: HTC. Image Credit: HTC. Image Credit: HTC.

HTC 284

HTC Drops Price Of Vive Pro Eye, Announces New Vive Pro Eye Bundles


New HTC Pro Eye solutions make VR more accessible to businesses of all sizes. HTC has had a busy first quarter. To do this, HTC is rolling out new additions to the Vive Pro Eye family. Image Credit: HTC.

HTC 299

‘Apollo 11 VR’ Studio Secures $3.3M Funding from HTC for VR Education Platform ‘Engage’

Road to VR

Immersive VR Education , the studio behind Apollo 11 VR , Titanic VR , and social VR education platform ENGAGE , today announced that it’s secured a €3 million (~$3.3 million) investment from HTC. News Social VR VR Education htc immersive vr education vr education

A Mystery HTC VR Headset Appears In FCC Filings


A newly public FCC Test Report uncovered by Road to VR shows that HTC, the company behind Viveport and the Cosmos Elite VR headset, has recently submitted a new filing for what looks to be a new VR headset that would expand HTC’s lineup of immersive tech hardware.

HTC 428

Tribeca Immersive Brings XR Experiences With Important Messages


This summer, prepare for something exciting: Tribeca Festival, which is taking place in New York, June 8-19, brings Tribeca Immersive – a special section of the well-known festival showcasing XR experiences. How to Attend Tribeca Immersive.

The XR Week Peek (2021.10.19): HTC launches Vive Flow, Magic Leap 2 announced, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by HTC). HTC launches Vive Flow headset for relaxation, priced at $499. After endless teasings and leaks, in the end, HTC has finally unveiled its headset: called Vive Flow, it is a lightweight device for media consumption. Header image by HTC Vive).

‘Vivepaper’ Is HTC’s Immersive Reading Experience That Mixes AR With VR

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Based on our recent talk with VP of content, Joel Breton, HTC has plenty of experiences in the works for its Vive VR headset across a wide range of categories. ” HTC is also making this an open platform, with an SDK currently in private beta. entertainment Experiences htc Condé Nast htc vive VivepaperThough you probably wouldn’t have guessed it, one of those categories is virtual reading.

HTC 216

Tribeca Immersive’s Cinema360 Gives Attendees a New Perspective On Social Causes


With VR and AR technology becoming increasingly popular, the festival’s organizers created Tribeca Immersive , a program which features not only the Virtual Arcade, but also includes Cinema360, a VR theatre that highlights groundbreaking storytelling told through 360-degree VR films. Loran Hammonds, Senior Programmer of Film and Immersive for Tribeca Film Festival told VRScout, “ I specifically looked-for projects that put storytelling at the front.

The XR Week Peek (2021.03.08): Microsoft launches Mesh, HTC and Pico tease new hardware, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Alex Kipman promised us a Microsoft Ignite conference with an amazing level of immersion , and he kept his word. The result was the one of having Alex Kipman as if he was really in front of you , a fantastic immersive feature for an XR event. Image by HTC).

HTC Unveils New Vive Cosmos Headsets And Faceplate Upgrades


A handful of new headsets and swappable faceplates breathes new life into HTC’s lineup of modular VR hardware. The Vive Cosmos Elite aims to provide the highest-quality immersive experience to PC VR users. However, HTC did release a beta patch to address several persistent issues.

HTC 237

HTC Introduces Wireless VR Streaming To Its Viveport Platform


The 2019 ChinaJoy Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference kicked-off with a bang this morning with HTC’s announcement of VIVEPORT Streaming, a new feature heading to the VR game platform that will allow Vive headsets users to wirelessly stream high-quality VR games directly from a VR-ready gaming PC over Wi-Fi. Image Credit: HTC. Image Credit: HTC. Image Credit: HTC. Featured Image Credit: HTC.

HTC 283

Hands-On: HTC Cosmos Elite Offers Big Improvements With Its Elite Faceplate


HTC’s modular headset delivers a great VR experience. Just a few weeks ago, HTC announced a new suite of Cosmos headsets and faceplates aimed at delivering VR solutions to both average consumers as well as businesses. Feature Image Credit: HTC.

HTC 231

Busch Gardens Aims To Perfect VR Thrill Rides With Latest Immersive Attraction


In an effort to combat the multiple issues currently plaguing the VR theme park market, Busch Gardens Williamsburg has teamed up with Falcon Creative Group, DreamCraft Attractions, and HTC to develop Battle for Eire , an immersive VR attraction that addresses three primary concerns: long wait times, time-consuming and inefficient cleaning processes, and poor performance/tracking in multiuser experiences. “We

Explore The ‘Museum Of Other Realities’ Free In VR For A Limited Time


Enjoy four VR installations available free as part of the Immersive Arcade showcase. “An immersive virtual reality (VR) project based on John Hull’s sensory and psychological experience of blindness released alongside the feature film.”

HTC’s ‘6DOF Lite’ Mode Adds Volumetric Depth To 360 Video


HTC brings flat 360-degree video to life with 6DOF functionality. As captivating as conventional 360-degree video can be, it pales in comparison to the level of immersion offered by volumetric content featuring 3D depth and 6DOF capabilities. During this years HTC Vive Ecosystem Conference, HTC unveiled a new service that injects 6DOF functionality into a conventional monoscopic 360-degree video, allowing users to move their heads in any direction up to one meter.