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Voice-Driven VR Film ‘Kusunda’ Teaches You A Dying Language


Unfortunately, there are only about 150 individuals in Nepal who still identify as Kusunda. This was the inspiration behind Kusunda , a voice-driven VR film centered around the indigenous community of Kusunda located in the landlocked country of Nepal in South Asia.

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EON Reality at the Himalayan Times Perspective Brandfest in Nepal, 2016

EON Reality

The Nepal Tourism Board and the Himalayan Times newspaper is interested in setting up an experience center, incorporating Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions, aimed at Tourism. One of the more prestigious speakers at the Himalayan Times Perspective Brandfestival in Nepal was Sridhar Sunkad of EON Reality, Inc.

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Tribeca Immersive Kicks Off Today With A Fresh Line-Up Of Groundbreaking XR


Narrated by 86-year-old Kusunda shaman Lil Bahadur and his 15-year-old granddaughter Hima, Kusunda is an educational voice-driven VR experience centered around the Kusundra, an indigenous community located in Nepal.

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Shelter In Place Offers Free VR Minigames To Those Under Lockdown


In an official press release, Ken Ehrhart, Founder and CEO of Paracosma, said, “With our Paracosma team members working from home in California, US, Tokyo, Japan and Kathmandu, Nepal, we have experienced first-hand the impacts of Coronavirus lock downs,” Ehrhart adds, “We hope the gift of Sheltering in Place will help other people suffering similar (..)

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Tribeca Film Festival Was A Win For The XR Industry This Year


Kusunda , a heartwarming documentary trying to revive a seemingly forgotten language, took viewers high into the mountains of Nepal for an up-close-and-personal interview with a local shaman and his dedicated granddaughter. Image Credit: Darragh Dandurand.

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#1002: KUSUNDA Tells a Powerful Immersive Story of a Language Falling Asleep

Voices of VR

Kusunda is a spatial documentary about a indigenous language in Nepal that is on the brink of going dormant and falling asleep. It’s an incredibly.

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The UN’s New VR Doc Exposes a Forgotten Crisis

Wired VR

Ground Beneath Her' is about a young woman helping her family rebuild after Nepal's 2015 earthquake. The post The UN's New VR Doc Exposes a Forgotten Crisis appeared first on WIRED.

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