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One of the World's Rarest 'Lost Birds' Photographed in Colombia

GizModo VR

Conservationists in Colombia have recently rediscovered one of the most elusive and mysterious creatures in the world: a singing and shimmering, emerald-green species of hummingbird known as the Santa Marta sabrewing. The sighting is only the second ever documented since it was first identified, and the first in over… Read more.

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'Historic victory': Campaigners in Colombia celebrate decriminalization of abortion

Mashable VR

In Colombia, abortion has been decriminalized, as ruled by the country's top court on Monday. People can now seek the procedure during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy without fear of prosecution, a result of a growing grassroots feminist movement that has swept across Colombia, long a mostly conservative, Catholic country.


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Apple is banned from selling 5G iPhones in Colombia — here’s why

Digital Trends

Apple is banned from selling and importing 5G iPhones in Colombia over a patent dispute with Ericsson.

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EON Reality

EON Reality and VedX Solutions Collaborate to Amplify Spatial AI Education in Colombia and Across Latin American Territories. With VedX’s prominent influence in Colombia and its proficiency in seamless educational VR deployments across Latin America, this collaboration is set to redefine immersive learning in the region.

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Celebrate The Women’s World Cup With New Snapchat AR Lenses


Official team kits are available in the Adidas Fan Gear section for Colombia, Costa Rica, Italy, Jamaica, Philippines, Sweden, Argentina, Germany, Japan, and Spain. Bitmoji : Created in partnership with Adidas, this update allows you to dress your Bitmoji avatar in official football kits. Credit: Snap Inc.

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Grow Glide Launches AR Tool For Cannabis Farmers


“From our headquarters in California, to exciting markets like Colombia, England and Israel this software will connect the world of cultivators to our best-in-class cannabis racking solutions,” said Grow Glide CEO Travis Schwartz. “Put our premium racks in your backyard, your new buildout or next to the Eiffel Tower.”

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Virtual Reality Experiences Empower LGBTQ Youth to Take Pride in Themselves


So, she went around Colombia spreading this message. Today, Google’s immersive pride parade is available to students around Colombia. From then on, Reyes’ life changed completely. See Also: The Future of Virtual Reality Filmmaking. Reyes set out on a mission to raise awareness on the importance of acceptance and inclusion.