Nevada Takes a Baby Step Toward Banning Lawns

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One of those states, Nevada, is taking a permanent step to protect dwindling water resources by cracking down on the scourge of useless lawns. A megadrought has stricken the Southwest , taking a massive toll on ecosystems, drinking water, farms, and more in seven states.

Nevada Wants to Let Tech Companies Form Their Own Governments

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Steve Sisolak, the Democratic governor of Nevada, wants to incentivize technology companies to move to his state, and he’s got some wild ideas about how to make that happen. nevada articles design innovation technology internet product management steve sisolak board of supervisors

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Nevada Man Hospitalized After Apparent Coronavirus Reinfection

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Scientists in Nevada are the latest to report a likely case of reinfection from the coronavirus that causes covid-19, with genetic evidence backing up their claim. covid 19 coronavirus reinfection pandemic nevada science

VR STEM Tools Heading To California & Nevada Libraries


As part of HTC’s new Vive Libraries program, the Taiwanese-based electronics company recently donated a whopping 110,000 HTC Vive kits to libraries across California and Nevada. Now it appears as though these California and Nevada VR systems will be receiving an upgrade in the form of a series of advanced STEM tools. The Vive Libraries program will bring our unique STEM experiences to learners in over 100 locations across California and Nevada,” states Vive in an official release.

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A Rare Flower Is Screwing Up Plans for a Nevada Lithium Mine

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nevada lithium natural sciences peter raven buckwheat ioneer reducing agents chemistry patrick donnelly environment chemical elements physical sciences pseudocereals boronLast week brought some good news for an at-risk desert flower.

HTC Donates Over 100 Vive Headsets to California & Nevada Libraries

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HTC is donating over 110 HTC Vive systems to California and Nevada libraries through its new Vive Libraries Program, an effort to seed local communities with premium VR. The post HTC Donates Over 100 Vive Headsets to California & Nevada Libraries appeared first on Road to VR.

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Tech Companies Won't Be Able to Form Local Governments in Nevada After All

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Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has backtracked on legislation plans that would have allowed tech companies to form autonomous “Innovation Zones” anywhere in the state, reports The Nevada Independent.

An Alkaline Water Brand Is Making People Seriously Ill in Nevada, Officials Say

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A brand of alkaline water is likely sickening people in Nevada, federal and local health officials say. At least 11 people in the state have come down with varying symptoms, including serious liver injury, after drinking “Real Water” products.

California's Epic Snowstorms Are Great News

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A series of winter storms in California over the Christmas weekend dumped snow all over the Sierra Nevada mountains. This is good water news for the upcoming year following a bone-dry summer that set several worrying new records for water scarcity. Read more.

The Caldor Fire Is on South Lake Tahoe's Doorstep as 50,000 Evacuate

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The flames have raced into the Lake Tahoe Basin, forcing more than 50,000 residents under mandatory evacuation orders in both California and Nevada to flee. The Caldor Fire has gone from bad to worse.

10% of the World's Sequoias Burned in a Single Wildfire Last Year

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christy brigham sequoiadendron giganteum thomas swetnam sierra nevada giant forest museum nate stephenson environment california black mountain grove us geological survey sequoia national park flora of the united states kings canyon national park

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Get Ready for Weird Weather This Christmas

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weather christmas california sierra nevada winter geography of the united states lake tahoe white christmas blizzards weather lore geography of californiaThe weather, it’s just like us. As Omicron rages across the U.S.

The West Is About to Get Blasted With Snow

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snow disaster accident winter storm nature avalanche weather hazards meteorology blizzards weather global storm activity precipitation water ice meteorological phenomena ice storms sierra nevadaA series of storms could make a dent in the snow drought that has gripped the West to start winter.

Surreal Photos Show the Fierce Battle Against Caldor Fire at a Tahoe Ski Resort

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caldor disaster accident south lake tahoe california sierra nevada sierra at tahoe rob carlmark lake tahoe environment california states of the united states northern california sacramento metropolitan area mike teselle geography of california

The West Will See Its First Atmospheric River of the Season

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atmospheric river atmospheric circulation sierra nevada weather hazards meteorology storm brendan ferry drought natural disasters disaster accident environment nature physical geography rain weather droughts in the united states precipitation

Lake Mead’s Water Supply Has Dropped to the Lowest Level Since the Hoover Dam Was Built

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hoover dam lake mead disaster accident patricia aaron regions of the united states colorado river drought environment lake mead national recreation area states of the united states nevada tom buschatzke geography of the united states reservoirs

Nevada gets memed for taking its sweet time to release their vote counts

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is still waiting intently on the final vote counts in key swing states, including Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada. Nevada, oh Nevada. Nevada has proven especially frustrating for folks itching for a decision.

Puppets and Gore Make a Delightful Combo in Horror Short Snore

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gore halloween karen luther bhogal jones entertainment culture ruckus southern nevada off road enthusiasts mayhem garry robson snoring his john carpenter callum

Elon Musk's 'Public Transit' in Las Vegas Still Just Humans Driving Cars Slowly in a Tunnel

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elon musk las vegas the boring company corporate governance nevada mick akers boring company businesspeople transport tesla roadster hyperloop hawthorne california vimeo spacex mars program james schaefferLocal media outlets in Las Vegas were invited for a sneak peek of Elon Musk’s new form of ‘public transit’ on Thursday. But just how futuristic is this technology, which Musk’s Boring Company has dubbed the “Loop”?

After another canceled year in the desert, Burning Man plans for a virtual event

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Events TC burning man counterculture Culture Nevada online events simulation virtual events Virtual reality

Digitizing Burning Man

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Burning Man is held in late August every year inside Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Image Credits: BLM Nevada (opens in a new window) / Flickr (opens in a new window) under a CC BY 2.0 Image Credits: BLM Nevada (opens in a new window) / Flickr (opens in a new window) under a CC BY 2.0

Marvel at this dystopian Burning Man drone light show

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Hundreds of drones flocked together in Black Rock Desert in Nevada to create works of art above Burning Man. The installation is the work of Amsterdam-based Studio Drift

Ultra-Compact 5K VR Headset MeganeX Unveiled At CES


The MeganeX is available for demo during this year’s CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. 2022 is quickly shaping up to be the year of VR glasses.

Burning Man 2020 Goes Virtual: The Universes of the Burning Man Multiverse


This year, Burners from around the world will unfortunately not be heading to the dusty sands in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, but instead will be

California Is About to Get Its Second Major Heat Wave in Less Than a Month

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The state, as well as Arizona and Nevada, are expected to see a record breaking heat wave this Labor Day weekend. It’s going to be hot as hell in California— again. Read more. california heat wave wildfires california wildfires

Anti-Maskers Forced to Dig Graves for Covid-19 Victims in Indonesia

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covid 19 coronavirus indonesia cerme gravediggers donald trump president trump bob woodward hong kong nevada crime punishment masks mask laws health pandemic

Sandbox VR To Open 15 Location-Based VR Centers By 2022


The first site will open this summer at the Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first of these state-of-the-art locations will open “early this summer” at the Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas, Nevada—the flagship location of the now-defunct LBE company The Void.

FBI Report Warned Boogaloo Bois Are Buying Amazon Ring Cams in Case They Need to Ambush Agents

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Members of the “Boogaloo Boi” movement in northern Nevada have installed Amazon Ring camera systems in their homes in the hopes that the tech will allow them to ambush any federal agents who come along, according to an FBI memo obtained by the group Property of the People via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)… Read more.

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Las Vegas Strip’s Big Apple roller coaster has a new VR experience option


For an extra $5 in ride fees, riders will be able to don wireless VR headsets once they board the coaster; the storyline will take them to an alien research facility in the Nevada desert where an extraterrestrial specimen has just escaped, and as the ride begins, so does a search for the alien escapee. The New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has teamed up with German company VR Coaster to add a virtual reality experience to its Big Apple roller coaster starting Feb.

Space photos show intense drying of California mountains

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NASA satellite photos underscore how snow trends are significantly changing in the Sierra Nevada — the mighty mountain range California heavily relies on for water, which irrigates the Golden State's prosperous growth of fruits and vegetables. The drys are getting drier.

How the California Megadrought Is Affecting Food Prices

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Lake Mead’s water supply, which provides water to Arizona, Nevada, and part of Mexico, is currently at its … Read more. The West is currently facing its worst megadrought in at least 1,200 years.

Discover The Virtual Burning Man 2021

The Ghost Howls

Burning Man culture is best known for its annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City — a city built by its participants, which rises in the Nevada desert at the end of August each year. The Burning Man is one of the most important festivals that runs every year in the United States.

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A Mystery Brain Condition Is Making Bears Friendly, Then Killing Them

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An unknown neurological condition is sickening and often killing young black bears in California and Nevada. The illness also seems to make the bears unafraid of people.

See the Tesla Model S, 3, X Cars from Above


VR World GIGAFACTORY 1 Model 3 Model E Model S Model X Motor Trend Nevada Tesla Motors TSLAWhen Motor Trend gained permission to create a photo session with the Model 3 , the crew went to the site of future GIGAFACTORY 1, world’s largest battery manufacturing facility.

A Tesla Employee Foiled an Alleged Ransomware Scheme

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CEO Elon Musk called a thwarted cyberattack against Tesla “serious” on Thursday after a Russian national reportedly tried to recruit and bribe an employee to install ransomware on the company’s network at its Gigafactory in northern Nevada.

VR Burning Man Event Will Feature Live Music, Art, And Workshops


Normally held every year in the Black Rock Desert of northwestern Nevada, the legendary event has established itself as one of—if not the most unique annual festival in the world, celebrating everything from music and art to radical inclusion, gifting, and self-reliance.

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This Comedy Show Takes Place In Person And In VR At The Same Time


The popular VR comedy show Failed to Render is heading to Las Vegas, Nevada later this summer.