Utah's Great Salt Lake Dwindles to New Record Low

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The only thing protecting the state of Utah from toxic, arsenic-filled dust storms is the expanse of saline water known as the Great Salt Lake. utah great salt lake lake environment water physical geography spencer cox drought joel ferry utah lake lakes of the united states hydrology

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Unexplained Monolith Discovered in Rural Utah's Red Rock Country

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Officers from the Utah Department of Public Safety discovered a shiny metallic monolith in rural Utah’s Red Rock Country on November 18 while surveying big horn sheep by helicopter. aliens utah utah department of public safety bureau of land management 2001 a space odyssey 2001

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Infinite Dimensions: Hands-On With The VOID’s Latest In Utah

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Arcades The Void Utah

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Utah Tech Founder Resigns After Sending Email Claiming 'Jews' Want to 'Euthanize' People With Vaccines

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The founder of Utah-based property management software company Entrata, Dave Bateman, has resigned from the company’s board after sending an anti-Semitic mass email warning that coronavirus vaccines were a plot to “euthanize the American people,” adding “I believe the Jews were behind this.”

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Coronavirus Has Killed Nearly 10,000 Minks in Utah

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In recent weeks, the state of Utah has been dealing with mass die-offs at mink farms that health officials believe are linked to the viral pandemic—outbreaks that likely began from contact with infected human handlers. covid 19 coronavirus minks utah science

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Utah's Great Salt Lake Dropped to a Record Low

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The Great Salt Lake in Utah, the biggest salt lake in the western hemisphere, is plunging to historic low levels as the region suffers through a vast and relentless megadrought.

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Ball in God's Court as Utah Governor Declares 'Weekend of Prayer' for Rain

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utah prayer drought environment nature physical geography spencer cox articlesThe West is in drought. You might even call it Biblical given that a drought this fierce hasn’t hit the region in at least 1,200 years. Read more.

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'I Should Be Able to Go Outside': Why a Utah Teen Is Suing Over Polluted Air

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is fed up with the poor air quality in her home state of Utah. utah andrew welle environment earth sciences natalie r school strike for climate climate change mitigation contemporary history natural environment childrens trust eartherFifteen-year-old Natalie R.

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Internet, Get Ready to Search: Utah’s Mystery Monolith Has Disappeared

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The mysterious shiny metallic monolith that was found in Utah’s Red Rock Country more than a week ago and set off various online and offline investigations into who—or what , dun, dun, dun—put it there is gone. monolith utah mysteries

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Utah's Great Salt Lake Is Officially at Its Lowest Point in Recorded History

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Water levels in Utah’s Great Salt Lake have officially dwindled to their lowest ever recorded. It’s an effect of the megadrought that has impacted water supplies across the West. Read more.

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How You Can Put Street Art Legend KAWS & Even That Mysterious Alien Utah Monolith in Your Own Home via AR

Next Reality AR

Sure, you could leave a random monolith in Utah and get some notoriety for your street art. Or, you can let others put your art anywhere they'd like with augmented reality so they can appreciate it where they are.

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Utah Officials Drove Over Important Fossil Site With a Backhoe, Paleontologists Say

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Paleontologists and locals familiar with a fossil site in Moab, Utah claim that a backhoe drove over dinosaur footprints and other animal trackways, damaging or destroying them.

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Watch Thousands of Fish Get Dropped From a Plane Into a Utah Lake

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Thousands of 3-inch fish splashed down into about 200 high-altitude lakes in Utah over the past week, as the state’s wildlife department restocked its water bodies by plane.

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3 New VR Arcades Hit Utah, Ohio, and Washington, DC

Road to VR

That’s the idea behind three new VR Arcades that have opened in Utah, Ohio, and Washington, DC, which are leveraging the HTC Vive as the go-to ‘out-of-home’ VR platform for such activities. VR Junkies – Orem, Utah. The post 3 New VR Arcades Hit Utah, Ohio, and Washington, DC appeared first on Road to VR. VR Arcades are beginning to make their spread across the US, offering users timed access to consumer VR systems and an array of games.

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Utah researchers develop mind-controlled arm that can feel

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Image courtesy University of Utah Center for Neural Interfaces.). Scientists at the University of Utah started with an arm created by DEKA Research & Development Corp., Image courtesy University of Utah Center for Neural Interfaces.). Today, that system, the Utah Slanted Electrode Array, consists of 100 microelectrodes implanted into the patient’s arm. Keven Walgamott using a mind-controlled prosthetic arm.

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The Void Opens Location In Utah With Upgraded Hardware And Ghostbusters

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Starting today, visitors to Lindon, Utah, where the startup is based, will be able to see this incredible experience. The Void is one of the most immersive experiences available. It is pretty much as close to Star Trek’s Holodeck as you will find. First opening in New York at Madame Tussauds last year, the experience puts you inside a Ghostbusters-themed narrative that ingeniously helped explain why you’re wearing a backpack.

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Research Suggests VR May Help Patients Suffering From Parkinson’s


Researchers, including those at the University of Utah, are hopeful that VR can slow or diminish the effects of this chronic illness. An April 9th study from the University of Utah found that using VR may help people suffering from Parkinson’s disease improve their balance and potentially decrease their rate of falls. Bo Foreman, PT, PhD , associate professor and director of the Motion Capture Core Facility at the University of Utah. Bo Foreman, University of Utah.

Desperate Lawmakers Discuss Piping Ocean Water to Fill Great Salt Lake

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A legislative commission in Utah has given the green light to study several strategies to help with the worryingly low levels of water in the Great Salt Lake—including potentially building a pipeline to carry water over land from the Pacific Ocean.

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The 2022 Sundance Film Festival Goes All Virtual

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With vaccines and boosters now in full effect, the festival was meant to be both Hollywood’s return to Park City, Utah, and an evolution of its virtual component. The 2022 Sundance Film Festiva l was set to be the big comeback after a fully virtual event in 2021.

Watch the Great Salt Lake Shrink

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Utah’s Great Salt Lake isn’t looking so great. Read more

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Ancestry.com Just Gave Itself the Rights to Your Beloved Family Photos

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ancestrycom applied genetics lehi utah genealogy blackstone family tree genealogy software website branches of biology genetics social issues

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Utah’s Cleanest Natural-Gas Power Plant Comes Online in Provo


The new plant replaces the old Provo Power Plant, which was demolished in 2016 after serving the community for more than 75 years

You Can Now Enjoy the Best Screensaver of All Time in Your Web Browser

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pipe software screensavers isaiah odhner display technology after dark technology internet system software utah teapotOn the pre-internet PCs of yesteryear you had two primary tools for procrastination: you could either play games like Solitaire, or you could simply stare at a mesmerizing screensaver. None were as captivating as Windows’ 3D pipes , which you can now enjoy in your browser with some welcome upgrades. Read more.

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The Overstock Dot Com Guy Is Giving the MyPillow Gremlin a Run for His 'Election Fraud' Grift Money

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scott adams software dilbert joe biden midvale utah paywall frank speech overstockcom patrick byrne maria butina dave rubin articles gab tulsi gabbard amazon mike lindell donald trump greg gutfeld alt tech computing kindle telegram

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Location-based virtual reality goes to the mall as The Void plans a rollout in 25 more locations

TechCrunch VR

Utah-based The Void has some big intellectual property behind its immersive experiences including ‘Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire’ from Lucasfilm; Walt Disney Animation’s ‘Ralph Breaks theInternet’; and ‘Ghostbusters: Dimension’ Through the partnership with Westfield in the U.S.

Check out the awesome power of NASA’s Artemis rocket booster

Digital Trends

The Space Launch System booster underwent a test firing in Utah on Wednesday. News Artemis breaking twitter NASA sls space Space Launch System

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Heatwave Brings Dangerous Temperatures to Southwest

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In parts of California, Nevada, Utah, and Texas, today’s predicted highs are well above 100 degrees. It’s currently very hot in the Southwest.

Dinosaur Tracks Damaged After Construction Crew Drove Over Fossil Site, Report Finds

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More than two months after paleontologists claimed a dinosaur fossil site in Utah was seriously damaged by a backhoe, the Bureau of Land Management—which had ordered the construction work—has admitted that fossil trackways were indeed damaged by the heavy machinery and that the department made mistakes in not… Read more.

Texas Is Leading A New Antitrust Suit Against Google

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Paxton is joined by other Republican state AGs from Idaho, Indiana, Utah, … Read more.

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New Video Shows How Precise HoloLens 2.0 Depth Sensing Will Be

Next Reality AR

At the recent Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, held in Salt Lake City, Utah in June, Microsoft researchers gave a tutorial showing off the new HoloLens Research Mode, which gives developers access to the device's sensor data. While the next-generation HoloLens does not have a launch date yet, we now have a better idea of how big a leap the device will take in terms of depth sensor performance.

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Discovery of Mass Death Site Bolsters Theory That Tyrannosaurs Hunted in Packs

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A remarkable fossil site in Utah, in which several tyrannosaurs were found buried together, strengthens a burgeoning theory that these fearsome creatures hunted in packs, similar to wolves.

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We Talked to Congressional Republicans at UN Climate Talks About Their ‘Rational Approach’

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John Curtis of Utah walked into the convention center where… Read more. GLASGOW, SCOTLAND — The Republican climate delegation has landed at the Glasgow climate talks. As 100,000 protesters took to the streets to demand radical, transformational change , Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas, Rep.

The GOP’s Most Dangerous Climate Advocate Is Going to the United Nations Talks in Glasgow

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John Curtis of Utah, who … Read more. On Friday, the Washington Post reported a list of Republicans in Congress who will be attending United Nations climate talks in Glasgow later this month. Per the Post, the group includes Rep.

NASA plunged robust Mars sample-return gear into a U.S. desert

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In the video above, a helicopter drops the shell (aka a "Manufacturing Demonstration Unit," or MDU) from 1,200 feet above the Utah Test and Training Range, a military site. NASA is prepping for an ambitious extraterrestrial mission.

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VR Arcade The VOID Is Making A Surprise Return


The one-of-a-kind location-based platform uses everything from wind and heat to immerse you in a variety of VR experiences.

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NASA Blasts The S**t Out Of The Desert In Deep Space Rocket Test

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If so, I invite you to watch this footage of NASA testing its SLS Flight Support Booster rockets at Northrop Grumman’s facilities in Promontory, Utah, yesterday. If you’re American you might be having a tough time over the past couple of months feeling like you live in a functional society. Read more. spacelopnik nasa artemis mission moon

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12 Intriguing Sundance Movies That Could Become 2021's Genre Sleeper Hits

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Even though no one will actually be in Park City, Utah to see it, the 2021 Sundance Film Festival is still happening. It’s taking place mostly online from January 28-February 3 and anyone can go, if they buy tickets and passes.

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