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3 New VR Arcades Hit Utah, Ohio, and Washington, DC

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That’s the idea behind three new VR Arcades that have opened in Utah, Ohio, and Washington, DC, which are leveraging the HTC Vive as the go-to ‘out-of-home’ VR platform for such activities. VR Junkies – Orem, Utah.

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The Void Opens Location In Utah With Upgraded Hardware And Ghostbusters


Starting today, visitors to Lindon, Utah, where the startup is based, will be able to see this incredible experience. The Void is one of the most immersive experiences available. It is pretty much as close to Star Trek’s Holodeck as you will find. First opening in New York at Madame Tussauds last year, the experience puts you inside a Ghostbusters-themed narrative that ingeniously helped explain why you’re wearing a backpack.

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Utah’s Cleanest Natural-Gas Power Plant Comes Online in Provo


The new plant replaces the old Provo Power Plant, which was demolished in 2016 after serving the community for more than 75 years

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New Video Shows How Precise HoloLens 2.0 Depth Sensing Will Be

Next Reality AR

At the recent Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, held in Salt Lake City, Utah in June, Microsoft researchers gave a tutorial showing off the new HoloLens Research Mode, which gives developers access to the device's sensor data.

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Students Hack Positional Tracking onto Gear VR with SteamVR Tracking

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In a reverse engineering exercise, two students at Utah State University have hacked positional tracking onto a Gear VR headset using SteamVR Tracking technology.

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HTC Vive and Viveport are bringing some of my favorite VR experiences to Sundance.

Cats and VR

HTC Vive and Viveport is heading to Park City, Utah during the 2017 Sundance Film Festival to exhibit at “VR on the Mountain,” a virtual reality hub for festival attendees taking place January 20-22.

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Facebook Launching 360-Degree Live Streaming Video


Tomorrow, December 13th at 12pm ET, NatGeo will broadcast live from its Mars Desert Research Station facility in Utah. National Geographic will be the first to test the new feature.

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Smart Glasses? It’s all about perspective.


Imagine your Youtube friends enjoying your breathtaking death ride on a mountain bike somewhere in a canyon deep down in Utah. Wikipedia defines smart glasses as a wearable computer that adds information to what the wearer sees.

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Mellanox Moves to Drive VR to New Levels


Salt Lake City, Utah-based Mellanox Technologies — a supplier of high-performance, end-to-end interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems — The post Mellanox Moves to Drive VR to New Levels appeared first on VRJournal.

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Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire From The VOID Adds London Location


The VOID is a Utah-based startup that develops VR experiences that provide an i ncredible sense of presence and immersion. The VOID just announced a third location for its top-of-the-line Star Wars VR installation. London now joins Orlando and Anaheim offering Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire.

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‘Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire’ Disney World VR Attraction Gets New Trailer, Tickets on Sale

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The VOID had already proven its technology to be highly effective and commercially viable with their first major production, Ghostbusters: Dimension , which opened at Madame Tussauds in New York, The Rec Room in Toronto, and the company’s headquarters in Lindon, Utah.

Featured 360°: La La Land, Mars Desert Research Station and Colliding Black Holes


“Colonizing Mars begins at the Mars Desert Research Station in Hanksville, Utah where simulations are teaching us what it would be like to live on the red planet.”

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VR Film Follows The First Female Shaman Of The Yawanawá People


Awavena made its initial debut earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah. Emmy® Award winning filmmaker Lynette Wallworth captures an Amazonian tribe as they make an historic transition to their first female shaman.

A VR Theme Park is Coming to Malaysia


The VOID has blown our minds with their Utah theme park and Ghostbuster’s experience in New York—and also announced in February a collaboration with China-based Shanda Group to build China’s first VR theme park.

HTC Vive now available to try in some stores


The first stores with an HTC Vive demo are the Microsoft stores in New York City (flagship store), Washington state (Bellevue Square) and Utah (City Creek Center). You may have been fortunate to attend a tech event within the last few years, such as CES and tried VR.

Oculus Sends 5 VR Experiences to Sundance 2018

Road to VR

The Sundance Film Festival just kicked off in Park City, Utah, and Oculus announced in a blogpost they’re debuting five experiences at the New Frontier section of Sundance—all of which they helped bring to life.

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We tried Ghostbusters: Dimension, the world’s most immersive VR.


On July 1st, Sony and a Utah startup called The Void will open Ghostbusters: Dimension, which lets you become a ghostbuster in what The Void likes to call a “hyper-real” world.

Here Is The NBA’s Full NextVR Live Broadcasting Schedule For This Season


10, 2017 – Cleveland Cavaliers at Utah Jazz – 9:00 p.m. 28, 2017 – Utah Jazz at Oklahoma City Thunder – 8:00 p.m. NextVR has previously pulled in massive funding through big investment rounds, including $30 million and another 80 million , to continue live broadcasting in VR.

Sundance Film Festival to Feature 18 VR & AR Experiences Next Month

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Park City, Utah is already preparing for next month’s annual Sundance Film Festival, and this time around 18 AR & VR films and exhibitions are set to debut at the festival’s New Frontier program.

Researchers Transform Real Soccer Matches into Tabletop AR Reconstructions

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The team’s research will be presented at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference , which is taking place June 18-22 in in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Microsoft Now Hosts Free HoloLens Demos Across US & Canada

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Haven’t been able to make it to any of the big gaming expos (or you don’t know anyone with the $3,000 AR headset)? Microsoft Stores across the US and Canada are now hosting free HoloLens demos, so you can finally see what the hubbub is all about.

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Jaunt’s New ‘Home Turf’ VR Series Lets You Explore The Extreme


Despite having traveled all around the world, pro mountain biker, Cam Zink’s favorite place to push his limits is right at home in Virgin, Utah. Get out of your comfort zone in this free climbing, mountain biking, kayaking and slacklining immersive series.

The VOID Opens Mixed-Reality Location in Dubai

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The company maintains a test facility just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah—still closed to the public and by invite only. THE VOID, the untethered mixed-reality park, is opening a new location in Dubai, UAE.

The VOID is Developing 5 New Disney & Marvel VR Experiences, ‘Ralph Breaks VR’ Coming in Fall

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Since it opened its first Utah-based test facility in 2015, the company has expanded its bespoke VR experiences to eight locations spread across North America and the United Arab Emirates.

The VRScout Report – Sundance Edition


Recapping the top stories covered on the VRScout Report , a weekly podcast discussing the best in VR, hosted by Malia Probst. You can enjoy the full audio recording below: The New Frontier program at Sundance has been abuzz with virtual reality over the past couple of years.

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‘FlyInside Flight Simulator’ Preview – A Promising Start in VR-native Flying

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FlyInside also comes replete with configurable time, weather, and the trial version ships with around 40,000 square miles of Utah and Nevada.

AR+VR Weekly: Magic Leap One Launches, Magic Leap apps and a sneak peek at HoloLens 2

AWE Blog

Finally, a new video presented by Microsoft Researchers at a conference in Utah showed the audience a preview of the depth sensor feed which will be used in the next version of the HoloLens. Catch up on the latest XR highlights and launch announcements for the week of August 13. By Tom Emrich.

Are Virtual Reality Arcades Becoming A Trend?


It has been over a year since we first experienced The VOID’s VR theme park in Utah. In the city of Orem, Utah, a VR arcade has just opened for business, maybe giving us a first glimpse at what these arcades may look like in malls around the country.

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Your Virtual Reality Event Guide to Sundance


It’s that time of the year again when art and technology converge on Park City, Utah for over a week of VR and immersive storytelling — along with some feature films too. 2017 Sundance Film Festival kicks of this week and it won’t be without VR.

Facebook Opens 360 Live Streaming Video To All


We saw the first hint of 360 live streaming back in December when Facebook partnered up with NatGeo to launch Live 360 from the Mars Desert Research Station facility in Utah.

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‘The Lawnmower Man’ is Coming Back in VR


As the Sundance Film Festival kicks off today in Park City, Utah, Jaunt has revealed the development of five new original scripted VR series — one of which is based on the 1992 cult classic feature, The Lawnmower Man. Jaunt unveils their 2017 VR scripted slate at Sundance.

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VR and AR at the Sundance Film Festival


The bastion of cinema — the Sundance Film Festival — is bravely exploring the VR medium and trying to engage its audience into the new immersive experience this week in Park City, Utah.

Starbreeze’s Civilian Warfare Experience Hero Debuts On StarVR At Sundance


The Sundance Film Festival in Utah usually serves as one of the best opportunities to check out creative VR experiences beyond gaming, and it looks like this year will be no different. For starters, StarVR headset creator Starbreeze this week confirmed that it will be at the festival with a new experience from iNK Stories, the studio behind the cinematic story-based game, 1979 Revolution: Black Friday.

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Oculus Story Studio’s ‘Dear Angelica’ To Ship ‘So Soon’


The 2017 Sundance Film Festival kicks off tomorrow in Utah and, after skipping out CES, it marks the first big event of the year for Oculus. Facebook’s VR company has traditionally made a big splash at the prestigious event, which celebrates independent film making.

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First Look Inside ‘The Void’ Ghostbusters: Dimensions, Opens July 1st

Road to VR

It feels like only 5 minutes ago we caught wind of a new startup riding on the back of the new virtual reality revolution, one based in Utah that had its sights set on creating a cutting edge mixed reality theme park.

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Facebook To Release ‘Live 360’ With Nat Geo This Week, Full Rollout in 2017


According to the post, “On Tuesday, December 13 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET, we will be launching Live 360 video on Facebook with National Geographic, live from the Mars Desert Research Station facility in Utah.”

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The Void, Epic Games Join Disney’s Accelerator Initiative


We recently went hands-on with its latest offering in Utah and came away extremely impressed, but we’ve also seen The Void offer a Ghostbusters experience too. There are a lot of sides to Disney beyond the movies and merchandising. Every year, for example, it selects a handful of companies to join its Disney Accelerator program. This annual initiative sees Disney open its doors to other businesses working on innovative products and services.

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Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire Tickets Now On Sale, Check Out The Trailer


The experience is built by Utah-based VR startup The VOID in partnership with Disney’s ILMxLab. Tickets are now on sale for what is likely going to be one of the best introductions to virtual reality on the planet — Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire.

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Hands-On — The VOID’s Nicodemus: Demon Of Evanishment Will Terrify This Halloween


When The VOID upgraded to Rift-level visuals last year I drove out to Utah to experience it. I jumped in surprise within 30 seconds of entering The VOID in Las Vegas. I was cowering in fear just a few minutes later. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something rush toward me.

Actress Elizabeth Banks Brings Pedigree To VR Animation ASTEROIDS!


Cheez is voiced by Banks and will add to a film that is an official selection for the Sundance Film Festival that takes place in Park City, Utah from January 19th to the 29th. While we may be a ways off from having full length virtual reality or 360-degree feature films and even further than that from having them debut in movie theaters in some way, that isn’t stopping big names from getting behind the formats.

We tried the Ghostbusters VR experience and it was awesome


The Void, a Utah-based enterprise, has already been knee deep in trying to create a virtual reality theme park complete with its own VR headset and experiences for the better part of a year now. Hollywood studios have tried using VR to put people in movies for years.

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Hands-On: Ralph Breaks VR Reveals Family-Friendly Formula For The VOID


There’s a range of dimensions to visit from Utah-based The VOID, including Ghostbusters and Star Wars. While in Las Vegas for CES, UploadVR visited The VOID’s location in The Venetian for Ralph Breaks VR. Four people at a time can don VR headsets and backpacks to become ghostbusters or stormtroopers at locations in some big cities like New York, London or Los Angeles.