Research Suggests VR May Help Patients Suffering From Parkinson’s


The Cleveland Clinic has also been utilizing a VR CAVE similar to the University of Utah’s to motivate patients with neurological disorders, like Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis, and help improve their motor skills.

MediView XR Out Of Stealth With X-Ray Vision And $4.5 Million In Funding

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A Cleveland Clinic backed medical visualization start up, Mediview XR, has launched with 4.5 million in funding

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NBA AR App Launches on Android & Adds Portals to Playoffs

Next Reality AR

Fans can walk through the door and view pre-game introductions of the NBA Finals opponents, the Cleveland Cavaliers and.

NBA All-Star and Weekly Regular Season Coverage Comes Live to VR via TNT and Intel

Road to VR

Philadelphia @ Cleveland , 8:00 p.m. Washington @ Cleveland , 8:00 p.m. TNT and Intel have teamed up to bring NBA All-Star coverage to VR on Gear VR and Daydream.

MLB ‘Home Run Derby VR’ Game to Land on PSVR and Vive This Spring

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s Nationals Park, and Cleveland’s Progressive Field, where the 2019 Midsummer Classic will be played. Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby VR will let you step into the box and swing for the bleachers.

Check out the NBA ALL-STAR game in VR with the NBA on TNT VR app.

Cats and VR

1 Philadelphia @ Cleveland , 8:00 p.m. 5 Washington @ Cleveland , 8:00 p.m. Starting on February 16th, NBA fans will be able to get their All-Star coverage live and in VR through the NBA on TNT VR app.

Here Is The NBA’s Full NextVR Live Broadcasting Schedule For This Season


29, 2016 – Cleveland Cavaliers at Milwaukee Bucks – 8:00 p.m. 10, 2017 – Cleveland Cavaliers at Utah Jazz – 9:00 p.m. NextVR has previously pulled in massive funding through big investment rounds, including $30 million and another 80 million , to continue live broadcasting in VR.

Here’s What It’s Like to Watch the NBA Finals in.


Here’s What It’s Like to Watch the NBA Finals in Virtual Reality Glance to your left and watch the Cleveland Cavaliers’ bench sulk as Kevin Durant drains the go-ahead trey in Game 3.

AP Insights: Testing the new Google Jump 360-degree camera When.


Of course, along with that comes a host of opportunities and challenges, as we encountered in Cleveland and Philadelphia.

NextVR Debuts New High Resolution Video Format with NBA Finals Highlights Reels

Road to VR

NextVR , the company specializing in live VR sports and entertainment broadcasting, has already begun its public debut of the new high-resolution video format teased back at CES earlier this year, which comes via free, on-demand game highlights of the 2018 NBA Finals featuring the Golden State Warriors vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers. On the day following each game of the NBA Finals, NextVR is publishing a high-resolution, steroscopic highlights reel on the NBA Finals channel within the NextVR app. NextVR supports Oculus Go, Gear VR, PSVR, Windows “Mixed Reality” VR headsets, and Google Daydream. The company also recently announced support for HTC Vive & Vive Pro , and also has its sights on a Rift app soon. “Improving fidelity and realism is critical for the success of virtual reality media. This upgraded format adds detail, sharpness and enhanced 3D depth to our broadcasts, greatly increasing realism and overall sense of presence,” said David Cole, NextVR co founder and CEO. “While all users will see an immediate improvement, this only scratches the surface of the capabilities of this format and our technology platform. More advanced headsets slated to ship in the future will take even greater advantage of this new VR broadcast technology.”. Image courtesy NextVR. Cole previously said that, in the best case scenario with 8 Mbps bandwidth, the company has the ability to stream 20 pixels per degree, up from 8.5 pixels per degree previously—done in stereo and at 60 FPS. While it’s uncertain if the current implementation has hit those numbers, it appears at least NextVR is soft launching the high-res capture for on-demand content at the moment, although full event livestreaming probably isn’t far behind on their roadmap. On the list of other future tech yet to be publicly released is NextVR’s volumetric video capture and playback, which allows the viewer’s perspective to move positionally within the video (rather than just rotationally). While it has yet to debut on the platform, our hands-on at CES 2018 was a tantalizing look forward into what could become a standard practice in VR video. NextVR also serves as on of the main content streamers for Oculus Venues , an app from Oculus that allows Gear VR and Go users to watch live events in the company of ‘thousands’ of other users—putting the company in a unique position as it gains yet more partners, which currently include the NBA, NFL, FOX Sports, Live Nation, WWE and the International Champions Cup. The post NextVR Debuts New High Resolution Video Format with NBA Finals Highlights Reels appeared first on Road to VR. 180 Video 360 Video News Stereoscopic 360 video david cole nba nba finals vr nba vr next vr oculus venues. nextvr

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Making Payments From Inside VR Just Got A Lot Easier With Payscout


This is a watershed moment in payments and VR,” said Payscout CEO Cleveland Brown, in a statement. “We’ve Payscout has launched an application that enables easy payments inside virtual reality experiences.

Intel & Major League Baseball Partnership Will Bring Free Weekly Games Streamed in VR

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The schedule of June’s so-called ‘Intel True VR Game of the Week’ follows: Cleveland Indians vs. Colorado Rockies. Live VR broadcasts from the world’s biggest sporting leagues are steadily becoming easier to find.

NextVR Partners With NFL For Post-Game Coverage in VR


20 and the New York Giants at Cleveland Browns game on Nov.

NextVR NBA Finals Streams Will Showcase Major Resolution Upgrade


The streaming app is now available for most VR headsets , but Vive Pro and Samsung Odyssey owners have a major reason to put on their headsets throughout the NBA Finals featuring the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. A new production pipeline from NextVR for the NBA Finals promises higher quality streams for all viewers.

Intel Cuts 3-Year Deal With MLB For VR Broadcast Content


Intel also released the schedule for June in their press release for the announcement : Cleveland Indians vs. Colorado Rockies on June 6 at 8:40 p.m. The NBA, NFL, and NCAA have all been tapped for virtual content on a regular basis and will likely continue to forge relationships with immersive content producers as the quality of the hardware and streams continue to increase.

HoloLens is Helping This Medical Company Design Better Operating Rooms


CAE, Case Western Reserve University, and Cleveland Clinic have previously been public about their use of the device, whose developer edition costs $3,000. Microsoft is talking for the first time today about a new customer of its HoloLens augmented reality headset: publicly traded medical device company Stryker. Stryker sells forceps, drills, nasal dressings, and hip replacement systems, but it also sells equipment for operating rooms.

VRguy podcast: Dr. Daniel Laby discusses Sports and Performance Vision


He has also been responsible for the visual performance of the New York Mets and St Louis Cardinals, and currently works with the Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Houston Astros, Tampa Bay Rays and Chicago Cubs. My guest today is Dr. Daniel Laby, of Sports Vision.

NBA and Oculus Team Up For One Stellar Gear VR Experience


In partnership with Facebook’s Oculus team, the NBA has released a VR documentary that runs a surprisingly 25-minutes long, taking you behind-the-scenes for the dramatic games in Oakland and Cleveland that led to the Cavaliers taking home their first championship.

How VR Saves Lives in the OR


” Dozens of elite medical and educational institutions including Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins and the University of Chicago are currently using ImmersiveTouch to train their residents with procedural modules using a library of generic cases.

Sacramento Kings new NBA arena wired for VR instant replay with mobile headsets.

Cats and VR

Dan Gilbert, owner of NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers has also shown interest in using this as a way to generate additional revenue from games. This October, the Sacramento Kings will open up a brand new $507 million dollar arena boasting 84 ft long screen almost as long as the court itself.

Experience NBA All-Star Weekend in VR


Defending champion Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors and 2013 winner Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers lead the list of four NBA All-Stars who will showcase their shooting range. NextVR and NBA to will deliver free highlights of NBA All-Star Weekend.

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‘Google Earth VR’ Launches For Free To Let You Fly Around The World


I grin for a moment thinking how much a seat like this would cost me in the real world before turning away from one of my childhood haunts and flinging myself into the sky and soaring between the familiar grey and brown buildings of Cleveland. Looking down on the brilliant orange seats, and crisp green grass below me, two thoughts fight for dominance in my skull.

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