These VR Film Tips Show How To Direct Audience Attention


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View Conference 2018: National Film Board of Canada offers us interesting VR storytelling tips

The Ghost Howls

The post View Conference 2018: National Film Board of Canada offers us interesting VR storytelling tips appeared first on The Ghost Howls. virtual reality canada cardboard nfb storytelling tips view conference vr

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Pro Tips To Save Battery While Playing Pokemon Go


The post Pro Tips To Save Battery While Playing Pokemon Go appeared first on UploadVR. AR ar augmented reality mobile pokemon pokemon go tips and tricks

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Onward Field Guide: Tips and Strategies for New Players


If so and you’d like to share some tips for new players, let us know in the comments below! Tagged with: dante , downpour , FPS , guided , how to , onward , shooter , tactical , tips. gaming dante downpour FPS guided how to onward shooter tactical tips

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Echo Combat Tips: Beginner’s Guide To The Zero-G VR Shooter


Fission Map Tips. Combustion Map Tips. Dyson Map Tips. Equipment Tips. If we left out any useful tips today, please let us know in the comments! Oculus Rift exclusive Echo VR is one of the more interesting VR games out there for its unique usage of hand presence.

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Borderlands 2 VR: 5 Tips To Help You Survive The Wasteland Of Pandora


Since a lot of people will be introduced to the PSVR through this game or will be playing this game for the first time, we wanted to round up some key tips to help you get started. Borderlands 2 VR was the last big new VR game of the year.

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4 Tips for Brands to Master Mixed and Augmented Reality


Following these tips will help ensure you succeed at MR and AR, while jumping on the technology sooner rather than later will keep your brand relevant and ahead of the competition. The post 4 Tips for Brands to Master Mixed and Augmented Reality appeared first on VRScout.

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Firewall Zero Hour: 7 Tips To Help You Take Out Your Enemies


It’s pretty clear at this point that Firewall Zero Hour is easily one of the best VR shooters to date and lots of people are gonna be playing it over the next few weeks, so we rounded up these tips to help you get started. Firewall Zero Hour is finally out!

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Seeking Dawn: 5 Essential Tips For Surviving The Harsh Alien World


But it’s dangerous out there, so take this list of tips! Tagged with: Multiverse , Seeking Dawn Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Seeking Dawn: 5 Essential Tips For Surviving The Harsh Alien World appeared first on UploadVR.

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Tips for Capturing Ultra High-Res VR Video


The post Tips for Capturing Ultra High-Res VR Video appeared first on VRScout.

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Skyrim VR Survival Guide: Tips To Help You Brave The Dangerous World Of Tamriel


Whether you’re new to Skyrim or you’ve completed the journey of the Dragonborn several times, we’ve got a whole host of tips that are sure to aid you on your travels. General Skyrim VR Tips.

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Farpoint: 7 Tips To Help You Survive The Deep Space Shooter


We’ve put together this list of seven tips to help new players survive in the dangerous world of Farpoint. This concludes our list of tips for playing Farpoint!

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7 Sparc Tips To Help You Dominate The Tron-Like Battle Arena


And since everything is all about competitive 1v1 multiplayer, you’ll need all the tips you can get to excel. These are some of the best tips we have for getting started with competitive multiplayer play in Sparc!

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5 Tips To Help You Conquer The Galaxy In From Other Suns


But now that the game is finally coming out for the public today, we wanted to run down a list of our best tips to get you started! Let us know what you think of our tips and the game itself down in the comments below! From Other Suns is finally releasing to the public today!

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Top Tips For Surviving Hell In Doom VFR


We’ve already covered ourselves in demon guts to bring you the full review but, if you’re looking for some top tips on how to survive your own expedition into the shooter frenzy then look no further. Hell comes to VR today, as Doom VFR finally launches on the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR (PSVR).

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Oculus CTO Shares VR Dev Tip: ‘The Formula for Avoiding Aliasing’

Road to VR

In a detailed technical post published on Facebook, he shares a useful tips with VR developers which explains how to avoid ‘aliasing’, a common CGI artifact. ” See Also: Oculus Shares Optimization Tips for Unity-based Gear VR Projects.

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Create a Home Office with These 10 Tips

Road to VR

How to create a home office that's a productive oasis for your small business

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4 Tips for Ensuring Worker Safety on the Job


Another tip is that training and seminars should be given to employees to teach them to respond to emergency situations. Check out some other tips below of how worker safety can be ensured for everyone. The post 4 Tips for Ensuring Worker Safety on the Job appeared first on Construction Marketing Association Blog. Creating a safe working environment is one of the most important jobs for managers and business owners.

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iPhone supplier tips metal Apple AR devices


Augmented Reality was at the head of an earnings conference this week with Catcher Technology, supplier of metal frames and casings for Apple products. His commentary did not necessarily tie future AR components to Apple directly, but gave a strong indication of such therein.

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7 Tips To Help You Survive Playing ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’


It’s not a detailed walkthrough with answers for every puzzle and there aren’t any story spoilers; this is just a core list of tips that will help you get started. Near the start of the game it’s all one massive hide and seek experience as you tip toe around the Baker house and surrounding properties. The final tip that feeds into all other points of advice on this list is that you should carefully observe your surroundings at all times.

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HoloLens 2 tipped to use Qualcomm XR1 VR chip


Inside the Microsoft HoloLens 2 augmented/mixed-reality headset is tipped the most major appearance of Qualcomm’s own XR1 VR chip.

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Google standalone AR headset tipped with eye-tracking technology


We heard rumor awhile ago that Google is working on a standalone virtual reality headset that’ll also serve as a platform for augmented reality applications. Joining that rumor is a new spat of sources claiming this standalone VR/AR headset will include eye-tracking technology.

Samsung Gear VR tips and tricks: Get started with your mobile headset


That said, we've put together a few handy hints and tips to make your first hour/day/week with your shiny new future helmet run smoothly. Source: SAMSUNG GEAR VR TIPS AND TRICKS: GET STARTED WITH YOUR MOBILE HEADSET.

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Facebook F8 strategy tipped with an Oculus GO VR launch


A launch of Oculus GO VR may take place at Facebook’s F8 conference this year. The wireless headset runs a mobile software experience very similar to that of the Gear VR (AKA Oculus VR app on Android on a Galaxy smartphone.)

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6 disaster management tips for grid owners

Hypergrid Business

So your grid has been hit by a denial-of-service attack, or a server has crashed, or a hacker got in, or things just mysteriously stopped working. Or maybe you’ve had a customer service disaster,... Columns Metaverse

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HDMI Cable With Built-In Image Processor Claims to Enhance PSVR Visuals

Road to VR

Respected hardware sites PC Perspective and Linus Tech Tips recently reviewed the product, and both were pleasantly surprised at the mCable’s effectiveness.

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Amazon Studios tipped in talks for original VR content


Amazon Studios is holding meetings with VR companies with the intention of producing its own original virtual reality offerings, according to sources with knowledge of the matter.

Vive Focus tipped as name of HTC’s standalone VR headset


We haven’t heard much about HTC‘s upcoming standalone VR headset — a model of the Vive that doesn’t need to be tethered to a PC — but that’s likely to change in the near future.

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Oculus Go headset tipped for 32GB and 64GB models in FCC listing


While power, full-fledged virtual reality headsets have made it big over the last few years, the next big advancement is expected to be wireless standalone headsets that don’t need to be tethered to a PC.

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New HTC Vive Releases for the Week of 06/26/16


Uncategorized dimensional felt tip circus htc vive Klepto new releases new retro arcade neon orc hunter rec room steam thrill of the fight valve VirZOOM VR games vr vacate the roomI’m not going to lie to you: there aren’t any huge, earth-shattering releases this week.

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How To Get A Higher Score In ‘Space Pirate Trainer’


How-to dirk van welden high score i-illusions lemming space pirate trainer tipsSpace Pirate Trainer remains one of my favorite Vive games. Available for $15, you dual-wield either a pistol or shield and try to pick off flying robot orbs in a quest for a higher score.

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VR Virtuoso Tipatat Chennavasin Reveals How Tilt Brush Got Its Name


Tagged with: art , name , tilt brush , Tipatat , tips. Interviews art name tilt brush Tipatat tipsTipatat Chennavasin is one of virtual realities most notable emerging personalities.

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5 Things To Do When You Finally Get Your Sony PlayStation VR Headset


To do PS VR right, and we mean really right, here are five tips covering both setup and experiences that you might not have thought of yet. There’s our five main tips to help make sure you’re all set. hardware launch PlayStation VR tipsThe trifecta is complete.

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PTGui Tutorial: 3 Panoramic Photography Tips and 5 Editing Techniques


You can check out this Manual mode tutorial for DSLR cameras by CNET for more tips. Before stitching, make sure you know these 3 rules to take 360 images properly. Avoid parallax, use a panohead or philopod.

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This is How NOT to Shoot 360 Video, According to YouTube

Road to VR

360 Video Android VR Google VR News VR Film android vr google creator academy google vr how not to film 360 video youtube 360 youtube 360 video tips

8 Ways to Annotate Readings, Websites and Online Articles with Examples


Effective Technology Integration Events Holidays 2017 Digital Calendar annotate critical reading Digital Advent Calendar digital highlighter digital research highlight markup mobile research tech integration tech tips

Twitter as a marketing & CRM tool


Tips to help those involved in using twitter for their business. Management Communication Learning Marketing social marketing social media Training twitter twitter tipsSome current thinking about using twitter as a tool for building relationships for future business. Twitter for learning and marketing - a win/ win strategy. The post Twitter as a marketing & CRM tool appeared first on RapidBI.

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Top 10 YouTube Channels for Hardware


1: Linus Tech Tips. Last but certainly not least is Linus Tech Tips, the veritable king of tech YouTube. Today, we are introducing a new section with our top picks for hardware-focused YouTube channels.

Snapchat Preparing to Upgrade Camera with Visual Search for Amazon, Report Says

Next Reality AR

Self-described "technology leaker" on Twitter, a teenager by the name of Ishan Agarwal tipped off TechCrunch regarding the discovery.

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Magic Leap's 'Blink' Demo Shows How Eye Tracking & Spatial Audio Make Virtual Content Come Alive

Next Reality AR

Now, a developer has tipped us off to some of the assets related to a fourth, unpublished lesson, called "Blink," from within the dark recesses of the Creator Portal.

Facebook’s F8 2019 Conference Promises ‘New Features And Updates’ For Oculus


The only VR-related session listed in the schedule is ‘Storytelling Across Pioneering Platforms’ In this talk VR film creators will give tips learned so far and thoughts on the future. Registrations for Facebook’s F8 annual conference are now open. The event is being held from April 30th – May 1st in San Jose, CA. The website for the event boasts “new features and updates” for Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Oculus.

Escaping Into Virtuality

Tech Trends VR

And although these technologies haven’t quite yet reached the equivalent tipping point that we’ve seen with the web or mobile, there is steady growth and predictions that the market will continue to grow. As our reality becomes increasingly hard to deal with, is virtual escapism the answer?

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‘3DNesVR’ Brings Nintendo Classics to VR, Demo Now Available on Steam

Road to VR

While there are controls that let you adjust how the 3D effect renders, Geod Studios has created a few presets and tips in its 3DN Repository.

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