Volkswagen Group, One of the World’s Largest Companies, is Building VR Apps to Help Employees Collaborate Across the Globe

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Volkswagen Group, the multi-brand automotive company, has developed VR apps to make long-distance collaboration in production and logistics an easier task. image courtesy Volkswagen Group.

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Valve Talks ‘OpenXR’, the Newly Revealed Branding for Khronos Group’s Industry-backed VR Standard

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Valve’s Joe Ludwig talks about the latest updates on the Khronos Group’s VR standardization process that is now being called “ OpenXR.” Voices of VR Podcast VR Podcasts VR Standards joe ludwig khronos group open standard OpenXR valve

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Inception Raises $15 Million Series A Funding Led By EU Media Conglomerate RTL Group

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Inception’s ambitions to become the ‘Netflix of VR’ have just received a major boost, with the Tel Aviv-based company closing a $15 million Series A funding round led by media and broadcast giant RTL Group. Inception VR netflix of vr RTL Group series a investment vr broadcasting vr video

Apple Developers Join The WebVR Community Group


Today, Brandon Jones from Google (who is one of the chairs in the official WebVR Community Group ,) noticed that developers from Apple have officially joined the group. In the Community Group there are 147 non-Chair participants as of the time of this writing. Notably Jones was quick to point out on Twitter that “group participation does not necessarily imply a commitment to implement” but it’s still a step in the right direction.

Group of Men “Marry” Anime Characters in a VR Wedding Ceremony

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The post Group of Men “Marry” Anime Characters in a VR Wedding Ceremony appeared first on Road to VR. Japan is an exceedingly normal place when it comes down to daily life, but for some reason the culture’s social norms are—how should we put it—famously elastic.

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GDC 2017: Khronos Group Unveils VR/AR Standard OpenXR


In December of last year, Khronos group made headlines for adding Epic Games to the list of companies in support of their pursuit of an API standard for virtual and augmented reality. A couple months later, that standard now has a name as Khronos unveils the OpenXR working group at GDC 2017.

Chinese Group Buys $20 Million Stake in NextVR


The post Chinese Group Buys $20 Million Stake in NextVR appeared first on UploadVR. NextVR has become one of the leaders in 360 degree streaming over the past year, and the company is now attracting attention on a global scale.

Khronos Group Would Welcome Input From Microsoft On OpenXR Standard


During GDC 2017, Khronos Group unveiled OpenXR as the name for their VR/AR API standard that’s currently being developed. We reported on the announcement and broke down a bit of why this standard was something for the VR industry and community to get excited about, but we also got the chance to speak with Khronos Group president Neil Trevett to get some questions answered. The Khronos Group is hoping to be able to ship the API around GDC of next year.

Report: Magic Leap Could Reach $6B Valuation, First Device Shipping in 6 Months to “small group of users”

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Although not citing official sources, Bloomberg reports Magic Leap’s headset will cost between $1,500 and $2,000, and is set to ship its first device “to a small group of users within six months.”

Apple Developers Join WebVR Community Group Shaping the Future of VR on the Web

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With Apple’s newly public interest in VR , developers from the company have join the W3C WebVR Community Group to have a say in the development of the WebVR standard. The post Apple Developers Join WebVR Community Group Shaping the Future of VR on the Web appeared first on Road to VR.

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VESA Creates AR and VR Special Interest Group


So, it comes as no surprise that they are interested in how they can enable VR and AR technologies with their own Special Interest Group (SIG). Many people don’t actually know who VESA is, but they’re responsible for a lot of the display standards that we use every day.

How This Group of Tree Huggers is Using VR to Inspire Conservation


The post How This Group of Tree Huggers is Using VR to Inspire Conservation appeared first on VRScout. Marshmallow Laser Feast wants you to hug a tree in VR.

Eye-Tracking Group Tobii Plans To Invest $16 Million In VR By 2019


With its eye-tracking solution already on the market, Tobii could be a big player in VR going forward. Today, the company announced investment plans that it hopes will make that happen. The Swedish company plans to invest around $16.6

How The Future Group Is Redefining Live Game Shows With Mixed Reality


The Future Group wants to change that by making game shows more interactive with mixed reality technology. The Future Group also created another technology, dubbed Frontier, that enables esports broadcast producers to insert animated characters into a broadcast in real time.

HTC-backed VRVCA Investor Group Moves Meeting ‘Due to the Large Volume of Submissions’


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Getty’s New Virtual Reality Group Offers 12,000 360 Images Straight Away


The post Getty’s New Virtual Reality Group Offers 12,000 360 Images Straight Away appeared first on UploadVR. Art & Science VR Industry News 360 images Getty Rio Olympics The Getty Images Virtual Reality GroupWhen it comes to stock images Getty is as big as it gets.

Khronos Group President Neil Trevett on glTF: The ‘JPEG for 3D Objects’

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The Khronos Group announced that the open standard of glTF was gaining momentum by some of the key players within the graphics industry before SIGGRAPH this year. The post Khronos Group President Neil Trevett on glTF: The ‘JPEG for 3D Objects’ appeared first on Road to VR.

Brazil group launches grid, hosting firm

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A Brazilian team has launched a new grid and OpenSim hosting company, offering local payment and support options. OpenSim Brasil offers hosting for full grids, starting at 230 Reals, or about US$64, with a... News AllSity OpenSim Brasil

VR Community Divided After Report Ties Palmer Luckey To Pro-Trump Smear Group


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A Look at the World’s First Interactive Mixed Reality TV Show


According to Bård Anders Kasin, co-Founder of The Future Group, this was an important strategic move: “We give them enough of that environment so that they can compete that challenge, and we use green screen to transfer them into the virtual world,” said Kasin during an interview with GameCrate. “Of

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Oculus CEO Steps Down to Head PC Division, Founder Palmer Luckey to Shuffle Too

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In a post to the company’s official blog , Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe confirms he’ll be stepping down from the company’s top position to head the new PC VR group.

GridRaster Raises $2 Million for AR/VR Cloud Rendering Solution

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” The near $2 million funding round consists of investments from several venture capital firms including Lumia Capital, Pipeline Capital, Exfinity Ventures, NextStar Partners, Unshackled Ventures, and Explorer Group.

Oculus Is Bringing Free-To-Use VR To 90 California State Libraries


As part of a pilot program between Oculus , Cali Group, VRLibraries and the California State library system, 100 Oculus Rift headsets and VR-ready PC’s will be donated to 90 different California libraries spread across half of the state’s 184 library jurisdictions.

Hands-on: NASA-backed ‘Mars 2030’ Launches Today – A Beautiful, Educational, & Buggy Trip to the Red Planet

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Feature HTC Vive Games Oculus Rift Games PSVR Games SteamVR Games VR Education VR Games VR Simulation Educational VR FMG Labs Fusion Media Group mars 2030 mars simulation martian landscape Mawrth Vallis nasa

Call for VR Open Standard Backed by Valve, Oculus, Google, & OSVR

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The Khronos Group announced on Tuesday that they have a critical mass of major VR players who are collaborating on a VR open standard. I had a chance to catch up with Khronos Group President Neil Trevett to talk about this call for participation on this VR open standard.

Top Investors Discuss VR and AR Strategies and Opportunites at IMMERSE 2016

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SEE ALSO Madrona Venture Group on Why Seattle is a Hotbed for VR and AR. Patrick Eggen, Madrona Venture Group.

Pixar, ILM and Disney Veterans Launch VR Company CryWorks

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Hands On: ESI’s Incredibly Accurate VR CAD Simulation Lets You Take Cars Apart

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Dominic Brennan gets his hands on ESI Group’s latest iteration of IC.IDO , their automotive visualisation tool that uses CAD-accurate data to generate extremely realistic VR simulations which let you take apart (or fix) your own virtual car.

Lenovo and Kopin Form Joint Venture to Grow Enterprise AR Headset Market

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Lenovo’s own investment group and wearable displays manufacturer Kopin Corporation have formed a joint venture named Lenovo New Vision. Fan George He kopin kopin corporation lcig lenovo Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group Lenovo New Vision

Vive Group Edition Bundles 10 Headsets in China


At the Vive Ecosystem Conference in China today HTC announced Vive Group Edition, a set of 10 Business Edition headsets and two lighthouse base stations, available for 49,999 RMB, which converts to $7,271. The company told UploadVR that it had not announced plans to bring the Group Edition to the west. Tagged with: htc , htc vive , Vive Business Edition , Vive Group Edition. htc VR Industry News htc vive Vive Business Edition Vive Group Edition


Getty Images has launched the Getty Images Virtual Reality Group

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Getty Images, has launched the Getty Images Virtual Reality Group, a new business dedicated to the creation and global distribution of virtual reality content.

AR Optics Company Lumus Secures Further $30M in Funding

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Following from the $15 million funding led by Shanda Group and Crystal-Optech in June, Lumus Ltd. Leung light-guide lumus investment lumus optical quanta Shanda Group transparent optical displays waveguideLumus Ltd. recently confirmed a $30 million funding round led by Quanta and HTC.

Hands-on: Idealens’ All-in-one VR Headset Looks Crazy, But You’ll Wear it Anyway

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Mobile VR News VR Headset Brent Jentzsch idealens idealens k2 idealsee group

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Volkswagen Launches Custom VR Exhibit At Historic Brand Tower


Volkswagen Group is back again with yet another VR project that continues to prove just how much faith the German automaker truly has in the immersive medium. News Automotive HTC Vive Leap Motion T-Roc Virtual Reality Experience Volkswagen Volkswagen Group

Intel Dismisses IoT for Augmented and Virtual Reality


There’s a clear reason why, and it can be found in recent ‘resurrection’ of Google Glass in ‘Enterprise Edition’, as well as wanting to react to popular products from Vuzix and ODG (Osterhaut Design Group). Thus, it isn’t surprising to learn how Intel’s New Technologies Group (NTG) is pushing AR / VR strongly, as they believe it is an ideal place to manufacture low-power chips and sell at premium margin.

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More money for Magic Leap, this time from a VR-curious Chinese media group


Chinese media group Zhejiang Huace has announced plans to raise roughly $303 million to invest in U.S. ventures, including nebulous mixed-reality startup (and potential game platform) Magic Leap

Why VR Will Change The Way We Absorb The News


Jamie Pallot is a co-founder of Emblematic Group, one of the world’s leading producers of immersive virtual reality content. This post originally appeared on “Beyond The Headset” Tagged with: emblematic group , usc. Q&A emblematic group usc

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Pixvana Raises $14M Series A Investment for Cloud-based VR Video Platform

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We are thrilled to work with this amazing group of investors backing us, to realize our vision of XR storytelling,” said Forest Key, Pixvana CEO.

Planned Parenthood’s Eye-Opening VR Video Simulates Clinic Harassment


To test the film’s effectiveness in creating empathetic responses, Planned Parenthood conducted studies on two groups with different political leanings and geographical settings. News 360 Video Emblematic Group Planned Parenthood Social Social Awareness

Crime scene cleanup group to offer VR site visits

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The National Crime Scene Cleanup Association is filming 360-degree videos to virtually transport the members of public to crime scenes to witness its crew at work in an attempt to raise awareness and offer in-depth insights... Briefs National Crime Scene Cleanup Association