You Can Now Use Your Oculus Username In Select Facebook Groups


In another move that brings existing its social network and VR ecosystem closer together, Facebook revealed that users will soon be able to use their Oculus username when posting to select Facebook groups. Will you be trying out some of these VR Facebook groups with your Oculus username?

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Patent Sale For Osterhout Design Group (ODG) Planned For January


Osterhout Design Group (ODG) may be dead before mass shipping its R-9 augmented reality glasses, with an asset sale planned for January focused on the AR company’s patent portfolio. ” Tagged with: ODG , Osterhout Design Group Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Patent Sale For Osterhout Design Group (ODG) Planned For January appeared first on UploadVR. AR ODG Osterhout Design Group

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Volkswagen Group to Train 10,000 Employees in VR This Year

Road to VR

Volkswagen Group and VR studio Innoactive revealed the global, multi-brand automotive company is planning to train 10,000 employees this year alone using virtual reality. Volkswagen Group first deployed its Volkswagen Digital Reality Hub Group last year, a VR platform designed to help the company’s employees collaborate across the Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA and Volkswagen brands. The post Volkswagen Group to Train 10,000 Employees in VR This Year appeared first on Road to VR.

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How to make a group FaceTime call

Digital Trends

FaceTime is the most popular venue for group audio and videoconferencing for Mac and iOS. Apple How-To Mobile FaceTime facetime group callToday, you can include up to 32 participants. Here's how to do it.

How to enable group tabs in Google Chrome

Digital Trends

Group tabs can make organizing your work and social browsing far easier. Computing How-To Web Google Chrome Grouped TabsHere's how to make the most of them.

Facebook will stop recommending Groups that break its rules

Mashable VR

Facebook is making it harder to find Groups that break its rules. On Wednesday, Facebook said it will drop Groups that violate its policies on hate speech, harassment, bullying, inciting violence, and more from its recommendation engine. Have their group invite notifications limited.

How to make a group chat on Snapchat

Digital Trends

With Snapchat's group chat, up to 63 friends can join, and chats disappear after 24 hours. Here’s how to get the party started with group chat on Snapchat. Android Apple How-To Mobile Social Media iOS Snapchat Tier 4

This Virtual Being Music Group Released An AI-Generated Album, And It’s Not Bad


Fictional musical groups like Alvin and the Chipmunks and Jossie and the Pussycats, though vastly different from the types of acts we see today, lead the way for future fictional musicians, including The Gorillaz, Dethklok, and numerous others. . Yona, one of the first characters developed and leader of the group, was “fed” the works of Margaret Atwood, as well as publications pertaining to teenagers and city life.

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Genius Media Group Is Suing Google For Antitrust

GizModo VR

Joining the national pile-on of entities suing Google for antitrust is Genius Media Group, which announced a lawsuit on Wednesday night related to the search giant’s ad exchange practices. genius media group lawsuit antitrust companies google sites ad exchange

Snapchat Highlights Augmented Reality Feature in New Group Video Chat

Next Reality AR

Snapchat has added yet another social feature to its mobile app, and this one makes it possible to use augmented reality with a group of friends over video. Rolling out worldwide this week, the new Group Video Chat feature gives Snap users the opportunity to video conference with as many as 16 friends simultaneously. The feature is activated through the video camera icon in any Group Chat thread.

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Dreamscape Immersive Debuts Group VR Experience at Westfield Mall


But once the group is ready and you’re transported to Alien Zoo in VR, your jaw drops. The post Dreamscape Immersive Debuts Group VR Experience at Westfield Mall appeared first on VRScout. Alien Zoo lets you walk, soar, and escape alien creatures with friends. Location-based VR is the culmination of everything we’ve grown to love and expect from immersive technology.

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Vive Group Edition Bundles 10 Headsets in China


At the Vive Ecosystem Conference in China today HTC announced Vive Group Edition, a set of 10 Business Edition headsets and two lighthouse base stations, available for 49,999 RMB, which converts to $7,271. The company told UploadVR that it had not announced plans to bring the Group Edition to the west. Tagged with: htc , htc vive , Vive Business Edition , Vive Group Edition. htc VR Industry News htc vive Vive Business Edition Vive Group Edition

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Apple Developers Join The WebVR Community Group


Today, Brandon Jones from Google (who is one of the chairs in the official WebVR Community Group ,) noticed that developers from Apple have officially joined the group. In the Community Group there are 147 non-Chair participants as of the time of this writing. Notably Jones was quick to point out on Twitter that “group participation does not necessarily imply a commitment to implement” but it’s still a step in the right direction.

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Riot Games Debuts Virtual K-Pop Group With Live MR Performance


The Tencent subsidiary has produced various high-quality CGI cinematics, produced original music via an in-house music production studio, and collaborated with numerous high-profile acts; most recently The Glitch Mob, Mako, and Bobby of K-pop group iKON. . While the ladies of K/DA were invisible to the naked eye, the group could be seen performing in sync with the real-world talent on the venues jumbotron and via the official live stream. “We

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A Group Of Students Are Rebuilding The Original Metroid Prime In VR


A group of university were also excited by the idea; so much so that they actually took it upon themselves to begin developing their own Metroid Prime recreation entirely in virtual reality as part of an ongoing project involving the use of FPS mechanics in VR experiences. . The post A Group Of Students Are Rebuilding The Original Metroid Prime In VR appeared first on VRScout. The 2002 Gamecube classic gets the VR treatment as part of an ongoing study into VR game mechanics.

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Oculus Introduces Group Game Launching & Switching To Stay With Your Party

Road to VR

Oculus has introduced new party features which allow groups of players to launch into the same app together and to move from one app to another. The post Oculus Introduces Group Game Launching & Switching To Stay With Your Party appeared first on Road to VR.

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SideQuest Joins The Khronos Group To Push OpenXR

Upload VR

SideQuest is now a member of the Khronos Group with plans to support the industry standard OpenXR.

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The Future Group Raises $20 Million to Blend Real-world Video With Virtual Worlds


The Future Group has raised $20 million for its technology that blends real-world video with virtual worlds to immerse people inside what feels like an interactive game show. Its partners are still unnamed, but the company and its first partner plan to make an announcement sometime in 2017, Future Group cofounder Jens Petter Hoili said in an interview with GamesBeat. “We Above: The Future Group’s Jens Petter Hoili (left) and Bård Anders Kasin. Image Credit: The Future Group.

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Shadow Point, Jurassic World Developer Coatsink Acquired By Thunderful Group

Upload VR

VR developer Coatsink is the latest studio to be acquired, this time by Thunderful Group. The UK-based team, which has worked on VR since its infancy, was been fully acquired by the group for £23 million (around $30 million).

How group streaming could look in the future

Mashable VR

With COVID-19 canceling in-person movie nights for the time being, it's unfortunate that group streaming technology for the socially distant equivalent isn't outstanding. However, nothing has recreated the experience of sitting down in front of a gorgeous television with a group of friends.

How to make a contact group on an iPhone

Digital Trends

If you're arranging a party or group trip, texting each person individually can be a time-consuming hassle. Apple How-To Mobile iPhone Apps iPhone contacts Tier 4

Facebook yanks large QAnon conspiracy group off platform

Digital Trends

The right-wing conspiracy group was removed for violating community policies. News Social Media conspiracy theories Facebook qanon

Facebook's new policies are meant to stop the spread of conspiracy theories and hate in Groups

Mashable VR

More about Facebook , Facebook Groups , Misinformation , Hate Speech , and Tech. Facebook Facebook Groups Misinformation Hate Speech TechRead more.

Khronos Group Would Welcome Input From Microsoft On OpenXR Standard


During GDC 2017, Khronos Group unveiled OpenXR as the name for their VR/AR API standard that’s currently being developed. We reported on the announcement and broke down a bit of why this standard was something for the VR industry and community to get excited about, but we also got the chance to speak with Khronos Group president Neil Trevett to get some questions answered. The Khronos Group is hoping to be able to ship the API around GDC of next year.

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Which group streaming service is right for you?

Mashable VR

No company has quite figured out the perfect group streaming app , but Hulu and Plex have both put together intriguing solutions for this era of social distancing. More about Hulu , Plex , Group Streaming , Tech , and Consumer Tech. Hulu Plex Group Streaming Tech Consumer Tech

Lumiere Award Winners Team Up To Create The Virtual Content Group


The Virtual Content Group (VCG) is a new team composed of French, German, and Australian firms specializing in the experiences born of this technology, and they’re gearing up for expansion after taking home a couple Lumiere awards from the VR Society. The group is looking to raise investment. Tagged with: 3D Content Hub , Cow Prod , INVR.SPACE , Lumiere Awards , VCG , Virtual Content Group , VR.

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Signal Rolls Out Encrypted Group Video Calls

GizModo VR

Signal, the encrypted messaging app beloved by tech privacy enthusiasts around the world (including Edward Snowden ), is taking on the world of group video calls.

Inception Raises $15 Million Series A Funding Led By EU Media Conglomerate RTL Group

Road to VR

Inception’s ambitions to become the ‘Netflix of VR’ have just received a major boost, with the Tel Aviv-based company closing a $15 million Series A funding round led by media and broadcast giant RTL Group. RTL Group , Europe’s largest broadcaster with a global presence in 59 television channels and 31 radio stations, and the leading European media company for online video, will hold a minority stake of 15% in the company.

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Valve Talks ‘OpenXR’, the Newly Revealed Branding for Khronos Group’s Industry-backed VR Standard

Road to VR

Valve’s Joe Ludwig talks about the latest updates on the Khronos Group’s VR standardization process that is now being called “ OpenXR.” The OpenXR working group has just completed it’s exploratory process and there are still numerous open debates, and the Khronos Group is making this announcement of a name and logo at GDC in order to encourage more VR headset and peripheral companies to get involved in this standardization process.

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Volkswagen Group, One of the World’s Largest Companies, is Building VR Apps to Help Employees Collaborate Across the Globe

Road to VR

Volkswagen Group, the multi-brand automotive company, has developed VR apps to make long-distance collaboration in production and logistics an easier task. Using the HTC Vive, the company has created what it calls the Volkswagen Digital Reality Hub Group , a VR platform that will help the company’s employees collaborate across the Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA and Volkswagen brands. image courtesy Volkswagen Group.

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GDC 2017: Khronos Group Unveils VR/AR Standard OpenXR


In December of last year, Khronos group made headlines for adding Epic Games to the list of companies in support of their pursuit of an API standard for virtual and augmented reality. A couple months later, that standard now has a name as Khronos unveils the OpenXR working group at GDC 2017.

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Getty’s New Virtual Reality Group Offers 12,000 360 Images Straight Away


The post Getty’s New Virtual Reality Group Offers 12,000 360 Images Straight Away appeared first on UploadVR. Art & Science VR Industry News 360 images Getty Rio Olympics The Getty Images Virtual Reality GroupWhen it comes to stock images Getty is as big as it gets. Now the company wants to make the same true of 360 degree content.

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How a Facebook group for people who can't smell handled the COVID rush

Mashable VR

More about Facebook Groups , Smell , Symptoms , Covid 19 , and Science. Facebook Groups Smell Symptoms Covid 19 ScienceRead more.

Facebook claims it won't recommend political groups anymore (we'll see)

Mashable VR

In a Wednesday earnings call, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a promise to cease promoting political and civic groups, globally, for the long term.

Far-right conspiracy group QAnon is surging with TikTok teens

Digital Trends

Digital Trends found more than two dozen accounts touting conspiracies, with hundreds of thousands of views. News Social Media breaking conspiracy theories qanon tiktok

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How Boogaloo groups persist and proliferate on Facebook, despite crackdown

Digital Trends

Since Facebook announced a ban on June 30, more than 100 new groups have formed. News Social Media alt-right boogaloo Facebook

VR Health Group Is Rating How Many Calories Games Burn


All of that information is then condensed into one easy to read label that developers can use to promote their games or users can search through on the group’s website. The group has already given ratings to some of VR’s most popular experiences. Developers are encouraged to submit their own games, but the group will self-rate apps that look like they could be intensive too.

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