Apple Developers Join The WebVR Community Group


Today, Brandon Jones from Google (who is one of the chairs in the official WebVR Community Group ,) noticed that developers from Apple have officially joined the group. In the Community Group there are 147 non-Chair participants as of the time of this writing. Notably Jones was quick to point out on Twitter that “group participation does not necessarily imply a commitment to implement” but it’s still a step in the right direction.

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Apple Developers Join WebVR Community Group Shaping the Future of VR on the Web

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With Apple’s newly public interest in VR , developers from the company have join the W3C WebVR Community Group to have a say in the development of the WebVR standard. The post Apple Developers Join WebVR Community Group Shaping the Future of VR on the Web appeared first on Road to VR.

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Khronos Group Would Welcome Input From Microsoft On OpenXR Standard


During GDC 2017, Khronos Group unveiled OpenXR as the name for their VR/AR API standard that’s currently being developed. We reported on the announcement and broke down a bit of why this standard was something for the VR industry and community to get excited about, but we also got the chance to speak with Khronos Group president Neil Trevett to get some questions answered. The Khronos Group is hoping to be able to ship the API around GDC of next year.

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Google Shuts Down Internal VR Film Studio Spotlight Stories

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Google is shutting down Spotlight Stories, the group tasked not only with pushing forward virtual reality as a storytelling medium, but creating a number of highly polished and thoughtful VR pieces in the process. Image courtesy Google.

GDC 2017: Khronos Group Unveils VR/AR Standard OpenXR


In December of last year, Khronos group made headlines for adding Epic Games to the list of companies in support of their pursuit of an API standard for virtual and augmented reality. Representatives for Google VR, Intel, and others already voiced their support of Khronos’ work by that point, but Epic’s Unreal Engine allowed Khronos to focus on a potential wider adoption of the standard.

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Getty Images has launched the Getty Images Virtual Reality Group

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Getty Images, has launched the Getty Images Virtual Reality Group, a new business dedicated to the creation and global distribution of virtual reality content.

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Only Select Developers Can Publish Google Daydream Apps Until 2017

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Google Daydream is supposed to launch Fall 2016, but only a select group of developers will be able to publish Daydream apps to the Google Play store until 2017. See Also: Google Daydream SDK Launches Out of Beta, Adds Unity Integration.

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Eye-Tracking Group Tobii Plans To Invest $16 Million In VR By 2019


Google also recently purchased Eyefluence, suggesting we could see eye-tracking in headsets powered by Google in the years to come. With its eye-tracking solution already on the market, Tobii could be a big player in VR going forward.

Google & LG Detail Next-gen 1,443 PPI OLED VR Display, ‘especially ideal for standalone AR/VR’

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Ahead of SID Display Week, researchers have published details on Google and LG’s 18 Mpixel 4.3-in 1,443-ppi 120Hz OLED display made for wide field of view VR headsets, which was teased back in March. Human Visual System vs. Google/LG’s Display.

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Google Tests Interactive Learning with VR Espresso Machine, “People learned faster and better in VR”

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The team behind Daydream, Google’s mobile VR platform, is currently conducting experiments with the aim of broadening virtual reality’s usecase to include more interactive learning. image courtesy Google. SEE ALSO This Restaurant is Using Google Daydream to Train Employees.

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WaveOptics Working With EV Group For Sub-$600 AR Wearables By Next Year


Following the report of WaveOptics’ nearly $16 million series B funding last July, the Oxford, UK-based optics tech company announced today it has partnered with semiconductor, microelectromechanical, and nanotech supplier EV Group (ECG) to bring consumer-ready augmented reality displays to market by the end of 2019.

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Call for VR Open Standard Backed by Valve, Oculus, Google, & OSVR

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The Khronos Group announced on Tuesday that they have a critical mass of major VR players who are collaborating on a VR open standard. I had a chance to catch up with Khronos Group President Neil Trevett to talk about this call for participation on this VR open standard.

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Google’s Experiment With Web-Based Augmented Reality


Google reveals new prototype that lets you share interactive augmented reality assets online. Reza Ali and Josh Carpenter work on Google’s Daydream WebXR team—a group working to integrate more virtual and augmented reality elements into everyday web browsing.

Google Uses AR To Replace The Faces On Dollar Bills With Notable Women


” Impatient for the shift and inspired by Rosie Rios, the treasury secretary who first advocated to honor Tubman’s legacy by placing her on the bill, Google and Nexus Studios created an AR app to replace the faces of the white men on currency with those of prominent women. “I

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Google Brings Social Viewing and Avatars to YouTube VR


Soon after, YouTube became the largest VR video platform over night by supporting playback within VR headsets like Google Cardboard. Since then, we’ve seen YouTube introduce 360° live streaming and YouTube VR pop up as an early launch app on Google’s Daydream platform.

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Google Buying HTC’s Pixel Team for $1.1 Billion


Google has announced a $1.1 billion cooperation agreement under which certain HTC employees – many of whom are already working with Google to develop Pixel smartphones – will join Google. Separately, Google will receive a non-exclusive license for HTC intellectual property (IP).

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Google Spotlight Stories VR Movie Team Shutting Down – Report


Google’s Spotlight Stories division gave us VR gems like Pearl and Age of Sail. ” We’ve reached out to Google to confirm the report. According to a Variety source members of the team are being given the chance to look for new positions within Google.

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Google Tilt Brush Brings Blocks Integration


Two months ago Google launched their Blocks VR creation tool that enabled anyone to 3D model low polygon objects with little modeling experience required. Any Tilt Brush sketches using Blocks objects can now be published to Google’s Sketches platform to share with friends as well.

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Google Launching WebVR Support for Android Chrome in January, Desktop to Follow

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There, Google said that the company soon plans to ship a public version of Chrome on Android with support for WebVR 1.1. SEE ALSO Google Shows HTC Vive Running at 90 FPS in Chrome with WebVR. Google News Web VR Chrome google megan lindsay virtual reality web web vr webvr

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Blade Runner VR Experience Announced For Lenovo Mirage & Google Daydream


Google WorldSense technology lets you freely explore 2023 Los Angeles. A partnership between Seismic Games and Alcon Media Group, the interactive VR experience takes place shortly after the events of the original film, dropping you into the plot of the critically-acclaimed sequel.

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Google VR Film Explores Artisanal Gold Mine In Democratic Republic Of The Congo


That’s the opening line of a new VR film from the Google Conflict Minerals Campaign entitled The Journey of Gold. Google’s Conflict Minerals Program works with NGOs, government organizations and industry groups to create more responsible practices in the mines in these areas.

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Google Tango Team Reports Directly To VR Leader Clay Bavor


Google is one of the augmented and virtual reality industry’s major players. Two of the major prongs on Google’s AR/VR spear are its Daydream and Tango teams. These are two engineering groups creating their own unique immersive projects.

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Blocks By Google VR – 3D Modeling for the Masses


For the last month I’ve been working with Google to test Blocks, a new VR creation tool that enables anyone to 3D model low polygon objects without training. Grab Tool: Used to grab, group, duplicate, multi select, flip, and throw away objects. Google VR (@googlevr) July 6, 2017.

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Google, Sony And Oculus Unite To Establish VR Industry Standards


Google, Sony, Oculus, Samsung, Acer and HTC have combined their efforts in order to create a healthy and equal industry for virtual reality hardware and software to develop and expand. Ultimately, the group will develop best practices and share them openly.”.

Hands-on: Google’s Standalone Daydream Headset Prototype with WorldSense Tracking

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Over the last 12 months or so we’ve been keeping an eye on Google’s aggressive hiring for its AR/VR team which, among other things, suggested that the company was working on new “mass production” hardware that would go beyond the simple smartphone snap-in Daydream headsets.

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Trans Youth Imagine Their Ideal Future Using Google Tilt Brush


And while it’s essential that we continue to recognize the many problems plaguing these groups, it’s equally important that we encourage trans youth to imagine a future free from judgement and oppression. .

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Google Opens The Floodgates To Let More Developers Submit Daydream Apps


For its first few months of availability, Google only worked with a select group of developers on Daydream-compatible apps. Starting today, Google is opening the doors for all developers creating apps along the company’s guidelines to submit.

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Apple Should Be Very Worried About Google’s Pixel


I basically didn’t talk to my family for a week during a recent outage caused by my need to repair the iPhone because our iMessage chat group didn’t port over to Android. Google is claiming Pixel has a better camera than the iPhone 7 (though they didn’t mention the 7+) and it is pairing that camera with unlimited full resolution storage of photos and videos shot with the device. ” Not the same with Google Pixel.

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Google’s ‘Expeditions’ Initiative is Leading Innovation in the Future of Immersive Education

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Google’s overarching mission is to organize all of the world’s information, and so it’s a natural fit for the company to be one of the leading innovators for using VR for immersive education. SEE ALSO For Google, the Future of VR Is on the Open Web with WebVR & WebAR.

Puzzle Platformer ‘Danger Goat’ From nDreams Releasing For Google Daydream Nov. 10


We are just nine short days away from the Google Daydream View officially releasing into the wild. A sinister group of secret agents are hot on his trail and will stop at nothing to prevent him from returning to the cosmos. gaming Google danger goat Daydream google ndreams view

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Vive Tracker Powers Google Daydream Wireless Room Scale Hack


The team’s name was Master of Shapes , and they were one of the groups that HTC had gathered to showcase some of the many applications for the new device. The team today posted a look at its experiments attaching the Tracker to Google’s Daydream View, a device that doesn’t positionally track a user’s head movements. He also teased that the company has been using the Tracker with a phone supported by Google’s Tango 3D mapping tech too.

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Google Launches Poly, a Home and Discovery Platform for VR and AR Content


If you’ve been one of the creators working with Tilt Brush and Blocks, you’re probably aware of the two different galleries Google created for you to showcase your work: Sketches and Objects. News Blocks Google Poly Poly Tilt Brush

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Google Limits Publishing Daydream Apps and Games


Google Daydream VR platform is set to launch in fall 2016, but only a select group of developers will be able to publish Daydream apps. Google Play store is limiting access until some point in 2017. ” Google Pixel XL phone is manufactured by HTC.

Google Daydream Apps to include J.K. Rowling Experience, Gunjack 2, Netflix, and More

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Today at Google’s press event announcing the Pixel phone and Daydream View headset, the company detailed VR content on the way to the Daydream Android VR platform. Google says they’ve been working with Warner Brothers on a Daydream VR experience based on J.K.

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Try Google’s Daydream View VR Headset at their NY Pop-Up Shop


Google’s Daydream View VR headset comes to stores November 10th. But if you’re in the New York area and want to try the headset before you buy it in retailers like Verizon and Best Buy, you can stop by Google’s pop-up shop in the heart of SoHo.