Leap Motion Grabs $50M Investment for Class-leading Hand-tracking Tech

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Leap Motion, a veteran player in the virtual reality sector (having been founded two years ahead of Oculus), has announced the closure of a Series C investment round totaling $50 million.

We Tried Leap Motion’s New Hand Tracking Module On Gear VR


Leap Motion is a young technology company that is perhaps best known at this point for what it sells at your local Best Buy. However, an $80 peripheral is not what the Leap team has in mind for the future. The presence of a Gear VR in the demo room is significant for Leap Motion.

Leap Motion Raises $50 Million For Its Finger Tracking Technology


Leap Motion is one possible solution, with its hand and finger tracking technology offering one route for VR and AR headsets to let people make selections and interact with virtual worlds. This potential likely figured into the $50 million Series C funding raised by Leap Motion. Morgan Asset Management’s Private Equity Group, Lawrence Unrein, is joining Leap’s board of directors.

Weekly Funding & People Roundup: Leap Motion Raises $50M,


The Series A round was led by leading online real estate portal and first-time investor, Zillow Group.

Leap Motion secures $50M to continue its work in VR/AR hand-tracking tech

Cats and VR

Leap Motion, Inc., the leading creator of motion tracking technology for natural input in virtual and augmented reality, today announced $50 million in Series C funding led by clients advised by J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Private Equity Group.

Reliving Memories With The Looking Glass Pro 3D Holographic Workstation


This USB-C input can also be used to connect a variety of compatible controllers, including the Leap Motion tracker, Intel’s Realsense, even a Nintendo Joy-Con. The Looking Glass 3D display is now available as a touch screen standalone device.

Design Sprints at Leap Motion: A Playground of 3D User Interfaces


Click To Tweet When someone first puts on a Leap Motion-enabled VR headset, it often seems like they’re rediscovering how to use their own hands. Designing virtual interactions for human arms, hands, and fingers means digging into the range of motion of shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

Design Sprints at Leap Motion: Building a Sculpture Prototype with the Graphic Renderer


Click To Tweet The Leap Motion Interaction Engine lets developers give their virtual objects the ability to be picked up, thrown, nudged, swatted, smooshed, or poked. Rapid Prototyping and Development at Leap Motion.

Baofeng Showcases Mobile VR Headset With Positional and Finger Tracking


Baofeng Group, a Chinese mobile communications giant, announced their fifth generation VR headset, the Mojing 5.0, Asia VR Headsets baofeng baofeng mojing china vr chinese vr Daydream gear vr google daydream leap motion mobile VR samsung samsung gear vr

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Design Sprints at Leap Motion: Crafting Reactive Behaviors with the Interaction Engine


strLast time, we looked at how an interactive VR sculpture could be created with the Leap Motion Graphic Renderer as part of an experiment in interaction design. The Leap Motion Interaction Engine provides the foundation for hand-centric VR interaction design.

#BuildYourNorthStar Workshop Brings AR to Life in 48 Hours


In support of the event, our team donated Leap Motion Controllers. Our CTO David Holz and engineer/ AR tennis champion Jonathon Selstad joined the workshop, along with former Leap Motion engineer Adam Munich.

How a Self-Taught Teen Built His Own North Star Headset


He was able to follow build tutorials from Japanese dev group exiii , which include links to all the parts. The post How a Self-Taught Teen Built His Own North Star Headset appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

Japan Joins Project North Star


Developer group exiii shared their experience on their blog along with a build guide, which uses off-the-shelf components. Alex Colgan (Leap Motion): What inspired you to build a North Star headset? The post Japan Joins Project North Star appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

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Beyond Flatland: User Interface Design for VR


Depending on the nature of the interface, the first object of a group to be touched can momentarily lock out all others. At Leap Motion, we’ve been experimenting internally with a range of different interfaces that are part of the user.

VR Design Guide


In the context of motion controls, good affordance is critical, since it is necessary that users interact with objects in the expected manner. With 2D Leap Motion applications, this means adapting traditional UX design principles that condensed around the mouse and keyboard.

3 Robots About to Break Into Your Everyday Reality


At Leap Motion, we’ve seen our fair share of impressive motion-controlled robots that will one day bring about the robocalypse. (We’re ” From there, the group quit their jobs to develop a high precision robot based on stepper motors. Happy Halloween!

Unlocking New Hands in the Unity Core Assets: Part I


In rebuilding our Unity developer toolset from the ground up , we started by rearchitecting the interfaces that receive data from the Leap Motion device. scripts to work with Leap Motion Orion tracking and to improve workflow for 3D mesh hands.

Unity 44

Top 8 Questions from CES 2017


This week we hit the CES showfloor in Las Vegas with two missions: share our Mobile VR Platform with the world and play “spot Leap Motion in the wild.”. What is Leap Motion? The post Top 8 Questions from CES 2017 appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

Take a Meditative VR Journey + 16 More VR Demos


At expos like VRLA, I got to see what a powerful pairing the Leap Motion Controller and Oculus are and believe there is still so much left to explore!”. Leap Fighter. Strap on your Oculus and beat down a virtual Mexican wrestler with Leap Fighter. “It

11 New #3DJam Demos: Droids and Discovery


Designed by a team of students at Game-U ( @gameu_nj ), Nerves is an intense visit to the operating room for a motion-control surgeon. They form part of the unofficial Leap Motion Jp developers group. LEAPing into Accessibility.

VR Bungee Jumping, Samurai Swords, and 16 More New Demos


Take the leap! Petricore ( @Petricoregames ) is a game development company created in May by a group of Becker College graduates. We’ve worked with Leap Motion before, but we were surprised by how easy it was to integrate Leap Motion and Oculus and get started with development.

Redesigning Our Unity Core Assets Part II: New Features in 4.1.0


While working on demonstration projects here at Leap Motion, we’ve found ourselves wanting to use different sets of hands for a variety of reasons. When you do this, the iHandModel component in the model prefab receives a default Leap hand pose.

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Twist the Gears of a Massive VR Music Engine with Carillon


In order for students to think about how to create pieces of music and pieces of software, we enable groups to get together and make music as an ensemble. Carillon was really built for VR: the Oculus Rift and the Leap Motion Controller are key components in the work.

Ergonomics in VR Design


Restrict Motions to Interaction. On the other hand, being able to control movement reduces the experience of motion sickness. Avoid rotating or moving the horizon line or other large components of the environment unless it corresponds with the user’s real-world motions.

What Would a Truly 3D Operating System Look Like?


Jody Medich is a UX designer and researcher who believes that the next giant leap in technology involves devices and interfaces that can “speak human.” As participants add data to the wall, sticky notes appear in thematic groupings spatially across the board.

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My predictions for augmented reality in 2019

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Magic Leap. Me, wearing a Magic Leap One. The most important news has been for sure the launch of the Magic Leap One. Rear view of the Magic Leap One. Leap Motion. You may ask why I’m adding Leap Motion here. Magic Leap.

Firework Factory VR: Touch the Show this Fourth of July


Reaching toward the holographic interface, with the motion of a single finger, you take control of time itself. Hover VR interfaces use the Leap Motion Controller, providing hand-based interactions and strong sense of immersion in the virtual space.

Can VR Change How Your Brain Works?


We want to know exactly how effective our software is for different age groups with different kinds of lazy eye, what the optimal training regime is, and which techniques are the most effective for the different types of lazy eye. appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

Oculus Software Designers Tease ‘Game Changing’ Reveal For OC6


We’re a day out from Oculus Connect 6 and a group of software designers are teasing big things. Krivoruchko worked on software for hand-tracking at Leap Motion and Pinchon worked on a WebVR creation platform named Hologram. Jonathan Ravasz, Product Design Prototyper at Facebook, recently tweeted about a session he’ll be hosting tomorrow. The session’s title is ‘To Be Announced’ and it will also feature Engineering Manager, Jenny Spurlock.

WCVRI Day 1: Hands-on RealMax AR glasses and Droolon F1 eye tracking!

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The virtual elements spanned all my FOV until the frame of the glasses , and this was another smart thing, because my brain was ok to see that there were holograms only inside the frame of the glass, and then after the frame there was nothing anymore (it is the same trick of Magic Leap ).

Is it worth going to WCVRI?

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People like Eloi Gerard, Nikk Mitchell, Gianluigi Perrone, and many others that I know from the XR Story group on WeChat are all people worth meeting… and many of them were at this event. After I have published all these posts about the WCVRI event in Nanchang (e.g.

China 195

Avengers: Damage Control Review – The VOID’s Best Location-Based VR Experience Yet


The headsets used for this experience are the same as all other VOID experiences, which means they’re original Oculus Rifts that are retro-fitted into helmets alongside backpack PCs to power things, with Leap Motion sensors embedded into the front of the visor.

AWE 2017 Announces Keynotes And Speaking Sessions


The event’s three keynotes will be hosted by “Shots of Awe” filmmaker, philosopher and futurist Jason Silva , “The Fourth Transformation” author and Transformative Group partner Robert Scoble , and game designer, author and Carnegie Mellon scholar Jesse Schell.

Valve shows Knuckles prototype controllers v2

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It is still not perfect ( Leap Motion is still more accurate), but surely it is a step forward from the Oculus Touch. This sentence states that in little time Valve will start giving dev kits to a bigger group of developers. How to enter this group?

‘Ralph Breaks VR’ Hyper-Reality Experience Is An All-Out Assault On Your Senses


Ralph Breaks VR utilizes Leap Motion tracking devices mounted to the front of the headsets to capture each players hand movements. This makes sense considering the first objective tasked my group with correctly hand-selecting a constantly changing panel of buttons in order to fix.

All you need to know on Oculus Connect 6: the most important news in one single article!

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Then there are the problems that are inherent to all hands-tracking solutions like Leap Motion : no haptic feedback, virtual hands that trespass objects they are interacting with, and such. And you will be able to post into Facebook Groups from within VR.

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SIF: Mandala mixes interactive theater with VR, my experience with redirected walking and much more!

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She asked us who was going to lead the group and after some seconds in which we all looked in the eyes of the others hoping for someone else to propose, I decided to be the leader. Last post about my experience at Sandbox Immersive Festival! (If