Georgia School in Viral Photo Closes Indefinitely Following Covid-19 Outbreak

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Administrators at a Georgia High School got a taste of the Streisand Effect last week when they suspended two students for shared images of students navigating packed hallways between classes while a pandemic rages across the state. coronavirus schools covid 19 georgia

An Emerging Virus Has Now Been Spotted in Georgia's Ticks

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Certain ticks in Georgia are carrying an emerging virus that can make people sick, new research shows. The study found traces of the Heartland virus, one of the most recently discovered tickborne germs in the U.S., in the state’s lone star tick populations.


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Facebook's Ban On Political Ads Will Resume Following Georgia Senate Runoffs

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After temporarily pausing its nationwide ban on political advertisements to allow campaign messages about the Georgia senate runoffs, Facebook abruptly reversed course on Tuesday, announcing in a blog post that the ban would resume following the election’s conclusion on Wednesday.

Megan Thee Stallion x Dua Lipa video is a terrifying Georgia O'Keeffe acid trip

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Amid a sea of butts, there's plenty of floral imagery too, giving major Georgia O'Keeffe vibes. It's a musical collaboration of our wildest dreams: Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion. And the music video for "Sweetest Pie" is exactly the magical dreamscape you'd expect of these two powerhouses.

Hundreds of Kids in Georgia Tested Positive for Coronavirus After Summer Camp

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It details an outbreak of covid-19 at an overnight summer camp in Georgia this past June, in which hundreds of children of all ages and teenage staff… Read more.

Georgia's Dumbass Governor Abolishes Local Mask Requirements as Covid-19 Cases Soar

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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed an executive order on Wednesday banning all cities and counties in the state from requiring people to wear masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

A Large Chunk of Ice Has Torn Away From Menacing Iceberg A68a

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The world’s largest free-floating iceberg appears to have lost its northernmost section, a possible result of it slamming into the shallow continental shelf surrounding the ecologically sensitive South Georgia island. just the tip iceberg a68a south georgia icebergs conservation science

Good Luck to the Judge Who Sealed a Ballot Machine Vulnerability Report in Georgia

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Facing a quintessential damned-if-I-do-damned-if-I-don’t scenario, a federal judge in Georgia has moved to seal a 25,000-word report said to outline vulnerabilities in the state’s ballot-marking machines.

Colossal Iceberg Spilled 168 Billion Tons of Freshwater Near Wildlife-Rich Island

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iceberg geography of antarctica water ice physical geography laura gerrish environment south georgia glaciology larsen ice shelf thwaites glacier

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and David Tennant

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A modern interpretation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde , from the showrunners/producers of Agent Carter and starring David and Georgia Tennant?

Child Skull of Enigmatic Ancient Human Found in South African Cave

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lee rogers berger early modern human lee berger cradle of humankind paleoanthropology biological anthropology naledi juliet brophy rising star cave marina elliott human evolution homo leti anthropology h naledi homo naledi prehistoric georgiaIt’s tiny, incomplete, and undeniably awesome.

Microbes Might Make It Easier to Produce Rocket Fuel on Mars

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mars natural sciences matthew realff georgia tech pamela peralta yahya cyanobacteria pyrotechnics nick kruyer technology internet methane peralta yahya environment physical sciences peralta extraterrestrial life astrobiology e coli biology life on mars industrial gases photosynthesis

Unprecedented Study of a Single Woolly Mammoth Shows Where It Roamed From Birth to Death

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woolly mammoth quaternary mastodon prehistoric mammals jeanne timmons johanna irrgeher thomas prohaska katy smith environment beth shapiro cenozoic mammoths strontium cro matthew wooller joshua miller ben potter columbian mammoth georgia southern university

Study 94

Once the World’s Largest Iceberg, A68a Is Now a Shattered Mess

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environment geography of antarctica icebergs water ice ice shelf physical geography south georgia glaciology a68The latest satellite imagery suggests iceberg A68a is in its death throes, as the once-colossal iceberg has deteriorated rapidly over the past week. Read more.

The 10 Best 'Boring' Livestreams on YouTube

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boring geirangerfjord songs hellesylt digital media duluth georgia duluth minnesota netflix today geiranger moon jelly cam monterey bay aquarium livestreaming strandaDo you feel like you’ve watched everything already? Nothing good on Netflix?

DragonCon 2020 in Atlanta Is Officially, Finally, Going Virtual

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dragoncon covid 19 coronavirus covid 19 reopening sars cov 2 conventions atlanta georgiaAnother of the biggest convention holdouts has just given up its battle with covid-19.

Updates From Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Black Adam, and More

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Get up close with Michael Myers’ new look in Halloween Kills. One of the charmed ones has called time on Charmed ’s next season. Game of Thrones prequel spinoff House of the Dragon has been hit with covid-induced production shutdowns. Plus, what’s to come on Rick and Morty. To me, my spoilers!

John Oliver's deep dive into 'rocks' is far more interesting than it sounds

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John Oliver starts his latest web exclusive for Last Week Tonight promising us rocks (not just any rocks, either, but "specific rocks"), before explaining that he'll need to "ramp up" to it by first talking about furries and Georgia politician (and recent loser in the race for governor) Kandiss Taylor.

#912: Virtual Conference Lessons Learned from IEEE VR 2020 + Experiential Design Tradeoffs

Voices of VR

On March 6th, 2020, the IEEE VR announced a venue change on their website from Atlanta, Georgia to online in virtual reality for the academic. Podcast Archive

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Climate Change Is 'Healthy for All of Us'

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That’s according to noted nutjob and QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia). Stop worrying, everyone! Carbon dioxide is actually good for us, and climate change is making our planet safer.

QAnon Is a Dangerous Echo of Conspiracies Past

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As the tragic events of January 6th, 2021 played out in glaring clarity on our televisions, laptops, and phones, it became remarkably obvious how disparate the goals were of the separate groups involved.

Surging Bird Flu Cases in the U.S. Have Come for the Bald Eagle

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Three wild bald eagles found dead in Georgia were confirmed to have died from bird flu on Thursday, increasing the toll from a recent surge in avian influenza cases that’s caused the death of tens of millions of birds in total.

Rare ‘Earthgrazer’ Meteor Flew 186 Miles Over 3 States

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Skywatchers in Georgia and Alabama were treated to a glorious light show this Tuesday when a rare earthgrazing meteor zoomed across the night sky. Read more.

The Green New Deal Didn't Sink Democrats

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The dust hasn’t even settled on the 2020 election (stares intently at Georgia’s two Senate runoffs), but the sniping has already begun.

Satellite Photos Show Gigantic Iceberg Possibly Drifting Away From Ecologically Sensitive Island

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Iceberg A68a—currently the world’s largest iceberg—is rotating and possibly moving in a westerly direction away from South Georgia Island, according to new satellite photos.

Striking 3D Satellite Images Show Shattered Iceberg A68a, Which Still Threatens a Sensitive Island

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A68a, the world’s most famous iceberg , is still hanging out near South Georgia island, along with its recent offspring. Here’s what we know about these gigantic chunks of ice and how the situation might develop from here as ocean currents swirl the ‘bergs. Read more.

A Chain Just Cut Through A Capsized Cargo Ship Filled With Cars And The Process Is Fascinating

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Simons Sound just off the port of Brunswick, Georgia. Back in September of 2019, a 600+ foot cargo ship called the MV Golden Ray, which was apparently loaded in an unstable fashion with over 4,000 cars , capsized in St.

'The Walking Dead' Pokémon GO Knockoff Gets a Launch Date, More Details Revealed

Next Reality AR

While it has been slower to arrive than a walker limping through thick Georgia mud, location-based augmented reality game Walking Dead: Our World finally has a confirmed launch date: July 12. Along with a release date, the game's publisher, Next Games, has provided a few more details on gameplay. We've known that the game will follow Pokémon GO's model, with first-person battles with zombies replacing cutesy sparring with pocket monsters.

A Dredge Crew Found Pre-Civil War Cannons Near Downtown Savannah

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In late February, the Army Corps of Engineers was working to deepen the Savannah River abutting the city of Savannah, Georgia. Hauling up huge gobs with their clamshell digger, the team came across two cannons, the origins of which remain unknown. Read more

Great, We Gave Covid-19 to Otters

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Over the weekend, officials at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta reported that several of their otters became sick with respiratory symptoms and tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. Otters have joined the ever-growing list of animals known to be susceptible to the coronavirus behind covid-19.

U.S. Concentration Camp Sent Undocumented Women to Be Sterilized According to Whistleblower

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concentration camp in Georgia were sent to be given unnecessary hysterectomies.… Why are the terms “Nazi Germany” and “Mengele” become trending topics on Twitter?

World's Biggest Iceberg Is on a Collision Course With Wildlife-Filled Island

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The world’s biggest iceberg—called A68a—is heading directly towards the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, where it could wreak havoc on the local wildlife for years to come.

Read the Fine-Print on Verizon's New 4G Home Internet

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Verizon announced today that it has launched a brand new 4G LTE home internet option for residents in parts of Savannah, Georgia, Springfield, Missouri, and the Tri-Cities of both Tennessee and Virginia.

Fans Get A VR Tour Of LA Stadium Ahead Of Super Bowl LIII


Image Credit: United Way, Futurus, Georgia University. “It’s Image Credit: United Way, Futurus, Georgia University. United Way, Futurus, and Georgia University also teamed up to provide their own Unity-built experience during the Fan Expo. Fans get a closer look at the future home of the Los Angeles Rams. This Sunday the Los Angeles Rams take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

How a Bargain-Basement Internet Conspiracy Theorist Rode the QAnon Wave to the Edge of Congress

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In her heavily red corner of Georgia, the nomination… Read more. At an indoor, largely maskless victory party in August, Marjorie Taylor Greene had a message for her detractors.

Sweetgreen CEO Says We Need Salads More Than a Vaccine Mandate

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In states like Florida and Georgia, hospitals and morgues are buckling under the weight of a new sudden surge in COVID cases with no end in sight.

Facebook's Head of Ad Integrity Leaves Company

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ads facebook 2020 election georgia twitterFacebook’s chief of advertising integrity Rob Leathern has left the company, he announced in a Twitter thread Friday.