How to watch MLB: Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies online

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How-To Movies & TV News Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies Commerce How-To ESPN how to watch MLBThe four-game series between the Braves and the Phillies starts tonight. Here's how to stream it live online.

Chunks of United Airlines Plane Rain Down on Colorado Suburb Following Engine Trouble

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disaster accident southwest philadelphia transportation in philadelphia transport sacramento international airport human activities turbine engine failure aviation philadelphia international airportHuge metal chunks of debris rained down on a Colorado suburb Saturday afternoon after the engine on a United Airlines plane overhead burst into flames. Read more.


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How to watch MLB: New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies online today

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The four-game series between the Yankees and Phillies starts tonight. Here's how you can stream it with ESPN+. Deals How-To Movies & TV News ESPN how to watch MLB

Rashida Jones and a Robot Are Coming to Apple TV+

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rashida robot rashida jones disaster accident writers colin sunny lucy tcherniak suzie american television series its always sunny in philadelphia susie sakamoto archos tv portable video player pvp american writers a24 katie robbins

Sir, This Is an Airport.Not a WeWork

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airport wework ohare international airport airlines american express centurion american airlines allianz partners united airlines rooms american airlines group airport lounge wall street journal claude roussel aviation delta air lines philadelphia international airport us airways dawn gilbertson

Tech Trends at #ISTE2019

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We’re headed to Philadelphia for the biggest event in the EdTech calendar. This year their annual conference and expo happens in Philadelphia from June 23rd to the 26th, and Tech Trends will be there as our Editor-in-Chief Alice Bonasio takes part in a session hosted by Microsoft entitled Mixed Reality: New Places and Spaces for Learning.

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New Worlds To Visit And Games To Play In VR This Weekend (2/17/17)

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We also found ourselves laughing pretty hard at the idiot gang from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia performing a “badass” jump in 360 on YouTube. Tagged with: Danny Bittman , It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia , Pearl , tilt brush. Experiences Danny Bittman It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Pearl tilt brushKeeping up with everything new happening in VR is getting more challenging with each passing week.

VR Connects Incarcerated Parents With Their Children


In addition, the program leverages the help of organizations such as Amachi Pittsburgh and Public Health Management Corporation in Philadelphia to facilitate the visits and help any child who might have questions about the VR program or the prison system.

GoFundMe Fraudster Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Homeless Man Scam

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So after spending a day listening to wannabe The Sopranos accents while trying to avoid both Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore, seeing a heart-melting story on GoFundMe over a homeless man’s good deed might make you more keen to… Read more.

AR App Lets You Play ‘Space Invaders’ On A Beer Can Because Why Not?


The company states that it’s already collaborated with a variety of private brands on a number of original experiences, including brewers such as Paulaner in Germany, and smaller ones in Hawaii, Philadelphia, New Jersey, North Carolina, New Zealand, and Australia.

(NSFW) Always Sunny in Philadelphia 360 Video Lets You Be Totally and Completely Badass

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Totally, and completely, badass, courtesy of Always Sunny in Philadelphia. What you just experienced is a 360 video produced by Jaunt and FX featuring the cast of the highly-successful comedy show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. What’s up jabronis. Welcome to a brand new episode of Project Badass. The pyrotechnics (bug bomb) are set, the speedway (cardboard ramp) is secure and, most importantly, your helmet (forgot) and safety gear (nope) are on.

This Mom Allegedly Created Deepfakes to Bully Her Daughter's Rivals off the Cheerleading Squad

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Authorities say a Pennsylvania woman anonymously sent her daughter’s cheerleading coaches deepfake photos and videos of rival teammates naked, drinking, or smoking to get them kicked off the squad, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Doctors Discover Disease in Which People Can't Make Antibodies

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The likely very rare and treatable condition, first identified in a young boy from Philadelphia, may one day help scientists better understand the immune system. In new research this month, doctors say they’ve discovered a new genetic disorder that saps a person’s ability to make antibodies.

Feds Charge Philly Protester With Torching Police Cars After Following Unnerving Online Trail

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FBI agents used online evidence including an Etsy shop and profiles on LinkedIn and fashion website Poshmark to identify and charge a woman they say set fire to two police cars during recent protests in Philly, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Niantic Partners with City Governments to Turn Pokémon GO into a Tool for Community Engagement

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Four of the studied cities — Akron, Ohio; Charlotte, North Carolina; Philadelphia. A new study published by American University demonstrates how Pokémon GO and other augmented reality games can help city governments bring communities closer together. An ongoing partnership between Pokémon GO developer Niantic and the community investment program of the John S. and James L.

Charlie Day Loves Guillermo del Toro, Not So Much Pacific Rim 2

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Slowly but surely, the actors of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have been trying to branch out from the vulgar FX series. For Charlie Day , that shift mostly began back in 2013 with Guillermo del Toro’s cult classic mecha movie, Pacific Rim. Read more.

The most powerful World War II Japanese Battleship reappears in US waters in AR Life Size

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This Japanese Battleship reappearance is reminding me of the famous Philadelphia Experiment which is an alleged a military experiment supposed to have been carried out by the U.S. Navy at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard where The U.S.

Reebok Launches AR Tool To Unlock Neighborhood Basketball Courts


You can expect other Reebok art installations in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Atlanta throughout the fall and winter during the FW21 season. Build your own regulation-size basketball court with the simple tap of a screen using Reebok’s new “Court of Greatness” tool.

Tools 419

Supreme Court Will Weigh In on Web Developer Who Refused Services to Same-Sex Couple

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A Colorado web developer refusing to offer website services to a same-sex couple has found herself at the center of a national debate over the legal limits of free speech and anti-discrimination laws. Read more.

People are sharing their worst Airbnb experiences on Twitter

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Earlier this week, a Twitter user shared pictures of what she thought looked like cameras disguised as fire sprinklers scattered throughout her Airbnb in Philadelphia.

Franklin Institute Transforms Museum Experience With VR


Located in the heart of Philadelphia, The Franklin Institute is a leader in science and technology learning through hands-on exhibits, theaters and live shows. ” Embracing virtual reality within a museum setting is a perfect way to not only drive deeper and more lasting educational experiences with visitors, but also makes VR accessible to a larger audience of first-time users from content creators and universities who are looking to test builds with the broader Philadelphia public.

‘Jupiter Invincible’ Is An AR Comic Book With A Powerful Story


Eric Battle , who has illustrated popular titles such as Spider-Man and The X-Men , served as the editor for Jupiter Invincible , and currently acts as curator, art director, and illustrator on a coffee table book for the Philadelphia Jazz Project and BLAM!

Twitter reacts to Hasbro's unsettling Nerf mascot

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If the Philadelphia Flyers mascot was able to win the hearts and minds of the internet, then so can Murph. Hasbro, famous owners of Nerf and Death Row Records have introduced a new mascot to market their popular foam dart-maker.

The most powerful World War II Japanese Battleship reappears in US waters in AR Life Size


This Japanese Battleship reappearance is reminding me of the famous Philadelphia Experiment which is an alleged a military experiment supposed to have been carried out by the U.S. Navy at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard where The U.S.

NFL Producing VR Series Exclusively for Google


According to Variety, the first episode will have you spending a week with the Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive line as they prepare for an upcoming game. The VR video series will be available on YouTube and Google’s Daydream VR headset. The National Football League is producing its first original VR series, announcing Thursday that the nine-part series will be available on YouTube and Google’s new smartphone-powered VR headset, Daydream View.

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ThirdEye X2 MR: the lightweight MR glasses for the industry

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For example, the firefighters at Marcus Hook Fire Department, which protects the borough of Marcus Hook near Philadelphia, use the X2 MR Glasses with an attachable FLIR (forward-looking infrared) thermal sensor to stay safe, remain hands-free, and keep focused during their mission-critical tasks.

Here’s How VR Is Changing The Way We Eat Out


At Mad Rex in Philadelphia, instead of VR helping to make the food fly, it helps to allow the visitors to fly — or to feel like they are flying. VR has manipulated sight, sound, smell, touch — and now taste? Virtual reality is being used all over by trendsetting restaurants to offer unique dining experiences with the hopes of luring younger crowds. By adding VR to the menu, these restaurants are able to charge incredibly high bills not only for the food but also the experience.

‘Halo’ VR Multiplayer Shooter Coming to Location-based Halo Event

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July 19-21 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Halo: Outpost Discovery is a weekend-long event coming to a few cities across the US this summer; it aims to bring fans closer to the world of Halo, while undoubtedly distancing them from the money in their back pockets. As a traveling Halo theme park, it just so happens to have a Halo -themed multiplayer VR attraction too.

Traveling Halo Fan Experience Will Feature Competitive Location-Based VR


Halo Outpost Discovery kicks off July 5th – 7th in Orlando, Florida; followed by Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 19th – 21nd ; Chicago, Illinois August 2nd – 4th ; Houston, Texas August 16th – 18th ; and Anaheim, California August 30th – September 1st. Fight like alongside fellow Spartans in a PvP experience based on the historic franchise.

I'm an NBA Twitter Casual. And that's fine.

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But I never feel the need to watch a game, even if it's one involving my favorite team, the Philadelphia 76ers. I love the NBA, and I love the Philadelphia 76ers specifically, but I love them on my terms. Let's state it plain: I am an NBA Casual.

The VOID Adds Five Marvel & Disney Location-Based Experiences


The VOID has expanded to eight cities since its initial 2015 launch, with an additional nine locations on the way, including Santa Monica, New York, Philadelphia, Hollywood, Dallas, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., The hyper-reality provider partners with ILMxLAB to develop a new series of interactive experiences, starting with Disney’s upcoming animated film, Ralph Breaks the Internet.

AP Insights: Testing the new Google Jump 360-degree camera When.


Of course, along with that comes a host of opportunities and challenges, as we encountered in Cleveland and Philadelphia. AP Insights: Testing the new Google Jump 360-degree camera When we were invited by Google to experiment with a state-of-the-art 360-degree video camera at the Republican and Democratic national conventions, I leapt at the chance. The camera in question, called Google Jump, allows viewers to experience a seamless panorama in every direction.

NBA All-Star and Weekly Regular Season Coverage Comes Live to VR via TNT and Intel

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Philadelphia @ Cleveland , 8:00 p.m. TNT and Intel have teamed up to bring NBA All-Star coverage to VR on Gear VR and Daydream. Based on Intel’s True VR technology, TNT is bringing live and on-demand VR coverage of NBA All-Star events to Gear VR and Daydream headsets via the NBA on TNT VR app. The app is available today on the Oculus store and the Google Play store.

Check out the NBA ALL-STAR game in VR with the NBA on TNT VR app.

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1 Philadelphia @ Cleveland , 8:00 p.m. Starting on February 16th, NBA fans will be able to get their All-Star coverage live and in VR through the NBA on TNT VR app. Through a partnership with Intel, TNT is bringing live and on-demand VR coverage of NBA All-Star events to Gear VR and Daydream headsets. The coverage kicks off on Friday, Feb. 16 with the 2018 Mtn Dew Kickstart Rising Stars at 9:00 p.m.

The NBA and TNT Partner With Intel For Biggest VR Push Yet


Thursday, March 1 – Philadelphia @ Cleveland. TNT’s NBA VR livestreams begin February 16th. The NBA and TNT are launching a VR experience that is powered by Intel True VR and promises to not only bring fans even closer to the game, but serve as a portal into all available programming through on-demand VR coverage of the upcoming NBA All-Star weekend.

InstaVR Interviews: Conor Todd, Founder of Concierge VR360


Business plan includes filming cost + hosting fees; will provide services to Baltimore-DC-Annapolis-Philadelphia-New York. We’re going after Baltimore, DC, Annapolis, and then up towards Philadelphia and New York as well. InstaVR Interviews: Meet the VR Practitioners. InstaVR Interviews is a blog series where we turn the spotlight on our customers. We find out why they create VR, how they use InstaVR, and what the future of VR will look like.

Playing With XR

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Brian Thomas is a contributor to Enlightened Digital, long-distance cyclist, and lifelong advocate for women in business from Philadelphia. How immersive technologies like Augmented Reality are changing TableTop gaming and making it even more social. By Brian Thomas at Enlightened Digital. The gaming market has been on the rise for a long time now. The industry as a whole is projected to hit over 90 billion dollars by 2020. That will be 12 billion dollars in growth since 2017.