Experiencing Detroit Through The Eyes Of Eminem


VR film “Marshall From Detroit” gives Sundance attendees a closer look at the city responsible for one of hip hop’s greatest acts. Growing up, Marshall dreamed of rapping his way out of Detroit, MI, but, years and fortunes later, he still hasn’t left. Marshall’s rise to success has given Detroit a different voice and reputation in the process. Detroit is a land of historic paradoxes.

Eminem Makes His VR Debut In Marshall From Detroit Trailer


The piece, named Marshall From Detroit, takes the rapper on a tour of his home town. Speaking with Sway Calloway he talks about his life growing up in the city and how Detroit has changed since. Marshall From Detroit is premiering at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend. Tagged with: felix & paul , Marshall From Detroit , vr video Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Eminem Makes His VR Debut In Marshall From Detroit Trailer appeared first on UploadVR.


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Detroit: Become Human endings guide

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Detroit: Become Human has a lot of endings. Gaming detroit: become human How-To Other Playstation 4 quantic dream Sony Tier 4Although it's tough to get them all, you can still guide the game in the right direction if you know where to look.

Eminem Arrives On Oculus Headsets In Marshall From Detroit


Marshall From Detroit is a 21-minute look into Marshall Mathers aka Eminem and his origins in Detroit. Marshall From Detroit premiered at the Sundance Film Festival with the release of the above 360-degree trailer. “In In Marshall From Detroit, we sought to explore the city impressionistically: Detroit as a memory, a feeling, a dream,” said director Caleb Slain, in a prepared statement. A still from Marshall From Detroit, available now on Oculus headsets.

Detroit Police Chief Admits Face Recognition Doesn't Work '95-97% of the Time'

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During a public meeting on Monday, Detroit Police Chief James Craig estimated the facial recognition technology used by his department fails to identify suspects accurately “96% of the time,” adding that nearly every case would go unsolved if police relied solely on the technology to identify suspects. facial recognition detroit police surveillance

The Mess in Detroit Is Getting Worse Thanks to Facebook

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Dozens of protesters that showed up to disrupt the vote counting process at Detroit’s TCF Center on Wednesday were potentially galvanized into action by a pro-Trump Facebook group , which had blasted out a message hours earlier urging its 79,000 members to “be a presence” at the ballot-counting site.

Detroit Police Wrongfully Arrested Another Black Man Falsely Identified by Face Recognition

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For more than a year, people opposed to giving police access to face recognition technology have pointed to criminal cases such as that of Willie Lynch. A Florida appellate court ruled last year that Lynch, a Jacksonville man convicted of selling drugs worth $50 to an undercover agent, had no right to view the photos… Read more. face recogntion police misconduct privacy facial recognition aclu

Here’s the Trailer to Eminem’s Upcoming VR Video from Felix & Paul

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VR film production house Felix & Paul Studios released the trailer to Eminem’s upcoming VR creation Marshall From Detroit. Marshall from Detroit is a 3D, 360-degree video featuring Marshall Mathers (Eminem) and Sway Calloway. Directed by Caleb Slain, t he short film takes the viewer on a night ride through Detroit, featuring a candid conversation about the rapper’s thoughts and views on the city.

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ACLU files complaint against Detroit police for false facial recognition arrest

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Using the technology, police wrongfully arrested a Black man. News ACLU facial recognition police facial recognition racial bias racial profiling

How One Man Turned The Busiest International Border Crossing In North America Into The Centerpiece Of His Empire

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That name might not mean much to you if you’re not from metro Detroit or Windsor, Canada, but around these parts, he was known mainly as the billionaire who owned, among other things, the Ambassador Bridge, which just happens to carry roughly 27 percent of all… Read more. detroit michigan central station bridges infrastructureManuel “Matty” Moroun died on Monday at 93 years old.

Google Is Using Tango In Museums To Add An Extra AR Layer to Exhibits


The only known current partner for this is the Detroit Institute of Arts with more to be revealed over time. Tagged with: ar , Detroit Institute of Arts , google , Museum , tango. AR education ar Detroit Institute of Arts google Museum tangoTango is Google’s augmented reality platform that has the malleability to fit many different types of applications and purposes.

On the Move with Eminem: ‘Marshall from Detroit’ from Felix & Paul Studios Now Available


Hop in a limo with legendary journalist and rapper Sway Calloway and Eminem for an immersive tour of Motor City. Following its debut at the

Four Games That Resonate (And One I Hate) As I Celebrate Juneteenth

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juneteenth black lives matter editorial red dead redemption 2 watch dogs 2 wolfenstein 2 the new colossus assassins creed freedom cry assassins creed black flag detroit become human kotakucoreJuneteenth, once an obscure, informal holiday celebrating Black freedom, is now bigger than it’s ever been. It commemorates when the last enslaved people in Texas, the final Confederate state, were set free on June 19th, 1865.

Texas 64

Sundance Film Festival to Feature 18 VR & AR Experiences Next Month

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Marshall from Detroit. Growing up, Marshall Mathers dreamed of rapping his way out of Detroit. News VR Experiences VR Film 4 Feet: Blind Date Ashe '68 Belle of the Ball Embody Emergence Ghost Fleet V Grisaille Kaiju Confidential Last Whispers: An Immersive Oratorio Live Stream from Yuki <3 Marshall from Detroit REACH RocketMan 360 Runnin' sundance 2019 sundance ar sundance vr THE DIAL.

From Paris to NYC, Mobileye will bring self-driving cars to metropolises

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Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, Detroit and New York City will all see fleets of Mobileye-powered vehicles rolled out in early 2021. Cars autonomous cars ces 2021 Intel mobileye self-driving cars

Kia uses VR to market their new Stinger sports sedan


Visitors to the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, which runs from January 13-28, will be among the first to experience what the company is referring to as a “four-dimension virtual reality test drive” of the new vehicle. Auto News Virtual Reality (VR) 2018 Kia Stinger big sur cadwell park Detroit Hyundai jaunt kia kia stinger naias North American International Auto Show Saad Chehab

Epic Games Gifting 500 Magic Leap Headsets to Developers via Grant Program

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At last week's Unreal Engine Build: Detroit '19 event, Epic Games announced that it would supply Magic Leap One headsets, which retail for $2,295, free of charge to a limited number of developers working on spatial computing apps in Unreal Engine. With $100 million in grant funding already available to developers via its MegaGrants program, Epic Games is sweetening the pot with some gear for Magic Leap developers.

This UV-powered smart mask blocks nearly 100% of pathogens, pollutants — Future Blink

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Made by Detroit-based Redcliffe Medical, Leaf is a transparent mask with N99+ HEPA-carbon filtration. Read more. More about Mashable Video , Mask , Future Blink , Coronavirus , and Covid 19. Mashable Video Mask Future Blink Coronavirus Covid 19

Reel FX Partners with Luke & Andrew Wilson for 360 Shinola Tour


The video follows the always-stellar Luke Wilson as he gives an in-depth and surprisingly humorous tour of the infamous Shinola factory and offices in Detroit. This was an amazing opportunity to advance those efforts while engaging the talents of Andrew and Luke Wilson to give tell the story of Shinola’s vibrant company culture in Detroit.”. You can view the 360° tour of Shinola’s Detroit factory HERE. Now this is how you do a 360 guided tour.

Police Wrongly Arrested a Black Man Using Racist Facial Recognition Technology

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On Wednesday, the civil rights litigation group lodged a complaint against the Detroit Police… Read more. In a spectacularly rare admission of likely very common fuckery, police copped to using face recognition to make a wrongful arrest, according to the ACLU, confirming a long-suspected but nearly-impossible-to-prove practice. face recognition racism

‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Is Steam’s VR Game Of The Year


Valve’s AAA VR adventure is Valve’s number one pick for best VR game of 2020. Valve has unveiled the official winners of its 2020 Steam Awards, an annual ceremony highlighting the absolute best games released on the companies Steam platform according to the players.

360 Short Film about Eminem and created by Felix And Paul to premiere at Sundance

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Marshall from Detroit is a 3D, 360-degree virtual reality experience featuring Marshall Mathers (Eminem) and Sway Calloway and directed by Caleb Slain in collaboration with Félix Lajeunesse & Paul Raphaël. Both Marshall from Detroit and Traveling While Black will be exhibited at various Sundance Film Festival New Frontier venues throughout the festival's run.

Playstation just killed it at E3. What a VR lineup!

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That was a great VR lineup but all the games announced including Spider-Man and Detroit look amazing. Not only did they give a date for the Playstation VR launch, they went ahead and said a few of the 50 games that will be coming to it or have support. STAR WARS, BATMAN, FINAL FANTASY, & RESIDENT EVIL.what a lineup. Check out the trailers here. https://www.youtube.com/user/PlayStation/videos. CatsAndVR.com. VR Gaming

Watch people cheer as trucks carrying COVID vaccines depart Pfizer plant

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local time was captured in an emotional video by Kristen Shamus of the Detroit Free Press. Coming to a distribution center near you: vaccines.

Uber adds option to send packages just in time for the holidays

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It'll be available in cities including Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston, Columbus, Detroit, Fort Myers-Naples, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Minneapolis-St.

‘Heavy Rain’ Developer Quantic Dream Is Experimenting With VR


Currently, the studio is working on a PlayStation 4 exclusive named Detroit: Become Human. With Detroit not set to release until sometime in 2017, don’t expect to see any news any time soon on this front. VR presents tremendous storytelling potential for the videogame industry. One developer we’d love to see act on that potential is Heavy Rain creator, Quantic Dream. If we’re lucky, we may get our wish.

Felix & Paul Studios Brings More Great 360-Degree Films To Oculus Quest


Marshall from Detroit?, ?where Felix & Paul Studios is the group behind some of the best 360-degree capture systems and highest quality productions ever made, and you can now view many of those projects on Oculus Quest. Two apps from the group launch today on Quest with a Felix & Paul Studios Portal and a Jurassic World Portal.

Magic Leap is Giving Away 500 AR Headsets as Part of Epic’s $100M Unreal MegaGrants

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At Unreal Engine Build: Detroit 2019, Magic Leap today announced that the company will be giving away 500 Magic Leap One Creator Edition AR headsets as part of the recently unveiled Epic MegaGrants. Epic MegaGrants is Epic Games’ $100 million initiative designed to support developers of media, entertainment, and games, as well as enterprise professionals, students, educators, and tool developers working with Unreal Engine.

Tesla update adds speed limit graphics, green-light alerts

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— Tesla Detroit (@RayDetroit) August 30, 2020 Read more. Tesla drivers will clearly see how fast to go with the electric vehicle's latest software update.

Walmart and STRIVR Partner To Train Employees In VR


It’s football training simulations are also used by Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, Clemson University, Stanford University, the Washington Wizards, Detroit Pistons, and Washington Capitals. US supermarket chain Walmart is betting big on VR to help improve its employee training techniques, and it’s turned to a new company to help.

HP Partnership Expands Advanced VR Training


Where Detroit-based start-up PIXO VR says they have an edge, however, is in providing what they term as “behavior-changing narratives” in AAA-game quality; all of which ready to use in a complete, end-to-end, supported package. From utilities companies to first responders, more industries are adopting rich virtual training experiences for training purposes. There is a growing plethora of Industry 4.0

Intel Cuts 3-Year Deal With MLB For VR Broadcast Content


Detroit Tigers vs. Seattle Mariners on June 20 at 10:10 p.m. The NBA, NFL, and NCAA have all been tapped for virtual content on a regular basis and will likely continue to forge relationships with immersive content producers as the quality of the hardware and streams continue to increase. Now the MLB is making a big immersive splash with a 3-year partnership with Intel that will be delivered to baseball fans for free.

Best Uses of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Video Games


Detroit: Become Human Enter the near-future metropolis of Detroit in 2038?—?a We are eagerly waiting to see what the scheduled release of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X later this year will do to AR/VR gaming!

AT&T SHAPE: A Cutting-Edge Convergence of Entertainment and Technology


A few key speakers include: Kathryn Bigelow , two-time Academy Award®-winning director of Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker, this summer’s Detroit , and her recently released VR documentary, The Protectors – A Walk in the Ranger’s Shoes. Grab FREE tickets to the AT&T SHAPE , kicking off July 14-15 at Warner Bros Studios, by using discount code: “VRSCOUTS.”

Police use facial-recognition tech to arrest another innocent man

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Michael Oliver, then 25, was charged with a felony for supposedly grabbing a phone from a car passenger and throwing it, reports the Detroit Free Press. Let's say it together: Facial-recognition technology is a dangerous , biased mess. We are reminded of this obvious fact again with the news Friday that an innocent man, despite not looking like the perpetrator at all, was arrested last year after being falsely identified by faulty facial-recognition tech.

Here Is The NBA’s Full NextVR Live Broadcasting Schedule For This Season


March 28, 2017 – Miami Heat at Detroit Pistons – 7:30 p.m. NextVR has previously pulled in massive funding through big investment rounds, including $30 million and another 80 million , to continue live broadcasting in VR. Earlier this month we reported the startup took a major step forward, going into a full time stream schedule with the NBA. Now we have the full schedule of the virtual reality offerings.

It’s Time To Develop A Consent Framework For Virtual Beings


Historically, there has already been a consent-driven framework for representative virtual beings when these characters have been based on a specific person – we see this in contracts that cast actors as playable or non-playable characters in hyper-realistic games like Detroit: Become Human. The rise of virtual beings leads to new questions regarding the rights of digital representations.