How The Team Behind VRDays Europe Brought A Multi-Day XR Conference To Life


As we edge closer to the now online conference, VRDays Europe 2020 New Horizons Edition , we reflect back to 2019 and the sentiments of both de Wit and Doornink as they pondered what they built together and what’s to come.

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The Pico Neo 3 Link VR Headset Could Rival The Quest 2 In Europe


During the 2022 Laval Virtual event in France earlier today, Pico Interactive, a VR hardware manufacturer based out of Beijing, China, announced that its latest VR device, the Pico Neo 3 Link, will be available for consumer purchase in Europe in the near future.

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Pico 4 VR Headset Announced in Europe


More specifics were presented by Pico’s Europe, Middle East, and Asia General Manager Leland Hedges. Hedges also described a developer incentive program, though promised that more will be revealed at Pico’s announcement next month at AWE Europe.

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Pico 4 Shipments Delayed in Europe Due to High Global Demand

Road to VR

” In Europe, Pico 4 is strongly positioned to compete with Meta Quest 2. Pico released its standalone VR headset Neo 3 Link this summer, marking its first real push to launch a consumer device outside of Asia.

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IMAX To Launch VR Center in Europe


the Middle East and Western Europe in the coming months. The post IMAX To Launch VR Center in Europe appeared first on VRScout. News Acer Entertainment Europe IMAX StarbreezeThe IMAX VR Center will open later this year. With a test pilot center already under development in Los Angeles, IMAX has announced they will also be launching their first European center in Manchester, England.

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Dramatic Photos Show Europe on Fire

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Firefighters across southern Europe and northern Africa have been battling intense wildfires this week as areas across the region have experienced record-setting temperature spikes.

Amazon Prime to Get Pricier in Europe

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Amazon is increasing the cost of Prime membership for subscribers across Europe. You’ve got to pay up to stay primo. Rate hikes are set to start in September and vary depending on country. In the United Kingdom, the annual fee for a prime membership will jump 20% from £79 to £95.

VRDays Europe: Speakers, Events, and Ticket Information


VRDays Europe is coming live to (and from) Amsterdam from November 4-6. As a media partner to VRDays Europe, ARPost is pleased to give you the rundown on everything going on and how you can participate – including the discount code for tickets, and a chance to win a free ticket.

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Pre-orders for TPCast Wireless VR Add-on Now Available in Europe

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TPCast, the wireless streaming device that lets HTC Vive owners play VR games cable-free, is now available for pre-order in most of continental Europe starting at €349 (or the regional equivalent). The post Pre-orders for TPCast Wireless VR Add-on Now Available in Europe appeared first on Road to VR. News VR Accessories VR Hardware tpcast tpcast europe tpcast europe preorders tpcast pre-order tpcast preorders tpcast sale

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Why Elon Musk Thinks This Nuclear Move In Europe Is 'Critical' For International Security


Amid this, Musk has called on Europe to embrace nuclear power plants. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has fueled energy prices and national security concerns. News Technology

Europe’s XR Community Came Out In A Big Way For The Fifth Annual VRDays Conference


Given its growth and development in the past half-decade, 2019 measured up as a reflective milestone for the XR franchise sponsored by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and Laval Virtual, among other partners.

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Europe Predictions 2021: Manufacturers Will Accelerate Their Digital Transformations

Forrester VR

Age of the Customer Automation Europe predictions virtual realityIn 2021, European manufacturers will leverage emerging technology to accelerate the digital transformation efforts.

This Weird Panda Once Roamed Europe, Paleontologists Say

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A species of giant panda lived in eastern Europe 6 million years ago, according to scientists who studied the animal’s fossilized teeth. Read more.

Europe May Hire SpaceX Now That Russian Rockets Are Unavailable

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The European Space Agency is currently in a bit of a bind when it comes to launching its cargo to space, as Europe and Russia aren’t exactly seeing eye-to-eye these days.

VR-based Vision Therapy ‘Vivid Vision’ Expands into Europe with CE Mark, Asia Next

Road to VR

Following the certification, the company is expanding its offering into Europe, with Asia next on the roadmap. In addition to bringing their VR-based vision therapy to Europe, Vivid Vision says they’ve opened their first office in Tokyo, and plan to expand their solution into Asia throughout 2018. The post VR-based Vision Therapy ‘Vivid Vision’ Expands into Europe with CE Mark, Asia Next appeared first on Road to VR.

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The US And Europe Just Seized This Popular Hacker Website


A network of government security agencies has seized one of the world's largest hacker forums in an effort to crack down on digital malfeasance. News Technology

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Volkswagen Will Say Goodbye to the Combustion Vehicle Business in Europe by 2035

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Volkswagen will say goodbye to combustion engine vehicles in Europe between 2033 and 2035, one of the company’s board members said. It plans to do the same in the U.S. and China a little later and in South America and Africa further down the line. Read more.

Ubisoft Teased Two AR Game Prototypes Running On HoloLens At Unite Europe

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

During a talk at Unite Europe 2017 Ubisoft showed off two previously unrevealed HoloLens game prototypes: Toy Soldier and Rabbid Rockets. In the images above you can see snippets of what Yue was showing at Unite Europe this week. Tagged with: HoloLens , ubisoft , Unite Europe Facebook Twitter Reddit More. AR Gaming HoloLens ubisoft Unite Europe

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Here's The Plan For Europe's Juice Mission To Jupiter


The European Space Agency unveiled its plans for the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer. News Science

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Europe Starts Its Own Social Networks

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If you’re among the throng of Twitter-die hards that are more than a bit bummed about a certain South African billionaire’s plans to buy out the social network, you might have flocked to its open-source alternative, Mastodon.

What Europe's Digital Markets Act Really Means For Tech Giants


The European Parliament's legislation is aimed at leveling the playing field and allowing for competition on the internet. News Technology

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GTC Europe Is Looking For Speakers And VR Submissions

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

The GPU Technology Conference (GTC) Europe is a 3-day event in Munich, Germany that will be home to over 150 sessions involving deep learning, VR, AI, and more. GTC Europe is set for October 10th-12th but, if you’re itching to talk VR, now is your time to get involved because their content team has put out a call for speakers and submissions for the VR track. Tagged with: GTC Europe Facebook Twitter Reddit More. Sponsored GTC Europe

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VCs weigh in on Europe’s future in the critical deep tech market


Writing about Europe is hard today. Europe’s economic future, in other words. But as many of the comments below are positive about Europe’s future, it felt reasonable to continue. ” What’s ahead for deep tech in Europe.

Vive Pro Eye Now Available in Europe, Starting at €1,700

Road to VR

HTC opened up orders in Europe today for their latest VR headset, Vive Pro Eye , a version of the company’s enterprise headset with integrated eye-tracking. To be clear, the €1,708 is an upfront cost with Europe’s included value-added tax (VAT) that private consumers are obligated to pay. You might be wondering why it’s only available in Europe and China for now. The post Vive Pro Eye Now Available in Europe, Starting at €1,700 appeared first on Road to VR.

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Watch Live as Russia Launches Its New ISS Module and Europe’s Robotic Arm

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pirs thomas pesquet samantha cristoforetti international space station in spaceflight outer space spaceflight matthias maurer zvezda european space agency european robotic arm nauka technology internet science and technology in europe spacecraft

HTC Vive Pro Full Kit Now Comes with ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ for Free in Europe

Road to VR

It looks like HTC is making a final push to relieve itself of Vive Pro stock in Europe, as the company is including a copy of Valve’s critically-acclaimed VR title Half-Life: Alyx (2020) with purchase of the full kit.

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Pico 4 Ships October 18 To Europe, Japan & South Korea For €429

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Pico 4 ships October 18 in Europe, Japan, and South Korea – starting at €429. Pico told us it won’t launch to consumers outside China, but will be available to businesses in Europe as Pico 4 Enterprise.

The VOID To Open 25 New Location-Based VR Centers Across The U.S. & Europe


The VOID will soon become one of the largest location-based VR providers in the world thanks to a new partnership with Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield that will introduce 25 new entertainment centers across the United States and Europe beginning this summer. In return, we are helping The VOID to scale its truly revolutionary experiences for consumers in the US and Europe and to pursue its path of growth.”. & Europe appeared first on VRScout.

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Like Neanderthals, Early Humans Endured a Frigid Europe

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Europe was considerably colder 44,000 years ago than previously thought, according to new research. The finding is forcing a rethink about early human migration patterns and where our ancestors preferred to settle. Read more.

Here's Why Skies Over Europe Are Orange This Week

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Skies above Europe are murky this week, and many surfaces look as if they’ve been stained orange, after a huge plume of dust from the Sahara made its way north on March 15.

Bones Poking Out of Backyard May Be the Largest Dinosaur Ever Found in Europe

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Earlier this month, a team of paleontologists studying the remains announced that they could belong to the largest dinosaur ever found in Europe. In 2017, a property owner in Pombal, Portugal, spotted some fossilized bones emerging from the dirt in his backyard.

HTC Black Friday Sales See Vive Flow & Vive Pro 2 Discounted Across Europe

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HTC announced Black Friday offers beginning today in Europe, which see heavy discounts on the Vive Flow and Vive Pro 2 range. The offer is available in Europe through Vive directly, or via Amazon and other “select retailers.”

Sony to Slow PlayStation Downloads in Europe Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Road to VR

In the wake of steaming services like YouTube and Netflix reducing video quality in Europe , PlayStation console owners will see a similar slowdown soon, although it’s only slated to impact download speeds. Jim Ryan, President & CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, released a statement today on the PS blog , stating that Sony will be working with ISPs in Europe to “manage download traffic.”

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Europe wants to shape the future of virtual worlds with rules and taxes

TechCrunch VR

Breton presents his remarks as “Europe’s plan to thrive in the metaverse” Though it remains to be (officially) confirmed whether he’s flying a little solo here — or playing advanced messenger on the direction of next year’s initiative. (We

Europe just suffered its worst DDoS attack ever, but we don’t know why

Digital Trends

A record-breaking distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack situated within Europe was attempted during July, a new report has confirmed. Computing News cybersecurity DDoS hack hackers Security

Europe Wants to Ban Facial Recognition—Take Note, America

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The European Parliament has called for EU lawmakers to institute a ban on law enforcement’s use of facial recognition, as well as other surveillance tools commonly used in the course of algorithm-driven predictive policing. Read more.

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'Bizarro,' a New Banking Trojan, Is Sweeping Through Europe

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It’s a new banking trojan currently sweeping through Europe and large parts of South America, attempting to pilfer consumer financial information and mobile crypto wallets as it goes. Meet “Bizarro.”