Spain’s Worst Snowstorm in Decades Collapses Parts of the Country

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In this case, Storm Filomena slammed into Spain and blanketed many of its regions, including its capital, with more snow than they had seen in decades. extreme weather madrid spain snow filomenaSnow has the bad habit of completely collapsing regions that aren’t used to experiencing it.

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For Some Strange Reason, Orcas Are Ramming Into Boats in Northern Spain

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Although the majority of orcas ignore boats at sea , there are a few in northern Spain that are apparently interested in ramming into them, setting off a string of questions and a bit of apprehension. orcas science spain mysteries

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EON Reality and the Community of Canary Islands Inaugurate the First Classroom 3.0 Campus in Spain

EON Reality

The new augmented and virtual reality center will serve as an academic technological hub in Spain. EON Reality and the Community of Canary Islands celebrated the inauguration of the first Augmented and Virtual Reality Center in Spain today. Campus in Spain appeared first on EON Reality. education spain tenerife VR

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Billie Eilish Performing In Oculus Venues On Sept. 3


” She’ll bring the world tour for the album to Venues from WiZink Center in Madrid, Spain. Events Experiences Social VR Billie Eilish concert Oculus Venues SpainFacebook’s Oculus Venues social VR service will host a Billie Eilish concert on September 3. Oculus Venues is a service on Facebook’s wireless VR headsets including Gear VR, Oculus Go and Oculus Quest.

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EON Reality and Spanish Chamber of Commerce Collaborate for FP XR Training Program


“We’re so glad that we’re able to help Spain’s Chamber of Commerce bring in EON-XR to modernize and digitize their vocational training. ” David Navarro Deputy Director of the Area of Employment, Training and Entrepreneurship for Spain’s Chamber of Commerce.

VR Roller Coasters Collide in Madrid; 33 Injured Including Children


Opened on June 10th, it’s the first roller coaster in Spain to incorporate VR headsets into the ride experience. News Accident Gear VR Roller Coaster Spain VR RollercoasterSpanish authorities say 33 people, including six children under 10 years old, have been injured in a roller coaster collision equipped with VR headsets.

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How to Watch the Microsoft Mobile World Congress Event Rumored to Reveal HoloLens 2

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Don't Miss: New Video from Microsoft's Alex Kipman Delivers Teaser for HoloLens 2 at Mobile World Congress Part of the speculation around that reveal is the fact that HoloLens inventor Alex Kipman will be on hand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain to help host the major. We already know that Microsoft has something big planned for later this month, and now we have details on how to watch the company's big reveal.

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Immerse Raises $1.5M to Expand Its VR English Language Classes Worldwide

Road to VR

million Series A investment, something the company says will allow them to both expand the current product to Oculus Quest 2, and set up partnerships with institutions in Spain, South America, and other markets affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Microsoft Mobile World Congress Invite Hints at HoloLens 2 Release

Next Reality AR

In an invite sent out on Wednesday, Microsoft is inviting members of the media to an event at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. The mystery surrounding the release of the next version of the HoloLens has been swirling for months, but at least some of that mystery may removed in the coming weeks. That's fairly normal for MWC, but what stands out is one name included on the invite: Alex Kipman, the inventor of the HoloLens.

Magic Leap Claims He Stole Augmented Reality Ideas as an Employee, but Who Is Chi Xu, the Founder of Nreal?

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Earlier this year, when I met Xu a second time in Barcelona, Spain at Mobile World Congress (our first meeting was last year, in Silicon Valley), I asked him why he decided to leave Magic Leap. When I first found out about Nreal, back in the spring of 2018, the most interesting thing about the company's story was the founder's background. Chi Xu, the CEO and founder of Nreal, previously worked at Magic Leap as a software engineer.

Unreal Engine 4 Now Available for Microsoft HoloLens 2

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Don't Miss: Microsoft's Live HoloLens 2 Apollo 11 Demo Didn't Take Flight, but You Can See It Thanks to Unreal Engine's Video Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney first announced the coming development on stage at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, but it was at last month's Build conference where the world truly got a good look at some of the possibilities. A major software tool first promised during the reveal of the HoloLens 2 earlier this year is finally available.

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Microsoft Unveils the HoloLens 2

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During a pre-show event at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, HoloLens inventor Alex Kipman, along with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Julia White, Microsoft's corporate vice president of Azure, took the wraps off the HoloLens 2. After years of waiting, Microsoft has finally updated its industry-leading augmented reality device, the HoloLens.

Snapchat & Facebook Kick Off the World Cup with Augmented Reality Effects

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In addition, the World Cup's official broadcaster, Fox, has sponsored a Lens that ties into the big match between Spain and Portugal. With the 2018 FIFA World Cup underway in Russia, soccer (aka "football") fans worldwide can show support for their favorite teams and players in augmented reality via Snapchat and Facebook. On Snapchat for iOS and Android, fans can don virtual glasses painted with their team's colors.

Hands-On: Hands-On with the HoloLens 2, the New Best Augmented Reality Experience You Can Get

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Nevertheless, amid this week's massive crowds and tech brand noise of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, I managed to secure some alone time with the device in a private room to put it through its paces. In the last couple of days there's been a lot of speculation about the powers of Microsoft's HoloLens 2, but few have had a chance to get their hands on one to see if the company's claims live up to what HoloLens inventor Alex Kipman showed off on stage.

Apple's Ad Practices Are The Latest Target For Privacy Activists

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According to two separate complaints his group filed with regulatory bodies based in Germany and Spain, the advertising tech that comes… Read more.

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Microsoft to Expand Azure Kinect’s Computer Vision Tech to Commercial Market

Road to VR

” Microsoft has also recently expanded HoloLens 2’s availability to Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Catch Billie Eilish Live In VR This September On Oculus Venues


The ‘Bad Guy’ singer-songwriter will be streaming her upcoming Spain performance. Organized alongside immersive-streaming company Supersphere , fans of the ‘Bad Guy’ and “come out and play” artist can log in to Oculus Venues via their Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, and Samsung Gear VR headsets on September 3rd at 6:30pm PT to catch a live stream of her show in Madrid, Spain.

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Hands-On with the HoloLens 2, the New Best Augmented Reality Experience You Can Get

Next Reality AR

Nevertheless, amid this week's massive crowds and tech brand noise of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, I managed to secure some alone time with the device in a private room to put it through its paces. In the last couple of days there's been a lot of speculation about the powers of Microsoft's HoloLens 2, but few have had a chance to get their hands on one to see if the company's claims live up to what HoloLens inventor Alex Kipman showed off on stage.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Alexa

Digital Trends

Beginning on September 15 and lasting a full month, Alexa celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month and recognizes the contributions of this vibrant community in the United States, as well as the influence of their ancestors from Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Spain.

Transportation Augmented Reality Lesson developed by Spanish Student

EON Reality

The Madrid Metro (Spanish: Metro de Madrid) is a rapid transit system serving the city of Madrid, capital of Spain. Transportation Augmented Reality Lesson developed by Spanish Student. The system is the 12th longest rapid transit system in the world, with a total length of 293 km (182 mi). Start Creating your own free 360 Lesson today at spatialcomputing #augmentedreality #360learning # virtualreality #remotelearning #onlinelearning #handsonlearning.

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‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Now Includes 3 Hours of In-game Developer Commentary

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Thankfully, commentary subtitles are also available in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Russian, Polish, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

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The VR Job Hub: Tequila Works & Talespin

Peter Graham

Madrid, Spain. Madrid, Spain. Madrid, Spain. Madrid, Spain. Madrid, Spain. Madrid, Spain. Madrid, Spain. Madrid, Spain. Madrid, Spain. Both Talespin and Tequila Works have released new projects this month, with the former specialising in immersive training solutions for enterprise use cases. The latter is a videogame developer, its latest project being Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son.

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GRAMMY-Winning Singer H.E.R. To Broadcast Inaugural ‘Lights On Festival’ Performance On Oculus Venues


The live stream is being produced and broadcasted by Supersphere , VR live streaming specialists who handled Venues’ recent VR broadcast of Billie Eilish live in Spain. Last week Oculus Venues hosted a VR live stream of 17-year-old pop star Billie Eilish’s Madrid, Spain tour stop, during which viewers could rage alongside other Eilish fans or enjoy the performance solo from a private space. Catch the award-winning singer/multi-instrumentalist live in VR September 14th.

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The VR Job Hub: Inflight VR & Sony London Studio

Peter Graham

Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona, Spain. Last week’s VR Job Hub was all about the US west coast and gaming giant Valve. So for today’s job listings, VRFocus has gone for a more European flavour, sampling some Spanish and British job roles. Location. Company. Inflight VR. Marketing Intern. Click Here to Apply. Inflight VR. Lead Full-Stack Developer. Click Here to Apply.

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Viveport Infinity Now Only $27 For The Entire Year In ‘Play At Home’ Sale


Canada, France, UK, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Germany, Spain, Russia, and South Korea. Starting today until Sunday, April 19th, all new and renewing subscribers can get 75% off an annual Viveport Infinity subscription. This brings the price down to just $2.25/month, or $27/year. Previously I called Viveport Infinity an “insane value” in my Vive Cosmos review, which shipped with a year of Viveport Infinity for free before converting to $12.99/month.

Post Malone To Perform Live VR Concert Later This Month


This past August Billie Eilish made her VR debut on the platform with an immersive live stream of her performance in Spain, followed by GRAMMY-winning singer and multi-instrumentalist H.E.R. , Catch the rapper, singer-songwriter live in VR October 17th on Oculus Quest and Go. Oculus Venues has been killing it as of late with its series of live musical performances. Over the past 6 months, the popular VR streaming platform has hosted live performances from a surprising amount of major acts.

Google's Pixel Buds are now available in more countries including UK and Australia

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Google's Pixel Buds earbuds have finally made their way to more countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Spain, and the UK. Google #PixelBuds are now available in more countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Spain, and the UK. Also, the Buds will soon be available in more colors, Google said in a tweet.

Watch musicians play an eerie concert to a theater full of plants

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Rows brimmed with a diversity of 2,292 potted plants as musicians took the stage at Spain's ornate Gran Teatre del Liceu on Monday. The Liceu had been closed since mid-March, when Spain locked down the nation to curb the spread of the new coronavirus — a pathogen that's substantially more deadly than the flu and can severely sicken young people , too.

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Mexico Celebrates First VR Festival in Latin America


Last month, more than 1,200 people participated in VR Fest MX , Mexico’s first international virtual reality festival, the first of its kind in Latin America and Spain. He’s currently in the process of moving to LA to set up offices for his new venture Future Lighthouse , which is based in Madrid, Spain. “VR I haven’t seen an event like this one in Spanish, not even in Spain ” said Alcala in Mexico City. Virtual reality seems to be everywhere in the news these days.

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Microsoft Reveals HoloLens 2 AR Headset


Microsoft unveiled the second generation of its standalone HoloLens AR headset at a press conference in Barcelona, Spain. HoloLens is a self-contained standalone augmented reality headset. It consists of see-through optics which seem to project virtual images into the real world. HoloLens 2 features enhanced field of view, “fully articulated hand tracking” and better comfort overall, according to Microsoft. This story is developing and we’ll update as we get more details.

FORM’s AR Swim Goggles Now Work In Open Waters


Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Australia and Japan. Pair your Garmin or Apple smartwatches for additional GPS functionality.

Sirens, Cyclopes, and Gin: Future Lighthouse Makes Magic in BeefeaterXO VR


Beefeater (already the #1 spirit brand in Spain) decided to tackle the problem by taking it to Odyssean levels in BeefeaterXO —tapping Spain’s youngest 3-star chef: culinary enfant terrible Dabiz Muñoz, in a collaboration that yielded a multimodal immersive campaign staged in Spain over the course of ten weeks. With more than 50 actors, 60 artists, and 4,000 hours of post-production, #BeefeaterXO VR is one of the most ambitious pieces of branded VR content to date.

Spain 239

Now we can play all our childhood Virtual Boy favorites on Google Cardboard!

Cats and VR

Yesterday reddit user The-King-of-Spain, posted in /r/games a method he’d developed for playing Virtual Boy games on the Google Cardboard. Here is The-King-of-Spain's description " After about 30 minutes of play time, I'm not experiencing any of the Virtual Boy's trademark motion sickness. Prerequisites: Android Phone Google Cardboard or Gear VR Retroarch for Android.

Spain 113

Within Releases First In A Series Of CNNVR News Documentaries


The last two documentaries are Iceland is Melting (June 20), which will allow users to tour the melting glaciers of Iceland, and Toro Bravo (July 6), which drops users into a live bullfighting pit in Pamplona, Spain. From May 9th to July 6th, VR media app Within will release five unique CNNVR documentaries. First announced on May 8th, widely available VR media app Within will be home to a series of VR news stories, produced by CNNVR.

CoolPaintrVR looks to be the Art creation app that Playstation VR currently lacks.

Cats and VR

Though the details are limited on the release, the Wildbit team showcased CoolPaintrVR at the recent Playstation VR Resort event in Spain. While users of the Vive and Rift have have access to Oculus Quill, Medium, Google Tilt Brush and now Google Blocks, PSVR users are lacking in content creation software. Enter CoolPaintrVR from Wildbit Studios.

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Here’s Every Country & Store Where Quest 2 is Officially Being Sold

Road to VR

Jump to: Australia | Austria | Belgium | Canada | Denmark | Finland | France | Iceland | Ireland | Italy | Japan | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Poland | South Korea | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Taiwan | United Kingdom | United States. Where to Buy Oculus Quest 2 in Spain.

Lenovo Targets Business Training With Mirage S3 Standalone VR Headset Priced Under $450


” The Lenovo Mirage VR S3 should be available in Q3 2020 in North America, China, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain. Lenovo is targeting its standalone 3dof headset the Mirage VR S3 toward training uses at businesses. Facebook removed Oculus Go from its business program choosing instead to focus on its Oculus Quest for business targeting a $1,000 price with enterprise-level support.