FinchRing Is A New Gesture Controller Shown With Nreal

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Finch Technologies revealed a new ring-like wearable for gesture recognition. Finch Technologies is pitching the device as not just being useful for VR or AR headsets, but also for PCs, tablets, or phones with open-air gestures.

This gesture control tech lets you control robots by pointing — Future Blink

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Gesture control technology from Pison allows for certain robots to be controlled with a wave of the hand. More about Robots , Mashable Video , Gesture Control , Gesture Interpretation Software , and Future Blink.


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Lexus ‘Electrified’ Concept Car Features AR Displays, Gesture Controls, Personal Drone


This year, the show continued that reputation with the reveal of Lexus’ LF-30 Electrified Concept , the latest addition to its “Electrified” car lineup that includes an intimidating amount of next-generation features — including, but not limited to — gesture controls, a dedicated personal-assist drone, as well as an interactive glass roof complete with AR visuals. Passengers have access to video, navigation, and other features via an AR-activated glass roof.

ManoMotion Provides Hand Gesture Control For ARKit Apps


The latest, from Sweedish developer ManoMotion , is an additional SDK that allows developers to integrate hand gesture controls into their AR apps quickly. It recognizes a variety of gestures including swipes, clicking, tapping, grabbing, and releasing. It also provides tracking for both left and right hands, and a set of pre-defined gestures for developers to integrate into their apps.

EyeSight, VicoVR to bring gesture control to mobile-based VR

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A startup that allows a smartphone’s own camera to be used to track hand gestures has received a $20 million investment. Chinese technology conglomerate Kuang-Chi will invest in Israel-based provider of software-based machine vision and gesture recognition... News 3DiVi Inc. eyeSight gesture control VicoVR

Apple Adds Gesture Control, ASL Support, and a Ton of Other Accessibility Features

GizModo VR

Apple’s always expressed a commitment to accessibility, but today it announced a plethora of upcoming features that could make a huge difference in how people with disabilities can interact with technology. Read more.

This Gesture-Controlled Sliding Door Will Make You Feel Like a Jedi

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If you can’t resist subtly waving your hand in the air like a Jedi when you approach an automatic sliding door, get ready for this: a manually operated touchless sliding door that senses and matches the movements of a hand waving back and forth in front of it. Read more. sliding door ontology building materials automation door furniture automatic door ironmongery car door sliding door operator technology internet gates doors electromechanical engineering

Intel previews all-in-one headset with gesture controls

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Intel has announced a new all-in-one virtual reality headset, Project Alloy, at the Intel Developer Forum 2016 earlier this month. The headset has its own brain, so not does not need to be connected to... News VR & AR Alloy IDF 2016 Intel OSVR

BMW’s magical gesture control finally makes sense as touchscreens take over cars

TechCrunch VR

BMW has been equipping its cars with in-air gesture control for several years and I never paid attention to it. I didn’t know the 850i used gesture control, because, frankly, I had forgotten BMW had this technology; I stumbled upon it. Just make a motion in the air to control the volume or tell the navigation to send you home. Here’s how it works: To control the volume, take one finger and spin it in the air above the center stack.

How to use gesture navigation in Android 10, or how to turn it off

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The modified gesture controls of Android 10 can be confusing to learn for users. Android How-To Mobile Android 10 gesture navigation GoogleWe'll help you master it.

Report: Interfaces will use voice, gesture, and other inputs

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Press release: Voice Control, Gesture Control, and See-through Displays Are Top Electronic User Interface Innovations BOSTON, MA – With Apple, Google, and Microsoft sharpening their focus on electronic user interfaces, voice control, gesture control,... News Lux Research natural user interface user interface

2021 Mercedes S-Class Will Feature AR Navigation And 3D Eye-Tracking


Other futuristic additions include the “Hey Mercedes” voice-activated assistant, three backseat touchscreens which allow passengers to share media and set destinations, advanced gesture controls, and biometric security.

Prezi is adding interactive graphics for creative remote schooling — Future Blink

Mashable VR

Prezi is using gesture control to make teaching and presenting more engaging that is compatible with Zoom and prerecorded video. Read more. More about Tech , Mashable Video , Zoom , Future Blink , and Remote Learning. Tech Mashable Video Zoom Future Blink Remote Learning

Take A Look At Facebook’s New VR Avatars For Quest


Hand gestures controlled via the Touch controllers also added greatly to the conversation, allowing both users to express themselves in greater detail via body language. The new avatar system will debut first on Facebook Horizon for Oculus Quest headsets.

How to Get iOS 14's Hidden Back Tap Controls on Your Android

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iOS 14 and Android 11 will add new “back tap” gesture controls when they roll out later this year, but you can get the feature early on any Android device running Android 7.0

This Sony proto VR controller gets smarter as you use it


A video shared by Sony Interactive Entertainment shows a prototype controller that tracks the entire human hand. This controller was the subject of research done on overcoming the limits presented by gesture control systems and traditional controllers.

New Android accessibility features let users control phones with facial movements

Mashable VR

Thursday, Google announced an expansion of its accessibility settings as well as a new app that will let people navigate their phones with facial gestures. Users can assign facial gestures like look left or right, smile, or raise eyebrows to functions like click, back, scroll, and more.

ManoMotion Introduces Apple ARKit Hand Gesture Support


Developers will soon be able to integrate hand gesture control into their projects on the ARKit platform, no extra hardware needed. In an official release made by computer-vision developers ManoMotion , the Swedish software company revealed plans to bring its gestural interaction technology to Apple’s popular augmented reality platform, ARKit. The post ManoMotion Introduces Apple ARKit Hand Gesture Support appeared first on VRScout.

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Baofeng’s new headset has Leap Motion

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Baofeng Mojing, the world’s leading virtual headset manufacturer, has released a new viewer that incorporates Leap Motion gesture control. The Baofeng Mojing 5 Plus was announced at a press conference in Beijing yesterday, along... News Baofeng Mojing Leap Motion

The ‘new normal’: a revolution in sanitation and frictionless interaction

LBE News

Content for this gesture-controlled kiosk is being developed in partnership with Ultraleap and AdMobilize. A host of technologies have emerged in the location based entertainment world in the post pandemic era to improve sanitation and guest interaction.

ManoMotion Brings Hand Gesture Input to Apple’s ARKit

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ManoMotion, a computer-vision and machine learning company, today announced they’re integrated their company’s smartphone-based gesture control with Apple’s augmented reality developer tool ARKit , making it possible to bring basic hand-tracking into AR with only the use of the smartphone’s onboard processors and camera. The post ManoMotion Brings Hand Gesture Input to Apple’s ARKit appeared first on Road to VR.

Valve’s Mike Ambinder To Talk Brain-Computer Interfaces At GDC


While current interaction patterns are restricted to interpretations of mouse, keyboard, gamepad, and gestural controls, future generations of interfaces may include the ability to interpret neurological signals in ways that promise quicker and more sensitive actions, much wider arrays of possible inputs, real-time adaptation of game state to a player’s internal state, and qualitatively different kinds of gameplay experiences.

Banishing Your Nightmares with VR

Tech Trends VR

Virtual reality-based imagery rehearsal and rescripting treatment (ReScript) aims to enable participants to gain cognitive control over intrusive imagery Click To Tweet. Virtual reality-based imagery rehearsal and rescripting treatment (ReScript) aims to enable participants to gain cognitive control over intrusive imagery, and lessen overall anxiety, nightmare distress or nightmare daytime effects.

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AWE Day 3: The Most Wholesome Day in the History of XR Technology


For example, how does someone with Parkinson’s navigate gesture controls? Designers also brought in two extra side-facing cameras to increase the range of gesture controls – a trick borrowed from Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Leap Motion's Interaction Engine Brings Natural Gestures into Virtual Worlds

Next Reality VR

Leap Motion created gesture control for all sorts of things, including virtual reality, long ago, but developers must build in support for their tracking peripheral to use its full potential. As a result, they've created an "Interaction Engine" for Unity, the primary platform for developing virtual and mixed reality experiences, to try and take gesture interaction to the next level.

Dedicated AR and VR Accessories Manufacturers


MANUS creates gloves for both motion capture as well as for controlling sensitive VR applications. The most recent MANUS product is the SteamVR tracker for precise gesture controls and motion capture. “As See Also: A New Controller May Improve Select VR Experiences.

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Google Releases Real-time Mobile Hand Tracking to R&D Community

Road to VR

” Bazarevsky and Zhang explain that there are three primary systems at play in their hand tracking method, a palm detector model (called BlazePalm), a ‘hand landmark’ model that returns high fidelity 3D hand keypoints, and a gesture recognizer that classifies keypoint configuration into a discrete set of gestures.

Rokid Announces Vision 2 Mobile MR Glasses, Apps, Software Updates


The Rokid Vision 2 MR glasses announced at Rokid Open Day are binocular MR glasses with a 40-degree field-of-view, dual-direction speakers, and microphones for hands-free voice controls, according to a release shared with ARPost.

The Number of VR Companies Grew 40 Percent in 2016


The dream of an all-in-one mobile headset with positional tracking and full gesture control is expected to arrive within the coming years, DeMiroz said. The Venture Reality Fund reported that the landscape of companies it tracks in the virtual reality market grew more than 40 percent in 2016. The largest area of growth was in content companies that create apps for head-mounted VR displays, said Marco DeMiroz, cofounder of The Venture Reality Fund with Tipatat Chennavasin.

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Vengeful Rites Review: The Legend of Virtual Reality

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The player takes the role of an apprentice in some sort of magical order, with a disembodied voice putting you through your paces as you adapt to the controls and systems. Vengeful Rites has its issues, but its Zelda-like structure will please VR adventurers.

Facebook’s Prototype Touch Controllers Let You Feel The Heat Of Fire And Chill Of Ice


Improved gesture control? He presented two Touch controllers, each of them wired up to a concealed piece of hardware. Without entering VR, the Facebook team took turns in holding the controller around a campsite environment. With manual programming, they could hold their hands to a fire and feel the controller heat up, and then cool them by taking their hands away or holding other items around the camp.

See the world from a new perspective with camera drones on sale

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You can easily control it with one hand thanks to micro-sensing technology that offers an intuitive and precise experience. Thanks to smart control, you can even toss up the drone in the air to get it to start and use your hand gestures to control its direction.

Top 5 XR Communities To Stay Updated With The Latest XR Trends in 2021


Manomotion Manomotion is a hand tracking and gesture control SDK for smartphones. Top 5 XR Communities To Join & Stay Updated With The Latest XR Trends in 2021 Overview Staying updated with the latest trends and updates in the XR industry can be challenging.

Highlights From the 2021 Snap Partner Summit


Partners like Farfetch, Prada, and MAC Cosmetics are using the company’s new tools for voice and gesture-controlled virtual product try-ons, social shopping experiences in AR, and more.

Banishing Your Nightmares With The Help Of VR


Virtual reality-based imagery rehearsal and rescripting treatment (ReScript) aims to enable participants to gain cognitive control over intrusive imagery, and lessen overall anxiety, nightmare distress, or nightmare daytime effects. The next steps for the researchers are to conduct a double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial for VR enabled nightmare treatment – and then possibly extent its use to kids with recurrent nightmares.

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HTC’s Old CEO Looks To Develop ‘Social Reality’ Platform, Announces World’s First 5G Headset


Available Q3 2020 for $499 , the Mova features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM, and support for controller-free gesture control; all of which packaged in a sleek orange or white housing (buyers choice).

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Next Google Nest thermostat might support motion gestures, just like the Pixel 4

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That last bit is important, though, because it means the new Nest Thermostat might support the same motion gesture controls that 2019's Pixel 4 smartphone supported.