ManoMotion Provides Hand Gesture Control For ARKit Apps


The latest, from Sweedish developer ManoMotion , is an additional SDK that allows developers to integrate hand gesture controls into their AR apps quickly. It recognizes a variety of gestures including swipes, clicking, tapping, grabbing, and releasing.

EyeSight demos VR gesture control using standard phone.


EyeSight demos VR gesture control using standard phone hardware Over the past few years EyeSight has been establishing a name for itself by bringing gesture control to a series of computing platforms, from mobile devices to smart eyeglasses.

EyeSight, VicoVR to bring gesture control to mobile-based VR

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A startup that allows a smartphone’s own camera to be used to track hand gestures has received a $20 million investment. Chinese technology conglomerate Kuang-Chi will invest in Israel-based provider of software-based machine vision and gesture recognition... News 3DiVi Inc.

Intel previews all-in-one headset with gesture controls

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Intel has announced a new all-in-one virtual reality headset, Project Alloy, at the Intel Developer Forum 2016 earlier this month. The headset has its own brain, so not does not need to be connected to... News VR & AR Alloy IDF 2016 Intel OSVR

AR for the Blind, Gesture-Controls, Hi-Def Haptic Wear, AR ‘Ears,’ & more announced at AWE USA 2018

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“However, there is a growing concern in the industry that this critical infrastructure could be controlled by corporations and also be fragmented across too many instances. Kopin today unveiled the world’s first gesture and voice-controlled wearable smart screen, weighing 1.5 Highlights from the 2018 Press Conference.

uSens Developer Challenge!

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We’re super excited to announce the uSens Developer Challenge , an opportunity for AR/VR developers to use cutting-edge human-computer interaction tech to build amazing apps and compete for a total of $100,000 in cash prizes.

Report: Interfaces will use voice, gesture, and other inputs

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ManoMotion Brings Hand Gesture Input to Apple’s ARKit

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Venture Beat got an early look at the company’s gesture input capabilities before they integrated support for ARKit, with ManoMotion CEO Daniel Carlman telling them it tracked “many of the 27 degrees of freedom (DOF) of motion in a hand.”

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ManoMotion Introduces Apple ARKit Hand Gesture Support


Developers will soon be able to integrate hand gesture control into their projects on the ARKit platform, no extra hardware needed. Developers will have the option of using a set of predefined gestures such as point, push, pinch, swipe and grab for easier integration.

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Leap Motion's Interaction Engine Brings Natural Gestures into Virtual Worlds

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Leap Motion created gesture control for all sorts of things, including virtual reality, long ago, but developers must build in support for their tracking peripheral to use its full potential.

Superhero Sim Megaton Rainfall Finally Gets PC VR, Move Support Next Month


” The PC version of the game will be enhanced with gesture controls for the Oculus Touch and Vive controllers, while a patch will also bring PlayStation Move support to PSVR later on in August.

Baofeng’s new headset has Leap Motion

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Baofeng Mojing, the world’s leading virtual headset manufacturer, has released a new viewer that incorporates Leap Motion gesture control. The Baofeng Mojing 5 Plus was announced at a press conference in Beijing yesterday, along... News Baofeng Mojing Leap Motion

Magic Leap One Now On Sale To Developers For $2295


Similar to Microsoft’s $3,000 HoloLens, the device can project virtual images into the real world that you can interact with using a remote-like controller (though HoloLens uses gesture controls). Nearly four years after it was first teased to the world, the first Magic Leap augmented reality headset is now on sale to developers. Magic Leap One, as the device is called, can be purchased through the company’s website as a Creator Edition for $2,295.

Facebook’s Prototype Touch Controllers Let You Feel The Heat Of Fire And Chill Of Ice


Improved gesture control? He presented two Touch controllers, each of them wired up to a concealed piece of hardware. Without entering VR, the Facebook team took turns in holding the controller around a campsite environment.

Scottish Council Gives Every School Standalone ClassVR Headsets


It runs on the company’s own interface, the Holodeck, which is navigated with simple gesture controls both with basic hand-tracking and head movements. A Scottish council is getting serious about using VR for education. East Renfrewshire Council this month announced that it had invested £250,000 to bring over 900 ClassVR headsets to every school in its area.

The Number of VR Companies Grew 40 Percent in 2016


The dream of an all-in-one mobile headset with positional tracking and full gesture control is expected to arrive within the coming years, DeMiroz said. The Venture Reality Fund reported that the landscape of companies it tracks in the virtual reality market grew more than 40 percent in 2016. The largest area of growth was in content companies that create apps for head-mounted VR displays, said Marco DeMiroz, cofounder of The Venture Reality Fund with Tipatat Chennavasin.

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Vive China Hackathon Reveals VR Sword Fighting Robot And Exoskeletons


GouGames, meanwhile, won ¥10,000 (about $1476) in the Application category with a gesture-controlled 4D arcade experience. Over the past week 18 developers have been going head-to-head in a huge HTC Vive hackathon in Shanghai, China. The results of that sleepless week?

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Oculus Touch vs. HTC Vive – Which Is The Better VR.


Oculus Touch vs. HTC Vive – Which Is The Better VR Controller? Many people have had the chance to try the Vive controllers now that that product is out in the wild.

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‘VertoStudio’ Is A 3D Modeling Studio For Windows Holographic


It’s a just-released 3D modelling app that allows you to either create or import 3D files, present them in mixed reality on HoloLens, and then manipulate them using the headset’s gesture controls.

SIGGRAPH 2017: Neurable Lets You Control A Virtual World With Your Mind


The game allows you to manipulate objects and battle foes with your mind, and is played entirely without handheld controllers. Controllers Hardware Neurable

Leap Motion’s New 180-degree Hand-tracking Comes to Qualcomm’s Latest VRDK Headset

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Qualcomm has debuted an updated version of their VR Headset Reference Design now with Leap Motion’s new 180-degree hand-tracking to bring gesture control to mobile VR headsets. SEE ALSO Samsung Announces New Gear VR with Touch Sensing Controller Included.

Leaked Input Device May Explain Why Investors Just Dropped $120 Million into Thalmic Labs

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Thalmic Labs, makers of the gesture control armband MYO may be working on a new VR controller, a wristband device which senses the position of your fingers. The MYO detects gestures by sensing the tensing of muscles in your arm as you move it.

Owlchemy Labs, IrisVR, Upload And More Featured In Forbes 30 Under 30


Thalmic Labs, the creator of the Myo gesture-control armband, is also listed under Consumer Tech. What better way to celebrate the New Year than to recognise some of the work done by a few of the youngest members of the VR industry?

Hands-On: The Mira Prism Headset Wants To Be The Google Daydream Of AR


Instead of relying on hand-based gesture controls every Prism will come with a controller you hold in your hand similar to the Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream controller.

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Dream On: Aerosmith and 90’s VR


Bearing physical similarities to other 90’s data gloves, he is given full hand and finger tracking as well as gesture control of the user interface. Pegasus flying out of a giant, red, spinning asterisk.

5 Potential Gear VR ‘Killer Apps’ Demonstrated During Samsung Contest


The Grand Prize now in hand, Prenneis says the team have a number of upgrades planned for the immediate future, including a customizable interface, real-time 3D support, and integration of gesture control for Oculus Touch and Leap Motion.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


DeMiroz paints a bright picture: we should expect all-in-one mobile headsets with full positional tracking and gesture control glory… soon. Recapping the top stories covered on the VRScout Report , a weekly podcast discussing the best in VR, hosted by Malia Probst.

Embracing Digital Transformation: Real-life Use Cases in Energy & Utilities


It shows a side-by-side time-lapse comparison of a technician wiring a wind turbine control box the standard way and that same worker doing the wiring 34% faster guided by AR instructions in his field of view. when digging up a street) and it supports both voice and gesture controls so the user has free use of his hands.

How Brain-Computer Interfaces Can Deliver On VR’s Promises


In the 1970’s scientists at the University of California popularized the term “brain-computer interface” or BCI , referring to a hardware and software system that uses brainwaves to control devices. Gesture controls preclude hands-free operation.

Google Daydream and PlaystationVR


Using a Google Pixel phone and the Daydream peripheral, this headset is in the class of non-positionally-tracked phone-holder headsets, and it does a great job of it, particularly with the hand control and content designed to take advantage of it. We got some new headsets!

Open Source Augmented Reality?


Examples of such peripherals could be head trackers, hand and finger sensors (like Leap Motion and SoftKinetic), gesture control devices (such as the Myo armband and the Nod ring), cameras, eye trackers and many others.

SVVR 2016

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The variety of VR technology exhibited at the expo included 360 video, motion & gesture control, 3D point cloud mapping, audio, controllers, and more. The Pico Neo was very interesting because it had a small SNES-like controller that was attached to the Head Mounted Display.

Oculus Touch Review: The World’s Best VR Controller


The Rift’s biggest competitor, the HTC Vive, was able to enjoy the better part of a year as the only PC-powered VR system to boast hand-tracked controllers. Syncing the wireless Touch controllers with your PC is as simple as holding two buttons on each controller for less than 30 seconds. In most cases you can go from opening your controllers to using them in less than five minutes, assuming you already have your Rift ready to go.

11 New #3DJam Demos: Droids and Discovery


Designed by a team of students at Game-U ( @gameu_nj ), Nerves is an intense visit to the operating room for a motion-control surgeon. Two programmers, Stephan Gensch and Ronny Esterluss, worked on gesture detection, navigation, and development in Unity3D.