Sweeping Illinois Clean Energy Bill Also Bails Out Nuclear Power

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Illinois passed one of the most aggressive clean energy bills in the country on Monday, in a rousing success for environmental advocates that, unusually, also bails out some of the state’s biggest sources of clean power: nuclear energy.

Illinois Man Turns Down Treatment After Bat Bite, Dies a Month Later From Rabies

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A Illinois man had the unfortunate distinction of becoming the first case of human rabies seen in the state in almost 70 years, health officials reported this week.


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Attention, People of Illinois: It’s Time to Make Facebook Pay

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please take immediate action illinois biometricWith every passing day, Facebook gives us more evidence that it’s incapable of running itself responsibly, and every day it faces zero consequences. The profits rise and the what-are-you-gonna-do shrugs get more emphatic. But today is different. Today, some of you out there have a chance to cause the social network a… Read more.

The Mystery of Illinois' Short-Lived Cookie Monster Mural

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Forget the monoliths —there’s a new monument perplexing America. An artist was commissioned by a local business owner to create a mural of Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster on the side of his building.

Two VR arcades open in Illinois 

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Two virtual reality arcades, Immersion Arcade and IVirtex opened in June in Illinois, offering players the chance to play games on the HTC Vive headsets. Immersion Arcade costs $10 for 15 minutes, and up to $60... News VR & AR Immersion Arcade IVirtex

Rivian R1T electric pickup to roll out June 2021 as Illinois factory sets up

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The Rivian R1S electric SUV will follow a couple of months later. Cars News Electric Pickup Trucks Rivian Rivian R1T

Chicago Police Started Secret Drone Program Using Untraceable Cash: Report

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chicago law enforcement in the united states geography of illinois law crime imprisonment and detention in the united states cities in the united states chicago police department crime in chicago karen conway central intelligence agency

Researchers made a bat robot, and we're only slightly creeped out — Strictly Robots

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Researchers from Caltech and the University of Illinois teamed up to design a robot that could replicate a bat's flight, which could improve other flying robots in the future. More about Mashable Video , Bats , Illinois , Caltech , and Flying Robot.

We’re one step closer to a communication network based on quantum teleportation

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Researchers at Fermilab in Illinois were able to send quantum bits, called qubits, over 27 miles of fiber optic cables with fidelity of over 90%. News breaking twitter emerging technology Fermilab quantum teleportation

Amazon Faces Allegations It Harvested and Stored Sensitive Voice Data

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Amazon is being hit with a class-action suit alleging that the tech giant’s severs are storing biometric voice data from countless callers, in contravention of an Illinois privacy law.

NEPA Hosting ‘Echo Arena’ Charity Cup For Special Olympics


Mac Dougan, Assistant Director of Digital Initiatives for Special Olympics Illinois , believes that VR technology as a whole could have a monumental impact on sports inclusion. The in-person LAN event will take place next year at Busch Stadium’s Redbird Club in St. Louis.

U.S. Could See 2,000 Covid-19 Deaths Per Day by Christmas: Report

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covid 19 coronavirus president trump donald trump pfizer moderna joe biden minnesota wisconsin illinois white house white house coronavirus task force mike pence vice president pence christmas ptsd thanksgiving health doctors nurses health care workers healthcare vaccinesThe U.S.

Woman Arrested Trying to Enter Hawaii With 'Maderna' Covid-19 Vaccine Card

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A 24-year-old woman from Illinois was arrested on Sunday while trying to enter Hawaii with a fake covid-19 vaccination record card. How did authorities know it was fake? For starters, the counterfeit card said the woman had received the “Maderna” vaccine rather than the Moderna vaccine.

Hawaii 104

The Violent Fantasy of Kyle Rittenhouse

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Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teen charged with shooting three protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, gets the fanmail congratulating him on his heroic exploits in juvenile detention, because he is 17 years old.

TikTok agrees to $92 million settlement in class action privacy lawsuit

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TikTok's parent company ByteDance has agreed to pay a $92 million settlement in a lawsuit alleging it violated Illinois' biometric privacy laws. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois on Thursday.

Vader Immortal Will Bring ‘Lightsaber Battle’ To The Oculus Quest


The Vader Immortal panel will take place Friday, April 12th at 11:30am PST on the Celebration Stage at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. Star Wars Celebration 2019 takes place April 11th – April 15th at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. ILMxLAB teases lightsaber game mechanics in their upcoming Star Wars VR series.

Remembering Rahmbamarama, the Obama Era's Most Zealous Fan Community

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The November 2008 post was a series of photos of Rahm Emanuel, the Illinois politician who had recently been named President-elect Barack Obama’s chief of staff.

Grand Prize Winner Richard Bernsee Talks about VR Fitness

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Exercise is also a nice compliment to his mostly sedentary occupation as senior IT analyst for the University of Illinois at Chicago. A lifelong, self-proclaimed “computer geek,” Richard Bernsee recognized in his late teens that he needed to make working out a priority if he wanted to be fit.

Sandbox VR Announces Las Vegas Location, 15 Locations to Open by 2022

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The company says it’s seen a 30% increase in demand from before the pandemic at their current locations outside of Chicago, Illinois and in Austin, Texas since local governments lifted restrictions. “We

Constantly stressed at work? It might actually be changing your personality.

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Researchers from the University of Illinois recently introduced a new model examining how chronic workplace stress can fundamentally change people's personalities — and predictably, it isn't for the better.

Two droplets coalesced in a microscopic video. The impact could be huge for the future of sustainable living.

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Kazi Fazle Rabbi and Dr. Xiao Yan are researchers in the Energy Transport Research Lab at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, as well as this year's winners of the Nikon's Small World in Motion competition.

8 hottest electric vehicles hitting the road in 2021

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While an electric version of America's most popular vehicle (a Ford F-150 pickup truck ) is still years out, two of the first e-trucks are expected to arrive from Tesla and Illinois-based newcomer Rivian.

Watch hackers Rickroll their entire high school district at once

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This past April, a group of teenage hackers worked together to project Rick Astley's 1987 jam "Never Gonna Give You Up" into six high schools across Illinois's high school District 214 via networked projectors.

Motorola One 5G brings quadruple rear cameras and 5G support for less than $500

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The Illinois-based tech giant just announced that the Motorola One 5G will launch in the United States later this year for less than $500. Folks who are curious about this whole "5G" thing but don't want to take out a loan to get in on it got some good news from Motorola Monday.

‘Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series’ Heads To Star Wars Celebration This April


Taking place Friday, April 11th – 15th at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, the annual Star Wars Celebration is a massive spectacle in which both fans of Star Wars and its creators join together in honoring one of the most revered movie franchises of all-time and the massive impact it has as had in not only filmmaking, but our culture in general. Episode one of the series is set launch later this year on the Oculus Quest.

‘Halo’ VR Multiplayer Shooter Coming to Location-based Halo Event

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August 2-4 – Chicago, Illinois. Halo: Outpost Discovery is a weekend-long event coming to a few cities across the US this summer; it aims to bring fans closer to the world of Halo, while undoubtedly distancing them from the money in their back pockets. As a traveling Halo theme park, it just so happens to have a Halo -themed multiplayer VR attraction too.

Traveling Halo Fan Experience Will Feature Competitive Location-Based VR


Halo Outpost Discovery kicks off July 5th – 7th in Orlando, Florida; followed by Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 19th – 21nd ; Chicago, Illinois August 2nd – 4th ; Houston, Texas August 16th – 18th ; and Anaheim, California August 30th – September 1st. Fight like alongside fellow Spartans in a PvP experience based on the historic franchise.

TikTok's updated privacy policy may let it collect your biometric data

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In February this year, TikTok's parent company ByteDance settled a lawsuit which alleged it violated Illinois' biometric privacy laws. TikTok has updated its U.S. privacy policy to make clear that it might collect your biometric information, but none of this really changes anything.

Don't worry kids, Dr. Fauci said he vaccinated Santa Claus

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One question, asked by 6-year-old Paxton from Illinois, was whether Santa will still be able to visit him or go to anyone else's house: In November, the U.S.'s

VR Attraction The VOID Plans to More Than Double in Size with 25 New Locations

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The upcoming locations are slated to begin appearing across California, Illinois, New Jersey, and parts of Europe. Out-of-home VR attraction chain The VOID may soon reach a city near you. The company recently announced plans to introduce 25 new locations through 2022, more than doubling its current footprint.

Add a bit of Ray Harryhausen and a dash of Ultraman and you have this 2 awesome for words F2P VR City Builder/Monster Battler from High Voltage Software!

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High Voltage Software has shipped 96 titles on nearly every console in existence since founding in 1993 near Chicago Illinois. One of my all time favorite video game companies High Voltage Software, ( Dragon Front, Damaged Core, CONDUIT 2: THE SECOND ONE ) released They Live to Destroy , a City Builder/Monster Battler, on an unsuspecting world today to Gear VR in association with Oculus Studios.

Snapchat AR Filter Turns Wrigley Field Into The Upside Down From Stranger Things


Those looking to activate the Stranger Things geofilter will have to attend tonight’s game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. Let’s just hope the Demogorgon isn’t throwing the ceremonial first pitch. Stranger Things fans get ready!

Taking Another Look at Educational VR

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On February 28, 2020, The DuSable Museum of Afircan American History in Chicago, Illinois opened a new exhibit called “ The March ” What makes this exhibit interesting is that it doesn’t begin until you put on a Vive Focus headset. Welcome back to VRTN !

Learn To Create Full VR Experiences In Unity With Our 10-Week Intensive Night Course


A recent graduate from the Biomedical Visualization Graduate Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Tiffany grew a passion for interactive medical education/simulation techniques in the AR/VR space. At Upload, we believe in education that prepares you for the real world. Our skills-based learning approach includes a focus on maximizing learning retention, exposure to real client projects and programs to help you build a powerful professional network.

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Experts Share 6 Legal Considerations to Know Before Jumping into the VR/AR Industry

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In the US, both Illinois and Texas have laws pertaining to biometric data, and in Illinois, that law has been applied in a lawsuit against Snapchat; in this class-action lawsuit, the plaintiffs are alleging that the company failed to inform users that it was collecting facial data when using the app’s AR-powered facial filters. Earlier this month, a panel of legal experts met at the SIXR Legal Workshop to discuss legal challenges in VR and AR development and how to navigate them.

New ‘Vader Immortal’ Trailer Teases A Thrilling, Narrative-Driven VR Experience


Today marks the second day of the 4th annual Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, Illinois and things are heating up quick. SNL’s Maya Rudolph is your trusty droid side-kick in this narrative-driven experience. Hello, all my fellow Star Wars fanatics!

Photos of workers fighting for a better life to help you celebrate Labor Day

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A retail strike against Sears by clerks in Chicago, Illinois, in 1946. This Labor Day, put down your burger and White Claw, and spend some time thinking about the American worker.