Mourners Hold a Funeral for a Dead Oregon Glacier

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Twelve years ago, I strode by Clark Glacier on the flanks of South Sister, the tallest of a cluster of three volcanoes in Oregon’s Cascades. funerals glaciers oregon ice ice maybe ice on thin ice

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Facebook removes misinformation related to Oregon wildfires

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On Saturday, Facebook's policy communications manager, Andy Stone, tweeted that the platform is removing misinformation related to the wildfires in Oregon, which have killed at least 10 people. "We We are removing false claims that the wildfires in Oregon were started by certain groups.


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Facebook Finally Cracks Down on Bogus Propaganda About Oregon Wildfires

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As emergency responders in Oregon struggle to contain a record 900,000 acres of wildfires across the state, local police have been fighting to contain a torrent of bogus rumors spreading online. wildfire season is year round now wildfires oregon washington california antifa facebook

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VR Teaches Oregon Residents How To Pump Gas


As more and more Oregon gas pumping jokes pour in, the VR industry takes its own light jab at the “game-changing” new law. If you’ve been paying any attention to the news lately, you’ve probably heard about a new law in Oregon allowing drivers to self-pump their vehicles for the first time in decades. Now drivers in rural Oregon counties with less than 40,000 residents are being tasked with servicing themselves, and the results have been, well, interesting.

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An 82,000-Person Oregon Town Has Been Evacuated as the Western Wildfire Crisis Worsens

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More than 85 wildfires are blazing across the West, but one of the most pressing is in southern Oregon where nearly the entire the 82,000-person town of Medford was evacuated. wildfires oregon wildfires california wildfiresThe horrific western wildfire season is getting even worse.

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Inside the Fight to Legalize Psilocybin Therapy in Oregon

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They’ve come for a weekly update from Oregon’s Yes on Measure 109 campaign—a measure which would create the world’s first market for psilocybin-assisted therapy. On a sunny September afternoon in Portland, volunteers pour into a Zoom conference room.

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Hover Junkers’ Single Player Campaign Mixes Oregon Trail With VR


While Hover Junkers’ traditional multiplayer gameplay is all about intense shootouts with friends, the single-player mode is more influenced by randomized adventure games like Oregon Trail. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Hover Junkers, the HTC Vive launch title from Stress Level Zero. Despite releasing over a year ago, the developer is hard at work on a big update for the game that adds a single-player campaign, and it looks very promising.

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Apple Arcade's Biggest Expansion Yet Adds 30 New Games Including Fantasian, NBA 2K21, And Oregon Trail

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Apple Arcade exploded this morning, adding 30 new titles across three categories: “Arcade Originals” like Mistwalker’s RPG Fantasian and a game from the makers of Hot Shots Golf , “App Store Greats” like Monument Valley and Threes! ,

Report: Facebook Quietly Abandoned Drilling Gear Off the Oregon Coast

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Facebook has boldly face-planted right into one of the few remaining types of fuckups it hasn’t before: quietly abandoning a pile of drilling equipment under the ocean. Read more

14,000-Year-Old Poop Found in Oregon Cave Turns Out to Be Human

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For archaeologists, ancient bones and stone tools are important lines of evidence, but sometimes the answers to our past can be found in piles of human poop, as an important new analysis shows. Read more. first peoples anthropology peopling of the americas coprolites dna paleogenetics science

Oregon wildfires turned an enchanted forest into a nightmare, photos show

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Read more. More about Photos , Wildfires , Culture , and Climate Environment. Photos Wildfires Culture Climate Environment

Cops Enter Oregon Coffee Shop, Prove to Be Absolute A s About Masks

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It’s safe to say that white America’s general image of police officers has taken a bit of a nosedive.

Portland bans private and public use of facial recognition tech

Digital Trends

The city of Portland, Oregon has unanimously passed an expansive new piece of legislation that bans both the private and public use of facial recognition tech. Computing News breaking twitter facial recognition Oregon Portland

15 Stunning Videos of the Pacific Northwest's Mystery Light Show in the Sky

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Social media users from Oregon to Canada reported seeing strange lights, and we have plenty of angles from last night’s display that have been uploaded to YouTube, Twitter,… Read more. spacex musk rainier fog albums geography of the united states seattle technology internet cities in the united states portland oregon alice in chains albums facebookPeople in the Pacific Northwest were treated to quite a light show in the sky on Thursday night shortly before 9:00 p.m.

Climate Change Is Now Killing Birds in Midair

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birdmodo birds migratory birds california wildfires oregon wildfiresSince this year hasn’t been spooky enough, thousands of migratory birds are now dropping dead across the Southwest. Read more.

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Where Do We Go From Here?

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wildfire season is year round now california oregon washington forestAfter Sen. Ed Markey won his primary in Massachusetts earlier this month, he had a message : “The age of incrementalism is over.” Read more.

How Far-Right Extremists Are Using the Climate Crisis to Go Mainstream

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Oregon has been a hot bed of far-right activity for years, but the wildfires have cast the militias in a new light. rumors ecofascism antifa far right militias oregon wildfire season is year round now

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The Most Apocalyptic Photos From the West Coast Fires This Week

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There are now three states—California, Washington state and Oregon—battling raging wildfires, which have left a trail of destruction in their wake and, in some cases, have literally changed the color of the sky. The West Coast is burning, and it’s still not under control.

West Coast States Are Teaming Up to Build an Electric Highway

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Utilities and state agencies in California, Oregon, and Washington announced a plan to transform highway infrastructure that would speed the transition. the clean energy revolution california washington oregon electric vehicles

#BuildTheFuture Immersive Collaborative Environments

Tech Trends VR

The Wild , a start-up from Portland, Oregon has just announced an integration with UK-based Igloo Vision to open up new avenues for collaboration and experiential design review for teams working in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). The Wild, a start-up from Portland, Oregon has just announced an integration with UK-based Igloo Vision Click To Tweet. The Wild partners up with Igloo Vision to bring real-time collaboration to shared XR environments.

Smoke from Western Wildfires Is Clouding Skies on the East Coast

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The smoke from the fires out West , which has choked residents of California, Washington, and Oregon and painted the skies a haunting orange color, is absolutely everywhere. california wildfires wildfires are wild enough with the wildfires already oregon wildfires

While the West Coast Burns, NOAA Welcomes a Climate Change Denier Onboard

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noaa national oceanic and atmospheric administration climate change climate change ruins everything wildfires wildfire season is year round now washington oregon california california wildfires

Demystifying Media

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Those were some of the questions I got to explore during a recent visit to the University of Oregon. In the University of Oregon School of Journalism & Communication, those postgraduate courses are based in Portland, where they had recently opened their Reality Lab, a state-of-the art immersive facility for students, housed in a lovely historic building in the heart of the town.

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A 'Wall of Moms' formed to protect Portland protesters from federal officers

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More about Protests , Portland , Oregon , Wall Of Moms , and Federal Agents. Protests Portland Oregon Wall Of Moms Federal Agents

#933: Ethical Design in Immersive Media Panel Discussion for Design Week Portland 2020

Voices of VR

On August 7, 2020, I participated in a panel discussion about Ethical Design in Immersive Media organized by the University of Oregon as a part. Podcast Archive

Drifting champion tackles Goodwood with VR, 5G and one tiny startup’s tech

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Automotive TC Virtual Reality 5g 5g network articles Designated Driver Emerging-Technologies Internet of Things oregon Portland race roborace Samsung self-driving car technology Virtual reality vodafoneStunt driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. took a Lincoln MKZ through its paces at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, drifting the vehicle and taking it up a signature hill climb. Except Gittin wasn’t in the car.

Covid-19 Vaccine Stockpile Already Empty When States Were Promised New Shipments

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On Friday, Oregon governor Kate Brown tweeted that the state won’t be getting additional vaccine shipments as expected next week, because the federal government had shipped out its remaining reserves earlier… Read more.

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DHS Forces' Tear Gas May Have Violated Environmental Laws in Addition to Civil Rights

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Five environmental and human rights groups in Oregon are suing the Department of Homeland Security for its use of tear gas at recent anti-police brutality protests in Portland, saying the agency created “potentially grave health and environmental hazards.”

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Portland Police Ridiculed For Tweeting 'Molotov Cocktails' Made From Plastic

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weapons war portland police police protests 2020 uprising portland oregon anarchist jurisdictions donald trump president trump molotov cocktails hong kong belarus bill barr attorney general

Portland's Most Famous Bookstore Will No Longer Sell Books on Amazon

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29, Oregon Live reports. One of Portland’s most beloved bookworm attractions, Powell’s Books, will stop selling books on Amazon this weekend, Aug. 29 is also Independent Bookstore Day. Fitting, no? Read more. support your local bookstore amazon bookstores books online ordering

Russell Kirsch, Inventor of the Pixel and Creator of the First Digital Photo, Dies at 91

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Russell Kirsch, the inventor of the pixel and the first person to create a digital photograph, died Tuesday at his home in Portland, Oregon, according to a report from the Washington Post.

Bacteria Found in Nuclear Reactors Could Be the Secret to Faster, Cheaper Vaccines

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The extremophile bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans was first discovered in 1956 at Oregon State University, where it was busy ruining a gamma ray experiment designed to sterilize a tin of ground meat.

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Portland Just Passed Our Country's Broadest Ban On Facial Recognition

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Portland, Oregon might be best known as the home of bohemian stereotypes a- plenty and some of the wildest donuts you can find in the state. Now it’s also earned the reputation for ambitious privacy legislation after passing the country’s broadest ban on facial recognition technology to date.

Debunked 'Antifa' Wildfire Rumors Spread on Facebook Overload 911, Spur Calls to Violence

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By Thursday evening, more than 10 percent of Oregon’s 4.2 million residents were under an evacuation order , according to state estimates.

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COVID-19 VR Training With Virus-Free Headsets


The company, which is based in the small town of Bend, Oregon, quickly partnered with Lane Workforce Partnership and got support from the Facebook Foundation through the East Cascade Workforce Improvement Board. Two women-founded XR companies have partnered to provide free COVID-19 training.

New Oculus TV Series Shines A Light On The Transgender Community


Developed in collaboration with Oculus VR for Good , Fovrth Studios , and Pride Foundation, the three-part series takes viewers into the homes and lives of three different individuals from Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. “We

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Facebook Purchases Echo VR Developer Ready At Dawn


While it’s true Facebook has purchased the entirety of the team, Ready at Dawn will continue to work independently out of its original offices in Irvine, California and Portland, Oregon; the only different being that they now have the full support of both Facebook and Oculus Studios.