A look at Montana 17, a licensed VR Football experience for Google Daydream from small town Florida kid done good Damon Grow.

Cats and VR

Originally a GearVR title, Montana 17 will now be an important title for Google's Daydream VR platform. In the video above you can see some of the players who got to try out Montana 17 and the great reaction it got from them.

Step Inside the Unabomber Investigation in New Interactive VR Experience

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have come together to produce a VR experience detailing the Unabomber case, which features an interactive inside look at Kaczynski’s infamous Montana cabin where he planned his bombings.

American Museum of Natural History Brings Visitors Closer to T. Rex with New VR Experience

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rex’s Montana home circa 66 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous Period. HTC and the American Museum of Natural History announced that the Manhattan-based institution’s upcoming ‘T.

Google Opens ‘Maps’ API So Devs Can Create ‘Pokémon Go’-style Games

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In the final example, a vast area of Glacier National Park in Montana was shown, rendered in Unity using Google Maps elevation data, with procedurally generated rocks and vegetation, showing the SDK is not limited to urban environments.

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Hyundai Surprises Troops With Super Bowl Livestream They’ll Never Forget


Also during the game, Super Bowl champions Joe Montana and Mike Singletary were called on to help tell why these fans deserve an experience like no other in a pair of teasers. Watching the Super Bowl is one thing, but watching it with loved ones is better.

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Justin Timberlake Connects Fans to Music and Merch With AR


You can also explore the lush Montana scenery and can interact with different icons while “Breeze Off the Pond” plays. “We

‘Google Earth VR’ Lets You Experience the Total Solar Eclipse Right Now

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EON Reality Presents at Nordic VR Forum

EON Reality

At the 2018 edition of the Nordic VR Forum, EON Reality Norway didn’t just attend Hamar’s distinguished virtual reality conference but also presented the “ Jesper on Wheels ” project to an eager crowd. With hundreds of attendees from 10 different nations and even more viewers following along with the event’s livestreams online, the annual event proved successful in every way.

If ‘Ready Player One’ Doesn’t Suck, It Stands to Positively Impact the VR Industry

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It wasn’t just a Montana phenomenon though, as it was the impetus for a 40 percent increase in fly-fishing gear sold by major mail order firm The Orvis Company.

Smart Nations Powered By Augmented Virtual Reality

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Advances in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are reshaping the way we learn and interact with our world.

The 2017 Virtual Reality Conference and Expo Schedule


Crans-Montana, Switzerland. 2016 could be considered the official introduction of virtual reality to the world and many industries have either embraced the technology at varying levels or simply started paying attention to movements within the industry.

The AVR Platform and Classroom 3.0 Showcased at EduTECH Asia 2018

EON Reality

At EduTECH Asia 2018 this week in Singapore, EON Reality spent two full days speaking, promoting, and demonstrating the latest updates to the AVR Platform to the thousands of education and technology professionals in attendance.

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The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


The Venture Reality Fund, CRCM Ventures, SOS Ventures, Anorak Ventures, and Liquid 2 Ventures (fun fact: Liquid 2 Ventures was co-founded by NFL great Joe Montana) participated in this seed round.

Weekly Funding & People Roundup: Google acquires Owlchemy.


San Francisco-based Vivid Vision raised the money from SoftTech VC’s Jeff Clavier, as well as The Venture Reality Fund (The VR Fund), CRCM Ventures, SOS Ventures, Anorak Ventures, and Liquid 2 Ventures, a seed-stage venture capital firm cofounded by Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Joe Montana.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Design & Development Course at Oral Roberts University to Open January 2017

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Augmented and Virtual Reality are some of the fastest growing sectors of our economy. These technologies are spreading far beyond the gaming world and into business and education, where its being used to train employees and better educate students.

How VR Arcades Are More Than Just A Fad


In many cases, this will mean letting our bodies step outside of the usual anthropomorphic lens and, for instance, fly around as an eagle with wings above the skylines of New York City, as I was able to last month at the World VR Forum in Crans-Montana, Switzerland.

This Degree Will Actually Land You a Job and Prepare You for the Future

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For some Entrepreneur School Alumni , after working an extensive eleven months to pursue a dream it’s time to relax. For others, it means it’s time to pursue their dreams by starting their career in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industry.