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Montana Story’s Haley Lu Richardson discusses the gripping new drama

Digital Trends

Haley Lu Richardson talks to Digital Trends about what it was like making Montana Story and getting into her character's emotionally dark headspace.

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Montana Legislator Introduces Bill to Legally Target Environmentalists After Coal Bailout Fails

GizModo VR

A fight is brewing in Montana over legislation that, if passed, would compel the state’s attorney general wide to investigate environmental groups and give them wide latitude to do so. The result could be a protracted legal battle and have a chilling effect on free speech around the transition away from coal and… Read more.

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XR Travel Case Study in Focus: World XR Forum and Crans-Montana

XR Today - Mixed Reality tag

Here’s how the World XR Forum created a virtual travel experience for travelers during lockdown, within a Crans-Montana lounge. The finished project was a virtual travel lounge, located in the Swiss town of Crans-Montana. Exploring the Potential of Virtual Travel. Powerful XR Experiences.

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Montana Story trailer finds siblings in emotional turmoil

Digital Trends

Haley Lu Richardson and Owen Teague star in Montana Story, a new film that follows the painful journey of siblings who are haunted by family trauma.

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Montana Story review: Well-acted western takes its time

Digital Trends

Haley Lu Richardson gives another star-making performance in Montana Story.

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A look at Montana 17, a licensed VR Football experience for Google Daydream from small town Florida kid done good Damon Grow.

Cats and VR

In about 30 minutes Damon went through the transition from console to mobile to VR, the value and caution of working with "Valuable" intellectual property, the importance of branding and finding the right partners, and the future of VR monetization including his own strategy for the upcoming Montana 17. I know this from experience.

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New Oculus TV Series Shines A Light On The Transgender Community


Developed in collaboration with Oculus VR for Good , Fovrth Studios , and Pride Foundation, the three-part series takes viewers into the homes and lives of three different individuals from Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. “We The stories we tell come from states where LGBTQ communities are rarely depicted in media: Idaho, Montana, and Oregon.”

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