How Microsoft Is Leading A War On Deepfakes


Microsoft’s new tool detects digital manipulation in real-time based on nearly invisible imperfections. That’s exactly what Microsoft is worried about leading up to this year’s monumental 2020 election. Image Credit: Microsoft.

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ VR Support Heading into Closed Beta Soon, Sign-ups Now Live

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Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) for PC is getting VR headset support sometime around the launch of HP’s upcoming PC VR headset, the HP Reverb G2. The post ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ VR Support Heading into Closed Beta Soon, Sign-ups Now Live appeared first on Road to VR.

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‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ Will Receive VR Support This Fall, But There’s A Catch


Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed via a joint press briefing with developer Asobo Studio that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will in fact be receiving official VR support, beginning with the upcoming HP Reverb G2 later this year. Image Credit: Microsoft.

Microsoft To Purchase ZeniMax Media, Parent Company Of Bethesda


Microsoft’s acquisition will cost a reported $7.5 Microsoft has announced plans to acquire American video game holding company ZeniMax Media, owner of numerous high-profile game publishers, for a reported $7.5 billion.

Microsoft Shows Off Language-Translating Hologram Powered By HoloLens 2


Microsoft’s Japanese-speaking hologram steals the show at Inspire 2019. Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality headset was front-and-center at the 2019 Inspire conference as the company showcased their latest advancements in artificial intelligence as well as mixed reality hologram technology. Image Credit: Microsoft. Image Credit: Microsoft. The post Microsoft Shows Off Language-Translating Hologram Powered By HoloLens 2 appeared first on VRScout.

Microsoft To Host US And International Mixed Reality Dev Days


Microsoft announced that it will be hosting two Mixed Reality Dev Days in Redmond, Washington May 16 and 17, in addition to some international dev days held in Japan and Germany at some point during the year. The Mixed Reality Dev Days will be held at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond for the second year running. The post Microsoft To Host US And International Mixed Reality Dev Days appeared first on UploadVR.

Our First Look At Microsoft HoloLens 2


Microsoft debuts their latest mixed reality device at Mobile World Conference 2019. Over these past three and a half years, Microsoft has been listening to their customers, claims HoloLens inventor and Microsoft Technical Fellow Alex Kipman as he took his turn on stage. With the HoloLens 2, Microsoft has made what appears to be a more consumer-friendly device than its original predecessor – although the company themselves dare not utter the “c-word” just yet.

Schedule For Microsoft?s Virtual Mixed Reality Dev Days Revealed


Microsoft revealed the full schedule for their upcoming Mixed Reality Dev Days, which is set to take place virtually in Altspace VR on Thursday and Friday. Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Dev Days were originally going to be hosted in Seattle this month, but with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the event has been moved online and will take place in VR, using Altspace. The post Schedule For Microsoft’s Virtual Mixed Reality Dev Days Revealed appeared first on UploadVR.

Microsoft’s ‘DreamWalker’ Turns Everyday Commutes Into VR Walking Experiences


Earlier this week during the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software & Technology in New Orleans, Microsoft unveiled a prototype system that uses a combination of VR, GPS-based inside-out tracking, and pre-authored digital worlds to create dynamic VR experiences layered over actual walking routes located throughout the real-world. “To Image Credit: Microsoft Research. Image Credit: Microsoft Research. “We Feature Image Credit: Microsoft Research.

Microsoft to Acquire Bethesda’s Parent Company ZeniMax for $7.5B

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Microsoft today announced that it’s entered into an agreement to acquire ZeniMax Media, the parent company of game studio Bethesda Softworks. The post Microsoft to Acquire Bethesda’s Parent Company ZeniMax for $7.5B

Microsoft Partners With Unity On HoloLens 2 Development Edition


Following the announcement of the Microsoft HoloLens 2, Unity has revealed a new partnership with the US-based multinational technology company to release a developer-focused version of the upcoming mixed reality headset. The Microsoft HoloLens 2 Developer Edition will include the latest HoloLens headset alongside $500 in free Azure credits plus a three-month trial of both Unity Pro and PiXYZ plugin. Image Credit: Microsoft.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.09.28): The debate on Facebook continues, Microsoft acquires Zenimax, and more!

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Microsoft has acquired Zenimax for $7.5B. In-between the console wars, Microsoft has bought Bethesda’s parent company, Zenimax, for $7.5B. Microsoft has not announced a VR headset for the Xbox, but could it be interested in creating more VR games for PC? Happy Autumn everyone!

Microsoft Hints At Minecraft AR Experience Ahead Of 10th Anniversary


Now, at the cusp of the legendary franchises 10th anniversary, Microsoft is teasing a brand new Minecraft experience that will—based on the video provided—have users crafting and mining throughout real-world environments. Released on Microsoft’s official YouTube channel, the video—entitled “What’s Minecraft up to?”— Muddy pig don’t give a damn. // Image Credit: Microsoft. Additional information on the way. // Image Credit: Microsoft.

Microsoft Mixed Reality Dev Days Names Keynote For AltSpace VR Event


Microsoft announced more details and plans for their Mixed Reality Dev Days, which will now take place fully online in AltSpaceVR. Therefore, Microsoft made registration open to anyone and available now for free. Microsoft also announced that the virtual keynote presentation that kicks off the two-day event will be hosted by Alex Kipman , a Technical Fellow working on Mixed Reality and AI.

Hands-On: Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 Is A Serious Improvement, Pre-Orders Now Shipping


Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 has officially begun shipping to pre-order customers at the cost of $3,500. It’s not perfect, but Microsoft’s next-gen MR headset has set a new standard for MR headsets. For larger companies looking to connect their entire team with HoloLens 2 headsets, Microsoft is offering a package that includes Dynamic 365 Remote Assist on each MR headset at the cost of $125 per user – per month. Image Credit: Microsoft. Image Credit: Microsoft.

Ukrainian Military Testing Microsoft HoloLens for Battle


The Microsoft HoloLens could be heading to the battlefield soon. Microsoft has already shown their “mixed reality” headset’s applications in medicine, architecture, space , and now, soldiers in the Ukrainian military may begin wearing the device. The post Ukrainian Military Testing Microsoft HoloLens for Battle appeared first on VRScout. News HoloLens Microsoft Microsoft HoloLens Military

Newly Revealed Microsoft Patent Points Towards HoloLens 2


Microsoft is set to announce their HoloLens 2 in February. Do these patents show the future of Microsoft’s AR device? There’s currently a lot of discussion surrounding Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, which is rumored to be making its unveiling at Mobile World Congress in February. We don’t know too many of the details around the device as of yet, but one thing is for sure, Microsoft’s next iteration of AR headset technology is definitely on the way.

U.S. Army To Receive 100,000 Microsoft HoloLens Headsets


Microsoft lands $479M contract to put the MR headsets into the hands of soldiers in active combat zones. Army thanks to a huge $479 million contract between the legendary military branch and Microsoft. According to a Bloomberg article, Microsoft HoloLens technology will be used to increase the lethality of soldiers by enhancing their ability to detect, decide, and engage the enemy. Army would expect all 100,000 HoloLens devices from Microsoft.

Microsoft Garage Launches Reality Room For Employees


The Garage Reality Room is a place where Microsoft employees and volunteers can learn, experiment, and hack on XR (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality). 2017 was a busy year for Microsoft and Mixed Reality. With 2018 upon us, Microsoft is still committed to mixed reality–this time with the expansion of what they dubbed The Garage –a space originally created for employees and interns to explore, create and innovate in areas such as 3D printing and new hardware.

Microsoft Confirms Follow-Up To HoloLens Mixed Reality Headset


HoloLens enters spotlight with new updates from Microsoft and a new ad featuring actor/rapper Common. Despite having released a developer edition all the way back in 2016, the Microsoft HoloLens has remained a relatively niche device. This news comes right after an extra special advertisement aired by Microsoft during this year’s NBA All-Star game. Of course this means loads of Microsoft devices from the Surface Studio, Dial and Pen, to the infamous Kinect.

Report: Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 Set To Launch Next Month


We have, of course, reached out to Microsoft itself to confirm whether or not this is true. It is, as the name suggests, an updated take on Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, projecting virtual images into the real world and letting you interact with them. In an interview with UploadVR following the kit’s reveal, Microsoft’s Greg Sullivan reasoned that consumer AR hardware was likely years out. AR HoloLens 2 Microsoft VR Industry News ar microsoft

Microsoft Is Offering Work From Home, Permanently

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Microsoft is the latest of the tech giants to enshrine working from home as a permanent fixture of its operations. microsoft covid 19 silicon valleyRead more.

Microsoft Employees Aren’t Happy About $479M HoloLens Military Contract


Last week a collection of Microsoft employees penned a letter to the companies CEO, Satya Nadella, and its president, Brad Smith, expressing their open discontent regarding a $479M contract with the United States military that would introduce roughly 100,000 HoloLens MR headsets to the battlefield. If you're a Microsoft employee you can sign at: [link] — Microsoft Workers 4 Good (@MsWorkers4) February 22, 2019.

Microsoft Patents Wand-Like Augmented Reality Controller

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Microsoft’s HoloLens already has a physical input device, the HoloLens Clicker, but in a recently published patent, we may be getting a peek into what the company was initially planning before they decided to include each HoloLens with the tiny 3DoF device. image courtesy Microsoft. image courtesy Microsoft. image courtesy Microsoft. image courtesy Microsoft. image courtesy Microsoft.

Toyota Looks To Improve Their Kaizen Philosophy With Microsoft HoloLens


Toyota plans on using Microsoft’s HoloLens and AR technology as part of their kaizen philosophy in hopes of giving themselves a boost in efficiency and assistance them overall in how they operate as a company. Using the Microsoft HoloLens, an employee could complete the same task on their own in just about two hours. Along with the HoloLens, Toyota is also testing Microsoft’s Dynamic 365 suite, which combines VR and AR tools Microsoft Layout and Microsoft’s Remote Assist.

VR Now ‘Very High’ On Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Priorities


In an interview with Austrian newspaper Der Standard, the head of Microsoft’s upcoming Flight Simulator 2020 revealed that VR is now “very high” on the list of priorities. Microsoft’s tone on supporting virtual reality in its next generation flight simulator seems to have shifted over the past few months. While the sim is also coming to Xbox, it looks like Microsoft isn’t interested in virtual reality on that platform.

HoloLens 2 Now Shipping, Microsoft Announces


HoloLens 2, Microsoft’s second enterprise-level AR headset, is now shipping. The post HoloLens 2 Now Shipping, Microsoft Announces appeared first on UploadVR. AR Microsoft VR Industry News ar AR headset HoloLens HoloLens 2 HoloLens 2 AR microsoft top storiesHoloLens 2 was introduced at Mobile World Congress earlier in the year.

Microsoft Hires Former Valve Graphics Programmer


A notable former member of the Valve VR team joined Microsoft as a “Partner Architect in Mixed Reality.” 2019 and he announced his move to Microsoft today. Very excited to share that I joined Microsoft today as a Partner Architect in Mixed Reality (HoloLens, VR, etc.)! Microsoft previously hired USC’s Mark Bolas to work on the company’s VR efforts and the company continues to invest in ongoing research in VR and AR.

HP Teases New VR Headset Designed In Collaboration With Microsoft & Valve


With all the hype surrounding yesterday’s release of Half-Life: Alyx, many may have missed HP’s announcement regarding a mysterious new VR headset built in partnership with Microsoft and Valve Corporation. Information is sparse at the moment, though HP makes some pretty bold claims on its website: “Developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, the next-gen HP VR headset delivers a more immersive, comfortable and compatible experience than the previous generation.

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Beta Coming For WMR, Sign-Ups Here

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A Microsoft Flight Simulator VR beta is arriving for you in the coming weeks. Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann explained that the closed beta will arrive either in late October or early November. Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Beta On The Way.

Slack vs. Microsoft Teams

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Slack vs. Microsoft Teams: Which collaboration tool is best for your needs? Computing Small Business Microsoft Teams Slack Tier 4 versusOur comparison addresses pricing, features, app integration, storage, and more.

Microsoft Reveals HoloLens 2 AR Headset


Microsoft unveiled the second generation of its standalone HoloLens AR headset at a press conference in Barcelona, Spain. HoloLens 2 features enhanced field of view, “fully articulated hand tracking” and better comfort overall, according to Microsoft. Microsoft showed avatars which could mimic real-world movements as well as interactions that spanned voice commands and phones. AR Alex Kipman HoloLens 2 microsoft

Microsoft’s HoloLens Now Helps Elevator Technicians Work Smarter


AR Development Microsoft VR Industry News elevators HoloLens industrial microsoft technician thyssenkrupp

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR close beta is now open for sign-ups


Archive Microsoft mixed reality virtual reality VRFor simulator fans, the latest iteration of the well-aged Flight Simulator could be the franchise’s biggest release yet and in more ways than one.

Microsoft’s VR Maker Tool ‘SharePoint Spaces’ to Launch in First Half of 2020

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Back at Microsoft’s annual SharePoint Virtual Summit in May 2018, the company announced it was getting ready to ship a new VR maker tool set called Spaces for SharePoint, the web-based collaborative platform for enterprise customers. Now, Microsoft says Spaces is nearly ready for a general release to all SharePoint users, which is slated to happen at some point in the first half of 2020.

Microsoft Announces Release Date For Minecraft Earth AR Sandbox Mobile Game


Thankfully, our wishes were finally granted yesterday as Microsoft revealed that early access would begin rolling out to various countries beginning next month , with plans for global compatibility by the end of the year. . Image Credit: Microsoft, Mojang. Feature Image Credit: Microsoft, Mojang. The post Microsoft Announces Release Date For Minecraft Earth AR Sandbox Mobile Game appeared first on VRScout. Move over Halloween, this October is all about Minecraft Earth.

Microsoft Files Patent For VR Mat With Haptic Feedback And Pressure Sensors


Could Microsoft’s high-tech floormat be the future of at-home 4D entertainment? According to a patent filed by Microsoft to the United States Patent & Trademark Office earlier this week, the company has been experimenting with the idea of a unique VR floor mat device designed to enhance users immersion. Microsoft’s latest Kinect in-action / Image Credit: Microsoft. News haptic feedback Microsoft VR Mat

Haptic 276