Spatial Beats: Apple, Microsoft & Meta

AR Insider

This week, we look at Apple's AR plans, Microsoft's AR reorg, and Meta's Horizon Home. Welcome back to Spatial Beats, AR Insider's weekly series that features observations and insights of author and futurist Charlie Fink.

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Spatial Beats: Meta, Microsoft & Apple

AR Insider

This week, we look at Meta's ongoing challenges, Microsoft's Quest 3 fate and the latest Apple glasses rumors. Welcome back to Spatial Beats, AR Insider's weekly series that features observations and insights of author and futurist Charlie Fink.


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Spatial Beats: Microsoft, Apple & Google

AR Insider

This week, we look at Microoft's big deal, Apple's Metaverse shun and Google jumps back into AR. Welcome back to Spatial Beats, AR Insider's weekly series that features observations and insights of author and futurist Charlie Fink.

Microsoft's Most Embarrassing Product Failures

GizModo VR

Microsoft is responsible for bringing many of us into the digital realm, introducing generations of consumers to the PC. Beyond Windows, Microsoft and its brand Xbox have been a driving force behind the growth of gaming, Office… Read more.

Microsoft might be building its own version of the Apple M1 chip for Surface

Digital Trends

A recent job posting suggests that Microsoft could be developing its own M1 competitor for next-gen Surface devices, but it's too soon to say for sure. Computing News Apple Intel Microsoft Microsoft Surface

Apple MacBook Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Digital Trends

Apple's MacBook Pro and Microsoft's Surface Pro 7 are two of the best laptops you can buy. Apple Computing macbook pro Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Tier 4 versusBut which one is right for you? We compare the two so you can decide.

Apple M1 MacBooks vs Microsoft Surface Pro X: Which company does ARM best?

Digital Trends

Pinning the greatest from Apple against the greatest from Microsoft. Apple Buying Guides Computing Apple November 2020 Event MacBook Microsoft surface

Apple MacBook Air vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Digital Trends

Apple updated its MacBook Air, bringing improved specs to a stunningly thin design, but does it have what it takes to compete with Microsoft's Surface Pro 6? Computing Apple macbook pro Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Tier 4

Report Casts Doubt on HoloLens 3, Microsoft Says AR Headset is “doing great”

Road to VR

Microsoft’s enterprise-focused HoloLens 3 may be dead in the water, as a recent report maintains that internal divisions have hobbled the company’s efforts to release its next AR headset as planned. Alex Kipman wearing HoloLens 2, Image courtesy Microsoft.

Our First Look At Microsoft HoloLens 2


Microsoft debuts their latest mixed reality device at Mobile World Conference 2019. Over these past three and a half years, Microsoft has been listening to their customers, claims HoloLens inventor and Microsoft Technical Fellow Alex Kipman as he took his turn on stage. With the HoloLens 2, Microsoft has made what appears to be a more consumer-friendly device than its original predecessor – although the company themselves dare not utter the “c-word” just yet.

Microsoft Edge Just Passed Apple Safari as the World's Second Most Popular Browser on Desktops

GizModo VR

Internet Explorer won’t be officially put out of its misery until next month, but its replacement, Microsoft Edge, is already gaining significant ground.

The XR Week Peek (2021.03.08): Microsoft launches Mesh, HTC and Pico tease new hardware, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Microsoft announces Mesh, an XR collaboration platform. Alex Kipman promised us a Microsoft Ignite conference with an amazing level of immersion , and he kept his word. But since Microsoft owns one of those studios (and using it costs around $100K/day if I remember well!),

Microsoft expands cloud gaming to Apple devices and Windows 10 PCs

Digital Trends

Microsoft has announced that more people than ever will be able to experience Xbox Cloud Gaming across a variety of devices. Gaming Apple Microsoft xbox xbox cloud gaming Xbox Series X

Microsoft backs Epic in dispute with Apple, says Unreal Engine is critical tech

Digital Trends

Gaming News Apple breaking twitter Epic Games Microsoft Unreal EngineA court filing says the banning the engine will 'harm game creators and gamers'.

Unreal 103

What Microsoft can learn from Apple’s Mac on ARM transition

Digital Trends

Microsoft has a lot to learn from Apple switching to ARM Macs. Computing Opinion Apple breaking Mac OS MacBook Microsoft surface

Apple MacBook Air, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 prices slashed — save up to $310

Digital Trends

Save over $300 on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and $50 on the Apple MacBook Air right now. Apple Computing Deals Mobile Amazon 2020 Apple MacBook Air Best Buy 2020 BTS 2020 Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go vs. Apple MacBook Air: Which is the better buy?

Digital Trends

Microsoft just launched the 12.5 inch Surface Laptop Go, and it now competes with Apple's MacBook Air. Computing Apple Microsoft surface Surface Laptop Surface Laptop GoWe compare the design, specs, and portability.

Microsoft CEO would ‘welcome’ iMessage on Windows

Digital Trends

In a recent video interview, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella listed iMessage as one example of Apple features that his company would invite onto Windows. Apple Computing Mobile iMessage Microsoft Satya Nadella Windows 11

The XR Week Peek (2021.11.08): Microsoft Teams gets immersive, Meta may open its stores, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Microsoft). Microsoft Teams to integrate Mesh in 2022. With a surprise move, Microsoft has announced that in 2022 it will integrate Microsoft Mesh, its framework to create shared XR experiences, inside Microsoft Teams. Header image by Microsoft).

Google, Microsoft, and Apple Say You’ll Soon Be Able to Use the Same Login on Any Browser

GizModo VR

google apple microsoft computer access control password managers software andrew shikiar passwordless authentication mark risher operating systems alex simons technology internet intel fido alliance access control google chrome amazon safari visa web browsers freeware password microsoft edge

Apple mixed reality headset may launch in 2022 after all

Digital Trends

Apple's mixed reality headset has passed another design milestone. Computing News Apple AR Microsoft mixed reality VRThis puts the device on track for a potential 2022 release, but there are still hurdles.

Apple 101

Microsoft's Mixed-Reality Dreams Are Fading

GizModo VR

Microsoft has reportedly scrapped plans to make a HoloLens 3—what would have been a successor to its current mixed reality headset—and infighting within the mixed reality division has fueled… Read more.

Apple's MacBook Pro 13 With M2 Has Lost its Mainstream Appeal

GizModo VR

The MacBook Pro 13 is a forgotten child, the only remaining product in Apple’s notebook family without a redesigned chassis and upgraded specs. As such, this review is as much about Apple’s M2 chip as it is about the newest version of the MacBook… Read more.

Apple 69

Microsoft and iFixit team up on official repair kits for Surface devices

Digital Trends

Microsoft has partnered with iFixit to release repair tools for its Surface line of products. Computing Apple iFixit Microsoft Surface Laptop surface proThis marks a major step forward for the Right to Repair movement.

What to Expect From Microsoft's Windows 11 Event

GizModo VR

It’s about time Microsoft introduced something new, and we’re pretty sure that what’s on the way is a new version of Windows. Specifically, we expect to see Windows 11, because Windows 10X has all but kicked the bucket before it even had a chance. Read more.

Today’s Best Tech Deals: Apple Watch, Dell XPS 13, Microsoft Surface Pro

Digital Trends

Get the Blink XT2 security camera, Apple Watch Series 3, AirPods Pro, iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, 70-inch LG UN7070 4K TV, Dell XPS 13, and Samsung Galaxy S20 on sale.

Community Download: Are Oculus and HTC The Apple and Microsoft of VR?

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

For every Nintendo there is a Sega and for every Apple there is a Microsoft. Our big question today is this: when it comes to VR, are Oculus and HTC the respective Apple and Microsoft of the industry? Oculus/Apple . The similarities between Oculus and Apple begin with a shared interest in controlled content. The “It just works” attitude that Apple has made so famous is clearly in the DNA of Oculus as well. HTC/Microsoft .

Windows 11 Is the Overhaul Microsoft Needed

GizModo VR

Today Microsoft announced the next big chapter for its ubiquitous operating system: Windows 11 is here, and while there’s some awkwardness to work out (specifically in the way Microsoft is handling Android app integration), Windows 11 feels like the big facelift Microsoft really needed.

Microsoft Memorializes Clippy by Making It an Emoji

GizModo VR

Clippy, the hero of Microsoft Office, is now an emoji. Read more.

Microsoft's Surface Laptop SE Teardown Video Is a Major Win for Right to Repair

GizModo VR

When Microsoft released its first Surface devices 10 years ago, people were quick to make comparisons to Apple products not only because of their minimalist aesthetic, but also because they were impossible to repair at home.

Microsoft Was Willing to Play Ball With Apple to Bring Xbox Games to iPhones

GizModo VR

We’re now learning the great lengths Microsoft was willing to take to bring Xbox games to iPhones. The company reluctantly planned to bring exclusive triple-A Xbox titles to the App Store in the form of individual apps due to Apple’s requirements for games, but the deal fell through.

'Get Out of Our Way:' Apple Workers Call on Company to Re-Think Strict Return-to-Office Strategy

GizModo VR

Apple employees aren’t ready to give up on remote work just yet. apple apple inc litigation drafthybrid work google industry economics gizmodo microsoft remote work apple inc technology labor american brands apple store companies

Apple iPad 10.2, Microsoft Surface Go prices slashed in time for 4th of July

Digital Trends

Two of the best tablets right now, the Apple iPad 10.2 and Microsoft Surface Go, are on sale at Amazon before the 4th of July. Apple Deals Mobile 4th of July 2020 Apple iPad 10.2 iPad deals microsoft surface deals microsoft surface go tablet deals

Microsoft Finally On Path to Allow Self-Repair of Products

GizModo VR

Microsoft is finally talking honestly about allowing for self-repair of its products as many other big tech companies start to loosen their grip on fixing their electronics when they eventually go bust.

Microsoft’s decision to shutter its retail stores is a mistake

Digital Trends

Taking a cue from Apple, Microsoft had the concept of modern retail experience almost perfect. Computing Opinion Coronavirus microsoft store Microsoft StoresSo why give up?

Apple Is Denying Consumers Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Claims

GizModo VR

Microsoft has stopped mincing words, and in a statement shared with Gizmodo, claims that Apple is entirely to blame for the lack of cloud gaming apps and subscription services on iOS. project xcloud microsoft project xcloud cloud gaming apple antitrust

Microsoft Joins OpenXR, Becoming a Decisive Backer in the Open, Royalty-free VR/AR Standard

Road to VR

Khronos Group , the consortium behind the OpenXR project which aims to standardize the way applications communicate with AR and VR headsets, just added Microsoft to its ranks. Among its count of members, the OpenXR working group consisted of nearly every major player in the industry except Microsoft until now. Up until now, it wasn’t clear which way Microsoft was headed. Microsoft Microsoft VR News Bits OpenXR khronos microsoft microsoft vr microsoft xr openar openvr