More Than 100 Cargo Ships Were Waiting to Unload in Southern California This Week, an All-Time High

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If you want to know what a global supply chain crisis looks like at its worst, all you have to do is check out what happened at southern California’s ports this week. Read more.

Why Medicare for All Must Be Part of the Green New Deal

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In 1991, Larry Barragan got word that the oil refinery in Long Beach, California where he was working would be closing. It was one of the scariest moments of his career.


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Formula E Releases Racing Highlights in True Virtual Reality


You’ll follow the heated rivalry of racers Lucas Di Grassi & Sebastien Buemi as they struggle against one another for first in a championship that spans London, Berlin and Long Beach just to name a few. This is as close to being on the track as you’re going to get. City street racing series Formula E and VR sports entertainment company Virtually Live have teamed up to bring high-paced racing action to virtual reality using some seriously cool spectator modes.

Game Industry Job Postings Are Decreasing, But VR Jobs Are Up 400% Since 2014


Long Beach/Anaheim: $80,870. The number of jobs posted for game developers has declined 65 percent since 2014, according to an analysis by the job search site Indeed. The global game industry has grown to $91 billion across multiple platforms, but the number of jobs in the U.S. could be on the decline, at least among larger companies. The data from Indeed does not necessarily include jobs at tiny game companies, known as independent game studios.

Formula E and Virtually Live partner for VR highlight real in anticipation of the third season of the racing series.

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Users can virtually experience the Long Beach, Berlin and London ePrixs from the perspective of their driver of choice, or a variety of positions around the tracks. Following their joint announcement last March to develop an innovative True VR experience for fans of FIA Formula E Championship (the city street racing series), Formula E and Virtually Live are releasing a highlights experience on Virtually Live's platform.

Hofstra University Uses VR To Put You Face To Face With A Category 3 Hurricane


The project is currently focused on the campus community, but Bernhard does have plans to bring the experience to other parts of Long Island hit by Hurricane Sandy, such as Long Beach. . Step just outside the eye of the storm and feel the full force of a category 3 monster. . Hurricanes – massive geophysical events that can unleash massive destruction with wind speeds over 160 miles per hour and up to 2.4 trillion gallons of rainfall per day.

Facebook Open-sources AI Habitat To Help Robots Navigate Realistic Environments


AI Habitat will be showcased in a workshop next week at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference in Long Beach, California. Facebook AI Research is making available AI Habitat , a simulator that can train AI agents that embody things like a home robot to operate in environments meant to mimic typical real-world settings like an apartment or office.

Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Strategy Driven By Pioneer Who Helped Launch VR’s Renaissance


Bolas previously directed USC’s Mixed Reality Lab at the Institute for Creative Technologies, where he hired a teenager from Long Beach before the young man co-founded Oculus. In addition to hiring Palmer Luckey , Bolas’ lab gave rise to a number of headset prototypes that placed phone or tablet-sized screens in front of your eyes for a basic sort of VR headset, including one that was cardboard-based long before Google branded the idea and put them in millions of homes.

‘Project CARS 2’ Leaked Footage Shows Progress on Sequel to VR-capable Racing Sim

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However, it does include some interesting looks at new cars, such as the Ferrari 288 GTO, Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo, Porsche 935/80, and Jaguar XJ220S (manufacturers that were absent from the first game), along with footage of new tracks like Long Beach, the rallycross track in Hell, Norway and a Canadian ice track. New footage from upcoming racing simulator Project CARS 2 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One has surfaced on YouTube.

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Esqapes VR Massage Center’s Digital Spa Dismantles Stress With Sensory Tech


Or we have back pain from bad posture when we sit or stand for long periods. Watching the ocean life above me, I thought about aquariums at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas or the Long Beach Aquarium. Esqapes VR Massage Center in Los Angeles. Esqapes VR Massage Center is an oasis that everyone should experience! So many of us have neck pain from staring down at the phone. Some of us don’t have pain but do have stress and tension. If this sounds like you, keep reading.

2020 – The Year of AR and VR for Education and Training

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Beginning with early virtual reality games and devices beginning in the 1960s and evolving to today’s HMD devices, virtual reality has been part of society for a long time. I saw my first presentation at the League for Innovation Conference in Long Beach, California in 2002.

‘Project CARS 2’ VR Review – An Ambitious Sequel With Serious Potential

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The new circuits are built to a high standard, particularly COTA, Long Beach, and the brilliant Algarve Circuit (Portimao). Simulating these four-wheel drive beasts was no small feat; the team needed to rework chassis, tyre and surface models to deal with the long suspension travel, massive slip angles and loose terrain.

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This is How Fake News Happens: The Reporting of Palmer Luckey and Nimble America


NewtonVR will not be supporting the Oculus Touch as long as he is employed there. Turns out, he also appears to be an active supporter of Donald Trump and the alt-right, and in a long-term relationship with an avid Gamergater.”. Another Twitter user wrote “I’m cancelling Touch support in my game as long as Palmer works for Oculus” along with a photo directing the middle finger at the as-yet unreleased controllers.”.