Augmented Reality Revives 300-Year-Old Boston Bookstore


A bookstore in Boston celebrated its 300th birthday with an augmented reality makeover. Historic Boston Incorporated (HBI) debuted an AR app last week that overlays 3D virtual signs dating back to 1850 on the historic Old Corner Bookstore. The AR displays avoid “having to slap a bunch of signs on the building,” HBI executive director Kathy Kottaridis told The Boston Globe. The post Augmented Reality Revives 300-Year-Old Boston Bookstore appeared first on VRScout.

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Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway Is Now One Of The Largest AR Exhibits In North America


Exploring Boston’s past via an AR time machine. If you are familiar with Boston, then you know all about the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway , a stunning strip of land filled with beautiful gardens, promenades, plazas, and fountains that takes you through multiple Boston neighborhoods, from Chinatown all the way to Boston’s North End. The post Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway Is Now One Of The Largest AR Exhibits In North America appeared first on VRScout.

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Boston Red Sox Fans Visit Fenway Park In AR With Latest Snapchat Lens


With MLB baseball on hold, the Boston Red Sox turn to AR to reconnect with fans. In the meantime, MLB’s Boston Red Sox are using two different Snapchat AR lenses to transport fans to historic Fenway Park from the comfort their homes. Both AR filters were created by the Boston Red Sox to let fans know that they are thinking of them during these incredibly challenging times. The Boston Red Sox used Snapchat Lens Studio to create their AR portals.

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Ford gives Boston Dynamics’ high-tech robot dog a job

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Boston Dynamics' advanced quadruped went on sale in June 2020 for $75,000. Cars News boston dynamics Ford Robot Robotics Robots spot

Boston Dynamics Will Sell Robot Arm to Go With Its Robot Dog Next Year, Which Is Totally Fine

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Back in June, Boston Dynamics made more than 150 units of its robotic dog Spot available for sale to outside companies and research facilities. While Boston… Read more. barks in robot robots robotics boston dynamics spotmini spot

'SNL' pokes fun at Boston with pitch perfect ad for Sam Adams' pumpkin ale

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At a time of unprecedented division, last night Saturday Night Live played into one of the few things most Americans can still agree on: Making fun of Boston is funny. While the world has been turned upside down in 2020, riffing on Boston is still a formula that works.

Release the ($74,500) hounds: Boston Dynamics' Spot is for sale

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As of today, you can officially buy your very own $74,500 robot dog Boston Dynamics , the company also behind that random parkour bot , announced Tuesday that its four-legged creation is finally for sale. Although, it's worth noting, the Boston Dynamics online store limits the amount of Spots an individual can purchase to two at a time. More about Robots , Boston Dynamics , Tech , and Other. Robots Boston Dynamics Tech Other

Boston Students Are Turning Classic Novel Ulysses Into A VR Experience


Winking Entertainment is trying its hand at retelling ancient Chinese story, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, inside the HTC Vive, and now a group from the Boston College is attempting to do the same for James Joyce’s Ulysses. Tagged with: Boston College , htc vive , Joycestick , Ulysses. Experiences Boston College htc vive Joycestick UlyssesWe’re seeing a surprising eagerness from creatives to turn classic novels into VR experiences.

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You Can Finally Buy Boston Dynamics' Spot, But You Can't Use It For Evil

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Last September, after debuting several years prior , Boston Dynamics’ impressively agile robotic dog Spot was made available to a select number of companies as an experiment to see how the robot would perform outside of the company’s R&D labs. robots boston dynamics spot research robotics

Fallout 4 VR Livestream: Exploring Diamond City And Inner Boston


In our first stream (yesterday) we began our journey as we exited the Vault, made our way to Concord, and started to explore the Boston Wasteland. This time around we’ve got our sights set on Diamond City and the surrounding urban Boston areas. Fallout 4 VR finally released for HTC Vive this week! It had a bit of a rocky launch but is already improving slightly from where it was just a few days ago.

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Fallout 4 VR Livestream: Exploring The Boston Wasteland


The Boston wasteland never looked so immersive! Yesterday, Fallout 4 VR released to the world on Steam. This release marks the third and final VR game of the year from Bethesda and is now arguably the largest and most elaborate VR game available on any platform.

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Boston Students Are Turning Classic Novel Ulysses Into A VR.


Boston Students Are Turning Classic Novel Ulysses Into A VR Experience Winking Entertainment is trying its hand at retelling ancient Chinese story, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, inside the HTC Vive, and now a group from the Boston College is attempting to do the same for James Joyce’s Ulysses. james joyce literature vr experience classic novel ireland ulysses boston college

Boston Bans Police Forces From Using Facial Recognition

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It’s official, as of today, Boston’s become the second-largest US community to ban police use of facial recognition technology, thanks to a unanimous vote by more than a dozen city council people. The move follows similar bans by the neighboring cities Brookline, Somerville, and Cambridge a few months back, along with… Read more. privacy facial recognition police technology

Political ad goes viral for actually being inspiring (and deeply Boston)

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Oh, and the Boston accent is a delight — listening to Markey say "organize" is a treat. Typically, political ads follow familiar beats. There are the dark attack ads with an ominous narrator. There are the somewhat cheesy ads touting the candidate's record.

Boston bans most city use of facial-recognition tech in privacy win

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Boston on Wednesday joined the still small, but growing, number of U.S. The new measure prohibits both the city of Boston and any official in the city of Boston from using "face surveillance" and "information derived from a face surveillance system.". cities that have for the most part banned city officials' use of facial-recognition technology.

Oh, nothing, just Ford's robot dogs roaming the factory floor

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More about Robot , Boston Dynamics , Ford , Tech , and Artificial Intelligence. Robot Boston Dynamics Ford Tech Artificial IntelligenceRead more.

VR & AR/MR for Training & Education – Aggreko, Boston Children’s Hospital and More Share Insights


BOSTON, December 14, 2019 — Research estimates that by 2020 nearly 35 percent of the top skills needed across all job groups will change (World Economic Forum), which highlights the growing need for businesses to focus on corporate training. Press release.

Boston Dynamics presented upgraded SpotMini – a robot dog


On Monday,Boston Dynamics presented a kind of a “ robot dog ” that is learning new tricks every day. The SpotMini’s latest development is confirmation that progress continues to happen in Boston Dynamics. The post Boston Dynamics presented upgraded SpotMini – a robot dog appeared first on VR World. Artificial Intelligence Companies News Technology Security AI Atlas Boston Dynamics Robot dog robots Softbank SpotMini

Watch Spot and Pepper robots come together to cheer their baseball team

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News boston dynamics Pepper Robots SoftBank spotThe robots are performing regularly for the SoftBank Hawks in Fukuoka, Japan.

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Robots Everywhere: The promise of humanoid robots

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Emerging Tech boston dynamics humaniod Robotics robots everywhereBuilding machines that look and act like humans has always been part of our vision of creating robots.

Spot the robot dog is amazing, and look how far it’s come

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News boston dynamics Robot Robotics Robots spotYou can now buy the dog-like robot, but it ain't cheap!

Hilariously out of sync cheerleading robots dazzle during baseball game in Japan

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SoftBank’s ‘Pepper’ and Boston Dynamics’ ‘Spot’ performed a collaborative cheer during the game. More about Robots , Mashable Video , Japan , Baseball , and Boston Dynamics. Robots Mashable Video Japan Baseball Boston DynamicsThe Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks filled their seats with robots in place of humans. While other sports have tried cardboard cutout crowds, the Hawks decided they'd go where few others have dared. Read more.

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Virtual Reality’s Been Working on the Railroad


Virtual reality is on the right track in Boston — and we mean that literally. Featured Mobile Industry News VR Industry and Technology Boston Keolis TrainsThe Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has much. The post Virtual Reality’s Been Working on the Railroad appeared first on VRJournal.

Conference on the Future of AR and VR Set for May 3


Featured VR Industry and Technology Boston Virtual Reality ConferenceBeantown is the place to be next week for a new exploration of the promise and potential of the VR and AR. The post Conference on the Future of AR and VR Set for May 3 appeared first on VRJournal.

Brain-controlled video game to hit VR arcades this year


Boston-based startup Neurable will bring its brain-controlled VR video game Awakening , which the company claims is the first of its kind, to VR arcades around the world by the end of this year. This brain-computer interface (BCI) is made possible by the attachment of an HTC Vive VR headset to a brain-scanning headband equipped with electrodes that pick up neural activity by recording electroencephalography (EEG) signals.

Netflix's 'Trial 4' docuseries trailer follows one man's fight to prove himself innocent of murder

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That's the opening line of the trailer for Netflix's latest true crime documentary series, Trial 4 , which tells the story of a Black man's fight for freedom after he was convicted of murdering Boston Police detective John Mulligan in 1993, and sent to prison for 22 years. "My name is Sean Ellis, and I was wrongly convicted of murder at 19.".

Reimagine U.S. historical spaces with this AR artwork — Future Blink

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Users can download the free app called “4th Wall” and open it at historic sites from Selma to Boston to view artist's Nancy Baker Cahill's piece "Liberty Bell." Read more. More about Tech , Mashable Video , Arts Culture And Entertainment , Future Blink , and Ar Display. Tech Mashable Video Arts Culture And Entertainment Future Blink Ar Display

Lakers fan celebrates NBA title win from inside giant bubble

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On Sunday, the team beat the Miami Heat 106-93 , taking home their 17th NBA title and tying with the Boston Celtics for most NBA championships. It's been a big night for LA Lakers fans.

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Spaceteam VR Reveals Local Co-Op Mode With Smartphones/Tables


Spaceteam just had a showing at PAX East in Boston, where it was the final game showcased in the Omegathon livestream. Cooperative Innovations is living up to its name with the upcoming Spaceteam VR. Alongside the main multiplayer mode for up to six VR users, people with smartphones and tablets can join in on the fun too. With this feature, players can use an app to join in with a VR player’s game.

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‘The Possible’: First Episode of Virtual Reality Series is Available Now


The Possible is the name of a five-part immersive documentary directed by David Geld and featuring robots from the prestigious engineering company, Boston Dynamics. The first episode, Hello Robot , brings viewers up close and personal with the advanced robotics of Boston Dynamics. According to the episode’s official synopsis: “Go face-to-face with the world’s most advanced robots and get a rare look inside Boston Dynamics’ top secret lab, never before open to the public.”

XRHealth Secures $7M Investment to Expand Its AR/VR Telehealth Platform

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XRHealth , a Boston-based medical company, today announced that it’s raised $7 million in funding to expand its telehealth platform targeted at VR headset users. The company announced the funding via a press statement today, stating that the new funding round was led by Bridges Israel, Flint Capital, and 20/20 HealthCare Partners. According to CrunchBase , this brings the company’s overall funding to $15 million, with its latest seed round secured in late 2018.

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Report: Interfaces will use voice, gesture, and other inputs

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Press release: Voice Control, Gesture Control, and See-through Displays Are Top Electronic User Interface Innovations BOSTON, MA – With Apple, Google, and Microsoft sharpening their focus on electronic user interfaces, voice control, gesture control,... News Lux Research natural user interface user interface

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With This Alien Makeout Simulator


Originally developed in just 48 hours for the Boston VR Jam competition , Alien Makeout Simulator is a room-scale virtual reality game where players enter a space cantina and are tasked with locking lips with a ridiculous 10-mouthed space alien that looks straight out of Futurama. Having been awarded the honor of Best Single Player Game at the 2014 Boston Festival of Indie Games , the title has now received an official port to current VR headsets including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

MIT Media Lab Hosts 2017 VR/AR Hackathon


If you plan to be in the Boston, Massachusetts area in early October, the MIT Media Lab invites you to join the Reality Virtually Hackathon taking place October 6 – 9, 2017.

Banishing Your Nightmares With The Help Of VR


Center for Mind and Culture cofounders Dr. Patrick McNamara (neurology professor and researcher at Boston University) and Wesley J. Wildman , (professor of philosophy and expert in artificial, computer-simulated environments at Boston University) designed a pilot study to examine if virtual reality therapy could help people with such recurring nightmares. New research shows how immersive technology can help patients treat recurring nightmare syndrome.

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Capcom Cup to Host VR Version of Iconic ‘Street Fighter II’ Bonus Stage

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The Street Fighter franchise isn’t actually in VR yet—not unless you count playing the retro ROMS in New Retro Arcade — but the attendees at this year’s Capcom Cup at Red Bull Battle Grounds in Boston will get a chance to relive the iconic car-smashing bonus stage from Street Fighter II (1991). The North American Finals at Red Bull Battle Grounds will take place at The Castle in Boston on November 18-19.

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XR – The Biggest Opportunity of 2020: Announcing the XR Immersive Enterprise 2020 Conference


Boston, January 26, 2020 — At the forefront of the technological revolution is extended reality (XR) – an emerging industry comprised of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. At the XR Immersive Enterprise Conference , held on May 5-6, 2020 at the Revere Hotel in Boston, USA, 300+ enterprise and tech leaders are gathering to share case studies, and to hear 50+ presentations from thought leaders in the XR industry. Press release.