Boston Fashion Week Launches 60 AR Designs Across Boston


Explore the City of Boston to discover a wide variety of AR fashion designs from local designers, photographers, and stylists. Boston Fashion Week is happening right now. Image Credit: Boston Fashion Week. Each piece of AR fashion was created by a local Boston local.

Boston 401

Doctors Perform One-Of-A-Kind AR Surgery In Boston


The post Doctors Perform One-Of-A-Kind AR Surgery In Boston appeared first on VRScout. Surgeons were able to view 3D anatomical information in real-time thanks to Dr. Steve Murphy’s AR guidance platform.

Boston 424

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Boston Red Sox Fans Visit Fenway Park In AR With Latest Snapchat Lens


With MLB baseball on hold, the Boston Red Sox turn to AR to reconnect with fans. In the meantime, MLB’s Boston Red Sox are using two different Snapchat AR lenses to transport fans to historic Fenway Park from the comfort their homes.

Boston 254

Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway Is Now One Of The Largest AR Exhibits In North America


Exploring Boston’s past via an AR time machine. If you are familiar with Boston, then you know all about the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway , a stunning strip of land filled with beautiful gardens, promenades, plazas, and fountains that takes you through multiple Boston neighborhoods, from Chinatown all the way to Boston’s North End. The post Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway Is Now One Of The Largest AR Exhibits In North America appeared first on VRScout.

Roboticist shares why she loves working at Boston Dynamics

Digital Trends

A new video from robot specialist Boston Dynamics features electrical engineer Cassie Moreira talking about why she loves working there. News boston dynamics engineering roboticist Robotics

Augmented Reality Revives 300-Year-Old Boston Bookstore


A bookstore in Boston celebrated its 300th birthday with an augmented reality makeover. Historic Boston Incorporated (HBI) debuted an AR app last week that overlays 3D virtual signs dating back to 1850 on the historic Old Corner Bookstore. The AR displays avoid “having to slap a bunch of signs on the building,” HBI executive director Kathy Kottaridis told The Boston Globe. The post Augmented Reality Revives 300-Year-Old Boston Bookstore appeared first on VRScout.

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Say hello to Boston Dynamics’ newest robot: Stretch

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Boston Dynamics has just unveiled its latest robot, a wheel-based machine designed to make warehouse work more efficient. News boston dynamics Robot Stretch

Hyundai Motors Reportedly Bought Boston Dynamics For Almost $1 Billion

GizModo VR

What to do with Boston Dynamics? boston dynamics softbank google robots robotics hyundai

Boston 114

Watch Boston Dynamics’ robots strut their stuff in year-end dance show

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Strutting their stuff to The Contours’ Do You Love Me, Boston Dynamics' robots thrill with impressively agile moves that would put most human dancers to shame. News Atlas boston dynamics Handle Robotics Robots spot

Boston 114

Watch Boston Dynamics’ Spot robots strut their stuff

Digital Trends

News boston dynamics robot dance Robotics Robots spot Spot robotWatch seven Spot robots perform a beautifully choreographed dance in celebration of Hyundai’s recent acquisition of the Massachusetts-based tech firm.

Watch Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot dance like the Stones’ Mick Jagger

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Watch Boston Dynamics' versatile Spot robot mirror moves by Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger in the latest demonstration of its dancing skills. Music News boston dynamics Robotics Robots Rolling Stones spot Spot robot

Boston Dynamics Is Hoping Robot Dogs Are Less Creepy While Fighting Fires

GizModo VR

“Spot,” the nascent Terminator on four legs invented by Skynet , er, I mean, Boston Dynamics, has landed its next public safety gig: firefighter. Read more.

Boston Dynamics' Spot Robot Finally Gets Its Helping Hand

GizModo VR

When Boston Dynamics first revealed a prototype of its Spot robot to the world back in 2016, it featured a gripper on the end of an articulated arm that was curiously missing when the company officially made Spot available for sale last year. human interest technology_internet robots alphabet inc boston dynamics softbank group robotics aibo atlas data mobile robot

Xiaomi’s CyberDog looks remarkably like Boston Dynamics’ Spot

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The quadruped looks a lot like Boston Dynamics' Spot but sells at a fraction of the price. Xiaomi has unleashed a robot mutt called CyberDog. News cyberdog quadruped Robotics Robots spot Xiaomi

Boston 106

Ford gives Boston Dynamics’ high-tech robot dog a job

Digital Trends

Boston Dynamics' advanced quadruped went on sale in June 2020 for $75,000. Cars News boston dynamics Ford Robot Robotics Robots spot

You Can Finally Buy Boston Dynamics' Spot, But You Can't Use It For Evil

GizModo VR

Last September, after debuting several years prior , Boston Dynamics’ impressively agile robotic dog Spot was made available to a select number of companies as an experiment to see how the robot would perform outside of the company’s R&D labs. robots boston dynamics spot research robotic

Boston 101

Boston Dynamics’ Stretch robot lands its first gig

Digital Trends

Boston Dynamics' highly versatile Stretch robot has landed its first gig almost a year after it was unveiled, with DHL planning to deploy a number of them soon.

Boston Dynamics' Spot Is Being Tested as a Robotic Security Guard Protecting the Remains of Pompeii

GizModo VR

Serving as a robotic security guard might feel like a dystopic use of the amazing technology powering Boston Dynamics’ Spot, but the robotic dog is actually well suited to protecting a historically significant area like Pompeii , whose crumbling ruins still pose a safety hazard, especially when it comes to protecting… Read more.

Reality Bytes: Boston Dynamics, Lyft, & Deep Nostalgia

AR Insider

We continue the narrative this week with Maher’s look at Boston Dynamics, Lyft’s newest expansion, and animating old photos with AI and AR. Boston Dynamics Spot robots have a new purview – NYPD policing.

Boston Dynamics' Robot Dog Spot Now Sees the World in Color, Has 5G, and Uses a Fancy New Controller

GizModo VR

for “commercial and industrial use,” Boston Dynamic’s robotic quadruped Spot is getting some upgrades that are mostly designed to improve the user experience for those behind the robot’s controls. boston dynamics 5g robot hyundai motor group tablet computer alphabet inc att technology companies science and technology in the united states nvidia technology internetAlmost two years after it officially went on sale in the U.S.

Boston Dynamics robots let loose with afterwork beers in Super Bowl ad

Mashable VR

Spot, the dancing robo-dog from Boston Dynamics, will make a Super Bowl appearance alongside with its robot friends. An after-hours party ensues at the Boston Dynamics headquarters, with Spot joining a crew of Atlas robots and two human security guards.

Boston Dynamics Will Sell Robot Arm to Go With Its Robot Dog Next Year, Which Is Totally Fine

GizModo VR

Back in June, Boston Dynamics made more than 150 units of its robotic dog Spot available for sale to outside companies and research facilities. While Boston… Read more. barks in robot robots robotics boston dynamics spotmini spot

Watch Boston Dynamics’ Robot Army Dance Their Way to World Domination

GizModo VR

As the company wonders what the future holds for it now that Boston Dynamics is owned by the Hyundai Motor Group , its robots are showing off their impressive capabilities in a year-end video that may also be a ploy to distract humanity from their ultimate goal: total dominance on the dance floor , or the eradication of… Read more. boston dynamics robots do you love me the contours atlas handle spot

Boston Dynamics’ Robotic Dog Can Now Play the Saddest Futuristic Game of Fetch

GizModo VR

Boston Dynamics promises its impressive Spot robot can do a lot of things , but as we can see in the company’s latest demo, replacing the family pet isn’t one of them. boston dynamics fetch economy of the united states softbank group spot american television series robot taskrabbit alphabet inc television series technology internet

Boston Dynamics' New Box Grabbing Bots Can Roam a Warehouse Looking For Work

GizModo VR

And when that time comes, Boston Dynamics wants us all to know it’s got a roaming robotic arm called Stretch that’s ready and willing to schlep boxes… Read more. boston dynamics economy of the united states science in popular culture robot science and technology in the united states robotics atlas technology internetIt won’t be long before brick and mortar stores will be a distant memory, replaced by entire neighborhoods of warehouses facilitating our obsession with shopping online.

Reality Bytes: Amazon Echo, Boston Dynamics & Spin Scooters

AR Insider

We continue the narrative this week with the latest in automation: rotating Echo speakers, Boston Dynamics’ self-charging, and streamlining electric scooters. W hat are the biggest insights and observations in AR and adjacent sectors this week?

Boston Bans Police Forces From Using Facial Recognition

GizModo VR

It’s official, as of today, Boston’s become the second-largest US community to ban police use of facial recognition technology, thanks to a unanimous vote by more than a dozen city council people.

Meet Ghost Robotics, the Boston Dynamics of combat bots

Digital Trends

Ghost’s quadruped bots are the scary older brother of every other dog robot you’ve ever seen. And with good reason. They’re shipping off to join the military. Features Robots

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Boston Students Are Turning Classic Novel Ulysses Into A VR Experience

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Winking Entertainment is trying its hand at retelling ancient Chinese story, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, inside the HTC Vive, and now a group from the Boston College is attempting to do the same for James Joyce’s Ulysses. Tagged with: Boston College , htc vive , Joycestick , Ulysses. Experiences Boston College htc vive Joycestick UlyssesWe’re seeing a surprising eagerness from creatives to turn classic novels into VR experiences.

Boston 124

Boston Students Are Turning Classic Novel Ulysses Into A VR.


Boston Students Are Turning Classic Novel Ulysses Into A VR Experience Winking Entertainment is trying its hand at retelling ancient Chinese story, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, inside the HTC Vive, and now a group from the Boston College is attempting to do the same for James Joyce’s Ulysses. james joyce literature vr experience classic novel ireland ulysses boston college

Boston Dynamics' dog has nothing on this…goat?

Mashable VR

Kawasaki unveiled Bex, a rideable robotic goat, at Tokyo's International Robot Exhibition

Northeastern Bomber Targeted Virtual Reality Club on Campus: Report

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Police discovered a note railing against virtual reality and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the scene of a package explosion at Northeastern University in Boston on Tuesday night, according to CBS Boston.

Meet the team behind one of the world’s most impressive humanoid robots

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Take a look inside the workshop where Boston Dynamics' roboticists continue to develop the company's remarkable Atlas robot. News Atlas Atlas Robot boston dynamics Robotics Robots

Throwable Ground Vehicles Sent to Aid Rescuers at Florida Condo Collapse

GizModo VR

disaster accident the boston marathon materials frank morabito mobile robot unmanned ground vehicle robin r murphy boston globe irobot northrop grumman jean wodnicki building materials robotics teledyne flir culture the boston globe teledyne robot tom frost packbot rebar

Spot’s latest robot dance highlights new features

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Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot has hit the dance floor again in a new video that seeks to highlight recent improvements made to the quadruped robot. News boston dynamics Robot Robotics spot

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VR & AR/MR for Training & Education – Aggreko, Boston Children’s Hospital and More Share Insights


BOSTON, December 14, 2019 — Research estimates that by 2020 nearly 35 percent of the top skills needed across all job groups will change (World Economic Forum), which highlights the growing need for businesses to focus on corporate training. Press release.

They strapped a paintball gun onto a Spot robot. Now the internet has the reins

Digital Trends

Boston Dynamics doesn't want people to strap guns of any kind on its robots -- but that's exactly what NYC-based idea factory MSCHF has done. Features boston dynamics Robots Spot robot

Boston 109