These Guys Married A Virtual Bride In Japan


As part of a publicity stunt by adult game brand Hibiki Works, close to 100 men in Japan got to take part in a virtual wedding ceremony, “marrying” a character from the erotic game New Wife: Lovely X Cation. The post These Guys Married A Virtual Bride In Japan appeared first on VRScout.

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Ghost In The Shell PVP VR Comes To Japan


The post Ghost In The Shell PVP VR Comes To Japan appeared first on VRScout. News Bandai Namco Ghost In The Shell Japan Multiplayer The Void VR Arcades VR Backpack VR Marker VR Tracker VR Zone ShinjukuThe popular Bandai anime is now a competitive multiplayer VR arcade game.

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‘Mario Kart VR’ Blows Visitors Away at Japan’s Shinjuku VR Zone

Road to VR

IGN’s Lucy O’Brien traveled to Japan’s Shinjuku VR Zone , Bandai Namco’s newly opened VR arcade featuring bespoke VR games from top properties including Dragon Ball, Gundam, Evangelion, and yes, Mario Kart.

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Report: Sony Expanding PSVR To Location-Based Experiences In Japan


The Wall Street Journal cites sources “familiar with the matter” in saying that Sony is planning to roll out PSVR to location-based units in Japan after slower than expected sales. Tagged with: japan , PlayStation VR , PSVR , sony Facebook Twitter Reddit More. PSVR Sony VR Industry News japan PlayStation VR sony

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HTC ‘Link’ Headset Brings 6DOF To Mobile VR In Japan


Positional-tracking mobile VR and a new Ghost In Shell experience arrive this June exclusively in Japan. Entitled Ghost in the Shell ARISE, the VR tie-in will launch alongside the Link system this June in Japan.

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Three Months After Release, People Are Still Lining Up for PlayStation VR in Japan


Now, over three months later in late January, folks in Japan are still being forced to line up outside just to get their hands on a PS VR headset. In the images posted by Twitter user kaztsu , you can see hundreds of people across a wide variety of locations around Japan sitting, standing, and even sleeping outside to save their spot in line. Tagged with: japan , playstation , PS VR , ps4 , PSVR , sony. gaming PSVR Sony japan playstation PS VR ps4 sony

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PSVR Accounted For Over 90% Of Japan’s VR Headset Shipments In 2016


Considering the average consumer’s desire for entertainment, it makes sense that some expect gaming to be the spark and it looks like the PlayStation VR (PSVR) is leading that charge in Japan as reported on eMarketer. eMarketer’s reporter compiled statistics from the International Data Corporation (IDC), finding that PSVR accounted for more than 90% of VR headset shipments in Japan by the end of Q4 2016. Tagged with: japan Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

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A Free Godzilla Game Will Launch Alongside PlayStation VR in Japan


Sony’s PlayStation VR is gearing up for launch in a few months’ time, and those buying it in Japan will be getting a special experience on release day. The post A Free Godzilla Game Will Launch Alongside PlayStation VR in Japan appeared first on UploadVR.

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Japan’s Adult VR Festival Proves (Venue) Size Matters, Canceled Due to Overcrowding


Back in May The post Japan’s Adult VR Festival Proves (Venue) Size Matters, Canceled Due to Overcrowding appeared first on UploadVR. VR Porn Adult VR Festa akihabara tokyo

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HTC Link Is A New 6DOF VR Headset Only For Japan


Sadly, there’s a reason it’s only being reported on in Japan; HTC confirmed to UploadVR that the kit is only set to release there and there aren’t plans for a wider release. From what it sounds like the Link is available in Japan from today. Well this is surprising; HTC has yet another new VR headset on the way, promising to make an important breakthrough for a major category of device. Meet the HTC Link. The Link was first reported on by Japanese site Mogura VR.

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Square Enix Launches Its First Vive-exclusive Game, ‘Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur VR’, in Japan

Road to VR

Videogame publisher and developer Square Enix, famous for its Final Fantasy franchise, among others, has launched its first game for the HTC Vive, Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur VR in Japan.

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Godzilla VR announced for Playstation VR in Japan

Cats and VR

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia and Toho have announced, a Godzilla virtual reality experience that will launch on October 13 in Japan as a free for a limited time download on the PlayStation Store.

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Japanese AR App Lets You See Dead People at Virtual Graves


and ‘Hang in there.,’” Katori told The Japan Times. News AR Augmented Reality Japan Ryoshin Sekizai Suma TombYour deceased loved ones can come back to life in augmented reality.

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PlayStation VR Headsets In Japan Live In Cute Little Prisons


But that’s not what is happening for PSVR in Japan. Mark Macdonald, vice president of business development at Rez Infinite (PSVR launch title) developer Enhance Games, noted that Sony hasn’t done much advertising at all for its $500 headset system in Japan. We’ve asked Sony if any demo stations are hiding around Japan or if it has plans to roll them out, and we’ll update this post with any new information. “So Tagged with: display , japan , PSVR , retail.

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‘Dragon Ball Z VR’ in Action, Go Super Saiyan in Bandai Namco’s ‘VR Zone’ Arcade

Road to VR

To get a better look, Japan-based YouTube channel VJump goes hands-on with Dragon Ball Z VR, giving us a peek into the 40,000 square feet, 2-floor VR arcade and showing just how awesome going Super Saiyan in VR can be.

Japan’s Superhuman Sports Society Has Created Two AR Contests


From my perspective of being an American, Japan is consistently willing to push the envelope when it comes to entertainment. In 2011, Japan passed the Basic Act on Sport.

Display Conglomerate JDI Developing Ultra High Resolution Panels for VR Headsets

Road to VR

News VR displays japan display japan display inc jdi vr display vr panel vr screen

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Yahoo Japan Invests In The Venture Reality Fund


Yahoo Japan has invested an undisclosed amount of money in The Venture Reality Fund , which is focused on making investments in virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. Japan, which has more 90 million daily users for its internet media, joins HP as a big company that wants to make sure it hitches a ride on the AR and VR gravy trains. Japan with insights into the AR/VR sector, as well as early access to leading AR and VR innovators, which will drive Yahoo!

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Sega Bringing This Multiplayer VR Arcade to Japan


The second Zero Latency “arcade” home in Japan is expected to have all new gameplay content, new weapons and an entirely new upgraded motion tracking system. The post Sega Bringing This Multiplayer VR Arcade to Japan appeared first on VRScout.

Final Fantasy VR Roller-Coaster Coming To Japan


Available early 2018 at Universal Studios Japan, the Final Fantasy XR ride will send passengers on a spine-tingling journey through some of the games most iconic locations. The release of the experience is in support of Universals Cool Japan 2018 initiative.

Researchers Induce Artificial Movement Sensation in VR Using Four-Pole Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation

Road to VR

GVS RIDE is the result of years of studies into galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS) from researchers at Osaka University in Japan.

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‘Evangelion: VR’ Experience Immerses With a Motion Sim Cockpit and HTC Vive

Road to VR

This article comes from MoguraVR , the exclusive Japan regional partner of Road to VR. HTC Vive Games Japan VR News VR Games evangelion evangelion vr japan vr mech vr

Virtual Girlfriends Are a Thing at Tokyo VR Show


News ASMR Japan Oculus Rift SocialSocial has the potential to be the killer app in VR—enabling us to connect with others on a level that more closely mirrors human interaction, all with a strong sense of presence (that feeling of truly being transported somewhere else).

Never Dine Alone Again Thanks To This Japanese AR Girlfriend Cafe


Over the course of the past couple of decades, Japan has firmly established itself as the number one “WTF” country on planet Earth. News AR AR Cafe Augmented Reality Dating Hatsune Miku Japan LoveAugmented reality lets go on a date with virtual idol Hatsune Miku. .

Karaoke Chain Becomes A VR Arcade With KDDI Karaoke VR In Japan


Joysound, a major Karaoke chain in Japan, has turned their Karaoke rooms into a VR arcade. Karaoke in most of East Asia isn’t quite the same as in the west. Instead of drunkenly singing in front of a bar full of strangers, people rent private rooms and drunkenly sing in front of friends.

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Virtual Reality Takes Center Stage at Tokyo Game Show


This was a huge year for VR during Japan’s premier Tokyo Game Show. News Games HTC Vive Japan Palmer Luckey Playstation VR Tokyo Game ShowThe Oculus founder and a girl in a cape stole the gaming show.

Zero Latency and Sega Live Creation bring free-roam VR to Japan


Zero Latency and Sega Live Creation have announced that they are teaming to bring the first free-roaming multi-player VR game to Japan. Inviting customers to experience warehouse-scale free-roam VR in Japan together … Continue reading.

New VR Arcade Opens in Tokyo


Adding to the growing list of VR arcades popping up in Japan, Tokyo-based entertainment company ADORES has just opened a VR entertainment park called “VR Park Tokyo” on December 16. News HTC Vive Japan Theme Parks VR Arcades

See the HTC Link, a semi-secret Japanese VR headset with LIGHTS


In fact it’s slated – for now – to be available only inside Japan. Archive Android Gaming hardware headset HTC HTC U11 HTC VIVE Japan smartphone virtual reality vr vr headset

JDI Developing 800 Pixels Per Inch Display That Is Ideal For VR


Tagged with: industry , japan , JDI , latency , resolution , screens. VR Industry News industry japan JDI latency resolution screensJDI is a Japanese electronics conglomerate that combines the display enterprises of Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi. In a recent press release , the firm announced that it is actively developing new, highly advanced displays for virtual reality, head mounted displays.

Japanese PSVR Game ‘No Heroes Allowed! VR’ to See Western Release

Road to VR

VR is created by Sony’s Japan Studio and game developer Aquire , and continues the tounge-in-cheek franchise following numerous No Heroes Allowed made available across a wide gamut of Sony devices. Sony today announced that PSVR title No Heroes Allowed!

Yahoo! Japan and The Venture Reality Fund Team Up to Grow the.


Japan and The Venture Reality Fund Team Up to Grow the Global AR and VR Ecosystems The Venture Reality Fund (The VR Fund) , a global venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments in the augmented, virtual and mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) spaces, and Yahoo! Japan Corporation (Yahoo! Japan, TYO:4689), have teamed up to accelerate growth in the AR and VR industries. Japan’s investment into AR/VR startups and potential business development. Yahoo!

Square Enix Dives Into VR More With ‘Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur’ For Vive


Experiences gaming japan Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur new rpg square enix

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This VR Dating Sim Reads Brainwaves To Choose Your Ideal Girl


News Dating Japan SimulationKawaii on the streets, Senpai in the sheets… Dating simulators have proven to be a massively popular genre in gaming. Hell, some people go as far as marrying their virtual girlfriends. Oh you think I’m kidding ?

AMD Confirms Sony PlayStation Neo Based on 14nm CPU and Polaris?


AMD Breaking Business CPU Entertainment Exclusive Gaming Graphics Hardware Japan News Rumors Sony Virtual Reality (VR) VR World AMD Liverpool Core Jaguar Liverpool PlayStation 4 Playstation NEO PlayStation VR Polaris Zen

‘Let’s Play With Nanai’ Mixes Adult Dolls With Virtual Girlfriends To Create A VR Sex Simulation


and Japan. The game debuted in Japan in the summer of 2016. Tagged with: japan , nanai , Sex , VR Porn. VR Porn japan nanai SexSimulated sex in virtual reality is popular both in the U.S.

‘A.I am Monster’ Is A Japanese VR Game Where You Play As A Giant Robotic School Girl


We see plenty of strange (and sometimes downright creepy ) VR games coming out of Japan, but every once in a while there’s one that we can’t help but highlight. am Monster , japan , kaiju , tokyo. am Monster japan kaiju tokyo

Japanese Innovators Showcase a New Way to ‘Hang’ in VR


Some of Japan’s most innovative VR visionaries at TE Connectivity are showcasing their new TE VR Hang Glider in partnership with HTC. VR Industry and Technology CEATEC JAPAN 2016 TE ConnectivityThe post Japanese Innovators Showcase a New Way to ‘Hang’ in VR appeared first on VRJournal.

Yahoo Japan, The Venture Reality Fund Invest in Global AR and VR Ecosystems


The post Yahoo Japan, The Venture Reality Fund Invest in Global AR and VR Ecosystems appeared first on VRJournal. Featured VR Industry and Technology The Venture Reality Fund Yahoo JapanComing as a big shot in the arm to the global prospects for virtual reality and augmented reality, The Venture Reality Fund.

Playroom VR’s Toy Wars DLC Is A Frantic Slice Of VR Co-op Action


Sony Japan’s brilliant minigame compilation is a free download, but it frankly embarrass some premium games with the sheer quality of its cutesy collection of single and local multiplayer experiences. Tagged with: dlc , free , PlayRoom VR , playstation , ps4 , PSVR , sony japan.