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Giant VR Robots Are Building Railways In Japan


Earlier this month, JR West—a major railroad transportation company operating out of Japan—revealed plans to use giant VR-powered robots in the construction of future railroad lines. The post Giant VR Robots Are Building Railways In Japan appeared first on VRScout. And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

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Capcom Reveals VR Mega Man Game, Available Exclusively In Japan


This week Capcom revealed Rockman VR: Aimed At The Virtual World , a brand new VR Mega Man game heading exclusively to the Prasaca Capcom Ikebukuro store in Kew Plaza Ikebukuro, an entertainment plaza located in Tokyo, Japan. The post Capcom Reveals VR Mega Man Game, Available Exclusively In Japan appeared first on VRScout.

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Disc Golf Meets Feudal Japan In ‘Disc Ninja’ On Oculus Quest


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed the sport of disc golf with ancient covert agents from feudal Japan? The post Disc Golf Meets Feudal Japan In ‘Disc Ninja’ On Oculus Quest appeared first on VRScout. Trade-in your shurikens for a frisbee in this competitive VR disc golf experience. via SteamVR.

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Location-Based AR Ghostbusters Experience Launching In Japan


Beginning this weekend in Tokyo, Japan, Ginza Sony Park will be hosting Ghostbusters In The Park , a massive live event celebrating the historic 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters Rookie Training will be available from October 12th to December 8th at Ginza Sony Park in Tokyo, Japan. Feature Image Credit: Sony.

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Here's What Makes Japan's Futuristic City So Smart


Smart cities are slowly becoming more than just a futuristic concept, and one such location is already being built in Japan by none other than Toyota.

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Real VR Fishing Japan DLC Part 1 Arrives August 18

Upload VR

Another DLC release is coming to Real VR Fishing — this time, it’s set in Japan. Announced this week, the first installment of the Japan DLC will release for the Quest platform on August 18. The Japan DLC follows on from the US West DLC, which released late last year.

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Japan makes cyberbullying punishable by imprisonment

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Japan's parliament has passed legislation that makes "online insults", or cyberbullying, punishable by imprisonment. Insults, under Japan's penal code , are defined as publicly demeaning someone's reputation without the reference of specifics, whether that's a fact about them or a specific action.

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