Japan Using Exercise Bikes & VR Porn To Generate Electricity


For most countries, this means investing in energy technologies such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and a variety of other renewable sources; for Japan, it means bike-riding virgins watching soft core VR pornography in a giant glass box.

‘Yahoo! MAP’ for iOS Now Has AR Navigation Mode in Japan

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Japan just updated their iOS-based Map application to include a new experimental AR mode which superimposes a blue pathway onto the physical world for you to follow to your final destination. Japan. Japan’s official mascots. Yahoo!

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Beat Saber PSVR Finally Comes To Japan Next Month


” An arcade version of the game, Beat Saber Arcade, is already running in some locations in Japan. You can also get the game on PC VR systems, but we’d bet PSVR is a much bigger platform in Japan that the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Tagged with: Beat Saber , japan , PSVR Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Beat Saber PSVR Finally Comes To Japan Next Month appeared first on UploadVR. Experiences Gaming Beat Saber japan PSVRGood news, Japanese VR fans!

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Microsoft Japan Helps Godzilla Invade Real World Tokyo via HoloLens

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The company behind Japan's beloved Gozilla, Japan's Toho Studios, has for years tried to give fans the sense of what a giant, nuclear-powered lizard invading Tokyo might feel like.

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Microsoft Japan Concept Video Demos How HoloLens Will Help Pilot the Drone Ships of the Future

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The latest example comes via Microsoft Japan and a new concept video that shows off how the HoloLens will be used in the relatively near future to pilot autonomous ships.

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Magic Leap Deepens Funding from Telecom Industry with $280 Million from Japan's NTT Docomo

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On Friday, the company announced that it has secured $280 million in funding from NTT Docomo, the largest wireless provider in Japan. Magic Leap's business strategy for bringing augmented reality to the mainstream has become even clearer via its latest funding round.

Final Fantasy VR Roller-Coaster Coming To Japan


Available early 2018 at Universal Studios Japan, the Final Fantasy XR ride will send passengers on a spine-tingling journey through some of the games most iconic locations. The release of the experience is in support of Universals Cool Japan 2018 initiative.

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These Guys Married A Virtual Bride In Japan


As part of a publicity stunt by adult game brand Hibiki Works, close to 100 men in Japan got to take part in a virtual wedding ceremony, “marrying” a character from the erotic game New Wife: Lovely X Cation. The post These Guys Married A Virtual Bride In Japan appeared first on VRScout.

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‘Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience’ Launches on PSVR in Japan, Western Release Pending

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If you want to jump ahead and play Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience before it launches outside of Japan, it’s technically possible right now by simply setting up a Japan region PlayStation Store account.

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Sony Brings Social VR Theater App to PSVR Users in Japan

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Sony actually created its own social VR viewing app for PSVR users in Japan, but it’s certainly no Bigscreen. There’s no release date set for users outside of Japan, so there’s no telling if it will ever make to other PS Stores at all.

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Benefits of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) for Enterprise in Japan

EON Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) for industry uses in Japan is expected to skyrocket thanks to the partnership between AVR Japan and EON Reality. The post Benefits of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) for Enterprise in Japan appeared first on EON Reality.

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Kingdom Hearts PSVR Experience Gets Release Date In Japan


We now know when that experience will launch, at least in Japan. Tagged with: Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Kingdom Hearts PSVR Experience Gets Release Date In Japan appeared first on UploadVR.

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Sony Japan Studio Announces VR Platformer ‘Astro Bot Rescue Mission’ For PSVR, Teaser Trailer Here

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Sony Japan Studio today announced a new platform action game for PSVR starring the cute little robots made famous in Sony’s The Playroom (2013) and The Playroom VR (2016). Image courtesy Sony Japan Studio.

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Newly Revealed ‘Superhot Japan’ Isn’t Getting a VR Counterpart (for now)

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While GameTomo hasn’t made mention of prospective launch dates, the game is currently intended for a Japan-first release, with other countries possibly gaining support later. News gametomo superhot japan superhot jp superhot jp vr superhot team superhot vr

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HTC ‘Link’ Headset Brings 6DOF To Mobile VR In Japan


Positional-tracking mobile VR and a new Ghost In Shell experience arrive this June exclusively in Japan. Entitled Ghost in the Shell ARISE, the VR tie-in will launch alongside the Link system this June in Japan.

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Co-op ‘Godzilla VR’ Game to Arrive at VR Arcades Across Japan Next Month

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There’s no more befitting place or time for a roll-out of Godzilla VR, Bandai Namco’s latest addition to their Japan-based VR ZONE arcades. SEE ALSO 'Mario Kart VR' Blows Visitors Away at Japan's Shinjuku VR Zone.

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‘Mario Kart VR’ Blows Visitors Away at Japan’s Shinjuku VR Zone

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IGN’s Lucy O’Brien traveled to Japan’s Shinjuku VR Zone , Bandai Namco’s newly opened VR arcade featuring bespoke VR games from top properties including Dragon Ball, Gundam, Evangelion, and yes, Mario Kart.

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PlayStation VR Headsets In Japan Live In Cute Little Prisons


But that’s not what is happening for PSVR in Japan. Mark Macdonald, vice president of business development at Rez Infinite (PSVR launch title) developer Enhance Games, noted that Sony hasn’t done much advertising at all for its $500 headset system in Japan. We’ve asked Sony if any demo stations are hiding around Japan or if it has plans to roll them out, and we’ll update this post with any new information. “So Tagged with: display , japan , PSVR , retail.

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Japan’s New Godzilla VR Game Looks Absolutely Terrifying


Sadly this is a Japan-only attraction for now though, with the news that Mario Kart VR is soon coming to the UK, there’s always hope we get our hands on this too. Godzilla is having a pretty good week, which is probably bad news for the rest of humanity.

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Japan’s New VR Ninja Dojo Actually Trains You To Be An Assassin


Leave it to Japan to take location-based VR to the next level. Tagged with: VR arcade , VR Ninja Dojo Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Japan’s New VR Ninja Dojo Actually Trains You To Be An Assassin appeared first on UploadVR.

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Fujitsu is Making a Windows VR Headset Too, Arrival in Japan Expected Late November

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Engadget Japan reports the headset includes the standard dual 2.89 According to Fujitsu’s press release (Japanese), the headset is expected to launch sometime in late November 2017 in Japan.

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Godzilla VR announced for Playstation VR in Japan

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Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia and Toho have announced, a Godzilla virtual reality experience that will launch on October 13 in Japan as a free for a limited time download on the PlayStation Store.

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Oculus Education Launches Pilot Programs In Taiwan, Japan, Seattle


Oculus Education continues its ongoing streak of generosity with the expansion of its educational pilot programs to Taiwan, Japan, and Seattle. Japan’s pilot program, on the other hand, is focused more on connecting educators to students in remote parts of the country.

‘ASTRO BOT’ Behind-the-scenes – Insights & Artwork from Sony’s JAPAN Studio

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The reception was a testament to the undeniable art and skill of the creators at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s JAPAN Studio. When PS4’s next major peripheral came along—PlayStation VR, which launched in 2016—JAPAN Studio was tasked with creating The Playroom VR.

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Spaces Partners With Sega Joypolis To Open New VR Attraction In Japan


In Japan, the Sega and Spaces Terminator Salvation location will open at the busy traffic spot at Building 109 at Shibuya Crossing. Tagged with: SPACES Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Spaces Partners With Sega Joypolis To Open New VR Attraction In Japan appeared first on UploadVR.

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Oculus Launches New Education Programs In Seattle, Japan and Taiwan


The company today announced Oculus Education pilot programmes for Taiwan, Seattle and Japan, all with different objectives. Finally, in Japan Oculus is currently planning a scheme that focuses on VR for distance learning, connecting students in more remote parts of the country to teachers to give them a higher standard of education.

‘Mario Kart VR’ to Take First Steps Out of Japan, Coming to London in August

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Mario Kart Arcade GP VR , the location-based VR game first launched at Bandai Namco’s Shinjuku-based VR Zone arcade last year, is taking its first big step outside of Japan soon as it comes to The O2 in London next month.

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Report: Sony Expanding PSVR To Location-Based Experiences In Japan


The Wall Street Journal cites sources “familiar with the matter” in saying that Sony is planning to roll out PSVR to location-based units in Japan after slower than expected sales. Tagged with: japan , PlayStation VR , PSVR , sony Facebook Twitter Reddit More. PSVR Sony VR Industry News japan PlayStation VR sony

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Square Enix Launches Its First Vive-exclusive Game, ‘Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur VR’, in Japan

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Videogame publisher and developer Square Enix, famous for its Final Fantasy franchise, among others, has launched its first game for the HTC Vive, Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur VR in Japan.

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Sega Bringing This Multiplayer VR Arcade to Japan


The second Zero Latency “arcade” home in Japan is expected to have all new gameplay content, new weapons and an entirely new upgraded motion tracking system. The post Sega Bringing This Multiplayer VR Arcade to Japan appeared first on VRScout.

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Japan Joins Project North Star


Like the first chocolate waterfall outside of Willy Wonka’s factory, now the first North Star-style headsets outside our lab have been born – in Japan. The post Japan Joins Project North Star appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

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PSVR Accounted For Over 90% Of Japan’s VR Headset Shipments In 2016


Considering the average consumer’s desire for entertainment, it makes sense that some expect gaming to be the spark and it looks like the PlayStation VR (PSVR) is leading that charge in Japan as reported on eMarketer. eMarketer’s reporter compiled statistics from the International Data Corporation (IDC), finding that PSVR accounted for more than 90% of VR headset shipments in Japan by the end of Q4 2016. Tagged with: japan Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

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Japan’s First Adult VR Festival Kicks Off Next Month


VR porn is expanding in The post Japan’s First Adult VR Festival Kicks Off Next Month appeared first on UploadVR. VR Porn Adult VR Festa BeacHouSex Sexy Beach Premium Resort

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Japan’s Superhuman Sports Society Has Created Two AR Contests


From my perspective of being an American, Japan is consistently willing to push the envelope when it comes to entertainment. In 2011, Japan passed the Basic Act on Sport.

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Three Months After Release, People Are Still Lining Up for PlayStation VR in Japan


Now, over three months later in late January, folks in Japan are still being forced to line up outside just to get their hands on a PS VR headset. In the images posted by Twitter user kaztsu , you can see hundreds of people across a wide variety of locations around Japan sitting, standing, and even sleeping outside to save their spot in line. Tagged with: japan , playstation , PS VR , ps4 , PSVR , sony. gaming PSVR Sony japan playstation PS VR ps4 sony

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PSVR Is Getting A New Move Controller Bundle (In Japan)


Well, it is in Japan at least. Tagged with: PSVR Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post PSVR Is Getting A New Move Controller Bundle (In Japan) appeared first on UploadVR. Sony is finally offering a base PSVR package that includes everything you need to jump into any game on your PS4. The company announced this week that a special bundle containing the headset, a PlayStation Camera and two PS Move motion controllers will go on sale on September 13th.

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Oculus to Donate Rift & Go to Learning Institutions Across Seattle, Taiwan, & Japan

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Oculus recently announced the’ll be expanding their educational pilot program by donating Oculus Rift and Oculus Go headsets to a number of educational institutions across Taiwan, Japan, and Seattle.