HTC Opens VIVELAND VR Theme Park in Taiwan


One week after opening their first Vive branded VR cafe in Shenzhen China, HTC has now unveiled a VR theme park in Taiwan, touting over 20 different VR experiences. Ticket prices for Vive experiences are shown below in New Taiwan Dollars: Closed Booth: NT$400 ($12) per 30-minute session.

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Viveland Is HTC’s Huge New VR Arcade for Taiwan


Or at least it is in Taiwan. HTC provided New Taiwan Dollar ticket costs, which we’ve listed below along with what they work out to in USD. htc VR Industry News htc vive Taiwan Viveland

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Sony Is Selling Standalone PSVR Aim Controllers… In Taiwan


We’re eager for a standalone edition to go on sale but it looks like it already has… at least in Taiwan. Members of r/PSVR have uncovered a standalone version of the device that’s already hitting stores in Taiwan. Right now the only way to get hold of Sony’s Aim Controller for PlayStation VR (PSVR) is to buy it as part of a bundle with VR first-person shooter (FPS), Farpoint.

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Sony Is Selling Standalone PSVR Aim Controllers In Taiwan via @UploadVR [link]


Sony Is Selling Standalone PSVR Aim Controllers In Taiwan via @UploadVR [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) July 31, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

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CyberLink Enters VR with the New PowerDVD 17


CyberLink is one of first software companies coming out of Taiwan that succeeded in becoming a major international player. Audio/Video Breaking Entertainment News Software Programs Virtual Reality (VR) 360 video 3D 360 CyberLink HDR HDR Video HTC Vive Jau Huang Music Master oculus rift PowerDVD Taiwan TrueTheader HDR TrueTheater TV mode VR mode

Report: HTC to Merge VR and Smartphone Divisions as President of Smartphones Resigns

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GM of HTC smartphone Taiwan, is now GM of HTC Taiwan.

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MSI VR One backpack PC now available, packs with Core i7 and 90 min battery life


The machine is available right now in the US, Europe, Japan, Australia, China, and Taiwan. MSI has announced that its cool backpack PC for VR gaming has now hit the market for gamers to purchase.

AMD’s Newest VR Ready GPU is Just $199


During this week’s Computex event in Taipei, Taiwan the company revealed its latest graphics chip, the Radeon RX480. Making VR Ready PCs affordable is pivotal to the tech’s adoption, and AMD just made a big leap forward in this regard.

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HTC Halts Stock Trading as Rumors of Sale Swirl

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According to the Taiwan Stock Exchange, HTC will halt trading of its stock as of September 21st, pending an unknown announcement from the company, reports Bloomberg.

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INT Announces 2228ppi High Pixel Density AMOLED for VR Headsets

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Now, we learn INT, a Taiwan-based display design firm, is developing a 2228 ppi AMOLED specifically designed for VR headsets.

HTC bringing VR arcades to a mall near you


HTC has launched a flagship arcade in Taiwan called Viveland, giving the public a destination to play high-end VR games at consumer-friendly rates. Many have lamented the loss of arcades, but that may change in the future.

HTC is Giving Away a Vive to Celebrate The International Dota 2 Championships

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This giveaway is open to those in North America, Europe, and Taiwan. If you’ve yet to hop on the VR train, here’s a shot at scoring a free HTC Vive system and some swag from the 2017 International Dota 2 Championships.

Watch Vive and HoloLens Collide as Windows Holographic Heads to VR


During its Computex 2016 keynote in Taipei, Taiwan today, the company announced that it would be allowing other companies to work with Windows Holographic in order to bring the OS to other devices.

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StarVR Corporation Prepares to Go Public on Taiwanese Stock Exchange

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StarVR Corporation, the Acer and Starbreeze joint venture behind the wide-FOV StarVR headset, announced that it has completed its application to go public on the Taiwan Exchange.

HTC Launch Viveport Arcade, Partnering with Leke VR to Open “1000s of Locations”

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” The partnership is already in full flow with 1000 locations planned to be up and running across China and Taiwan before the close of 2016 and 1000s more scheduled to be brought online within 2017.

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Acer Collaborates With Starbreeze To Develop StarVR


In a recent development, a Taiwan-based hardware manufacturing company Acer has collaborated with Starbreeze- a Swedish game studio in order to develop “ StarVR ” which is nothing but a high-quality virtual reality headset.

iStaging raises $5M to bring VR & AR to furniture-makers and.


Founded out of Taiwan, iStaging caters specifically to the furniture and real estate industries, offering platform-specific apps for mobile devices and VR headsets to help end users visualize and experience an environment without physically being there.

After Management Shuffle, HTC Says VR/AR More Important Than Ever to Its Future

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At this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, HTC CEO Cher Wang took the stage to outline the company’s big picture approach to the future.

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Vive Deluxe Audio Straps Back in Stock on Monday, Vive Pre Adapter Kit Available With Promo Code

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The strap is still available for purchase in Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan.

Acer Ups the Ante on Virtual Reality


Half-way around the world in Taiwan, Acer announced on Monday that it has pledged to invest $10 million in the IMAX VR. The post Acer Ups the Ante on Virtual Reality appeared first on VRJournal. Featured VR Industry and Technology Acer

HTC is making its first VR game for its Vive headset

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HTC will show off Front Defense, its first internally developed VR game, at the upcoming Computex trade show in Taiwan next week. This new game will put players on a battlefield to fight off waves of enemies with a variety of weapons.

Microsoft Reveals Asus Mixed Reality Headset, New Design from Dell

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Today at Computex 2017, the annual IT expo held in Taipei, Taiwan, Microsoft revealed more from their line-up of affordable Windows ‘Mixed Reality’ headsets, including Asus’ headset and an updated design from Dell.

Send HTC Your Idea for a Vive Accessory and Win a Free HTC Vive

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The Vive’s Lighthouse tracking system is an impressive piece of tech, considering it boasts sub-millimeter, 3D room-scale positional tracking for a VR headset and hand controllers using lasers.

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HTC Stock Trading Halted, Speculation Builds Of Google Sale


The Silicon Valley tech giant partnered with the Taiwan-based company for leading devices with both its cell phone business (like Daydream’s Pixel) and its upcoming wave of standalone VR headsets. For more than a year reports have surfaced that HTC might be looking for a buyer for either some or all of its business. Today, the company halted the sale of its stock which could mean the moment is at hand. Rumors have also suggested Google might be the most likely buyer.

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HTC to Sell Shanghai Phone Factory for $91 Million, Invest Proceeds in VR Business

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According to Android Authority , HTC sold another factory in 2015 for $183 million, though it continues to own and operate three key factories in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

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VR: The Revival of the Arcade


Viveport Arcade is launching first in China and Taiwan. It’s Friday night and you have to choose what to do with your evening. Pretty soon, going to a VR Arcade will be right up there with bowling and movies.

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Major European ‘VR Days’ Conference Kicks Off In Amsterdam


The United States, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan have been hogging most of the spotlight, but The United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands are becoming more attention-worthy by the day.

Google Buying HTC’s Pixel Team for $1.1 Billion


Leading into today’s news, shares of HTC were halted on the Taiwan Stock Exchange pending this Wednesday night announcement. HTC retains brand but lets part of their smartphone business go. Google has announced a $1.1

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AR Optics Company Lumus Secures Further $30M in Funding

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Leung, vice chairman and president of Taiwan-based Quanta. Lumus Ltd. recently confirmed a $30 million funding round led by Quanta and HTC. Lumus is a leading provider and developer of augmented reality technology.

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Funding Roundup: InstaVR Raises $2M & iStaging Raises $5M.


Founded out of Taiwan, iStaging caters specifically to the furniture and real estate industries, offering platform-specific apps for mobile devices and VR headsets to help end users visualize and experience an environment without physically being there.

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Microsoft’s VR Headsets Will Run on $500 PCs, More Info in December


Speaking to Polygon , Microsoft HoloLens chief Alex Kipman revealed that these headsets will be further detailed at two WinHEC events , one of which runs from December 8th – 9th in Shenzhen, China, the other held from December 14th – 15th in Taipei, Taiwan.

Palmer Luckey: “I’m still working in the VR industry on some very exciting things”

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Appearing this week on the stage of Oculus competitor HTC at the Tokyo Game Show , Oculus founder emeritus Palmer Luckey affirmed that he’s continuing to work on projects within the VR industry.

FOVE Launches Pre-Orders For Eye-Tracking VR Headset FOVE 0, Starting at $549

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It’s been a long road for FOVE , the creators of the eye-tracking VR headset that hit Kickstarter last summer, but today the company launches pre-orders for their first commercially available product, the FOVE 0.

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