Failte Ireland using VR to boost tourism

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Failte Ireland, Ireland’s tourism authority, is using virtual reality experiences to promote the region to tourists and will expand the project to trade and industry partners so they can promote their own tourist activities....

Memory Capture & Virtual Tourism for the Benefit of Those with Physical Disabilities

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Roy is doing a sort of virtual tourism that is enabling other people with impaired mobility to get a taste of the different experiences that he’s having. The post Memory Capture & Virtual Tourism for the Benefit of Those with Physical Disabilities appeared first on Road to VR.

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Photogrammetry Showcase ‘Realities’ Update Brings New Content, Touch Support, and Improved Visuals

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HTC Vive Games News Oculus Rift Games SteamVR Games VR Games photogrammetry virtual reality tourism vr tourismRealities, a ‘virtual travel’ title that presents near photo-realistic VR captures of real-world locations, has received a major update.

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HTC Partners With InterContinental Hotels To Bring Vive To Chinese Hotel Rooms


We’ve often talked about VR being used for virtual tourism, but this isn’t exactly what we had in mind. htc VR Industry News htc vive InterContinental Hotels vr tourism

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Who is Trying to Make Key App for VR?


Let’s take a quick look at some of the more significant developments in VR elsewhere in the world, in travel i.e. tourism, medicine, and virtual replacements for smokey casinos. Travel / Tourism.

Haptics Project H2L Sells Shares To Sony Innovation, Raising Over $1.7 Million


H2L (Happy Hacking Life), a Tokyo-based company that specializes in VR/AR related to gaming and tourism, has engineered a haptic device of their own and it is surprisingly low-profile. From exo-claws for your forearms to vests for your entire upper body, haptic feedback devices run the gauntlet when it comes to different ways to further immerse players in virtual worlds.

In First Interview Since Leaving Oculus, Founder Palmer Luckey Talks VR’s Mobile Future, Facebook, and Cosplay

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Palmer Luckey: So it was a plan to increase tourism.

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Oculus Gets Down to Business With New Rift Bundle Aimed at Commercial Use

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A new commercial-focused hardware bundle including Rift headset, Touch controllers, three Sensors, and three facial interfaces was revealed at Oculus Connect 4 this week.

InstaVR To Produce Content For Hello Kitty Theme Park


InstaVR also includes a VR tourism heat-map that shows where virtual patrons gaze the most and Sanrio will be using that data to shape interactive features in the VR content. Likely due to the costs and complexity of virtual reality setups, theme parks are often referenced as prime homes for VR installations and rides. Amusement parks not only have the funding that can go into individual attractions providing fully immersive VR, but also the square feet to do so with few barriers.

Baidu Opens Augmented Reality Lab in Beijing


Baidu’s lab, which currently employs 55 people according Reuters , is intended to drive revenue through AR marketing as well as open up the potential to explore healthcare, education and tourism within the new medium. The Chinese search engine will also begin integrating AR into search.

Virtual musician moves to Ohio to perform live

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Plus, as always, there are many, many write-ups of tourism, freebie, and shopping destinations from all around the hypergrid — and, of course, the Easter Egg Hunts that have been popping up this month. Torben Asp at a live performance. Image courtesy Avination.).

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MetaVRse Launches Canada's First Full Service Virtual Reality Agency

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MetaVRse has worked with marquee clients including: Royal Ontario Museum, Adidas, Footlocker, Niagara Falls Tourism and CDW. Toronto-based VR Agency MetaVRse has launched as Canada’s first full-service Virtual Reality agency.

OSVR Co-founder on the Future of Open Source Virtual Reality

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We see entertainment, therapy, home improvement, tourism, meditation, design and many other applications. OSVR is an open source software platform and VR headset. Sensics and Razer launched OSVR 18 months ago with the intent of democratizing VR.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve…in VR


One work on display at the party will be Jakob Kusk Steensen’s “Primal Tourism,” a piece in which “colonialism, tourism and science fiction overlap.” Capping off a huge year for VR, people around the world are turning to VR for NYE celebrations. Every year, people from around world get together to ring in the new year. Some travel to faraway locations to join hordes of revelers in celebratory countdowns replete with massive fireworks shows.

Hands-On: ‘Bounce’ From Steel Wool Studios Is An Inventive Roomscale Physics Puzzle Game


Since then, they’ve also released the educational tourism experience, Mars Odyssey , which lets you go on a trip to the Red Planet. When theorizing about the types of games I want to play in VR, the list is pretty predictable.

Crytek-Incubated ‘VR First’ Program to Double Number of Academic VR/AR Labs in 2017

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In fact, games only account for 35% of projects underway, as the rest are focused on fields like psychology and neuroscience (12%), education (7%), tourism (7% ), and architecture and real estate (6%).

Impressions: What We Think Of The HP Windows VR Headset Dev Kit


I got to go on a virtual tour of Rome and marvel at the potential of VR tourism. This week we got our hands-on the first development kit edition of the HP “Windows Mixed Reality” VR headset. Right off the bat let’s clarify that verbiage.

Q&A: New Challenges To Fraud Protection In VR


Such gains have already been documented in the experience-centric real estate and tourism industries. Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Seth Ruden, a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist who has been working with banks and their compliance departments in the detection and mitigation of financial crimes since 2004.

VRX 2017 Conference Brings an All Star Cast


VRX 2017, one of world’s premier conferences on the subject of business and technology needed for Virtual Reality, announced the first speakers for a two day event. The conference takes place on December 7th and 8th in San Francisco Marriott Marquis.

What Is The Future Of 360-Degree Video?


The B2B space is excited about VR and already putting it in use – real estate, tourism, health – the list goes on….yet Featured image by Susan Botello, International Mobil Film Festival. Filmmaking is in a very strange place right now. While traditional filmmakers focus on witty scripts and clever cinematography, technology such as smartphones have revamped how we tell stories; how quickly we can tell them, and how many get access to see them (hint: everyone).

5 things Marketing and AD Agencies need to know about Virtual and Mixed Reality

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This is especially evident at tourism and real estate events. 1: Sell to an already captive audience. Visit any trade show these days and you will see the obligatory VR headset or three, at every stand.

Steam’s Autumn Sale Officially Kicks Off With Over 250 VR Games Discounted


That means games, educational experiences, virtual tourism, videos, and more are all needed in order for VR to thrive. Software sells hardware — it’s a well-known fact, passed down by wise men throughout the generations.

App lets you configure your VR viewer

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Sites in VR is a virtual tourism app, but it also comes with its own QR Code generator. You can also check out the rest of Sites in VR app itself, since the main purpose of this app is virtual tourism.

Teachers Ready For Virtual Reality In Education


Examining how VR could infiltrate the entertainment, tourism, healthcare and real estate sectors, the technology is projected ascension from niche device to ubiquitous media consumption tool is charted.

15 Free VR Titles You Should Download When Oculus Touch Launches


Using advanced world-scanning techniques, this is one of the first truly believable and immersive forms of VR tourism. The Oculus Touch controllers are right around the weekend corner — it’s Friday and they come out on Tuesday.

Reveries on The Future of VR


“The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed.” – William Gibson. As we enter Year 2 of the emergence of Virtual Reality as a consumer platform, we will see many analysts, articles and pundits weigh in on the state of the nascent industry.

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SpaceVR Raises $1.25 Million Seed Round

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SpaceVR , the world’s first platform for creating cinematic, live, virtual space tourism, announced today it has raised a $1.25 million seed financing round. The funding is led by Shanda Group with participation from Skywood Capital.

Gamers Gift VR Nonprofit Is Raising Money On Twitch To Help The Sick And Elderly


Virtual tourism experiences like Wevr’s underwater simulator TheBlu: Encounter are also popular, particularly at assisted living facilities. “We’ve Gamers Gift is a student-run nonprofit that believes in the power of virtual reality. It’s been around for about a year-and-a-half, and in that time, it’s raised over $50,000 and developed ongoing relationships with hospitals and assisted-living facilities, where it hosts monthly VR experiences.

Preview: ‘Budludzha VR’ Gives New Life to an Abandoned Soviet Megastructure

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The imposing Budludzha Monument in central Bulgaria once invoked infallible power, a power that once rested with the nation’s Communist Party.

Project Goa Will Bring Virtual Reality To Any Smartphone


Nod, the tech startup developing Goa, hopes to tap into the enthusiasm around VR to expand past gaming into applications like real estate, medicine, museums, and tourism

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Aiming at the tourism, entertainment, and education industries, the company has already released 3D recreated sites from places like Rome, Athens, Paris, and Jerusalem.

Mark Zuckerberg: It feels like We are Really in Puerto Rico


A cartoon version of Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, visited hurricane-damaged Puerto Rico on Monday, in a tone-deaf livestream that was part disaster tourism, part product promotion. The Facebook CEO conducted a brief, live 360-video broadcast in which he and Facebook’s head of social VR Rachel Franklin promoted the company’s upcoming Oculus Rift developer conference while also talking about the company’s humanitarian efforts.

Why Should an Online Business Implement Virtual Reality (VR)?


For tourism and accommodation too, VR could be incredibly beneficial to potential customers. As you might be aware, virtual reality shopping is well on its way to being commonplace. Alibaba, eBay, Ikea , Wayfair, even the hypercar manufacturer Pagani are all dabbling with the usage of VR headsets to help sell products.

Climb Mt. Everest With Solfar’s Everest VR!


Everest VR is a great achievement as far as virtual tourism is concerned, wherein tourists can be exported to exotic locations simply with the assistance of VR devices. Have you ever thought of climbing Mt. Everest?

Reaching into 3D Data, Exploring CAD Designs, Virtual Meetings, and More


So if you are a techie passionate about traveling and tourism, you should give it a try!”. VR has the power to transform our lives and connect us in new ways, while hand tracking lets you reach beyond the digital divide and take control.

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Nolan Bushnell’s Modal VR Launches Virtual Reality Platform For Enterprises


Modal VR enables companies to set up virtual reality experiences that are life-size and large-scale, like setting up a field for a new kind of laser tag game or a shared virtual tourism experience.

Virtual Winery: Meet the VR Tours Cuvee


We read how VR is seen as beneficial to health sector, banking industries, tourism, science, schools etc. Virtual Reality had, until recently largely been in the gaming and gambling consumer segment, followed by proliferation of 360 degree videos.

Funding Roundup: InstaVR Raises $2M & iStaging Raises $5M.


Funding Roundup: InstaVR Raises $2M & iStaging Raises $5M Series A & Razer Creates $30M Fund To Invest In Games, Tech, and VR InstaVR , a San Francisco, CA-based virtual reality (VR) authoring, publishing, and analysis company, closed a $2M series A equity funding round.

How Valve’s ‘The Lab’ Trains Your Brain to Appreciate Good VR.


For the archery experience you have an old castle door, for a photogrammetry experience of virtual tourism, we have a “photo wall” with postcards pinned to it.

Virtual Reality Is New Way To View Ireland’s Atlantic Coast


The whole tourism team was excited about this project and they pulled themselves together in the space of just over a month. The emergence of Virtual Reality has brought a tremendous change in the way the services that technologies offer us.