Developers Should Be Able To Try Magic Leap Tech in San Francisco ‘Soonish’


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TABEL Premiere: 360 Film Night With Google And Upload In San Francisco


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Upload Event: Intro To VR Painting In San Francisco


Event will take place Thursday, August 3 at Upload’s San Francisco offices. How will digital art change with the evolution of virtual reality? Instructor to cover the basics of Tiltbrush. Tiltbrush is a 3D immersive painting platform by Google. It is used for UX prototyping for VR, item creation for high fidelity, and creating your own VR gallery.

Unity Technologies Raises $181 Million


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San Francisco VR Weekend Workshop: Learn Unity VR for Vive


Whether you’re exploring a career in VR, want to prototype an idea or just want to learn something new, this weekend workshop taking place in Upload’s San Francisco office will equip you with the key skills to start creating in VR. Learn More About the San Francisco VR Weekend Workshop and Sign Up to Attend. SAN FRANCISCO VR WEEKEND WORKSHOP FULL SCHEDULE. Start your journey as a VR creator!

HADO Looks Like Dragonball Z Meets Dodgeball, Play It In San Francisco


Nonetheless, it is an interesting concept for a game that uses augmented reality for an active sport that can now be played in San Francisco. It is available from Wednesday through Sunday until August 31 at 1746 Post Street in San Francisco. We haven’t gone hands on with this yet so we can’t say whether experiencing HADO is anything like this video.

Google Play Indie Games Festival kicks off in San Francisco this September


Competing as a game developer on the Google Play Store can be a tough proposition, especially as we see more and more professional game developers leave their big studios to start or join studios dedicated to mobile games.

Zeality launches 360° Video contest to be the next VR producer for the San Francisco 49ers!

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THE 2016 ZEALITY 360 SHOOTOUT The hunt is on to find the next VR producer for the San Francisco 49ers!

Can Virtually Live Replace Pay Per View Television?


Last year, he got the call to move to San Francisco and take over the reign over the company, and build relationships with different franchise owners. Couple of years ago, we witnessed a trend of “cutting the cord”, i.e. canceling the cable subscription in the United States.

‘Day of the Devs’ Annual Public Indie Game Festival Is Coming to San Francisco For Free


in San Francisco, CA. As stated, Day of the Devs is next month on November 5th in San Francisco. The gaming community has a knack for bringing like-minded inviduals together in celebrations of video games.

Samsung Showcases 4K UHD Display For VR


At the Display Week conference in San Francisco, CA this week – Samsung showcased a number of next generations of displays, but it was the VR area that (obviously) caught our eye most. It looks like a 4K Samsung Gear VR might be a lot closer than we thought.

San Francisco's Make School academy debuts VR development course


San Francisco-based academy Make School has introduced a new track dedicated to VR to its summer course schedule. The programme has been curated with the assistance of Tony Parsi, one of the founding members of the Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML

Women In Tech Spotlight: Emily Olman (Hopscotch Interactive and VR/AR Association)

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Emily is also the San Francisco Chapter Co-President of the VR/AR Association (VRARA), the global association for the Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality industry with local chapters in major cities, connecting leading solution providers with brands and customers.

Upload SF Event: Cats in VR


Learn more about Cats in VR taking place at Upload’s San Francisco office on October 13. The time to explore cats in VR is RIGHT MEOW ! While we won’t have live kitties (due to them hating that), we’ll have the next best thing – VIRTUAL CATS. We’re talking 3D Tiltbrush creations. We’re talking cats in space. Cat art. Cat cinema. Cat enthusiasts welcome. All proceeds will go to the local SPCA to help cats in need find loving homes!

Microsoft to Debut VR Dev Kits for Windows Holographic in March

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Microsoft has confirmed that development kits of VR headsets for their Windows Holographic platform are in the works and will make their debut at GDC 2017 in March. Today Microsoft confirmed that VR headsets from major manufacturers are set to launch in 2017.

VR Survey: More interest in travel, videos than gaming

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San Francisco — The latest consumer research from Greenlight VR reveals non-gaming categories, including... News Greenlight VRPress release: Greenlight VR survey reveals U.S.

Upload SF Event: Consciousness In VR


Please join us Friday August 11, 2017 in San Francisco for an engaging evening of celebration, demos and experience to explore our second official Consciousness in VR event. Virtual reality and transformative technologies explode where our invention meets our intention and they are powerfully and irresistibly reshaping the ways we think about ourselves, others, and the world around us. Unprecedented opportunities to build wisdom and higher consciousness will abound.

Science Teachers Report Benefits Of A VR Curriculum


Google Launches Earth VR on HTC Vive, A Breathtaking New Way to Know Our Planet

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15 years later, in Google’s San Francisco office, I felt that same magic. When I first tried the experience at Google’s offices in San Francisco, I knew I had to see the city itself from within Earth VR.

CNN Launches New Immersive Journalism Initiative, CNNVR

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CNN’s VR output is ramping up to a daily production cycle, with a key aim of delivering regular VR live streams of global events; teams are already set up in New York, Atlanta, London, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Dubai, Johannesburg, Tokyo, and Beijing, the company says.

Human + Machine: Forrester’s CXSF Forum, 10/19 – 10/20

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Forrester’s CX team is putting the final touches on Human + Machine, our customer experience forum in San Francisco for 2017. This year we shine a spotlight on how AI can improve customer experience. That includes both how companies innovate with AI today, and the most exciting opportunities for tomorrow. We’re starting out with a case […].

Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016 to Bring VR Insights to Industry Execs

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Greenlight says that the VRS Conference , to be held on November 1-2 in San Francisco, was created “specifically for executives in the technology, media and investment industries.” 4:00pm – Happy Hour: Enjoy the Best of San Francisco.

Intel Reveals Project Alloy, an All-in-one VR Headset With Mobile Positional Tracking

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Today at the Intel Developer Forum event in San Francisco, Intel revealed Project Alloy, an all-in-one mobile virtual reality headset which the company says will launch in 2017 as an “open platform.”

Vive to Get Eye-tracking Add-on with Optional Corrective Lenses

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Meeting with 7invensun at HTC’s Vive X accelerator space in San Francisco today, I got to see the aGlass eye-tracking development kit in action. I got to try the aGlass dev kit myself at the Vive X accelerator office in San Francisco today.

ODG Raises $58 Million Series A Investment for AR Glasses, New Products to Debut in January

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San Francisco based Osterhout Design Group (aka ODG) announced today that they’ve raised a significant $58 million Series A investment to accelerate production and R&D of its smart glasses products.

Intel to Bring 2018 Olympic Winter Games Experience to Windows Mixed Reality

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Announced during the main press briefing at Microsoft’s event held in San Francisco, Intel will be bringing a ‘Windows Mixed Reality experience’ for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Microsoft Just Bought VR Social App AltspaceVR


Announced at today’s Windows Mixed Reality event in San Francisco, AltspaceVR will be joining Microsoft as part of the family. Microsoft is rescuing the beloved VR social network.

HTC’s $100 Million ‘Vive X’ VR Accelerator Announces First 33 Investments

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Participating startups will develop their tech across four Vive X locations—San Francisco, Beijing, Taipei, and a hardware-focused location in Shenzhen—and will have four months “to produce marketable products/content which will be presented to potential investors upon their graduation.”

SpaceVR Is Building Robots Controlled By VR To Reduce Labor Costs


When it’s not launching 360 cameras into the solar system , this San Francisco-based startup is building an automaton system that uses VR to get robots to carry out simple tasks, side-stepping many of the computational issues still being worked out for bleeding-edge AI systems. Remember when the new millenium hit and we began to envision a future in which robots carried out many traditional jobs? SpaceVR is helping to make that reality.

MindMaze’s MASK is a Practical and Promising Approach to VR Face-tracking

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I recently met with MindMaze at their San Francisco working space to test Mask for myself and learn more about it.

Charting the Course for Mobile VR


Next week, we’ll demo our Mobile VR Platform alongside Qualcomm in brand-new reference designs at GDC, VRDC, and MWC in San Francisco and Barcelona. This week, we’re excited to share our latest milestone on the road to truly compelling mobile VR.

The 2017 Virtual Reality Conference and Expo Schedule


San Francisco, California. Moscone Center; San Francisco, California. San Francisco, California. San Jose Convention Center; San Jose, California. San Jose, California. San Francisco, California. San Francisco, California.

Stereo Labs Unveils ‘Linq’ – A Mixed Reality Headset For The Living Room


UploadVR had the chance to try an prototype of the Linq at our offices in San Francisco and we found the hardware to an impressive proof-of-concept. – Disclaimer: Stereo Labs rents an office at the Upload Collective – a co-working office in San Francisco.

Oculus Nearly Matched The Original ‘Gears of War’ Budget To Fund Epic’s ‘Robo Recall’


During an interview with the programming icon at last week’s VRX conference in San Francisco, Sweeney spoke briefly concerning Epic’s upcoming VR title Robo Recall and the unique nature of its development as an Oculus-funded, Rift exclusive experience.

Microsoft acquires AltspaceVR to bolster their VR positioning.

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Announced at Microsoft’s Mixed Reality event in San Francisco Tuesday, Microsoft’s mixed reality lead Alex Kipman, went on to call Altspace “a pioneer in social mixed reality.

FOVE Launches Pre-Orders For Eye-Tracking VR Headset FOVE 0, Starting at $549

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The company, now headquartered in San Francisco, will be showcasing the final version of the headset during the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) this week in San Francisco.

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Intel & Major League Baseball Partnership Will Bring Free Weekly Games Streamed in VR

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Kansas City Royals vs. San Francisco Giants. Live VR broadcasts from the world’s biggest sporting leagues are steadily becoming easier to find.

Intel Cuts 3-Year Deal With MLB For VR Broadcast Content


Kansas City Royals vs. San Francisco Giants on June 13 at 10:15 p.m. The NBA, NFL, and NCAA have all been tapped for virtual content on a regular basis and will likely continue to forge relationships with immersive content producers as the quality of the hardware and streams continue to increase. Now the MLB is making a big immersive splash with a 3-year partnership with Intel that will be delivered to baseball fans for free.

Warriors See the Future of Fan Engagement in VR


When we won the championship last year we thought it would be an amazing opportunity to explore,” said Kenny Lauer, VP of Marketing and Digital for the Warriors at a recent The VR AR Association meetup in San Francisco. “We

GDC Spins VRDC Into Standalone VR Industry Conference with Expanded Scope

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After the successful pilot run, the organizers have decided to spin the event out into a standalone conference which will be hosted in San Francisco this November. VRDC will take place November 2‐3, 2016 in the Park Central Hotel in San Francisco, CA.