New Zealand Incinerates House to Make Fire Safety VR Experience


The New Zealand Fire Service has burned down an abandoned home to create a virtual reality experience called Escape My House , hoping VR immersion will help prepare homeowners for the worst. Palmerston North fire service training officer Chris Kennedy said 61 percent of New Zealanders claim they have a fire escape plan, but only 29 percent have practiced them, Image Credit: Murray Wilson / New Zealand Fire Service.

Air New Zealand Actually Considers Putting HoloLens on Flight Attendants


Air New Zealand is exploring how the Microsoft HoloLens can enhance its in-flight service, becoming the first airline to openly consider equipping its cabin crew with the augmented reality headset. Air New Zealand hired UK-based software firm Dimension Data to create the concept app. You can watch the concept video from Air New Zealand below. Image Credit: Air New Zealand.


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Magic Leap Books Augmented Reality Experience with Air New Zealand

Next Reality AR

If touring the scenic vistas behind the Lord of the Rings film franchise doesn't persuade tourists to visit New Zealand, perhaps immersive content viewed through Magic Leap One will do the trick. On Thursday, Air New Zealand announced a strategic partnership with Magic Leap, with the airline developing immersive content that showcases the country as a vacation destination. Air New Zealand is excited to bring innovative, emerging technology to our.

U.S. Issues Bizarre Warning About 'Health Risks' in New Zealand During Covid-19 Pandemic

GizModo VR

State Department issued a new travel warning for New Zealand this week, warning Americans to exercise “increased caution” because the country poses a “health risk” due to the covid-19 pandemic. The U.S.

Air New Zealand Takes Wraps Off Magic Leap One Adventure Tourism Game

Next Reality AR

But Air New Zealand's new augmented reality experience for the Magic Leap One gives visitors an immersive taste of what the country has to offer without ever setting foot in the country. conference, the airline crafted a massive tabletop three-dimensional topographical map of New Zealand upon which the company's new Air New Zealand Fact or Fantasy Game is mapped and playable via the Magic Leap One.

New PSVR Mega Pack for EU, Australia & New Zealand to Come with 5 Top Titles, PS5 Camera Adapter

Road to VR

Sony today announced a new PSVR Mega Pack hardware bundle for 2020, launching this month across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Sony says its 2020 VR Mega Pack will be available sometime this month through partner retailers across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Record-Breaking Bird Just Flew Nonstop From Alaska to New Zealand

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A conservation group has tracked a migration for the ages, in which a male bar-tailed godwit flew from Alaska to New Zealand without taking a single break.

Alaska 112

New Zealand Authorizes Several Film and TV Productions to Start Up, Including Lord of the Rings and Cowboy Bebop

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New Zealand is handling covid-19 better than most, with ongoing cases in the country down to a handful. new zealand cowboy bebop power rangers beast morphers amazon amazon prime lord of the rings netflixThat makes it a promising place to resume production on all those TV shows and movies we love, and the country has recently authorized a handful of productions to resume or begin inside the country’s borders. Read more.

HTC Applies for ‘Vive Eclipse’ Trademark in New Zealand

Road to VR

HTC may have more than one new headset in sight than we initially thought when it registered the name ‘Vive Focus’ in the EU and US. It came to light via the Dutch publication Lets Go Digital that HTC has also applied for a trademark for the name ‘Vive Eclipse’ in New Zealand. The New Zealand Intellectual Property Office published a summary of the trademark application, showing a filing and submission initiated by HTC on October 6th.

Minecraft Earth Early Access Begins, Available In New Zealand And Iceland


The game is now available for download for users in New Zealand and Iceland only , with more countries available soon. New Zealand and Iceland are relatively small countries and large companies often roll out new software first to only a small percentage of the market to test out stability of their systems. Starting today, we will begin to roll out early access from country to country, starting with: New Zealand Iceland Not a citizen of either land?

New Zealand Scientists Built a ‘Volcano Bomb’ Cannon to Save Lives

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Volcanoes can kill you in many different ways. Are you on their slopes? A volcanic avalanche of superheated ash and gas or a sneaky lava flow would do it. Far across the bay? A tsunami caused by a collapsing flank will be delivered to your door. On the other side of the planet?

HP Reverb G2 Pre-Orders Start Listing In Europe, UK & New Zealand

Upload VR

Links for where to pre-order should either already be going live or coming soon to the UK, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway and New Zealand. The post HP Reverb G2 Pre-Orders Start Listing In Europe, UK & New Zealand appeared first on UploadVR. HP Reverb G2 pre-orders are now rolling out to territories outside of the US.

PSVR Gaming Bundle ‘HeroCade’ Available This Month in Europe, Australia & New Zealand

Road to VR

Launching in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, UK, Australia, and New Zealand on September 26th , HeroCade offers and interesting mix of genres, recalling memories of the old PlayStation demo discs from the PS1 era. The post PSVR Gaming Bundle ‘HeroCade’ Available This Month in Europe, Australia & New Zealand appeared first on Road to VR.

WellTown Is A VR Experience Built For An Entire City


New Zealand’s capital has transformed into an interactive VR city in hopes of enticing tourists and potential residents. Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, looks to become the world’s first gamified VR city through a VR experience called WellTown , which promises to inject you directly into the heart and soul of the vibrant city, putting you in the shoes of both a tourist and resident. News HTC Vive New Zealand VR Gamified City WellTown

Christchurch Terrorist Abused Steroids and Donated Money to Far-Right YouTubers

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Brenton Tarrant, the anti-Muslim terrorist who killed 51 people during two attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2019 , abused steroids and donated money to far-right websites and YouTube personalities like Stefan Molyneux, according to a new report released by the New Zealand government.

The AR App That Brings Graphic Novels to Life in New Zealand Schools


The New Zealand Ministry of Education has recently taken this philosophy one step further to reach tech-savvy youths. Fans of comic books and graphic novels believe that this medium is a way to get children interested in reading. The medium relies on text but also uses lots of images. This makes stories created in this way more accessible and engaging to young readers.

EON Reality Establishes Distribution Partnership with Accuteque for Australia and New Zealand

EON Reality

As one of the top technological advisory firms in the area, the Melbourne-based company will now serve as EON Reality’s primary distributor for AVR development and education in Australia and New Zealand. “I’m I’m very excited to expand upon EON Reality’s connections in Australia and New Zealand through this promising partnership,” said Dan Lejerskar, Founder of EON Reality. can spread across the new region. IRVINE, CA, February 11, 2019 – EON Reality Inc.,

The Expanse Ended Its Best Season to Date With a Hell of a Ride

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minor planets asteroids planetary science the expanse nemesis games fear of the unknown radius of outermost closed isobar holden new zealand leviathan wakes

First-Ever L.E.A.P. Conference Teases The Future Of Magic Leap


This includes new blocks, additional cubes, and a new interactive character. Take the new Recorder Cube, for instance. Magic Leap continues its love of space-themed objects with the brand new Astronaut character. Air New Zealand Fact or Fantasy? For instance, after correctly answering a question regarding New Zealand’s sea life, I watched as a massive whale pulled a Free Willy and made an impressive leap over one of the miniature islands.

Stop the Steal: Voter Fraud Creeps Into 'Bird of the Year' Competition

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Are New Zealanders the most enviable people in the world? people will not accept this rigged election voter fraud bird of the year new zealand

New Zealand Health Official Resigns Over Two Covid-19 Cases Imported From Britain

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New Zealand’s top health official stepped down on Thursday following a relatively minor scandal that shows the enormous difference in how the U.S. coronavirus covid 19 donald trump president trump new zealand jacinda ardern health vaccine david clark texas florida californiaand other wealthy countries are dealing with the covid-19 pandemic. Read more.

The only extensive voter fraud in 2020 was the New Zealand 'Bird of the Year' vote

Mashable VR

There seems to have been some fishy voting in New Zealand's "Bird of the Year" election. More about New Zealand , Culture , and Animals. New Zealand Culture AnimalsWell, this is embarrassing.

10 Cult Horror Comedies That'll Make You Laugh Your Guts Out

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watch it nerds nostalgia cult movie worship ready or not tucker and dale vs evil the texas chainsaw massacre 2 what we do in the shadows black sheep from beyond lake placid abbott and costello jeffrey combs stuart gordon new zealand return of the living dead abbott and costello meet frankenstein rubber horror comedySome horror films wriggle into your mind and make you seriously question ever switching off the lights.

U.S. Breaks Record With Over 100,000 New Covid-19 Cases in Single Day

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recorded over 100,000 new cases of covid-19 on Wednesday, according to the Covid Tracking Project. covid 19 coronavirus donald trump president trump joe biden pennsylvania arizona china south dakota australia japan new zealand disease pandemics pandemic covid tracking project hospitals

U.S. Breaks Record With Over 77,000 New Coronavirus Cases in Single Day

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recorded 77,255 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday , setting a depressing new world record. has the worst outbreak on the planet right now, but it’s probably more accurate to say this new record was broken last week. coronavirus covid 19 donald trump president trump texas florida france new zealand germany australiaThe U.S. The U.S. The largest private testing lab in the country is currently averaging more… Read more.

Twitter is so shocked at the sight of a TV news host doing her job, the clip went viral

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That's why this clip from a New Zealand news broadcast is getting so much attention. More about Interview , New Zealand , Culture , Web Culture , and Politics. Interview New Zealand Culture Web Culture Politics

Hands-On with Magic Leap & Weta Workshop's Dr. Grordbort's Invaders

Next Reality AR

The game, developed by New Zealand studio Weta Workshop, finally got its debut last week during the L.E.A.P. Over the last few years, the only thing teased by Magic Leap more than the Magic Leap One itself has been the company's flagship gaming title Dr. Grordbort's Invaders. conference in Los Angeles. But since so few people have had the ability to even buy a Magic Leap One, it's likely that you've haven't tried it yet.

AT&T to Launch DirectTV App for Magic Leap One in 2019, Sets Up 5G Test Area at Magic Leap Headquarters

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Don't Miss: Air New Zealand Takes Wraps Off Magic Leap One Adventure Tourism Game Not only did the team announce the app, but Donovan gave the audience a preview of what it will. Magic Leap and AT&T have lifted the lid on multiple parts of their mysterious relationship today. According to AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan, the company is planning to launch a beta version of DirectTV Now for the Magic Leap One in 2019.

Microsoft Hololens Available in More Countries


Starting on October 12, Microsoft added availability to the following countries: Australia, Ireland, France, Germany, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Microsoft Hololens (Developer version) has been available in the US and Canada since March for $3,000. However, this has left out many other parts of the world. You can pre-order your device now. Augmented Reality Microsoft HoloLens

Niantic Sets Launch Date for Harry Potter Augmented Reality Game, Releases New Trailer

Next Reality AR

Along with announcement, the company has released a new trailer (see bottom of page). While the date has been a long time coming since the announcement of the game in November 2017, the milestone has been foreshadowed by recent events, namely the beta launches in New Zealand and Australia in May and the. After more than a year of teasing and testing, Niantic and Warner Bros. are finally ready to release Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to muggles of the world.

Visit The Coldest Place On Earth With Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Antarctic VR Experience


A new interactive 360 experience offers a glimpse into the lives of researchers working in Antarctica. Now, for the first time ever, Hillary’s hut will be open to the public via a new VR experience from the Antarctic Heritage Trust.

WellTown Turns Wellington New Zeland Into A VR City With Games


You no longer need to spend roughly one billion hours on a plane to get to New Zeland. Launching today on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, WellTown turns the New Zealand city of Wellington into a VR landscape. This being New Zealand, there are some brushes with nature too including a deep dive in the harbor and a chance to explore the wilderness. It is, of course, all designed to actually get you to come to New Zealand for yourself.

What to Know About Covid-19 and Frozen Foods

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Officials in New Zealand and China have even speculated that imported frozen foods could be behind recent local cases, but, for now, there’s no good evidence that… Read more.

Everything You Need to Know About Lord of the Rings' Second Age

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One thing we do know—other than that a bucketload of talent is running all around New Zealand to make it—is that it’s set in the Second Age of Middle-earth’s long history.

This Fireproof VR Camera Rig Could One Day Save Lives


The New Zealand Fire Service is testing fireproof 360 camera rigs that could one day save lives. That’s why the New Zealand Fire Service is turning up the heat and testing some new 360° video camera rigs to help prepare citizens for a crisis situation and hopefully reduce the amount of preventable fire-related fatalities in the process. House fires can be difficult for the average person to ever comprehend without experiencing one in person.

Psychedelic Choose-Your-Own VR Adventure ‘Terminus’ Available Now On Oculus Rift


Before ending the tour, the duo managed to showcase their project at the Heide Museum of Contemporary Art in Melbourne, the Jack Hanley Gallery in New York, and the Nanzuka Gallery in Tokyo. With VR you can seduce someone into accepting an entirely new reality.”.

Travelers Are Paying Real Money To Take VR Flights To Nowhere


Several airlines have begun using VR technology to immerse “travelers” in exotic locations such as the Colosseum and Pantheon in Rome, New York Times Square in NYC, Market Square in Helsinki, and Fiordland National Park in New Zealand, all without leaving their respective countries.

Taiwan 413