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John Cusack and Christina Ricci have their VR debut with the Distorted Experience.

John Cusack & Christina Ricci Make Their VR Debut In ‘Distorted Reality’


Another VR project starring AAA talent shows how the immersive medium is continuing to attract more of Hollywood’s biggest names.

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‘Affected: The Manor’ Coming to Rift Oculus Rift & Touch this Month, Vive to Follow

Road to VR

The series’ first commercial release came to the Gear VR in last year in the form of Affected: The Manor , and was well received by our brave and intrepid horror guinea pig Chris Madsen.

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Caterpillar Is Using AR To Connect Workers And Maintenance Support


As major companies such as Caterpillar serve as AR guinea pigs in a way, other companies will take note of any successes and begin to adopt these practices to make a lot of lives easier. The presence of mixed reality in industries outside of entertainment is constantly growing.

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The Year of the Body


Papua New Guinea Proverb. We are beginning our 4th year! Every year we have had a loose theme around which the research has centered but this year we decided we should make it all public and official. So without further ado: (Itch your right hand). Welcome to the Year of the Body! .

Traveling Around the Globe (and Under the Sky) in Planetarium


To be specific, suppose that the basis of the Earth GameObject has the “forward” axis pointing to the North Pole, and the “up” axis pointing to latitude = 0 and longitude = 0, which is in the Gulf of Guinea.

How The Future Group Is Redefining Live Game Shows With Mixed Reality


We were the guinea pigs to figure out the fine line between fun and dangerous. Game shows have been losing younger audiences for some time. The Future Group wants to change that by making game shows more interactive with mixed reality technology.

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