Futuristic AR eSports Tournament Coming To USA


The HADO eSports tournament first launched in 2016 exclusively in Japanese theme parks and malls, but has since managed to expand into countries including Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Your chance to go pro in energy dodgeball has finally arrived.

Changi Airport Will Use AR Glasses To Speed Up Ground Handling


SATS is planning on fully rolling out the procedure by mid-2018 and eventually internationally to locations in both Indonesia and Hong Kong. Going to the airport is a hassle. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, which airline you’re using, or who you’re traveling with, there are always annoyances and issues along the way.

These Five 360-Degree Nature Videos Showcase Planet Earth


Tour the Bird’s Head Seascape in Indonesia with Ronald Mambrasar and his son, Valen. Featured image: President Barack Obama watching a virtual reality film captured during his trip to Yosemite National Park in 2016. Going outside in winter can be…well, terrifying.

Video 247

Uber’s Competitor Didi Chuxing Rauses $4B more for AI


The acquisition meant that Uber was actually forced to make an exit from the Chinese market.While Didi has invested in other ride-sharing platforms including GrabTaxi Holdings Pte, which operates in Thailand, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, it has primarily focused on the domestic market until beginning this year to ramp up its presence elsewhere.

Take a Meditative VR Journey + 16 More VR Demos


Labtek Indie is an R&D and dsign Company from Bandung, Indonesia. Want to float through an alternate dimension, fly an airplane, or just shoot some hoops? Check out these 17 3D Jam VR demos that will take you to new worlds. Adit Rush.

How Hollywood and Razer Are Shaping the Future of VR?


However, gaming scene has never been stronger and most of all – the fastest growing markets such as China, Indonesia, India and several progressive countries in Africa – PC and mobile are dominating, where consoles do not even qualify for ‘also runs’ The gaming industry might thing VR is a passing thing, but when it comes to players with serious money, they do not agree.

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How I use CoSpaces to help students create their dreams

Hypergrid Business

Schools from Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Canada, New Zealand, Kentucky, Delaware, and our school all participated.