WebAR Experience by Coca-Cola First in South Africa


However, the company’s marketing department recently made a huge first with a WebAR experience in South Africa. Coca-Cola is one of the most internationally recognized brands ever.

Apple has decreased App Store prices in the U.K., South Africa, other countries

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Apple has altered App Store pricing across a number of markets utilizing the Euro as their primary currency. Apple Mobile News App Store Apple App Store


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Moderna Says Its Vaccine Should Work Against UK and South Africa Coronavirus Variants

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The covid-19 vaccine developed by Moderna can likely fend off worrying variants of the coronavirus first found in the UK and South Africa, the company announced Monday.

EON Reality joins the Commercial Aviation Manufacturers Association of South Africa (CAMASA)

EON Reality

EON Reality’s Tshwane IDC in South Africa has become a full member of CAMASA (Commercial Aviation Manufacturers Association of South Africa). The post EON Reality joins the Commercial Aviation Manufacturers Association of South Africa (CAMASA) appeared first on EON Reality. CAMASA is a joint initiative of industry and government that represents the business interests of the sector, with a view to significant export growth.

Bee Swarm Kills 63 Endangered Penguins in ‘Fluke’ Occurrence

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Park rangers in South Africa are investigating a bizarre incident in which dozens of endangered African penguins appear to have been killed by honey bees.

New Details Emerge About Bee Swarm Attack That Left 63 Penguins Dead

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A shocking scene took place late last week in South Africa, as swarming honey bees laid waste to dozens of endangered African penguins. We’re learning more about what happened that day and why the deaths are a such big blow to conservationists. Read more.

United Kingdom and South Africa Teams of EON Reality Demonstrated the Benefits of the AVR Platform During UNIDO General Conference

EON Reality

The post United Kingdom and South Africa Teams of EON Reality Demonstrated the Benefits of the AVR Platform During UNIDO General Conference appeared first on EON Reality Ken Swain, Chairman of EON Reality Manchester and Lucett Ramokgopa, Business Development Director of EON Reality Tshwane , joined forces together at UNIDO’s General Conference. EON Reality has been in partnership with UNIDO for quite some time.

Empowering Women in South Africa Through Design and VR


TL;DR: In March of this year, Facebook was invited by non-profit organization Girls Invent Tomorrow to give two workshops on design and VR with local

CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, And Others Cover Mexico IDC Announcement And South Africa Inauguration

EON Reality

The City of Tshwane claims it will be home to the first virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content training centre in continental Africa. The post CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, And Others Cover Mexico IDC Announcement And South Africa Inauguration appeared first on EON Reality.

North Korea Rejects 3 Million Doses of China's Covid-19 Vaccine

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The government of North Korea rejected almost 3 million doses of China’s covid-19 vaccine Sinovac this week, claiming they should be sent to countries that are struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, according to U.S. state-financed broadcaster Voice of America.

EON Reality and Central University of Technology Announce Partnership to Develop New XR Rollout


The partnership will begin with an EON-XR rollout for the South African’s schools student body. Press Release eon xr south africa

New EON Reality Interactive Digital Center at University of the Western Cape Will Teach Students How to Develop AR and VR Products

EON Reality

As a part of the Global Emergency Initiative, the education-based center will be one of EON Reality’s key contributors in using and developing premium content and curricula for the company’s flagship AVR Platform for South Africa and beyond.

Google Adds Famous Monuments & Iconic Buildings to Augmented Reality Search Feature

Next Reality AR

Even with unlimited resources and a serious case of wanderlust, its unlikely that you or I will be able to see all of the most famous structures in the world in person. That being the case, Google can now bring those landmarks to you in augmented reality.

3D scanning sheds light on newly discovered 2-million-year-old fossilized skull

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This week, researchers announced the discovery of an incredibly rare, two-million-year-old skull in South Africa. Here's how 3D scanning tech helped. News 3D scanning

EON Reality and Vaal University of Technology Expand Partnership to Include South African XR Rollout


The expansion will bring South African XR solutions to new heights. EON Reality and VUT are looking to take the South African XR economy to new heights with the addition of the full-fledged EON-XR rollout. Press Release eon xr south africa

‘Operation Apex’ Takes You to the Great White’s Delicately Balanced Ocean Ecosystem, Now Available on Vive

Road to VR

Curiscope created Operation Apex under the guidance of South Africa-based research and conservation organization Oceans Research. HTC Vive Games News VR Games curiscope divign in vr Enrico Gennari htc vive studios ocean vr oceans research south africa operation apex scuba vr underwater vr vr conservation vr dibing vr education vr ocean exploration vr sharks

Jupiter Just Sprouted a Brand New Spot

GizModo VR

An amateur astronomer in South Africa has detected a bright new surface feature rising above the cloud tops on Jupiter. Read more. jupiter astronomy planetary science science

NFTs: Perspectives From AR & VR Stakeholders


I caught up with AR and VR industry folks from the UK, Europe, South Africa, to learn more about their views on the growing NFT scene and its potential impact. Dale Deacon | Developing Immersive Storytelling in VR & AR | South Africa. Especially here in South Africa.”.

AR 424

Giraffes Are Basically Fuzzy Lightning Rods, New Research Suggests

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Earlier this year, conservationists in South Africa discovered two adult giraffes struck down by lightning, signaling a potentially underrated risk for this majestic species.

In Gaia's New Trailer, the Earth's First God Wakes From Her Slumber to Kill

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In director Jaco Bouwer’s Gaia , which premiered at this year’s SXSW Film Festival , there is something ancient, powerful, and unimaginably dangerous living deep in the Tsitsikamma forest of South Africa.

Abandoned by Their Parents, These Cape Cormorants Have Human Friends Working to Ensure They Survive

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Nearly 1,200 baby Cape cormorants are currently being nursed and cared for by a rescue center in Cape Town, South Africa after being abandoned by their parents on Robben Island last month.

South African Coronavirus Variant May Dodge Existing Immunity in Some People

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Recent data announced over the weekend suggests a variant first found in South Africa can escape detection from antibodies in some people who had… Read more

These Squiggles May Be Some of the Oldest Fossil Life on Earth

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A team of researchers in South Africa put a bit of rock under a microscope and found the remains of 3.42-billion-year-old life.

Scientists Found a 200,000-Year-Old Human Bed Made From Grass and Ash

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Archaeologists from South Africa have uncovered rudimentary beds that early humans made by placing bundles of grass onto a layer of ash. Sounds basic, but these Stone Age beds were more sophisticated than they appear at first glance. Read more.

Milestones leading to winning the 2nd prize in the Innovation Hub’s GAP ICT 2016 competition

Immersive Authority

TIHMC is a subsidiary of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA) which is an agency of Gauteng Provincial Government’s Department of Economic Development (GDED) in South Africa. General Mixed Reality Visual GAP ICT Awards GAPICT HoloDome HoloPort Innovation Hub South Africa VR startupImmersive Authority entered The Innovation Hub Management Company’s (TIHMC) GAP ICT 2016 competition which opened on 11 April 2016.

There’s No Reason to Freak Out About the Latest Pfizer Vaccine Study

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The study, based on real-world data from Israel, found that the vaccine wasn’t as effective against B.1351, the variant first found in South Africa, as it was against other… Read more.

Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech Ready to Test Out Their Vaccine Updates Against Covid-19 Variants

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This week, Moderna announced that its modified vaccine meant to target a worrying variant first found in South Africa is now ready for testing. The arms race between the coronavirus and humanity continues to pick up steam.

Experience The Extraordinary Life Of Nelson Mandela In VR


Very few individuals have managed to live a life as influential and accomplished as South Africa’s Nelson Mandela. Throughout his many years fighting against apartheid in South Africa, the legendary humanitarian has suffered institutionalized racism, violence, even a prison term that would end up lasting a soul-crushing 27 years. Celebrate the 100th birthday of one history’s most influential figures in this immersive VR experience for the Oculus Go. Philanthropist.

EON-XR 9.0 Launch Event


New Testimonials such as New Mexico State University , University of Toronto and Vaal University of Technology , South Africa. Join us for the EON-XR 9.0 release on June 15, 2021. EON-XR 9.0 Launch Event. June 15th, 2021 – 8:00 AM PST. Register now.

UNAIDS Launches Educational 360-Degree Series Ahead Of World AIDS Day


South Africa alone currently has 7.2 Produced by South African production company Makhulu Media with support from Google, the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, and the Children’s Radio Foundation, the live-action series follows a young woman as she travels from her home to a health clinic on a mission to determine her HIV status. The program is currently being implemented in schools, clinics, and communities all across South Africa.

This clever bot turns Reddit arguments into video game scenes

Mashable VR

There's plenty of drama on Reddit, but it's not often that drama gets to play out on the screen. Until now, at least.

Google Earth VR Adds Search and Oculus Rift Support


Some new locations include Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, Table Mountain in South Africa, Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina, Mt Lassen in California, Palermo in Italy, and more. VR’s killer app just got a major update. It was six months ago when Google launched a VR version of Google Earth for the HTC Vive. And still to this day, Google Earth VR remains one of the best, if not the best, app experiences available in VR.

Google 323

City of Tshwane Health Department Attends EON Reality VRIA Students’ Presentation

EON Reality

In an effort to help combat the ever-evolving AIDS epidemic plaguing South Africa, EON Reality Tshwane’s VR Innovation Academy students were tasked by the City of Tshwane Health Department to create an HIV/AIDS awareness VR application. This opened the application up to as many users as possible within the South African market. To learn more about EON Reality’s location in South Africa, visit the EON Reality Tshwane page.

HTC Vive partners with ARVI VR to expand its global location-based Virtual Reality arcade offering

LBE News

After the first wave of openings, the deployment will extend at a later time to Egypt, Hong-Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Vietnam, and Kuwait, according to HTC.

Google's Plus Codes give every location in the world a digital address

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Here's an example: The Plus Code "W2GJ+JQ, Johannesburg" is the digital address of Google's office in Johannesburg, South Africa. Addresses aren't as ubiquitous as you may think. According to Google, billions of people don't have an address, or if they do, it's not very accurate.

Oculus Quest Enterprise Edition Brings Standalone VR To Businesses


It is an incredibly powerful technology that will affect us from Los Angeles to New York to Western Africa to South Africa to Southeast Asia.”. Enterprise-grade bundle available for $999 plus a $180 annual fee. Yesterday, Facebook unveiled a slew of new details surrounding the next generation of its VR hardware line-up.

Teen pranks her family with the Influencer Challenge, and their reaction is hilarious

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On Sunday, 18-year-old Nombulelo Patricia Sithole, a high school student who lives in Boksburg, South Africa, did exactly that in front of her family — and their facial expressions are quite simply a joy to behold.