This Year’s Tour De France Features AR And Holograms


The 109th edition of the Tour de France is officially underway in Europe, marking the start of three weeks of competitive cycling featuring the world’s best athletes. Most interesting of all, perhaps, is the volumetric hologram of Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme.

France 399

Dog in France Catches Monkeypox From Humans

GizModo VR

A dog in France appears to have contracted monkeypox from his owners, in what seems to be the first known case of human-to-dog transmission of the emerging viral illness.


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Public Quest Pro Demos Will be Available Starting October 14th in US, UK & France

Road to VR

It’s also confirmed to be in-store at select locations across three countries: the US, UK, and France. You’ll find it in Best Buy in the US, Currys in the UK, and FNAC and Boulanger in France.

France 162

Drift Championship in France

VR Bites

Take place on the 550HP Nissan PS13 of young pilot Jack Shanahan from the round 5 of the french drift championship in France. User Uploads car drift france mountain race

France 100

Who Is Sabotaging France's Fiber Optic Cables?

GizModo VR

Somebody disabled a large number of France’s fiber optic cables earlier this week. The incident, which is being criminally investigated and has been called an act of “vandalism” and “sabotage,” temporarily disrupted the internet in multiple French cities, including Paris. Read more.

Gutenberg Statue – Strasbourg, France

EON Reality

Gutenberg Statue in Merged XR Teleporting You to Place Gutenberg in Strasbourg, France. A statue of Johannes Gutenberg by David d’Angers is installed on Place Gutenberg in Strasbourg, France. The post Gutenberg Statue – Strasbourg, France appeared first on EON Reality. Learn more about the Gutenberg Statue.

France Just Suffered a SolarWinds-Style Cyberattack

GizModo VR

continues to chart the damage from the sweeping “SolarWinds” hack that targeted government and industry alike, France has announced that it too has suffered a large supply chain cyberattack. As the U.S.

France 114

France Is on the Brink of Banning Domestic Short-Haul Flights

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Now, France is trying to make some of that reduction permanent. klm civil aviation human activities aviation short haul flight ban airline skyteam air france flight length jean baptiste djebbari emmanuel macron environment air france klm daniele obono helsinki airport air franceklm airlines

Gutenberg Statue – Strasbourg, France


Gutenberg Statue in Merged XR Teleporting You to Place Gutenberg in Strasbourg, France. A statue of Johannes Gutenberg by David d’Angers is installed on Place Gutenberg in Strasbourg, France. The post Gutenberg Statue – Strasbourg, France appeared first on EON Reality.

Who Is 'Whistleblower Aid', the Group Helping Frances Haugen Blow the Whistle on Facebook?

GizModo VR

Facebook is in the midst of its biggest crisis to date —an impressive feat, no doubt, given the litany of crises preceding it. It’s a safe bet that trust in the company has hit its lowest point in its 17-year history.

France Is Threatening the UK's Power Supply

GizModo VR

The UK is already facing major gas shortages , and now French officials threatening to sever an agreement to supply electricity to the country. The reason?

Meta launches Horizon Worlds in France and Spain

TechCrunch VR

In an effort to expand its social platform for virtual reality, Horizon Worlds, Meta is launching it in France and Spain today — building on the existing three markets including the U.S.,

Spain 68

France Passes Law Protecting the 'Sensory Identity' of the Countryside

GizModo VR

While conservation efforts in most countries tend to focus on saving endangered animals or plant life, France is going further in an effort to preserve the sensory experiences of its rural areas. Only the French would pass a law that is so poetically existential.

France 104

Frances Allen, Who Pioneered Faster Software for Computers, Dies at 88

GizModo VR

You may not know who Frances Allen is off the top of your head, but you should. frances allen obituary ibmNot only was she the first female IBM fellow, but she was also the first woman winner of the prestigious Turing Award.

Researchers Found Glowing Spider Fossils in the South of France

GizModo VR

A team of researchers studying 22.5-million-year-old spider fossils from Aix-en-Provence were taken aback when the petrified pests glowed under a fluorescent microscope. The fluorescence was likely due to the circumstances of the fossilization, the group said. Read more.

France forces Apple to rate how easy it is to repair broken iPhones and MacBooks

Digital Trends

Apple Computing News eu france iPhone m1 MacBook Air macbook pro Tech for GoodApple is posting repairability scores for its popular iPhones and MacBook laptops to comply with new French legislation designed to minimize waste.

Netflix's La Révolution Imagines Something Sinister in 18th Century France

GizModo VR

But it seems like Netflix’s new French-language alt-history series has something supernatural going on in the heart of France’s most tumultuous period. Well, beyond, like, y’know. The Reign of Terror.

A Second Person in France May Have Caught Deadly Prion Disease From Lab Exposure

GizModo VR

Public research labs in France are temporarily halting their work into prions, after at least two employees are believed to have contracted a rare but universally fatal prion brain disease.

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'Downton Abbey: A New Era' heads to France in lavish new trailer

Mashable VR

Downton Abbey: A New Era is almost in theaters in the United States, and the latest trailer for the upcoming film promises drama, fantasy, and a vacation to the South of France. The Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) has inherited a villa in France, a fact which stuns her family.

Focusing on AVR Aerospace and Industry 4.0 in France

EON Reality

in France appeared first on EON Reality. 3D Application Development Aerospace EON Reality Laval Virtual Reality VR learning environments development eon reality france paris air lab eon reality paris air show product and research

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen explains how the algorithm is dividing Trevor Noah's audience

Mashable VR

Whistleblower and former Facebook employee Frances Haugen joined Daily Show host Trevor Noah to discuss concerning revelations about the company's impact on society which she famously leaked last year.

France is Banning Video Game Words Because They Aren't French Enough

GizModo VR

French officials are saying “adieu” to popular English video game vocabulary in an effort to preserve their rarified language. Read more. video game gamer dee tiktok human activities video hosting cloud gaming nuage twitch ministry of culture computing video on demand services articles yez

France Wants the EU to Have More Power to Punish Big Tech When it's Being Very Naughty

GizModo VR

France is reportedly lobbying hard in favor of granting individual European Union member states more power to punish Big Tech when it starts acting a fool.

France to Tech Giants: Pay Up, Buttercup

GizModo VR

death and taxes france digital services tax taxes trade technology donald trump joe biden oecd tax avoidance

Former Uber CEO Appeared to Condone Violence as Good PR During 2016 Taxi Protests in France: Report

GizModo VR

Uber spent at least half a decade breaking laws and engaging in a coordinated influence campaign to force itself into countries with tight transportation regulations, according to explosive new report by the Guardian based on tens of thousands of Uber’s internal documents that were leaked to the news outlet. Read more.

Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen Releases Her 8 Damning SEC Complaints

GizModo VR

Complaints Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen filed to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accuses the company of lying to the agency, investors, journalists, and Congress.

Owatch Exhibition Review of IAAPA Expo 2019 in Paris,France

Steki Amusement

Owatch Exhibition Review of IAAPA Expo 2019 in Paris,France.

California Bill Could Allow Parents to Sue for Their Kid's TikTok Habit

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tiktok world wide web software common sense media frances haugen whistleblower frances haugen facebook computing meta platforms social issues social media

Workers Discover 700-Year-Old Lead Coffin Beneath Notre Dame Cathedral

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ile de la cite notre dame de paris pope alexander iii ile de france geography of france christophe besnier

France’s NewImages festival features VR films and interactive experiences

Hypergrid Business

Still from the French premiere of film “Pneumo Hacker” by Taiwan’s Poké Poké Creative & Redbit Pictures and the Innolux Education Foundation. Image courtesy NewImages Festival.). If you are a resident of Paris or visiting this week, check out the NewImages Festival. For five days, the “City of Lights” will host an array of innovative VR program that includes virtual reality films as well as outdoor experiences, keynote speeches, and table discussions.

Hey, Kid, Wanna See Some Leaked Facebook Docs?

GizModo VR

Those came thanks to Facebook employee-turned-whistleblower Frances Haugen, who recently leaked thousands of internal documents, including internal employee discussions, memos, research, and presentations, to a… Read more.

France 113

Air France introduces VR headset for Joon, Their Low Cost Airline


In July this year, Air France announced plans to launch an airline that specifically targets millennials, raising the question of what, exactly, that actually means. “Joon is Air France’s little sister, who breaks with tradition and takes inspiration from the new expectations of travelers to offer an experience that goes beyond the aircraft doors,” Jean-Michel Mathieu, CEO of Joon, said in a statement.

Moon Knight Star Gaspard Ulliel Dies After Ski Accident

GizModo VR

After being hospitalized yesterday after a serious ski accident at the La Rosière resort in the French Alps, it has been reported that actor Gaspard Ulliel has died of his injuries at age 37. Read more.

Ancient tombs discovered under Paris' Notre-Dame cathedral

GizModo VR

paris ile de la cite notre dame de lassomption politics notre dame hospitality recreation ile de france the hunchback of notre dame notre dame de parisRead more.

Google Drops Fight Against $500 Million Fine Over News Ad Revenue

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After Google fought tooth-and-nail to weasel out of paying news publishers more ad revenue, journalists in France claimed victory on Tuesday.

Central African Republic Becomes Second Country to Accept Bitcoin as Legal Tender

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Bitcoin has officially been recognized as a legal currency in the Central African Republic Agence France-Presse reports, making it the second country in the world to officially adopt it as an official tender.

9 Horrifying Facts From the Facebook Whistleblower's New 60 Minutes Interview

GizModo VR

But tonight, we learned how the Journal obtained those documents: A whistleblower named Frances Haugen, who spoke with CBS News’ 60… Read more.

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