360fly VR Camera Gets 4K Upgrade And Retail Release


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Oculus Retail Partner Potentially Leaks Touch Price And Date


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HTC Vive Now in Stock at UK’s Biggest Game Retailer


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Oculus Rift Coming To European And Canadian Retailers Next Month


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Paint maker helps retailers design store layouts in VR

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where retailers can can experiment with different store layouts. Amsterdam-based paint company AkzoNobel has opened a virtual reality customer center in Slough, U.K.,

‘Thread Studio’ For HTC Vive Lets You Design Clothes Then Sell Them


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HTC Vive Goes Retail


Now the HTC Vive appears at retail. The Vive retails for $799 which is the same as the price direct from HTC. First, Oculus Rift appeared in small numbers at Amazon and Best Buy but was quickly snapped up. Micro Center first had ten available in their California store in Orange County.

Digital Store Technologies Take the Stage For Both Customer and Associate Experience.

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Digital retail theater is becoming reality for consumers as retailers rush to find ways of attracting and retaining store customers. What is digital retail theater?

Samsung’s Gear 360 Finally Comes To More Retailers This Week


The electronics giant has this week announced that its Gear 360 panoramic camera is now on sale at retailers around the US including AT&T, Best Buy, Sprint, U.S.

Amazon May Look to VR to Enhance Shopping Experience, Job Ad Indicates

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A new job opening at a division of the online retail giant Amazon my indicate the firm is looking to immersive technology to enhance its shopping experience.

Walmart Using Black Friday VR Simulator To Train Staff


Walmart Academies have begun using various VR retail scenarios to educate new employees. Working in retail is anything but easy. Especially if you’re employed at one of the most popular multinational retailing corporations in the world.

AR Menus Are Changing The Way We Order Food


News 3D Models Android Augmented Reality Food KabaQ Retail SketchfabKabaQ makes choosing your meal easier than ever with 3D rendered digital previews. Have you ever ordered something off a menu thinking you’d love it, only to receive your meal and discover it’s nothing like you imagined?

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VR headsets hit retail shelves in Kenya

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Virtual reality is now a global phenomena and devices are slowly becoming available to more retail shops — including here, in Nairobi, Kenya, where I am based.

HTC Vive to Hit 100 US Stores, Orders Now Ship in 72 Hours Worldwide

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HTC has announced that it’s first VR headset, the SteamVR powered Vive, is to appear at 100 retail locations from this month and for those ordering online, they’re promising to ship to you within 72 hours wherever you are in the world.

Waterslide Down Oxford Street In Topshop’s In-Store VR Experience


The popular fashion retailer debuts a VR waterslide exhibit at flagship store in London. When it comes to recognizing the branding and promotional possibilities virtual reality can provide, British multinational retailer Topshop is no novice.

UK Retailer Game Now Offering HTC Vive On Monthly Payment Plans


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Adidas Unveils Boots With In-Store PlayStation VR Experience


For the most part, in-store VR activations have made use of the Gear VR headset — a hardware option powered by a Samsung phone that not only has a small retail footprint but also utilizes a device that most staff already know how to navigate. News Adidas Fashion Playstation VR Retail

The UK’s Biggest Games Retailer Is Charging For PlayStation VR Demos (UPDATE)


At the same time, the country’s biggest videogame retailer, GAME, is offering its own demonstrations, but for a price. “Retailers run in-store activity at their own discretion,” Sony told UploadVR. UPDATE: Comment from Sony and additional information added below.

‘Tis The Season to VR


November has just started and with it come the Christmas and Hanukkah decorations and displays across retail stores in the U.S. While VR hasn’t gone mainstream yet, we are nearing a tipping point and retail experts agree. News Holidays Retail

How to snag Oculus Rift at retail with Amazon, Microsoft and Best Buy


Starting tomorrow, May 6th 9 AM PST you'll be able to purchase a new Oculus Rift headset from Amazon and Microsoft. On Saturday, you'll be able to buy from Best Buy.

VirZOOM to hit online retailers in July

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CAMBRIDGE — Virtual reality technology company VirZOOM Inc. announced early access product shipments globally to pre-order customers starting this month. The system includes the VirZOOM Bike Controller, the VirZOOM Arcade suite of VR exercise... News VirZOOM

ShelfZone offers VR store previews

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Press release: Invrsion Presents Shelfzone, The Virtual Reality Solution For Large-Scale Retail Trade And Consumer Package Goods Italian company creates virtual reality solutions for B2B using HTC Vive technology Milan – inVRsion, the Italian... News VR & AR inVRsion retail ShelfZon

A Customer-Led Approach is Fundamental to The Integration of Worldpay and Vantiv

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B2C ecommerce business & IT alignment online retail retail PaymentsVantiv has the largest payments industry acquisition of 2017 ($10.4B) under its belt — now what? Integration is the trickiest part of any acquisition and comes after the dust settles and the deal is done. This crucial phase begins in earnest this week for Vantiv and Worldpay. To accelerate its business and achieve the full […].

PlayStation VR Game Boxes Will Look Like This

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Sony’s PlayStation VR is coming on October 13, and it will probably be the biggest push virtual reality technology has had into traditional bricks and mortar retail outlets.

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Retail faces a new reality as AR and VR adoption swells via @TheDrum [link]


Retail faces a new reality as AR and VR adoption swells via @TheDrum [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) August 14, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

Mobile Self-Checkout Success Depends On Bridging The Loss Prevention Gap

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retail digital retail in-store checkout PaymentsMobile self-checkout technology promises to not only streamline the physical checkout experience, but more importantly, to bring an augmented digital shopping experience to the physical store. When mobile self-checkout shoppers scan items to put in their physical baskets, digital business leaders will have real-time digital basket data to drive more relevant up-sell, cross-sell, and contextual […].

Oculus Retail Partner Potentially Leaks Touch Price And.


Oculus Retail Partner Potentially Leaks Touch Price And Date German retailer MediaMarkt has listed the anticipated position tracked controllers on its website.

Amazon Product Content: A New Space Race?

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The Whole Foods acquisition by Amazon weeks ago was only the latest milepost in the latter’s inexorable march to the top of retail. The company sold $136 billion worth of products in 2016 – more than any other online retailer (and just over a third of what Wal-Mart did). advertising B2C marketing digital marketing online retail search marketing

Google Debuts VR Tour of New York’s Famous Festive Store Windows


News 360 Video Fashion Google RetailTake a virtual stroll past festive window displays and get swept up in all the holiday goodness. There are very few places more spectacular than New York City during the holidays.

eBay launches world’s first VR store

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EBay has launched the world’s first virtual reality store, in partnership with Australian retailer Myer. It works with all Google Cardboard devices, and the company is also giving away Shopticals, a branded headset made out... News eBay Myer retail

HTC Vive Now Available from Amazon in the US

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And today, one of the biggest retail outlets online, Amazon.com, has announced they’ve started selling the HTC Vive in their US store. HTC Vive VR Hardware VR Headset htc vive at amazon htc vive price htc vive retail htc vive vr headset steamvr at amazon

Digitizing Retail Loyalty Programs & Stores with RFID tags

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The post Digitizing Retail Loyalty Programs & Stores with RFID tags appeared first on Immersive Authority. Digital Transformation futurology loyalty retail rfid smartshoppingLoyalty cards embedded with RFID tags have been around since at least 2004 and I am surprised that solutions built around this technology haven’t gained wider adoption. [.].

GeForce GTX 1070 and 1080 Shortage Until August?


The ‘retail’ mission was the only option after availability from online e-tailers simply did not transpire. HTC Vive is available in 3 out of five Microsoft stores we’ve checked, while Oculus Rift availability was tied to Intel’s Retail Experience. Best Buy in West Hollywood didn’t had Intel Retail Experience and there was no Rift, but the story changed in other stores.

Walmart Focuses On Future of VR/AR at New Silicon Valley Tech Incubator

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Wal-Mart Stores Inc, the big-box retail giant, is focusing on the future of VR and AR, along with other emergent technologies, with its newly unveiled tech startup incubator.

PlayStation VR Headsets In Japan Live In Cute Little Prisons


That’s why retailers have demo stations set up for HTC Vive and PlayStation VR headsets throughout the United States. Instead, retailer outlets have a PSVR on display that they keep locked down at all times. It’s possible that Sony is holding off on a full retail-marketing blitz until it can produce more VR units for Japan. As I mentioned, the publisher did have demonstrations at retailers like GameStop in the U.S., Tagged with: display , japan , PSVR , retail.

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360fly 4K Camera Begins Retail Rollout


On Monday the company has announced the first retail rollout of the 360fly 4K camera, heading to various stores across the US At CES 2016 in January, single-lens 360-degree camera manufacturer 360fly revealed an upgraded version of its standard camera, upping the resolution to 4K.

Microsoft And Lowe's Announce Augmented Reality Is Coming To Stores

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If you're one of my regular readers, you may remember a post from August 2015 - " The Future Of Retail Is Digital " - in which I highlight key findings from a report on the future of retail experience. One recommendation was that retailers should begin to experiment with augmented and virtual reality technology early, so that potential use cases can be piloted in-store. retail.

eBay Bets Big on VR Shopping With World’s First VR Department Store


We’ve all thought about how VR could change retail, but now eBay is actually doing something about it. Together in partnership with Myer, the Australian branch of the online auction site has today launched what it claims is the world’s first VR department store.

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Nike’s New AR Feature Lets You Display Different Styles On Physical Shoes


SmartPixels, a French company specifically specializing in augmented retail programs, is responsible for this new development and their work interfaces with Nike’s existing online NikeID customization service.

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eBay and Myer Launch World’s First Virtual Reality Store


In what the retailers say is a world first, shoppers can browse more than 12,500 products in the Myer store on eBay after inserting their phone into a virtual reality viewer. Myer chief executive Richard Umbers said the collaboration with eBay will open a new and exciting chapter for retail.