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VR Intelligence are hosting a live webinar, ‘AR for Consumer Engagement & Retail – From Fun Feature to Daily Essential’ on August 14 Click To Tweet. To explore this and more, VR Intelligence are hosting a live webinar, ‘AR for Consumer Engagement & Retail – From Fun Feature to Daily Essential’, taking place Wednesday, August 14, 9:00am PT/12:00pm ET/5:00pm BST. Why is retail a leading segment? What opportunities and challenges still exist for retailers?

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From Virtual Clothes to Virtual Stores: XR in Fashion Retail


Before we get to full-on virtual stores, let’s start off with physical fashion retailers using XR technology. The solution can work with 2D product images, but retailers get more out of the process if they have 3D assets. Fashion is physical. Right?

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Meta to Open First Retail Store Including Dedicated Quest 2 Demo Area

Road to VR

Meta announced today plans to open its first ever retail store to give customers a chance to check out the company’s hardware in person. “What we learn here will help define our future retail strategy.”

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Top XR Vendors Majoring on Retail and Ecommerce for 2022

XR Today - Virtual Reality

The extended reality environment is taking the retail and ecommerce landscape by storm. The company’s immersive technology is assisting businesses in building more collaborative experiences for staff, more emotional customer service interactions, and even unique hybrid retail experiences.

Can AR Breathe New Life Into Retail?

AR Insider

But what about physical retail. AR's use in shopping is usually framed in the context of virtual try-ons. particularly as the world returns to IRL shopping? Lowes is one company looking to answer this question. This post appeared first on AR Insider. Features Trend Analysis trendline

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Midea “Ride The Wave” Retail AR Product Demo Experience


retail retail-technology metaverse retail-industry arMidea America Corporation specializes in home appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, laundry appliances, and much more. They… Continue reading on AR/VR Journey: Augmented & Virtual Reality Magazine ».

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The State of XR in Retail and Ecommerce for 2022

XR Today - Augmented Reality tag

The retail world has changed drastically in recent years. XR (Extended Reality) solutions provide retailers with a unique ability to enhance the buyer journey for their target audience. Retailers can use VR to interact with buyers and give them demonstrations of complex products.

As Coronavirus Disrupts Retail, AR Shifts from Nicety to Necessity


Coronavirus is unsettling every aspect of our lives, including our retail experiences. Retailers that already have AR capabilities in place are better prepared as consumers use their smartphones to view furniture and other products and bring to life how they’ll look in their homes.

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The Meta Retail Store Will Feature A ‘First-Of-Its-Kind’ VR Demo


Meta (formerly Facebook) today announced plans to open its first brick-and-mortar retail store on its campus in Burlingame, California. Meta’s physical retail space will also feature a one-of-a-kind demo area for the company’s Meta Quest 2 VR headset.

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6 Touchless Shopping Techs for IRL Retail

AR Insider

As brick-and-mortar retailers look to persuade anxious shoppers to return, they’re considering options for contactless shopping tech. What are the top tools for retail's return, and where does AR fit in the mix?

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UK Start-Up Secures $3.4M To Bring AR To Retail Stores


Dent Reality, a London-based start-up behind a pioneering AR platform, has raised £2.5m ($3.4m) in funding to expand its pioneering work across the retail sector. The team will expand to new stores and retailers, and open up the platform to new markets.

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5 AR Benefits for Retailers

AR Insider

It brings utility to consumers and strong ROI to brands and retailers. The post 5 AR Benefits for Retailers appeared first on AR Insider. AR continues to prove itself as a shopping tool. What are some of the levels this works on? Guest author April Miller breaks it down.

How are Retailers Embracing the Metaverse?

AR Insider

But many retail brands have embraced the concept. The post How are Retailers Embracing the Metaverse? Consumer reaction to the metaverse has been mixed. and mostly confused. We examine a few ways that's playing out so far, and where it could go next.

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Revolutionizing Retail with Augmented Reality

Tech Trends VR

WebAR and the Future of Retail. And the resulting engagement figures speak for themselves: “We’re really excited with the in-store responses we’ve gotten,” says Nathan Grotard, retail marketeer at Samsung Belgium.

Dent Reality Raises $3.4M to Bring AR Turn-by-turn Directions into Retail

Road to VR

Dent Reality, the UK-based augmented reality startup, announced it’s secured £2.5m (~$3.4m) in funding, something the company plans to use to further its efforts to bring phone-based AR navigation into the retail sector.

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Amazon's Kicking Retailers While They're Down (Again)

GizModo VR

In case you haven’t heard, retail is in trouble. the retail apocalypse amazon retail

How Augmented Reality in Retail Shopping Boosts Business Growth


Augmented reality in retail shopping is redefining the shopping experience. To remain competitive in the industry, retail businesses must adapt to changing consumer behavior and keep up with emerging trends. 3 Ways Augmented Reality in Retail Shopping Boosts Growth.

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The Future of Retail and Shopping in a Digital-First World


Many retail brands with brick and mortar stores have pivoted and profited from a digital presence. As contactless shopping and rich experiences continue during the pandemic, AR will be a key enabler of offline customer engagement for retailers driving towards a digital customer experience.

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Rumor: ‘Apple Glass’ AR Headset Will Retail At $499, Works With iPhone


The post Rumor: ‘Apple Glass’ AR Headset Will Retail At $499, Works With iPhone appeared first on VRScout. New leaks may reveal additional information regarding Apple’s long-rumored AR device.

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Can Retailers Generate Foot Traffic with AR?

AR Insider

The post Can Retailers Generate Foot Traffic with AR? Niantic’s lesser-known Sponsorship Platform positions sponsors’ real-world locations as in-game waypoints. This can result in measurable foot traffic and ringing cash registers. We examine the evidence in this week's Data Dive.

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Will AR Enable Retail’s Touchless Era?

AR Insider

We’ve been hearing this rallying cry for AR commerce for a few years, but it takes on new meaning during Covid-era retail lockdowns. But another factor could propel AR in the post-Covid era: touchless retail. Cashierless retail a la Amazon Go will get its long-awaited chance to shine.

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Zakeke Releases Study on VR and AR Retail, Launches New Web Viewer Tool


The two great barriers to markets rolling out VR and AR retail are understanding and implementation. The company recently partnered with YouGov to release a study on online retail during the pandemic , and has also expanded its offerings for 3D and AR assets.

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Amazon to shut 68 retail sites, including its bookstores

Digital Trends

News Amazon amazon 4-star amazon bookstores retailAmazon has revealed plans to close all of its brick-and-mortar bookstores, 4-Star locations, and pop-up sites.

Modernizing Retail Centers With Vera, Resonai’s Augmented Reality Platform


It’s equipped with artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies that can embed intelligence into physical retail spaces. Leveraging immersive technologies helps retailers draw consumers to their physical stores.

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XR in Retail Case Study in Focus: Microsoft and Wu?rth

XR Today - Virtual Reality

The retail and ecommerce sectors are rapidly discovering the benefits of new and disruptive ways to enhance the shopping experience for today’s digitally-savvy consumers. rth’s position as a retailer and an employer. Virtual Reality Retail

8 Insightful XR Retail and Ecommerce Case Studies to Read in 2022

XR Today - Virtual Reality

XR (Extended Reality) technology provides disruptive retailers with a unique way to engage and convert their audience, wherever they are. Implementing XR solutions into the retail and ecommerce environment opens a host of doors for business leaders.

Amazon is planning to open its largest retail stores to date, report

Digital Trends

Amazon is reportedly planning to open its largest retail stores yet, with sites in Ohio and California apparently coming first. News Amazon department store retail

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Metaverse and Investing – Opportunities for Retail Investors Part 1: Hardware


The metaverse has fast become a buzzword. Articles have been written on every possible related aspect. But I feel there is a certain lack of pieces on the investment opportunities that Web3 offers. Premise. Let’s take a step back. What is the metaverse?

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Walmart Acquires VR Startup to Develop ‘Immersive Retail Environments’


8 — Walmart’s hush-hush technology incubator for bleeding edge startups with the potential to advance or disrupt the traditional retail experience. Finnegan has not said what the Spatialand crew will be working on for the retail mega-giant or how Walmart is planning to incorporate VR in general into its business model. Together, we will continue to evolve this technology and develop new product exploration through immersive retail environments.

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Team Shooter ‘Frostpoint VR’ Heads into Open Beta Soon, Free Retail Copies Available

Road to VR

The studios will also be handing out free copies of the retail version of the game to the first 3,000 players who met a few requirements. The post Team Shooter ‘Frostpoint VR’ Heads into Open Beta Soon, Free Retail Copies Available appeared first on Road to VR.

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Magic Leap Job Posting Reveals the Company is Preparing to Enter the Retail Space

Road to VR

According to a recent update to Magic Leap’s massive list of job postings , the company revealed it definitely has plans to enter the retail space, which could include everything from special in-store installations to its own bespoke retail locations. The company is now entertaining applications for the position of Director of Store Design, a job that they say will “play a key role in delivering on the promise of Magic Leap’s innovative retail experience.”

Report: Amazon Used Sales Data to Duplicate Popular Products and Box Out Retailers

GizModo VR

retailers amazon solimo business finance counterfeit consumer goods jeff bezos 3d publishing e commerce industry economics gizmodo john miller retailing

Quest Commanding 157% Price Premium After Selling Out at Retailers

Road to VR

As holiday shopping jumps into full swing, Oculus Quest is sold out at many retailers, driving the resale price of the headset up to 157% of the retail price. The post Quest Commanding 157% Price Premium After Selling Out at Retailers appeared first on Road to VR.

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Williams-Sonoma Acquires Outward for $112 Million to Expand 3D, AR, and VR Retail Visualization

Road to VR

Williams-Sonoma Inc is a US-based high-end retailer of home furnishings and kitchenware, associated with stores such as Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, PBteen, West Elm, Rejuvenation, and Mark and Graham. Williams-Sonoma stated that it is looking to implement and further develop Outward’s technology to create applications for product visualization, digital room design, and use of augmented and virtual reality for retail.

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5G adoption in retail stores will triple by 2024, study says

Digital Trends

retailers are expecting 5G usage in their stores to explode over the next few years as customers seek out better digital in-store experiences. Mobile News 5G mobile apps mobile shopping private 5G networks retail stores self-checkout

Contact-less Retail Experience


Promising deeper engagement and higher sales, Augmented Reality retail solutions are already being used by forward-thinking brands to delight their customers, drive sales, and maximize ROI. Retailers never leave any stone unturned when it comes to pleasing their customers.

Report: VR in Retail and Marketing to Generate US$1.8 billion in 2022

Tech Trends VR

While E-commerce and digital marketing have proven to be effective platforms, Virtual Reality (VR) is the next innovative technology that will improve and impact the retail and marketing sectors, with market-foresight advisory firm ABI Research forecasting that VR in retail and marketing sectors is expected to generate US$1.8 Consumers’ awareness together with investment by retailers and brands will drive the VR retail and marketing market.

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