Amazon to shut 68 retail sites, including its bookstores

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Amazon has revealed plans to close all of its brick-and-mortar bookstores, 4-Star locations, and pop-up sites. News Amazon amazon 4-star amazon bookstores retail

Amazon is planning to open its largest retail stores to date, report

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Amazon is reportedly planning to open its largest retail stores yet, with sites in Ohio and California apparently coming first. News Amazon department store retail

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Amazon's Kicking Retailers While They're Down (Again)

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In case you haven’t heard, retail is in trouble. the retail apocalypse amazon retail

Report: Amazon Used Sales Data to Duplicate Popular Products and Box Out Retailers

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Reuters has uncovered damning evidence about the extent to which Amazon has systematically planned to rip off its third-party sellers in India—to the extent that it’s virtually impossible for the company to keep up a years-long charade.

4 retailers that’ll have better deals than Amazon on Prime Day

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Prime Day will be great but some retailers will have better sales than Amazon depending on what you're looking for. Deals Amazon 2022 Commerce 2022 deal Prime Day 2022

Check out the shopping experience at Amazon’s new retail clothing store

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Amazon is about to open its first-ever retail clothing store selling garments, shoes, and accessories from well-known brands as well as emerging designers. News Amazon amazon style

Amazon's Creepy Palm Reading Payment System Is Taking Over Whole Foods

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Amazon’s slowly making good on its goal of one day turning your entire body into one big money oozing meatsuit. First up, your palms. Read more.

Amazon Could Run Out of Warehouse Workers to Wear Down by 2024

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Amazon, the company notorious for its awful labor practices , is grinding through its potential workforce too fast, according to an internal company research memo leaked to and first reported on by Vox. “If

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Amazon Sees Palm Readers in Your Retail Shopping Future

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On Tuesday, Amazon announced the rollout of its new Amazon One devices that use a customer’s palm for identification and payment at physical retail stores. amazon palm reader amazon go

Amazon Succumbs to UAE Government Pressure to Restrict LGBTQ Products

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After flaunting rainbow-colored products throughout the month of June as part of its ‘Pride Out Loud’ campaign, Amazon is now restricting items and search results related to LGBTQ people on its website in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Amazon Is Dropping Hints of a Second Prime Day in Fall

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Amazon is starting to sound like a used car salesman shouting “deals, sales, shop now” from the top of its lungs on the curb of a busy freeway. amazon online shopping publishing branden baribeau gizmodo criticism of amazon retailers amazon prime retailing tom baker 3d publishing

Meet retail’s new sustainability strategy: Personalization


Reducing waste is key to meeting environmental milestones, and some retail firms have narrowed in on a unique approach to minimize what their customers throw away: personalization. For big brands and retailers, personalization is expected to be the top category for tech investment this year.

Quest Commanding 157% Price Premium After Selling Out at Retailers

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As holiday shopping jumps into full swing, Oculus Quest is sold out at many retailers, driving the resale price of the headset up to 157% of the retail price. An Amazon reseller promising delivery sometime after Christmas is asking $671, or 134% of the $500 MSRP.

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Judge Tells Amazon to Rehire Previously Fired Employee, Give Him Lost Wages

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Amazon just can’t seem to catch a break, at least in its efforts to keep employees in line. amazon amazon worker organization benjamin green national labor relations board publishing amazon labor union 3d publishing kelly nantel gerard bryson labor retailing retailers law crime

The FTC Is Probing How Amazon Allegedly Tricks People Into Signing Up for Prime

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The federal agency thought that the online signup for Amazon Prime was so shady it conducted an official inquiry into it. amazon e commerce industry economics big tech ghani retailers amazon prime retailing jamil ghani

Report: VR in Retail and Marketing to Generate US$1.8 billion in 2022

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While E-commerce and digital marketing have proven to be effective platforms, Virtual Reality (VR) is the next innovative technology that will improve and impact the retail and marketing sectors, with market-foresight advisory firm ABI Research forecasting that VR in retail and marketing sectors is expected to generate US$1.8 Consumers’ awareness together with investment by retailers and brands will drive the VR retail and marketing market.

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Williams-Sonoma Acquires Outward for $112 Million to Expand 3D, AR, and VR Retail Visualization

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Williams-Sonoma Inc is a US-based high-end retailer of home furnishings and kitchenware, associated with stores such as Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, PBteen, West Elm, Rejuvenation, and Mark and Graham. Williams-Sonoma stated that it is looking to implement and further develop Outward’s technology to create applications for product visualization, digital room design, and use of augmented and virtual reality for retail.

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Amazon’s Newest Warehouse Workers Will Never Unionize

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Amazon has faced lots of public scrutiny and backlash for the dangerous working conditions in its warehouses. Amazon warehouses seem like bad places to work. And rightfully so.

The Amazon Panopticon Comes for Whole Foods

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amazon whole foods service companies grocery store whole foods market self checkout retailers mosey online shopping retailing technology internetHeads up, Whole Foods fans: Your new store might feature a distinct lack of checkout lines. Read more.

Amazon Launches AR Shopping Feature Within App


Amazon’s AR View lets you see items inside your home. Following in the footsteps of Ikea , Houzz , and Target, Amazon is now the latest retailer to make it easier to buy items from home thanks to AR. An update to the Amazon iOS shopping app enables what the company calls AR View , a tool that lets you drop a virtual item like a toaster or chair on any flat surface in your home. The post Amazon Launches AR Shopping Feature Within App appeared first on VRScout.

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Amazon Blasts Away Competition With 20% Growth in Workplace Injuries

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Amazon’s most recent example of double digit growth likely isn’t one it’s eager to tell shareholders. Read more.

Amazon Wants to Legalize It

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Amazon wants to see recreational marijuana use legalized at the federal level, according to a new blog post from Dave Clark, the CEO of Amazon’s consumer side businesses. amazon publishing 3d publishing expungement labor retailers cannabis retailing dave clark

Amazon’s Expansion Into Department Stores Is All About Surveillance

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Now that it’s officially swallowed the lion’s share of online retail sales, Amazon is reportedly eyeing ways to corner our offline shopping, too.

Amazon Prime Members Now Have Access to an Exclusive GrubHub Deal

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Attention Amazon Prime members: ordering lunch just got easier. amazon grubhub amazon prime ariella kurshan food delivery seamless online food ordering industry economics just eat takeaway retailers gh companies take out

New York Attorney General Sues Amazon Over 'Flagrant Disregard' For Covid Safety

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Early on in the pandemic New York Attorney General Letitia James promised an investigation into Amazon’s safety practices and, by god, she delivered. amazon attorney general publishing 3d publishing criticism of amazon retailers retailing letitia james

Amazon Is Facing a Labor Reckoning, and It’s Pushing Back With All It Has

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The ground is shifting beneath Amazon’s mammoth-sized feet. Just days after workers at a Staten Island, New York warehouse voted to create the first Amazon union in the U.S.,

Oculus Go to Hit UK & European Retailers This Month, Pre-orders Now Available

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Oculus today announced that Oculus Go, the company’s standalone 3DOF headset released last month, is finally available for pre-order through Oculus retail partners in the EU and the UK. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. If you’re outside the countries above, remember that many Europe-based Amazons deliver outside their official area of service, including many countries in the EU not listed above.

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Chilling Report: Amazon and Starbucks Planned a Joint Chain of Cafes

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Amazon has an idea, reportedly: Starbucks. Business Insider has obtained an internal Amazon document showing that Amazon and Starbucks had planned a joint operation, a cashierless cafe of sorts.

Here's How Amazon Third-Party Sellers Reportedly Hound Customers Who Leave Bad Reviews

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These days, most of the merchandise on Amazon’s online marketplace isn’t actually from Amazon. Now, these sellers aren’t supposed to be able to email their Amazon customers directly, and doing so outside of Amazon’s official channels… Read more.

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FTC Launches Investigation Into Amazon's MGM Acquisition: Report

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The Federal Trade Commission is launching a probe into Amazon’s nearly $8.5 billion bid to acquire MGM Studios, the Information reported Friday. Read more.

Amazon's First Physical Clothing Store Opens With Tech-Filled Fitting Rooms

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Amazon, seemingly recognizing the limitations of its own… Read more. As convenient as it is to buy online, shopping for clothes online is always a risk.

Amazon Partners With Baseball's Worst Cheaters to Make Buying Ballpark Snacks Feel Like Shoplifting

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Amazon’s bringing its Just Walk Out cashier-free payment system to parts of the Houston Astros stadium.

Amazon Fails to Stall Unionization Vote in Alabama

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A last-ditch attempt by Amazon to delay a vote on unionization at one of its larger warehouses has failed, paving the way for the first serious effort to organize workers at the tech giant since a failed attempt in Delaware in 2014.

Amazon Was Reportedly Considering a Chain of Discount Stores Before the Pandemic Hit

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Another purported casualty of the coronavirus pandemic has surfaced, folks: Amazon brick-and-mortar discount stores. Yep, the e-commerce giant considered opening up permanent retail locations to peddle unsold inventory before the world descended into lockdown, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

Oculus Rift Arrives at UK Retail Stores; Touch Price Revealed


But up until now, the Oculus Rift hasn’t seen the same retail distribution internationally. Now the Oculus rift is finally available at select retail stores in the UK, where you can find a headset at John Lewis, Curry’s PC World, Game, and Harrods for £550. If you’re looking to demo the Oculus Rift, you can check here for locations , but it appears most of the retail stores right now are in London at a few select stores.

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Whole Foods Launching Amazon Palm Reader Payment System in Seattle

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amazon whole foods amazon palm reader amazon palm reader payment system environment service companies 3d publishing whole foods market criticism of amazon credit card payment systems aws dilip kumar hand geometry retailers retailing technology internet

PlayStation VR Accessories Hit Major Online Retailers

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With the PlayStation VR launch just around the corner—October 13th to be exact—major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop have started to stock a few accessories that are sure to keep you charged-up at moment’s notice and travel-ready for those VR evangelist missions to the people who still haven’t tried out virtual reality. Attention : Pre-order release dates for PSVR accessories are different across each retailer. Purchase Links : Amazon , GameStop.

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