Bank Of America Turns To VR For Soft Skills Training


VR training designed to help Bank of America employees better understand the diverse needs of their customers. Image Credit: Bank of America. Through the power of VR, Bank of America learning leaders will have access to real-time analytics collected as part of the VR training.

Confirmed: Vikings Reached the Americas Long Before Columbus

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Vikings were active at a Newfoundland settlement nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic, new research suggests. Read more.


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Captain America 4 Is a Go With Anthony Mackie

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Sam Wilson is Captain America. And he’s getting a movie to flex his shiny new wings. Read more.

Famous Viking Map of North America Is Totally Fake

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One of America’s Biggest VR/AR Centers Is… Orlando?


When you think about American VR/AR technology centers, where do you think of first? California? New York? How about Orlando? Defense, simulation, education, and entertainment come together in South Florida like they do no place else.

Virgin Galactic completes second suborbital test flight from Spaceport America

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News space Spaceport America SpaceShipTwo suborbital flight Virgin GalacticSpace tourism is one step closer to becoming a reality.

A Brief History of Peggy Carter as Captain America

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The arrival of What If on Disney+ has brought with it a new shieldbearer that Marvel Studios seems pretty keen on making the face of a multiverse of superheroics: Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter. No longer just an Agent of SHIELD, as we best know her, but the latest holder of the Captain mantle.

Thank Goodness, Someone Finally Told Anthony Mackie He's in Captain America 4

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On April 26 of this year, two days after the season finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier debuted on Disney+, actor Anthony Mackie was buying groceries. One presumes it was a normal day. until something shocking happened.

A Carnivorous Plant Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight in North America

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Vive Pro Eye Now Available For Purchase In North America


HTC announced today their Vive Pro Eye VR headset is now available for purchase in North America through and select retailers. The Vive Pro Eye takes this technology one step further as the demands for enterprise-grade VR continue to grow and evolve,” said Dan O’Brien, GM, HTC Americas. The post Vive Pro Eye Now Available For Purchase In North America appeared first on VRScout. Professional-grade VR eye-tracking for $1,599.

Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway Is Now One Of The Largest AR Exhibits In North America


Thanks to an incredible partnership between the Greenway Conservancy, Hoverlay and Boston Cyberarts as part of the Conservancy’s 2019 Public Art exhibition, The Auto Show , the Greenway is now one of North America’s largest AR art installations. The post Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway Is Now One Of The Largest AR Exhibits In North America appeared first on VRScout. Exploring Boston’s past via an AR time machine.

Biden's Cybersecurity Summit Will Gather Very Important People to Solve America's Hacking Problem

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President Joe Biden and other White House officials plan to meet with a cadre of business, tech, education leaders and others on Wednesday to discuss a pretty pressing issue: How exactly to keep America from getting hacked so much.

Maps Show North America's Growing Tick Invasion

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Here are some terrifying images of the growing tick threat in North America, courtesy of NASA satellite data.

Oculus Quest Goes ‘Out Of Stock’ In North America After Backorder


The post Oculus Quest Goes ‘Out Of Stock’ In North America After Backorder appeared first on UploadVR. Oculus Quest is ‘Out of Stock’ in some countries after being backordered into March.

Bank of America is bringing VR instruction to its 4,000 banks

TechCrunch VR

As consumer VR begins to have a moment following years of heavy investment from Facebook and other tech giants, corporate America is similarly beginning to find more utility in the technology, as well.

Europe Wants to Ban Facial Recognition—Take Note, America

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The European Parliament has called for EU lawmakers to institute a ban on law enforcement’s use of facial recognition, as well as other surveillance tools commonly used in the course of algorithm-driven predictive policing. Read more.

Europe 114

Scientists Want to Bring Jaguars Back to America's Mountains

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'America: The Motion Picture' trailer has George Washington dual-wielding chainsaws

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It's America, m *r!" Netflix has released a new trailer for satirical animated film America: The Motion Picture, and it's a lot. It all looks very Team America: World Police , so if you liked that and are the same person you were in 2004, you'll probably like this. "Ding dong!

Rapidly Intensifying Hurricane Eta Will Bring 'Catastrophic' Conditions to Central America

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Hurricane Eta is a monster bearing down on Central America, cranking up from a tropical storm to a major hurricane in 24 hours. make it stop hurricane season central americaI know there’s a lot going on, but pause for a moment and consider the Caribbean.

An Ancient Dog Bone Could Be Evidence of the Route Humans Took to North America

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A fragment of 10,000-year-old dog bone found along the Alaskan coast could be the oldest evidence of domesticated dogs in North America, and potential evidence of a coastal route taken by the first people to cross into North America from Eurasia.

Volkswagen of America Using WebAR Experience for ID.4


Fan EventsVolkswagen of America has launched an exciting fan experience to showcase the new ID.4 along with their presenting partnership… Continue reading on AR/VR Journey: Augmented & Virtual Reality Magazine ». augmented-reality sports soccer marketing webar

Reimagining parenting in America

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For September 2020's Social Good Series panel , Lyz Lenz spoke with MJ Hegar, Leslie Priscilla, and Christine Michel Carter about how they would reimagine parenting in the United States. Read more. More about Parenting , Mashable Video , Policy , Family Parenting , and Social Good Summit.

Vive Focus Standalone Launches In North America And Europe


HTC’s Vive Focus standalone is launching in North America and Europe starting today with a pitch toward enterprise. Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Vive Focus Standalone Launches In North America And Europe appeared first on UploadVR The headset is selling for $599 with a single pointer-like hand controller capable of simple gesture-sensing.

Footprints Suggest Humans Migrated Deep Into North America Earlier Than Previously Known

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Evidence published this week not only changes the timing of human existence in southwestern North America but suggests that people remained in that location for at least 2,000 years.

Hurricane Iota Is in Terrifying, Unprecedented Territory as It Approaches Central America

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For the second time in two weeks, Central America is facing down a ferocious storm. make it stop hurricane season central americaHurricane Iota exploded over the weekend and is now a Category 5 monster, setting a record for the latest Category 5 storm on record.

Marvel's Falcon Becomes Captain America in This VFX Video Breaking Down His Transformation

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Sam Wilson goes through quite the transformation over the course of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , and this new VFX video breaks down how he starts the show and how he ends it—first as the Falcon, and ultimately as Captain America.

Watching Adam Savage Spruce Up a Captain America Shield Is Strangely Relaxing

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Watching him update a cosplay prop like a Captain America shield is watching a master at work. adam savage captain america cosplay marvel disney propsAdam Savage of Mythbusters fame is a big nerd and an amazing craftsman.

Meth-Related Deaths in America Are Skyrocketing

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Since 2011, the report found, annual rates of methamphetamine overdose deaths have risen across every demographic group in America and are especially high… Read more. Drug overdose deaths caused by methamphetamine use in the U.S.

Eddie Murphy and the 'Coming 2 America' cast on waiting 32 years to make the sequel

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The long-awaited sequel to Coming to America is finally here, and no one is more excited than the cast and crew. More about Amazon , Mashable Video , Tracy Morgan , Eddie Murphy , and Coming To America. Amazon Mashable Video Tracy Morgan Eddie Murphy Coming To America

Mexico Celebrates First VR Festival in Latin America


Last month, more than 1,200 people participated in VR Fest MX , Mexico’s first international virtual reality festival, the first of its kind in Latin America and Spain. VR in the Spanish-speaking community is growing, but it’s not as huge as it is in North America. If you look at the numbers, VR is ripe for growth in Latin America. The post Mexico Celebrates First VR Festival in Latin America appeared first on VRScout.

Mexico 210

Test your 'Coming to America' knowledge with director Craig Brewer

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Craig Brewer, the director behind the upcoming sequel Coming 2 America , tries his hand at trivia about the original Coming to America in this edition of "Know Your Role." More about Amazon , Mashable Video , Tracy Morgan , Eddie Murphy , and Coming To America.

Just Give Captain America His Wings, Hasbro, Damn

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But if you’re looking for, say, an action figure of Sam Wilson as Captain America from Hasbro, it turns out you’re gonna need a lot more than the 20-odd dollars you were… Read more

Will Esports Be America’s New Pastime?

Charlie Fink

Gamers Watching Gamers Made Twitch a competitor to You Tube and Facebook. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Games /games technology

The 'Coming 2 America' cast reveals the secrets to being funny

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More about Mashable Video , Comedy , Tracy Morgan , Eddie Murphy , and Coming To America. Mashable Video Comedy Tracy Morgan Eddie Murphy Coming To America

America: The Motion Picture's First Trailer Is More Chaotic Than Patriotic

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We all know the stories: George Washington cut down that cherry tree.with his Wolverine -like retractable chainsaws. Paul Revere sped through the night, warning people the British were coming, because he was a robo-centaur. And then they formed a rock band with Sam Adams, Geronimo, and more. Right?

The Void to Open New Location in Mall of America, ‘Star Wars’ VR Experience Coming at Launch

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Minnesota’s Mall of America , the United States largest mall, is getting the popular VR out-of-home experience The VOID soon. According to a report by Attractions Magazine , The Void will be opening at the Mall of America first with its successful VR experience Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, which was created in partnership with Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB.

Humans Reached North America 10,000 Years Earlier Than We Thought, New Research Suggests

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Archaeological discoveries in a Mexican cave suggest humans reached North America some 30,000 years ago, which is a whopping 10,000 to 15,000 years earlier than previous estimates. first peoples anthropology peopling of the americas human migrations science