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Bridgerton’s Young Queen Charlotte spinoff lines up its cast

Digital Trends

The answers are coming in a Young Queen Charlotte spinoff, which now has its cast. How was the world of Bridgerton transformed by the reign of its queen?

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NBA League Pass Games Return to Quest in ‘Horizon Venues’ This Month

Road to VR

You’ll be able to catch the first game on November 14th, which features the Golden State Warriors vs. the Charlotte Hornets. November 14 – Golden State Warriors vs. Charlotte Hornets at 4:00 pm PT ( local time ). November 29 – Charlotte Hornets vs. Chicago Bulls at 5:00 pm PT ( local time ).

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Carolina Panthers Debut Mixed Reality Panther During Live NFL Game


There’s an enormous virtual feline stalking the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. This past Sunday the Carolina Panthers took on the New York Jets in their first competitive game of the 2021 season. After an intense back-and-forth, the Panthers managed to bring it home with a 19-14 victory over the Jets.

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Explore The ‘Museum Of Other Realities’ Free In VR For A Limited Time


Fly by Charlotte Mikkelborg, Novelab. Could you resist the temptation to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting? If you cannot be seen, how can you be held responsible for anything? Meet the invisible man and choose your path.” ” Image Credit: MOR Museum Inc. ” Image Credit: MOR Museum Inc.

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Art Through Lenses: VR Experience Explores the Life and Work of Baroque Painter Artemisia Gentileschi


The VR experience is produced by Mourre and award-winning filmmaker Charlotte Mikkelborg. Mourre is also a 2022 Berlinale Talent. See Also: Explore Digital Art Through Galleries in Spatial and Liquid Avatar Technologies. It is set to original music composed by British-Malaysian artist and composer Jasmin Kent Rodgman.

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Snapchat Lays Up Lens Studio Experience for Nike's Jordan Brand at NBA All-Star Weekend

Next Reality AR

Don't Miss: Sneakerheads Can Use This Augmented Reality App to See How Those New Kicks Look on Their Feet As such, this weekend presents the ideal setting to promote.

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‘Little Bernie’ Is The Snapchat Lens America Needs Right Now


the best #BernieSanders memes so far — charlotte (@charlottetxylor) January 21, 2021. (@notkdk3) January 21, 2021. my favorite #BernieSanders meme so far — Neel Prajapati (@Neelprajapati09) January 21, 2021.

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