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AMD: Ryzen Mobile 7040HS “Phoenix” Laptops Delayed Until April

Anand Tech

First detailed during AMD’s CES 2023 keynote, the Ryzen Mobile 7040HS series (codename Phoenix ) is AMD’s first mobile-focused, monolithic die CPUs based on the Zen 4 architecture, and will be their flagship silicon for mobile devices for 2023. this month).

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AMD: Ryzen Mobile 7040HS “Phoenix” Laptops to Reach Retailers in a Couple More Weeks

Anand Tech

Alongside AMD’s usual slate of financial figures as part of their quarterly earnings call, the company also offered a brief update on the state of the next-generation Ryzen Mobile 7040HS “Phoenix” CPUs. So Phoenix will indeed rise high at AMD, eventually.

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Beelink GTR7 mini-PC Review: A Complete AMD Phoenix Package at 65W

Anand Tech

The company became one of the first vendors to launch an AMD Phoenix (Zen 4 CPU + RDNA3 iGPU in a power envelop suitable for notebooks) mini-PC lineup when they announced the GTR7 product line. Read on for a detailed look at the performance profile and value proposition of Beelink's entry-level configuration - the GTR7 7840HS.

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ASRock Reveals 4x4 Box 7040 Series: SFF PCs with AMD Phoenix and USB4

Anand Tech

ASRock Industrial has introduced a new lineup of NUC-like systems based on AMD's Ryzen 7040-series 'Phoenix' processors for laptops and compact desktops. The new 4x4 Box 7040 series compact PCs can be used for a wide variety of workloads given their high performance, advanced built-in graphics, rich connectivity, and USB4 support.

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Phoenix Is Shockingly Hot Right Now—and Its Nighttime Temps Are Even Scarier

GizModo VR

Phoenix is one of the hottest cities in the United States, but this month has been particularly intense: The area has seen temperatures higher than 110 Fahrenheit (43 Celsius) for several days in a row, and, even more concerning, it’s broken an overnight heat record of 90 degrees F (32 degrees C). This was the first… Read more.

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Snapchat Mutates X-Men Fans via Augmented Reality to Sell Tickets for 'Dark Phoenix' Movie

Next Reality AR

Based on the new Snapchat augmented reality experience promoting X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which debuts in theaters on June 7, the answer is a resounding "yup." Augmented reality is often likened to granting superpowers to mere mortals, but what about mutant powers?

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AMD Phoenix Point may bring next-level performance to thin gaming laptops

Digital Trends

It's most likely the next-gen Phoenix Point APU that houses a Zen 4 CPU and an RDNA3 GPU. An engineering sample of an upcoming AMD processor just emerged.

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