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Videos Harshad Entertainment Phoenix mall Scary videos virtual reality gamingExtremely scary 3d digital truth gaming for the individuals and fun for the audience. Laughing problem. Make sure you subscribe for more movies!!!! source.

Snapchat Mutates X-Men Fans via Augmented Reality to Sell Tickets for 'Dark Phoenix' Movie

Next Reality AR

Based on the new Snapchat augmented reality experience promoting X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which debuts in theaters on June 7, the answer is a resounding "yup." Augmented reality is often likened to granting superpowers to mere mortals, but what about mutant powers?


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Rise of the Virtual Phoenix


Virtualiteach is back! Well to be fair it never went anywhere but it has sat dormant for almost six months now.

U.S. Sending Ukraine New 'Phoenix Ghost' Suicide Drones to Fight Russia

GizModo VR

The White House is sending the government of Ukraine a new type of drone developed by the U.S. Air Force that’s never been used in the battlefield before, according to Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby in a press conference Thursday. Read more.

Waymo Rolls Out Its Driverless Robo-Taxi Service to More Riders in Phoenix

GizModo VR

Waymo, the self-driving unit of Alphabet, said Thursday that it’s offering its fully driverless robo-taxis to all customers of its ride-hailing service in Phoenix, Arizona.

AMD’s RDNA 3 APU will serve up graphics power to rival Nvidia

Digital Trends

The upcoming AMD Phoenix APU, made for thin and portable laptops, may offer next-level graphics performance -- it might even rival Nvidia's RTX 3060. Computing News AMD Phoenix AMD Ryzen 7000 APU CPU Integrated GPU Laptop Mobile Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 processor

NUVIA Phoenix Targets +40-50% ST Performance Over Zen 2 for Only 33% the Power

Anand Tech

In November 2019, the company NUVIA broke out of stealth mode.

We Are Exhausted, We Are the '90s X-Men Cartoon's Jean Grey

GizModo VR

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Jean Grey's Telling on Herself Again in X-Men #4

GizModo VR

Though the X-Men ’s more bombastic melodramatics have often pulled focus in Marvel’s recent comics —like the mutants declaring themselves the new rulers of Mars —there have been other, smaller details suggesting important developments that have yet to fully play out on the page.

Grab these Nintendo 3DS games before the eShop closes

Digital Trends

Gaming 3ds eshop Ever Oasis Nintendo Nintendo 3DS pocket card jockey Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney radiant historia WarioWare GoldFrom WarioWare Gold to Ever Oasis, don't miss out on these 3DS games before the eShop shuts down in 2023.

Police VR Training: Empathy Machine or Expensive Distraction?

GizModo VR

“I just wish I could save them all,” my virtual reality police officer avatar says as he gazes upon a young woman’s abandoned corpse lying beside a back-alley dumpster. My VR cop partner offers a limp gesture of condolence but doesn’t sugarcoat the reality: My decision got this woman killed.

Here's the Last Selfie From the Fading InSight Mars Lander

GizModo VR

mars insight environment climate of mars marsquake exploration of mars geology of mars mars landing spaceflight kathya zamora garcia zamora garcia technology internet phoenix discovery program spacecraft space science

Data 83

Zillow's Flips Are Now Flops

GizModo VR

zillow business finance phoenix home real estate mike delprete rich barton instant buyer brad erickson real estate valuation motherboard

Superhero Movies Aren’t Oscar Worthy Yet, But They Can Be

GizModo VR

The 2022 Oscars are this weekend, and it’s shaping up to be one of the messiest versions of the annual film awards show for a variety of reasons.

Tekken: Bloodline is Netflix's Next Video Game Adaptation

GizModo VR

Having already successfully brought League of Legends , Castlevania , and The Witcher to television, the next video game on their list is. Tekken ? On Saturday, the streaming service revealed a trailer for their upcoming anime series based on Bandai Namco’s successful fighting franchise. Read more.

Video 83

The X-Men Film Franchise Nearly Mutated Jon Hamm Into Mr. Sinister

GizModo VR

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Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Found Guilty of So Many Crimes

GizModo VR

Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of blood testing startup Theranos, will go down in history as the female entrepreneur who took Silicon Valley by storm, talked a smooth game, and left financial disaster in her wake.

Martian Dust Storm Sends NASA's InSight Lander Into Safe Mode

GizModo VR

safe mode insight environment schiaparelli edm mars opportunity discovery and exploration of the solar system tianwen 1 mars rovers spaceflight spacecraft phoenixThe NASA InSight Lander was forced to enter safe mode last Friday as a Martian dust storm swept over its location.

Some of Marvel's Best Stories, as Championed by io9 Readers

GizModo VR

It’s probably safe to say Marvel has put out some reasonably good comics over the last 60 years. It’s probably also safe to say that it’s put out some of the greatest and most beloved comic stories of all time. We asked you, the readers, to give us your favorites, and here’s some of what you told us.

China’s Version of TikTok Now Features 'Put Down Your Phone' PSAs Following Government Scrutiny

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China 87

5 Superhero Movies with Delays as Bad as Morbius

GizModo VR

The movie community wept when news broke earlier this week that Jared Leto’s Morbius was delayed to April.

The Sam Neill-Starring Invasion Looks Like Every Alien Invasion Movie Rolled Into One

GizModo VR

invasion alien sam neill s m films ted lasso entertainment culture emmy golshifteh farahani 20th century fox films james gunn anderson deadpool archos tv portable video player pvp mo jakob verbruggen simon kinberg david weil dark phoenix creative works for all mankind english language films

Apple 83

WandaVision's Finale Was What You Made of It

GizModo VR

There were as many ways that Marvel’s WandaVision series finale could have ended as there are different ways to process grief.

X-Men Apocalypse: The Retro FAQ

GizModo VR

x men apocalypse spoiler faq marvel oscar isaac jennifer lawrence x men days of future past bryan singer x men fox x men dark phoenixAs you are no doubt aware, Movies Have ( Basically ) Stopped.

The Major Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Anniversaries of Spring 2021

GizModo VR

Let’s face it. We’re all old. Even if that’s not technically true, there’s always something a person can say or do to make you feel that way. One of those is when we realize a movie we feel an affinity for is way older than we remember it being. The best course of action?

Papa John's Launches 'Spider-Man: Far from Home' AR Experience via Snapchat

Next Reality AR

Don't Miss: Snapchat Mutates X-Men Fans via Augmented Reality to Sell Tickets for 'Dark Phoenix' Movie On the rear camera, Snapchat's Marker Tracking. In the Tom Holland era, it appears to be impossible to promote a new Spider-Man movie without an augmented reality experience, a trend that continues with Spider-Man: Far From Home.

76 Out of 77 Claims Made By Cyber Ninjas in Arizona Audit Were Wrong, Maricopa County Officials Find

GizModo VR

Cyber Ninjas, the questionably ninja-like company that failed to prove Donald Trump’s b t claims that he lost the state of Arizona during the 2020 elections thanks to voter fraud in Maricopa County, may have consigned itself to the dustbin of history for now.

Atari to Open Game-themed Hotels Across the US with “the latest in VR and AR”

Road to VR

According to a press statement , the first location is slated to break ground in Phoenix, AZ sometime later this year. Atari will soon be opening hotels in the United States that feature what they call “the latest in VR and AR.”

Software 'Bug' Keeps Arizona Prisoners Behind Bars Past Release Dates

GizModo VR

An Arizona law helping people with drug possession convictions earn early release from prison is being effectively ignored in many cases due to flaws in state’s inmate management software, according to a Phoenix-area public radio station citing multiple government sources.

Qualcomm Completes Acquisition of NUVIA: Immediate focus on Laptops

Anand Tech

Today Qualcomm is announcing that the company has completed the acquisition of NUVIA, a start-up company consisting of industry veterans who were behind the creation of Apple’s high-performance CPU cores, and who were aiming to disrupt the server market with a new high-performance core called “Phoenix” Mobile

Gaming-Themed Atari Hotels Will Include VR And AR Entertainment


Eight locations are set to open across the US, beginning later this year in Phoenix. ” The first Atari Hotel is scheduled to open later this year in Phoenix, Arizona, followed by seven additional locations across Austin, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, San Jose, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Multiplayer VR Art App MultiBrush Adds Passthrough & Avatars


And so, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, MultiBrush was born. You can now paint complex works of art with friends in mixed reality. In January 2021, Google officially ended support for its popular VR painting app Tilt Brush , much to the dismay of the digital art community.

VR Simulation Allows Police To Train Using Real Tasers


Axon’s VR simulation training is already being used by the Phoenix Police Department. VR technology and wrist trackers combine to offer a next-level training program.

Evan Rachel Wood speaks out about her HBO documentary, accountability, and healing

Mashable VR

Wood appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah , speaking about her upcoming HBO documentary, Rising Phoenix , which follows her decision in Feb. "Violence in the home is the root of so many issues, in this country, in the world.

NBA League Pass Games Return to Quest in ‘Horizon Venues’ This Month

Road to VR

November 21 – Denver Nuggets vs. Phoenix Suns at 5:00 pm PT ( local time ). The NBA officially kicked off its 2021-22 regular season in mid-October after having last year’s derailed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 10 Coolest VR/AR Experiences From SXSW 2022


Darragh: I experienced the original iteration of this project by Lady Phoenix in 2021 at the Tribeca Film Festival as a humbling AR (augmented reality) experience. A SXSW to remember with who’s-who in XR creative technology showing face at the fest for the first time in two years.

AR 423

'The Queen of Basketball' director tells Biden 'bring Brittney Griner home' during Oscars speech

Mashable VR

Griner, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and player for the Phoenix Mercury, was arrested on allegations of smuggling narcotics at a Moscow airport on Feb.