Snapchat Mutates X-Men Fans via Augmented Reality to Sell Tickets for 'Dark Phoenix' Movie

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Based on the new Snapchat augmented reality experience promoting X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which debuts in theaters on June 7, the answer is a resounding "yup." Augmented reality is often likened to granting superpowers to mere mortals, but what about mutant powers?

Atari To Open Hotels Across The US, Will Feature Immersive AR/VR Experiences


The first hotel will open in Phoenix, with construction set to commence midway through this year. While Phoenix will be the first location, there are also plans for hotels in Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, and San Jose.

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Papa John's Launches 'Spider-Man: Far from Home' AR Experience via Snapchat

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Don't Miss: Snapchat Mutates X-Men Fans via Augmented Reality to Sell Tickets for 'Dark Phoenix' Movie On the rear camera, Snapchat's Marker Tracking.

Atari to Open Game-themed Hotels Across the US with “the latest in VR and AR”

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According to a press statement , the first location is slated to break ground in Phoenix, AZ sometime later this year. Atari will soon be opening hotels in the United States that feature what they call “the latest in VR and AR.”

Gaming-Themed Atari Hotels Will Include VR And AR Entertainment


Eight locations are set to open across the US, beginning later this year in Phoenix. ” The first Atari Hotel is scheduled to open later this year in Phoenix, Arizona, followed by seven additional locations across Austin, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, San Jose, San Francisco, and Seattle.

‘NCAA March Madness Live VR’ Let’s You Watch the Courtside Action for $2

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April 1 – Both Final Four Match-Ups in Phoenix. April 3 – Championship Game in Phoenix. The dream of watching live sports courtside from the comfort of your home through VR is steadily becoming a reality.

Rhythm Game ‘Synth Riders’ to Launch on Quest This Month, Leaving Early Access on PC VR

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Phoenix” by Scandroid. Synth Riders, the VR rhythm game that went into Early Access last summer, is set to officially launch out of EA on October 31st. Simultaneously, the game is also slated to land on Oculus Quest too.

Talespin Raises $15 Million For AR/VR Enterprise Training


Farmers Insurance has been investing in virtual reality and other technologies to gain a competitive advantage and has opened a new training facility in Phoenix, Arizona, equipped with the latest in VR and AR hardware. “We

Artist’s AR Exhibit Shows Two Sides Of The Same Reality


Once viewed through an iPad using AR technology, however, the seemingly empty room erupts into a chaotic blend of red and yellow colors as an augmented phoenix rises from the emptiness. “I

Here Is The NBA’s Full NextVR Live Broadcasting Schedule For This Season


8, 2016 – Phoenix Suns at Portland Trail Blazers – 10:00 p.m. March 7, 2017 – Washington Wizards at Phoenix Suns – 9:00 p.m.

Don’t use your hands! Interrogation puzzler ‘Statik’ is coming to PlayStation VR

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And though leading an army of “peeps” or flying on top of a paper phoenix could offer compelling reasons to purchase a unit, the latest reveal, Statik, offers a very different kind of VR experience: first-person, experimental, and very stressful

How We Soar announced for PlayStation VR

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Described as a virtual reality flight experience, How We Soar puts players in control of a giant phoenix Penny Black Studios, a small developer based in Nottingham, has announced How We Soar, its first game, coming to PlayStation VR in Q4 2016.

Google’s Inside Music Experiment Lets You Remix in VR


Currently, Inside Music , has six songs you can explore from artists Phoenix, Perfume Genius, Natalia Lafourcade, Ibeyi, Alarm Will Sound and Clipping. Step inside your favorite song and get a closer look at how its made.

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Check Out The NCAA March Madness Finals on Gear VR


April 1—Both Final Four Match-Ups in Phoenix. April 3—Championship Game in Phoenix. Facebook’s Oculus shared with us that, of the people who actually use their Gear VRs on a daily basis, 80 percent use it to watch video. Samsung shared that 5 million Gear VRs have been sold so far , but many were given as freebies with the purchase of a phone and it is unclear how many remain in use.

NBA & NextVR Announce 2018-19 VR Livestream Lineup

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The live VR schedule will begin on October 21st with the NBA League Pass Free Preview, which will feature two games: the Golden State Warriors vs. the Denver Nuggets on the 21st, and the Golden State Warriors vs. the Phoenix Suns on the 22nd.

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Suns-Trail Blazers NBA Game Streaming Free Tonight Via NextVR


Once again NextVR and NBA League Pass are extending VR content during the trial period with tonight’s game between the Phoenix Suns and Portland Trail Blazers, at 7 p.m. NextVR is a force in the live broadcast industry.

New PlayStation VR Releases For The Week Of 11/27/16


This one is a single-player only phoenix-flying affair. Not much to look at this week, but there are a few things to look forward to not far off. We’ve got a dungeon crawler from the makers of Windlands , another giant bird flying game, and the glorious art of pinball, among others.

Oculus ‘Venues’ to Host NBA Games, Horror Films & More This Fall

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October 22 // NBA: Phoenix Suns @ Golden State Warriors, Produced in VR by NextVR // 7:30 pm PT. Oculus Venues , the social VR app for large-scale live event viewing, is continuing its screenings this fall with more NBA games, scary movies, and stand-up comedy nights.

Creating Two Sides of the Same Reality

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There’s also an additional layer of social interactivity that AR provides, she says, which spurs people on to share the content with friends and on social media:”Even with my piece, designed to be a static gallery piece, so many people took pictures under my phoenix as shown through the iPad.

New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 11/20/16


Star Phoenix, from Blazar Games. In Star Phoenix , you find yourself alone on a downtrodden space ship after a long hibernation.

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Kortex Pairs Sleep And Stress Neurostimulation With VR Headsets


“In 2009, we performed a 392-subject study with the Fisher Wallace Stimulator at Phoenix House, the nation’s largest non-profit drug rehab center,” Roman says.

Atari Plans to Make Gaming Hotels?

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The first hotel location will be Phoenix, AZ, and is scheduled to break ground later this year. Hey there, welcome back to VRTN ! Our first article of 2020 was all about the momentum VR gained in the past year, and how that shift could lead to some interesting things soon.

Space Pirate Trainer Review: Time To Pull Out Those Blasters And Scream V-Arrrrrrrrr!


I’ve always been enthralled by video games, and I spent the better part of my childhood in arcades lining up quarters on the glass screens of shooters like Space Invaders, Galaga and Phoenix to mark my place in line. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Daydream’s ‘Fantastic Beasts’ App Is Our First Taste Of ‘Harry Potter’ In VR


There’s the phoenix-like Thunderbird, a cross between an elephant and rhino named an Erumpent, and a… weird squid thing called the Graphorn. The jury’s still out on if the upcoming Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them movie will be a worthy addition to the world of J.K.

Snapchat Lens Brings To Life One Of England’s Most Notorious Ghost Stories


There’s certainly a great appetite for AR filters, and I myself find them strangely addictive, especially when they’re rather unsettling like th e recent Facebook filter that turns you into the Joker from the latest Joaquin Phoenix movie.” ‘Scream For Me’ this Halloween.

Experience NBA All-Star Weekend in VR


of the Phoenix Suns and Glenn Robinson III of the Indiana Pacers. NextVR and NBA to will deliver free highlights of NBA All-Star Weekend.

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Top 5 Apps for the Merge Cube


Like an augmented reality phoenix, they rose once again and have built a real head of steam coming into 2019 with new experiences launching regularly and some exciting partnerships too. It might seem like I’m late to the Merge Cube party posting an article in 2019.

How We Soar Review: PS VR’s First Underrated Gem Is Here


The phoenix is a symbol we can all easily recognize. It signifies rising again and being born from the ashes of what came before. It’s about making something great from a fresh start.

7 Games You Can’t Miss In PSVR’s First Big Sale


You ride on the back of a phoenix, and we’ve never so badly wanted to bring our hands into an experience so that we could grab its bright red feathers as we flew. If you’re a PS4 user in Europe, you probably know that, every two weeks, Sony hosts a sale on its PlayStation Store, slashing the prices on tons of games of a certain theme or category.

What It's Like To Work In Virtual Reality

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Working in virtual reality is like being on the Steve Nash-era Phoenix Suns Those of us diehard basketball fans know that the Phoenix Suns of the mid-'00s, when Nash was their point guard and Mike D'Antoni was their coach, were a historically fun team. Let's be real.

Major Industry Announcements From PTC, Vuzix, RE’FLEKT, Upskill, Eyecandylabs and Bosch At AWE EU 2018

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XR COMMUNITY COLLABORATION AND INDUSTRY GROWTH DOMINATE AT AWE EU 2018. AWE (Augmented World Expo)? today kicked off its third annual European ?conference conference and expo with an exciting press conference featuring major announcements from some of the ?Augmented

General Motors announced their driverless car for the next year


The car will be the fourth generation of its driverless, all-electric Chevy Bolts, which are currently being tested on public roads in San Francisco and Phoenix. General Motors will no longer need an engineer in the front seat who was managing the robot that controlled its self-driving Chevrolet Bolt. There will be no more steering wheel and also, the pedals will be gone.

OpenSim land area hits new high of 88,000 regions

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Phoenix Firestorm project manager Jessica Lyon also said in a post that allowing Firestorm users to purchase Gloebits currency on multiple grids via the viewer was a big step forward.

Top XR Stories of 2019

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A lot has happened in the immersive space over the past 12 months. What’s in store for 2020?