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HTC Vive Cosmos slated for Q3 2019, it will feature some surprises

The Ghost Howls

I have some exclusive news on the Vive Cosmos , one of the most awaited headsets of 2019, that I want to share with you. Fasten your seatbelts and read this article. As you may know if you follow me on social media, last week I spent my whole time in Taiwan , at first in Kaohsiung and then in Taipei.

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Google Releases Glass Enterprise Edition 2, Includes Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1Upgrade

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As the tech world patiently waits for the advent of mainstream consumer smartglasses, Google is content to stick to the business world (for now).

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Index Specs Were Driven by Valve’s VR Game Dev Teams

Road to VR

When revealing the upcoming Index headset, Valve was clear that their goal was to move the bar forward for VR fidelity, even if that meant a premium pricetag.

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Google Reveals Glass Enterprise Edition 2 AR Headset


The latest iteration of Glass features an improved camera and a more powerful CPU for $999. Earlier today, Google announced the latest addition to its Google Glass hardware line-up with Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

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Phantom: Covert Ops Looks Like Metal Gear Solid For Oculus Quest And Rift


Today nDreams is announcing their next VR game with Phantom: Covert Ops in collaboration with Oculus Studios. Phantom is a stealth action game coming this year to both Quest and Rift platforms.

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Cyberith announces 2nd gen Virtualizer, still thinks about its backers

The Ghost Howls

The Cyberith Virtualizer. One of the products that generated most hype in the VR communities some years ago… do you remember it?

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Magic Leap Adds Mobile Carrying Case to Its Arsenal of Augmented Reality Gear

Next Reality AR

It look a while, but one of the most anticipated Magic Leap One accessories is finally here. Magic Leap has quietly added the official Magic Leap One carrying case, which we previewed last year, to its website.

AR Gaming Robot ‘MekaMon’ Adds Support For STEAM Education


Reach EDU looks to expand science, tech, engineering, arts, and mathematics through AR robots. Reach Robotics, the creators of the world’s first AR gaming robot, MekaMon launched the next generation of EdTech with a new coding platform – Reach EDU.

Netflix Is Officially Coming To Oculus Quest At Launch


Despite the fact that the Oculus Quest standalone VR headset is primarily a gaming device, plenty of people anticipated using it for media streaming as well. After all, that’s one of the most popular use cases for the Oculus Go.

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Vive Cosmos Expected to Launch in Q3

Road to VR

With a flurry of new headsets hitting the market, news about the next consumer headset from one of VR’s leading players, HTC, has been notably absent.

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Immersive Training for Retention

Tech Trends VR

How Virtual Reality training can help healthcare professionals retain crucial information. Healthcare professionals are tasked with learning and retaining an enormous amount of knowledge and skills.

VR Community Hosts Virtual Memorial Honoring Popular Industry Advocate


The VR education community says goodbye to one of its biggest advocates.

Former Head Of HTC Vive Studios Joel Breton Joins Sixense


Joel Breton has been known as the head of HTC’s Vive Studios content division, but is leaving the company to join Sixense as the President of the newly founded Sixense Studios and Executive Vice President of product and development.

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SteamVR Update Brings Motion Smoothing to Modern AMD Graphics Cards

Road to VR

Valve this week released an update to SteamVR which finally brings Motion Smoothing to AMD graphics cards, a feature which aims to maintain comfortable visuals even during performance bumps. SteamVR Motion Smoothing launched first for NVIDIA graphics cards in November 2018.

11 essential VR apps every Oculus Quest owner should download first


So you've just bought yourself an Oculus Quest. Hello, wireless VR with head and hand-tracking! You're probably going to download a bunch of games (we highly recommend Beat Saber , Sports Scramble , and SuperHot VR to get you started).

Five Highly-Anticipated VR Games Coming To Oculus Quest


What’s on deck for the Oculus Quest? After what feels like eons of waiting, the Oculus Quest standalone VR headset is finally available to the public, along with over 50 immersive launch titles.

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Watch This Guy Actually Walk Through An Apex Construct Level On Quest


Oculus Quest units are beginning to slip out into the wild ahead of official launch tomorrow. One of the coolest uses of the standalone VR headset we’ve seen thus far? Someone playing an entire level of Apex Construct… using only their legs.

Former Vive Studios Head Joel Breton Joins Sixense

Road to VR

Sixense today announced that games industry veteran and former head of Vive Studios Joel Breton has joined the company as president of its studios and executive VP of product development.

The 6 Oculus Quest games everyone should get on day one


Can Oculus Quest change the game for virtual reality? Titles like Beat Saber and Vader Immortal could have the answer. The new VR headset became available on Tuesday for $399. It doesn't pack the same power as the Oculus Rift S , which needs to be connected to a high-powered PC.

Thrust Vector Teases “Shared-Space” Multiplayer On Oculus Quest


Developers use Oculus Quest to create location-based VR game inside their office. When Oculus presented attendees at OC5 with an arena-scale multiplayer demonstration of Dead and Buried 2 powered by the Oculus Quest, we knew the Quest was something special.

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A Full Doctor Who VR Game Is Coming To Quest, PSVR And More This Year


Doctor Who fans already got their first taste of the BBC’s beloved sci-fi series in VR this year. But, in just a few months’ time, a full VR game will let fans fly across the universe and through time.

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Oculus Could (and Should) Offer Rift S Accessories for Improved Audio, Visuals, & Fit

Road to VR

With Rift S right around the corner, a bunch of people are about to find that the headset’s on-board audio is lacking in quality and that the face gasket will make it difficult for some to get the lenses into the ideal position for maximum clarity and field of view.

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It’s Game Time: Oculus Quest + Rift S Now Available!


Today marks an important moment for the VR community, as both Oculus Quest and Rift S begin shipping now! With all-in-one, fully immersive 6DOF VR

Oculus Quest VR Covers Now Available


Keep your new headset fresh with a foam replacement and cotton cover.

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One Month On, Oculus Quest Has Changed How I Perceive VR For The Better


It’s fair to say I introduced myself to Oculus Quest with a healthy dose of skepticism. Facebook’s new standalone headset is hardly the first to try and broaden VR’s appeal; Gear VR, Lenovo’s Mirage Solo and Oculus Go each set out with that same mission.

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‘Rec Room’ is Coming Soon to iPhone & iPad

Road to VR

Rec Room, the popular social VR platform, is set to take its next big step outside of VR by offering a version of the app for iPhone and iPad.

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Introducing the Oculus Quest Launch Lineup, Plus Gaming News for Rift S


Oculus Quest and Rift S are available now, which raises an interesting question: What are you gonna play first? You’ve probably got a few games

North Carolina Zoo Adds Portal To Africa With VR Expedition


One of the simplest understands of virtual reality is the ability for the software and hardware to transport users to worlds different from their own, whether some wild fictional creation or a real destination on the other side of the globe.

New Quest Ad Spot is One of Oculus’ Best Yet

Road to VR

Communicating what it feels like to use VR to someone who has never done it before is one of VR’s major marketing challenges.

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Superhot VR Quest Review: The Best Version Of A Genuine Classic


When we first reviewed Superhot VR nearly three years ago we said this: “SUPERHOT VR is a pure, distilled, injection of unadulterated adrenaline that will get your blood pumping just as quickly as time stops in the game itself.

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New Oculus Touch Replacements Now On Sale For $69 Each


Facebook’s two new VR headsets, the updated Oculus Rift S and the standalone Oculus Quest, are now out. That means accessories for both devices are available too. Those include replacements for the new Touch controllers. You can already buy replacement left and right controllers for $69 each. Fully replacing a pair would cost $138, then. Oculus is also selling replacement facial interfaces for both devices and even a replacement headband for Rift S.

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