Customizing the Future of Industry in Mixed Reality


So it’s no wonder that industrial giant Thyssenkrupp elevators is predicting that demand for stair lift solutions will skyrocket in the next few years, especially as urban populations grow. It’s one of those cases that illustrate the unique advantage of the HoloLens for industry applications.

Halo VR Is Coming From Microsoft And 343 Industries


Microsoft confirmed today it is working with 343 Industries to bring its epic Halo series to its Windows Mixed Reality platform. Tagged with: 343 Industries , Halo , microsoft Facebook Twitter Reddit More. Featured Gaming VR Industry News 343 Industries Halo microsoft

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Global Virtual Reality Industry to Reach $7.2 Billion in Revenues in 2017

Road to VR

In a new Virtual Reality Industry Report, Greenlight Insights forecasts modest VR industry growth in the short term, growing into a major global content marketplace by 2021. What’s Inside the Virtual Reality Industry Report: Spring 2017.

Watch: This Mobile VR Crane Simulator Showcases the Future of Industrial Training

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Industrial Training International is readying their VR Mobile Crane Simulator for the March ConExpo Event in Las Vegas. Founded in 1986, ITI is a world leader in crane and rigging training and consulting; they are relied on by multiple industries such as mining, construction, and energy.

Experts Share 6 Legal Considerations to Know Before Jumping into the VR/AR Industry

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There’s whole industries of people and privacy professionals whose jobs are around what counts as PII, what doesn’t, and how we protect that.”. Feature VR Legal ar industry legal ar legal ar legality brian sommer jerry carleton legal matt hooper vr industry legal vr legality

How Virtual Reality Could Revolutionize The Real Estate Industry


VR Industry News floored real estateReal estate, in a general sense, only affects the vast majority of the population when it comes time to move, at which point it suddenly becomes incredibly important.

VR Resumes Are Catching The Eyes of Industry Recruiters


In most cases however, the most engaging CV is always the most successful, which is why many developers looking to get into the VR industry are using the immersive technology to build some of the coolest resumes you’ve ever seen. A brand new market requires a brand new kind of CV.

Why The 360 Film Industry is in the Midst of a Reboot – Part 2: Workforce

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The 360 film industry is still young and it’s maturing rapidly. The large integrated 360 film studios that were fundamental in early stages of the industry are now facing difficulties. This is how all production works, including the commercial, TV, and feature film industries.

3 Reasons Why the Finance Industry Needs VR


The finance industry is one of the most data-driven trades, and by visualizing and analyzing data in VR, early adopters can get a leg up on the competition. Those who can process and analyze data better than others will have a significant advantage over the rest of the industry, which means better financial decisions. Finance is a very intricate industry and being able to visualize complex information through VR will bring countless advantages for consumers.

7 Valuable Lessons About VR and AR in the Healthcare and Education Industries


We’ve seen VR help The post 7 Valuable Lessons About VR and AR in the Healthcare and Education Industries appeared first on UploadVR. education health care ar educaiton healthcare industry lessons panel Upload Collective VR

10 Prominent Developers Detail Their 2017 Predictions for The VR/AR Industry


Unless overuse of VR headsets has granted them telepathic super powers, it would have been pretty hard for any one person to predict everything that happened to the VR industry in 2016. We’ve seen this kind of natural quality progression before in the video game industry.

Major Gaming Industry Players Jump into VR at E3 2016

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The usual suspects were there in force, but this year’s E3 also set the stage for significant announcements from major gaming industry players who have committed to joining the VR industry. E3 2016 has come to a wrap.

Why is There Such a Huge Shortage of Developers in the VR Industry?


For years, the tech industry has had a shortage of “good” engineers. The post Why is There Such a Huge Shortage of Developers in the VR Industry? Development VR Industry News developer engineering programming software VR Development

Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016 to Bring VR Insights to Industry Execs

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A new annual conference from Greenlight Insights is angling itself to sate the growing desire for “actionable insights” into the rapidly expanding VR industry. 1:15pm – Industry 5.0:

NVIDIA’s New Quadro P6000 GPU Targets VR Industry Professionals

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NVIDIA has announced its latest line of professional focused GPUs aimed at the VR industry and it’s specs impress, as does its price. The post NVIDIA’s New Quadro P6000 GPU Targets VR Industry Professionals appeared first on Road to VR.

Valve Talks ‘OpenXR’, the Newly Revealed Branding for Khronos Group’s Industry-backed VR Standard

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It also depends upon how motivated all of the participants are, and there seems to be a critical mass of major players in the industry to help make this happen and so it could happen sooner.

VR Rising: 5 Trends to Watch As The Industry Grows In 2017


But when it comes to building best-in-class experiences—and amassing the mainstream audience needed for those experiences to thrive—the industry is still learning how to crawl. Tagged with: Amitt Mahajan , Han Jin , industry , panel , Timoni West , tony parisi , trends , VR.

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Gartner’s Brian Blau on the State of the VR & AR Industries

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I had a chance to catch up with Blau at Google I/O on May 17th, 2017 where we talk about the state of the VR & AR industries and what some of the potential catalysts for consumer adoption might be.

Game Industry Job Postings Are Decreasing, But VR Jobs Are Up 400% Since 2014


The global game industry has grown to $91 billion across multiple platforms, but the number of jobs in the U.S. Tagged with: gaming , industry , jobs , video games , VR. VR Jobs gaming industry jobs video games VR

NVIDIA’s Stunning ‘Discovery’ Demo is a Look at the Future of Industrial Design

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And, unlike many other industry-orientated demos of high-quality models, there were no framerate issues, running at a rock-solid 90 FPS, with 4x supersampling and 2xMSAA. ” This technology will undoubtedly play a big role in the future of industrial design and engineering.

2017 VR Industry Report to Bring Data-driven Insights & Forecasts That Cut Through the Hype

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Greenlight Insights and Road to VR are teaming up once again to co-author a comprehensive report on the VR industry which will provide global forecasts, analysis, and best practices. 2017 will be another foundational year for the entire VR industry.

What VR Startups Can Learn From Industry Giants Like Pixar, Lucasfilm and ILM


Upstarts in the VR space can learn to solve much of their problems from the VFX industry, simply because VFX has been through the grind and teething pains that VR is going through now. This is why industry giants such as Pixar, Disney and Lucasfilm focus first on the story and then on how they will go about telling it.

Breaking The Silence: How The VR Industry Mirrors The Early Days of The Silent Film Era


Tagged with: Allumette , era , film , Henry , lost , oculus , penrose , rose and i , silent film , story studio , vr industry. entertainment Experiences featured Allumette era film Henry lost oculus penrose rose and i silent film story studio vr industryIn December of 1895, Georges Méliès, a Parisian stage magician, became obsessed with a new technology.

Qualcomm & Road to VR Industry Mixer Kicks Off GDC 2017 Next Week

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Qualcomm and Road to VR are teaming up to kick off next week’s GDC 2017 with a gathering of VR and AR industry insiders. The post Qualcomm & Road to VR Industry Mixer Kicks Off GDC 2017 Next Week appeared first on Road to VR.

What Brexit Means For The UK VR Industry


It will be a long time yet before the UK is actually separated from the EU, but Brexit’s effects are already being felt in the UK VR industry. But hardware is only part of the equation, and the long-term impacts of Brexit on the VR industry remain to be seen. As a niche technology, VR is already a risky industry to be a part of, so introducing new barriers to entry surely isn’t a good sign for developers the world over.

‘Industrial VR’ Is Like ‘Google Earth’ For Iconic Engineering Sites


Google Earth VR has shown us the wonders of visiting real world locations as a towering giant in VR, and now Industrial VR looks to do the same. Industrial VR is aiming for a release in early 2017. Tagged with: engineering , exploration , Industrial VR.

‘AR/VR Austin’ 2017 to Explore Political Climate & its Impact on the VR/AR Industry

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Taking place as an unofficial event during the SXSW 2017 festival on March 11th, this year’s event will question the impact of social and political change on the AR/VR industry. AR/VR Austin returns for its third successive year, presenting a mini-conference named ‘Alternative Realities’.

AMD VP: Fallout 4 VR Will Be An ‘Industry Changer’ Like Mario and Sonic


Gaming Bethesda Fallout 4 VR

HTC Vive Overtakes VR/AR Outlook In GDC State of the Industry Survey


2016 was the true birth of the virtual reality industry , so outlook was all over the place depending on who you spoke with and it makes sense that the perspective of GDC attendees would be valued. Source: GDC 2017 State of the Industry Report.

HTC Helps Establish the ‘Industry of Virtual Reality Alliance’ in China


htc VR Industry News china china vr IVRA Vive

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Peter Molyneux Worries VR is Being ‘Oversold to Consumers’ Before the Industry is Ready


Few video game industry icons are as well-known as Peter Molyneux. I worry about it being oversold to consumers before we as an industry are ready. That would be a welcomed addition to the industry, especially since indie projects like Tethered have already shown that genre feels right at home inside VR devices. Gaming VR Industry News Peter Molyneux

GDC 2017: Epic’s Tim Sweeney on What Unreal Engine VR Means for Non-gaming Industries


Enhanced reality devices – especially AR — will be ubiquitous in another decade or so, and used in nearly every aspect of our lives and in nearly every industry, from automotive to medical care, education to neuroscience, engineering to shopping. We had a chance to meet with Epic’s CEO and Founder Tim Sweeney to get his take on where he thinks VR and AR are heading and what Unreal Engine VR means for the plethora of non-gaming industries. “VR

VR For Good: How VRTogether Helps The VR Industry Give Back


“We felt that amongst the day-to-day commercial projects that helped create the industry, we had a social responsibility to give something back to the wider community,” Atkins adds. “Two years ago, we shared this desire within the industry. You will be part of a passionate and vibrant community from all corners of the industry, and globe. VR Industry News

These Are The Stocks You Could Buy To Invest In The VR Industry


The VR and AR markets are full of companies of various sizes with many roles in the VR industry, when you consider how many verticals there are it can get confusing.

Taste With Your Face: Japanese Food Industry Wants to Sell More With VR


Food and VR don’t seem like like two things that go together, but industry trade publication The Japan Food Journal is hosting a virtual reality-themed seminar on August 9th, in Tokyo’s Akihabara neighborhood.

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Growth of VR Porn Industry


Virtual reality porn is already out there - you can go experience it right now if you have a headset - but there's potential for it to become a huge industry once bigger names like Oculus and HTC are on the market.

VR Cast: State of the Industry – Are 6.3 Million Headsets Enough?


When it comes to consumer electronics, content is king. This is true for virtual reality as well and this year is shaping up to be the biggest year ever for amazing VR experiences. Last year, however, was the year of VR hardware. The working estimate is that 6.3

Amazon looks to tackle yet another industry with its new AR/VR development platform.

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Amazon has basically sent many brick and mortar traditions out to the retirement home. Recently they have even jumped into brick and mortar by acquiring Whole Foods.

New Data: How CX Improvements Drive Business Growth For 17 Industries

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In our analysis, we modeled the effect of changes in CX on loyalty and business growth for 17 industries. We included four new industries per popular demand: Health […]. If you want to make the case for CX, check out the new data we just published in the report “Drive Business Growth With Great Customer Experience, 2017” (paywall). customer experience customer experience index (CX Index

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VR ad industry working to fix fragmentation issue

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An industry group and individual vendors are working to fix the problem of incompatibility across multiple virtual reality content hosting, distribution and advertising platforms. “We look forward to working with our industry colleagues on this initiative.”