Jordan Peele's Next Movie Has a Perfect Horror Title

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Though Jordan Peele ’s upcoming project with Universal’s been shrouded in mystery, the director’s track record of making imaginative, ambitious horror movies has given many people more than enough reason to get excited.

Michael B. Jordan Is Bringing Black Superman Val-Zod to HBO Max

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Jordan is working on a separate… Read more. After a few years of waxing and waning, it seems like DC’s Men of Tomorrow are back in the spotlight at Warner Bros. Alongside the plans for Ta-Nehisi Coates and J.J.

Jordan 112

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Michael B. Jordan Talks Wakanda Forever and Kilmonger's Possible Return

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wakanda michael b jordan kevin feige lupita nyongo draftuntitled wakanda series marvel studios afrofuturism black panther chadwick boseman jess cagle erik killmonger lupita nyong human interest fictional characters micheal b jordan entertainment culture marvel comics characters tchalla coogler

Jordan Peele drops perfectly cryptic new movie poster

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Get excited, Jordan Peele fans — but be patient. The Oscar-winning writer and director behind Get Out dropped the poster for his latest film on Thursday, but it won't release for exactly one year.

Snapchat Lays Up Lens Studio Experience for Nike's Jordan Brand at NBA All-Star Weekend

Next Reality AR

Nike and Snapchat, having already reigned triumphant with its viral augmented reality ad featuring Lebron James, are teaming up with another basketball legend at NBA All-Star Weekend This year's site for the league's annual star-studded event, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday, is Charlotte, North Carolina, the current home of Charlotte Hornets owner and perhaps the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan.

Jordan 239

'SNL' revisits the 2020 Michael Jordan doc in this over-the-top deleted scene

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Yeah, Michael Jordan is basketball's greatest of all time, but does anyone realize just how competitive he actually is? Saturday Night Live 's latest episode turned to the 2020 ESPN documentary The Last Dance for comedy, with host Keegan-Michael Key playing Jordan in a deleted scene.

Non-Profit ‘Athar’ Is Developing VR Employment Education For Jordan Youth


Nada Ibrahim Hassan Hussen dreams of changing this unfortunate reality through the use of technology skills training and a VR platform that it’s in the early stages of development, Hussen is Programmes Manager at Athar, a non-profit organization based in Rusifeh, Jordan (a sub-grantee of Mercy Corps). The post Non-Profit ‘Athar’ Is Developing VR Employment Education For Jordan Youth appeared first on VRScout.

Jordan 259

Star Wars Secrecy Caused Michael B. Jordan to Bomb His Force Awakens Audition

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michael b jordan star wars audition films creative works friday night lights theatre performing arts entertainment culture pinewood studios 20th century fox films pilot imax films lucasfilm casting poe dameron star wars the force awakensLucasfilm values its secrecy.

We Should All Be More Like Jordan From VRChat


Meet Jordan. When YouTuber Syrmor livestreamed VRChat for his followers about a week ago, it’s safe to say that he probably never expected to meet someone like Jordan. As you can see in the video, Jordan is always playing as a cute little cat with wings and a halo. Do good, die great, and be more like Jordan. Tagged with: VRChat Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post We Should All Be More Like Jordan From VRChat appeared first on UploadVR.

Jordan 118

Love, Death and Robots Explains How to Make the Perfect Digital Michael B. Jordan

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Jordan as a space explorer who gets trapped in the titular Life Hutch along with a malfunctioning maintenance robot that tries to destroy anything that moves.

Michael B. Jordan stars as Alexa in Amazon's steamy Super Bowl ad

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Jordan is many things. Amazon pulled out the big guns for the big game and landed Jordan to star in "Alexa's Body," a minute-long Super Bowl ad that imagines the actor as an ideal vessel for the AI technology. Jordan , Tech , Big Tech Companies , and Artificial Intelligence. Jordan Tech Big Tech Companies Artificial IntelligenceMichael B.

An artist made 240 Air Jordans entirely out of trash — Future Blink

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More about Mashable Video , Sneakers , Trash , Air Jordans , and Culture. Mashable Video Sneakers Trash Air Jordans CultureThe artist behind the project, Andy Yoder , will be showing his work at an exhibit in Vermont.

Magic Leap Experience Lets Golf Fans Meet Jordan Spieth & PGA App Update Brings Pebble Beach to AR

Next Reality AR

Unless you're one of the world's top golfers, there's a good chance you are not stepping onto the fairways of Pebble Beach Golf Links this weekend. Nevertheless, the PGA is making it possible for golf fans to get closer to the action at the famous Florida course than those who paid to attend the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, which teed off on Thursday. Hole No.

Jordan 207

Using XR to Enhance the Hardhat, with Trimble's Jordan Lawver

XR for Business Podcast

It might seem like a small, even simple fix, to attach an AR device to a hardhat, but according to Trimble's Mixed Reality expert, Jordan Lawver, such a simple fix exponentially expands the capabilities of folks working in heavy industry. Today's show, we interview Jordan Lawver, head of mixed reality at Trimble. Today, we're speaking with Jordan Lawver. Jordan, welcome to the show, my friend. Jordan: Hey, Alan, good morning. Jordan: Yeah, exactly.

Magic Leap Experience Lets Golf Fans Meet Jordan Spieth & PGA AR App Update Brings Pebble Beach to AR

Next Reality AR

Unless you're one of the world's top golfers, there's a good chance you are not stepping onto the fairways of Pebble Beach Golf Links this weekend. Nevertheless, the PGA is making it possible for golf fans to get closer to the action at the famous Florida course than those who paid to attend the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, which teed off on Thursday. Hole No.

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Sneaker App GOAT Allows You To Try On Rare Shoes Through AR


Air Force 1 High L/M ‘Stash’ Air Force High Headauto ‘Head Automatica’ Dunk High Le ‘Wu-Tang’ Dunk High SB ‘Iron Maiden’ Stash x Future x Air Force 1 Low ‘Inside/Out’ Roc-A-Fella x Air Force 1 ‘The Black Album’ Undefeated x Air Jordan 4 Retro. Fragment Design x Air Jordan 3 Retro Sample. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Purple Suede’ Air Yeezy ‘Glow in the Dark Tour’ Sample.

Jordan 144

Women In VR spotlight: Lee and Jordan Brighton talk about Run Dorothy Run.

Cats and VR

Lee and Jordan Brighton are the female founding duo behind Virtro Entertainment. Jordan. Jordan. Jordan. Jordan. Jordan. An Australian couple with 2 kids, they’ve travelled to 35 countries, developed a love of VR while discovering North America in their RV, and have just announced the studio’s first VR title “Run Dorothy Run” – the world’s first endless runner rhythm game through Oz.

Jordan 124

SDCC 2021: Gen: Lock's Season 2 Tease Hints at the Mecha Mayhem to Come

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Jordan and Dakota Fanning, and showrunner/head writer Dan Dominguez, to discuss what’s next for the Rooster Teeth animated series and future projects. San Diego Comic-Con @ Home 2021 played host to Gen:Lock last night, where host Karama Horne spoke to Michael B.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Takes Box Office's Top Spot This Weekend

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The first Space Jam starring Michael Jordan was released in 1996 and opened with $27.5 space jam films creative works entertainment culture germain lussier warner bros basketball english language films lebron james michael jordan

The Wheel of Time Is Getting a Movie Trilogy Now, Too

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After drip feeds of teases, Amazon’s still promising you’ll see its take on Robert Jordan’s beloved fantasy epic The Wheel of Time sometime this year.

Amazon 107

In Space Jam: A New Legacy, When Porky Pig Raps, the World Weeps

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Like so many of us, I grew up idolizing Michael Jordan and was the perfect age to see the 1996 original Space Jam when it was released. So the news of the long-gestating sequel, featuring this generation’s closest Jordan… Read more.

Utah's Great Salt Lake Is Officially at Its Lowest Point in Recorded History

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Water levels in Utah’s Great Salt Lake have officially dwindled to their lowest ever recorded. It’s an effect of the megadrought that has impacted water supplies across the West. Read more.

Utah 83

Superman & Lois Proves a Little Superdickery Might Run in the Family

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superman jordan morgan edge luthor sarah inde jon kent smallville lois lane alexander garfin superman and lois lane clark lana kryptonians dc comics characters emmanuelle chriqui clark kent jonathan jordan elsass fictional characters

Universal AR for Unity SDK with developer Jordan Campbell


Last week we were excited to announce the release of our Universal AR for Unity SDK, offering Unity developers the ability to use Zappar’s leading image, face, and instant world tracking APIs within one of the world’s most popular game engines

27 Movies to Stream When You Need a Good Cry

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The past year has inundated us with so many horrors—untold lives needlessly lost to a virus allowed to proliferate unchecked, so many others forever damaged by the ongoing pandemic of racism, not to mention the ever-present specters of economic uncertainty and looming climate disaster—I won’t fault you if you’ve… Read more.

Updates From Godzilla vs. Kong, Cobra Kai, and More

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Jonathan Majors could be battling Eldritch horrors in Spike Lee’s next film. Netflix has nabbed a new sci-fi crime thriller from the writer behind Source Code. Plus, what’s to come on the CW’s cavalcade of DC shows. To me, my spoilers! Read more.

DC 87

Report: Oscar Isaac Is the Metal Gear Solid Movie's Solid Snake

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metal gear solid sony jordan vogt roberts oscar isaac kong skull island video games sony pictures hideo kojimaKept you waiting, huh? Read more.

Jordan 101

The Flash Reveals Impulse's DC TV Outfit in the Most Disturbing Way Imaginable

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We’ve already seena few unofficial peeks of Flash actor Jordan Fisher as Barry and Iris’ speedy son from the future, Bart Allen , in his superhero costume.

DC 91

The All-Nighter Asks an Important Question: What If Vampires Were Superheroes?

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aditya bidikar alison vampire alex chip zdarsky comixology joy paris alleyne ian all nighter kindle jordan feiner entertainment culture amazon studios cynthia superhero comixology unlimited jason looSuperheroes are so blasé. Now, vampire superheroes?

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Space Jam: A New Legacy Is a Huge Airball

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space jam a new legacy space jam films lebron james entertainment culture english language films looney tunes twitch cedric joe harry potter don cheadle hbo nba creative works tex avery bugs bunny the nba warner bros cartoons cecil turtle dom bugs michael jordan yosemite sam malcolm d lee

Jordan 106

Utah's Great Salt Lake Dropped to a Record Low

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salt lake utah lake great salt lake salt lake city salton sea kevin perry lakes of the united states geography of california geography of the united states lynn de freitas antelope island environment jordan river us geological survey environment of california spencer cox

Utah 94

Jordan Klepper shares footage of Trump supporter tripping cameraman at Capitol

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The Daily Show 's Jordan Klepper was on the ground when the pro-Trump mob violently stormed the U.S. More about Jordan Klepper , Entertainment , and Politics. Jordan Klepper Entertainment Politics

Relive Last Year's Worst Discourse With The Last of Us Part II for $30

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niccolo antonio colantonio jordan mcmahon giovanni colantonio italian artists paintersThe Last of Us Part II | $30 | Best Buy Read more.

Lovecraft Country uses the Black experience to wage a righteous war

Digital Trends

Movies & TV Opinion black history HBO jordan peele lovecraft country misha greenLovecraft Country isn’t the stuff of nightmares. But by the end of the first episode, you'll wish it was. .

Updates From The Suicide Squad, Space Jam 2, and More

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DC’s Hawkman may have some cool tech in Black Adam. A new look at Adult Swim’s pickup of Tuca & Bertie. Billy Porter looking like a dream in Cinderella. Plus new looks at Legends of Tomorrow , Fear the Walking Dead , and more. Spoilers save us from this Monday! Read more.

Jurnee Smollett and the cast of 'Lovecraft Country' reclaim Lovecraft's legacy

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More about Mashable Video , Hbo , Jordan Peele , Hbo Max , and Lovecraft Country. Mashable Video Hbo Jordan Peele Hbo Max Lovecraft CountryThe cast of HBO's "Lovecraft County" discusses how this show reclaims HP Lovecraft's legacy for today's world. Read more.

Godzilla and King Kong Are Legends First, Monsters Second

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There was plenty to like about how Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Kong: Skull Island and Michael Dougherty’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters spent ample time playing to the visual majesties of their respective kaiju.