How to run a successful VR studio

VR Playhouse

Our CEO, Christina Heller, and Technical Director, Jordan Halsey will be discussing how to run a successful VR studio. Festivals Conferences MeetUps News production stitching Unity Unreal VRThank you, CG Channel, for promoting our work and event next Wednesday, 12/7 in Hollywood. Click here to read the full article and RSVP for FREE, or see a link to the live stream.

Mixed Reality Integration Now Available on SpringboardVR


Content Providers: If you’re a content provider and would like your game to be available for the MixCast VR Marketing System, please integrate the free MixCast SDK, which is available for projects built in Unity and Unreal and available on the MixCast website at [link].

100 Voices of AR and VR in Education


If you are a builder/creator keen on building your own VR/AR environment, there are tons of beginners tools like Co-Spaces, A-Frame or the professional tools like Unity3D, Unreal Engine. Just over a year and a half ago I set up this website with two specific goals - 1.

HP’s PC Chief Ron Coughlin Talks Expanding To VR


Image Credit: Jordan Novet/VentureBeat. In the gaming space, Unity and Unreal are becoming incredibly powerful and highly valued companies because they’re used by game developers to make the physics work in VR. PCs aren’t dead yet. Just ask Ron Coughlin, head of HP ‘s computer business. The Palo Alto, California company’s PC business has growth at about 11 percent in revenues, year to date. It has become the No. 1 PC company again, as of a couple of quarters.