Canada's Badass Mountain Hut Officially Too Perilous, Will Be Dismantled

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A historic cabin high up in Canada’s Yoho National Park is now slated for demolition, park officials said, because the rock and soil beneath it is eroding, putting the 100-year-old structure at risk of collapse.

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RIP: Canada's Last Ice Shelf Has Collapsed

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Canada’s Arctic has been getting slammed by the climate crisis. ice ice maybe arctic arctic ice melt canada ripThe region hasn’t been this hot in at least 115,000 years , and its ice is suffering. But it had one intact ice sheet that was hanging on for dear life. Until now. Read more.

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The Real Reason Canada Is Banning Huawei Technology


Canada is set to ban both Huawei and ZTE 5G network equipment in the near future after the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand have done the same. News Technology

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Victory-Peace Monument, Canada

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One is engraved “Sacrifice” The walls surrounding it has artwork depicting information about Canada’s involvement in World War II.[15] The post Victory-Peace Monument, Canada appeared first on EON Reality.

VR Chuckwagon Racing Stampedes Into Canada


So you can imagine my shock when Alberta, Canada’s annual Calgary Stampede festival announced that this years attractions will include a multi-player VR chuckwagon racing experience. North American teams in Canada and the US have been working to bring this GMC Rangeland Derby VR experience to life for months,” said Jason Alan Snyder, Global CTO, Momentum Worldwide. The post VR Chuckwagon Racing Stampedes Into Canada appeared first on VRScout.

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Hear the Table Manners of Canada Lynx in Gruesome Detail

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For the past five years, researchers in Canada have been spying on their local wild cats, the Canada lynx ( Lynx canadensis ), using accelerometers and audio recorders.

How to watch Super Bowl 2022 in Canada

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The biggest football event in the world is fast approaching, and to help fans north of the border prepare, here's how to watch Super Bowl 2022 in Canada. Home Theater 2022 Super Bowl canada CTV DAZN NFL super bowl 2022 super bowl lvi

Smoke Blots Out the Sun as Canada’s Wildfires Worsen

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vicki komisar canadian wildfires fire prevention hazards natural resources canada british columbia wildfires disaster accident environment nature emergency management wildfire pollution articles ecological succession firestormThe Canadian province of British Columbia is on fire.

Uber's Arbitration Clause Ruled Invalid by Canada's High Court

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One of the biggest arrows in Uber’s quiver was snapped clean in half by the Supreme Court in Canada today. labor uber canada supreme court heller uber technologies inc v hellerIt’s about damn time. Read more.

Samsung Opening Two-Story ‘Experience Store’ In Canada


Our new Samsung Experience Store at CF Toronto Eaton Centre is, simply, unlike anything we’ve ever launched before in Canada,” said Patricia Heath, Vice President, Retail Excellence, Samsung Canada. We’re excited to welcome the first retail experience of its kind for Samsung Canada to the downtown core, in a space that will be a must-see for the nearly 50-million visitors CF Toronto Eaton Centre attracts annually.”.

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These Satellite Images Show the Final Days of Canada's Last Ice Shelf

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Canada lost its last ice shelf last week, but a set of new satellite images show the crack that pushed the shelf to its edge in macabre detail. ice ice maybe milne ice shelf arctic canada ice shelves

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Victory-Peace Monument, Canada


One is engraved “Sacrifice” The walls surrounding it has artwork depicting information about Canada’s involvement in World War II.[15] The post Victory-Peace Monument, Canada appeared first on EON Reality.

Frightening New Details Emerge About Mystery Brain Illness in Canada

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A possible cluster of a mysterious brain illness afflicting people in New Brunswick, Canada may be larger than officially reported, according to an investigation published by the Guardian earlier this week.

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Canada Slaps Proud Boys With Terrorist Designation

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Congratulations: If you are a Proud Boy, you’re now persona non grata in Canada. Read more.

View Conference 2018: National Film Board of Canada offers us interesting VR storytelling tips

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Today I’ve attended my first lecture at View Conference : the Masterclass “Artist-Driven Immersive Work” by Eloi Champagne and Martin Viau, of the National Film Board of Canada. Another cool experience is “The Enemy “ This is an experience that for sure you have heard about on VR magazines: NFB (National Film Board of Canada) made this experience with Karim Ben Khelifa, a famous war reporter.

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Shady Face Recognition Firm Clearview AI Says It's Left Canada Amid Two Federal Investigations

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based face recognition firm Clearview AI has suspended its contract with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), effectively locking its business out of Canada entirely, Bloomberg reported on Monday. Dystopian, U.S.-based

Amazon Can Add Germany and Canada to Its List of Investigation Headaches

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Joining the multiple parties currently investigating Amazon and its shady marketplace behavior, authorities in Germany and Canada are now launching their own respective probes. amazon antitrust canada germany

Netflix increases prices in the U.S. and Canada

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Netflix has increased the price of all three of its streaming plans in the United States and Canada. Home Theater News Netflix

Canada Is Latest to Approve Covid-19 Vaccine—and U.S. Is Likely Next

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On Wednesday, Canada became the third country in the world to grant approval for Pfizer and BioNTech’s covid-19 vaccine. covid 19 coronavirus vaccines fda science canada

A Nasty Pipeline Showdown Is Brewing Today in Michigan, and Canada Is Pissed

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disaster accident oil pipelines line 3 pipeline gretchen whitmer keystone pipeline environmentalism sptsx 60 pipelines in canada enbridge line 5 canadaunited states relations biden enbridge

Canada’s Maple Syrup Cartel Will Release 50% of Its Sugary Reserves Amid Shortfall

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Canada’s government-sanctioned maple syrup cartel has a message for the world: Never fear, there will be syrup. Read more.

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IKEA Canada Lets You Flip Pancakes in VR


Don’t get too excited yet, though: for now, as part of a global test pilot, the VR kitchen experience is only being demoed at the IKEA Etobicoke store in Ontario, Canada. We know that this technology is developing fast and will play a major role in the future for our customers,” said IKEA Canada Head of Sales Rob Kelly. The post IKEA Canada Lets You Flip Pancakes in VR appeared first on VRScout.

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Canada's Internet Outage Affects 911 Calls, Bank Transactions and Thousands of Consumers

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Canada’s Rogers Communications is working to resolve its ongoing network outage, which has resulted in major internet cable and cellphone network disruptions across Canadian provinces.

Canada Now Willing to Punish Crimes Committed on the Moon

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More than 50 years ago, Apollo astronauts left 96 bags of their own waste on the surface of the Moon. But they didn’t exactly fear getting hit with a fine for littering, as space—the Moon included—has been a largely lawless region. Canadian law makers are hoping to change that. Read more.

Apple hikes Apple Music price for students in U.S., Canada, and U.K.

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Canada, and the U.K. Apple has increased the price of its student tier for Apple Music in the U.S., It follows a similar hike in multiple countries last month. Mobile News Apple Apple Music music streaming student discount students

Canada to Make Online Hate Speech a Crime Punishable by $16,000 Fine

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Canada’s ruling Liberal government announced on Wednesday that it plans to make online hate speech a crime punishable by as much as $20,000 (roughly $16,250 US) for the first offense and $50,000 ($40,600 US) for the second.

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Officials Deny Mystery Brain Illness Cluster in Canada, but Families Call for More Investigation

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What appeared to be an unusual cluster of neurological illness in New Brunswick, Canada is no longer being officially treated as such.

A Dementia-Like Illness Has Sickened Over 40 People in Canada

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Doctors in Canada are puzzled over a cluster of people coming down with a dementia-like brain disorder with no known diagnosis.

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Youth Hockey Players in Canada Begin Utilizing VR to Improve Their Skills

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Experiences Uncategorized Canada Centre de développement PAC hockey Virtual Reality VRAs time has gone on, we’ve continued to see more and more instances of people using the tech behind virtual reality to help themselves get better at a real-world activity.

Netflix's Lost Marvel Shows Are Heading To Disney+ In Canada


We already knew Netflix is about to lose a bunch of Marvel shows, but now we finally know where they'll end least when it comes to the Canadian market. Entertainment News

Want to Order Food From a Minimally-Paid Call Center Employee from Central America? Visit a Freshii in Canada

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If you didn’t think automation could get any more soul-crushing, a Canada-based health-food company is testing out if it can replace cashier workers with foreign call center employees, allowing them to pay them next to nothing in the process.

YouTube Music Is Bringing Free Background Listening to Canada

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If you’ve ever used your phone to listen to music on YouTube and wished so badly that the tunes would keep cranking while you navigate to other apps, then you know how delighted Canadian YouTube users will probably be when they soon get to experience that exact joy.

New Leak Suggests Most Users Funding Canada's 'Freedom Convoy' Reside in U.S.

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A data set leaked by an unknown hacker appears to show that Americans comprise a vast majority of the users donating to Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” protest via the website GiveSendGo, a Christian-oriented platform that’s raised more than $8.3

U.S. Lifts Restrictions on Vaccinated Travelers From Mexico and Canada Today

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formally lifted travel restrictions on Mexico and Canada on Monday almost 20 months after covid-19 pandemic rules were first put in place. The U.S. It’s just the latest sign that life might be getting back to a pre-pandemic normal for those who are full vaccinated. Read more.

Meta’s Horizon Worlds is available in the US and Canada for 18+ users

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and Canada. TC Virtual Reality adam mosseri Canada computing Congress digital media Facebook head Instagram meta metaverse online safety Second-Life Software Twitch Twitter United States Virtual reality

Microsoft Now Hosts Free HoloLens Demos Across US & Canada

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Microsoft Stores across the US and Canada are now hosting free HoloLens demos, so you can finally see what the hubbub is all about. CANADA. The post Microsoft Now Hosts Free HoloLens Demos Across US & Canada appeared first on Road to VR. Haven’t been able to make it to any of the big gaming expos (or you don’t know anyone with the $3,000 AR headset)?

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Training for the Future: AR Marketing Course at Brock University in Canada


Future marketing specialists can start their career specializing in the latest technologies thanks to a new AR marketing course offered by Brock University in Canada.

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